You’re crazy if you still think the police protect you!


Don’t expect equal treatment or justice when protesting in major cities within blue states. Because the police and judges do not share your patriotism toward America.

More specifically, just because the Marxist protestors get off scot-free doesn’t mean you will! Because we now live under a Marxist rule with a least two separate tiers of justice.

Hopefully, by helping you understand what you’re up against, I can help you stay out of trouble.

What does “defunding the police” really mean?

That is to say, “defund the police” is a slang phrase for “let’s stop paying for patriotic cops.” Instead, let’s substitute in their place an international “woke” police force.

While such a silly slogan, the swapping out of police forces is no joke. Because it’s part of the new world order (NWO) world takeover plan. Even more insulting, they plan on using your taxpayer money to fund the plan.

Trish knows the real reason. And at the end, she tells you. Just like I do in the next paragraph.

From good to hard-core Marxist cops

Certainly, they destroy the morale of officers by saying they want to defund their departments. Then, hire unemployable, educated Marxist sympathizers to temporarily fill the ranks.

That is until a contract for the international police force is approved. Then, they dispose of the Marxist sympathizers who thought they were elites in the new world order. That is to say, this is the normal order of the planned Marxist takeover.

Still think the police protect you? How about the FBI?

Many Patriots are already in more denial than they realize. Because they already know the factual reality but don’t compensate.

What if I told you that the police will arrest you for protesting, but not Antifa for burning down cities areas. Or, that our FBI has classified you as a “domestic terrorist.”

For me, if you still thought the police and the FBI would protect you, I’d think you were the crazy one!

And so, I unfurrow your troubled brow by helping you understand.

As a result of Antifa members maturing after 2016, many were hired for law enforcement. And so, perfect they are! And so, Antifa became a political and tactical training organization for the “woke” police forces.

Undoubtedly, some of the angry eyes you’ll see behind todays’ police officers belong to Antifa! And so, expect no justice from them!

Jan. 6th, the day our Federal government attacked its own citizens.

Was the day its citizenry finally realized their government was against them. Because it was the day our government set up ordinary Patriots!

Even after that sinister setup, the Globalists are preparing for a hostile takeover of America. And so, they want to sow fear in our souls by threatening jail time for patriots.

How to single out patriotic police officers.

A patriotic police officer is a human being, not so sure about the communists’ ones. The thing to know is he needs you as much as you need him. So, give him a chance, several if you must.

A turned police officer is worth a lot in urban warfare!

During a riot or a discussion with school boards, some officers wish they were someplace else! When you sense a black haze leaving their eyes that’s them tuning out. In general, they are the ones who can be turned into a friendly force for freedom!

Marxist’s lies about workers installing their own police forces!

A revolution will create new socialist laws and norms, and new state institutions of a new class character will be created by the working class in power to defend the revolutionary state and protect that new social order. This process of dismantling the old state and building a new one from the ground up has been confirmed by history as a feature of every thoroughgoing socialist revolution.”

Party for Socialism and Liberation, July 11, 2020, how-will-the-police-be-abolished-a-marxist-perspective/

Ask a hundred Marxist what happens after the police defunded. And, you’ll get 100 different dumb answers! The truth is they never intend to get rid of the police. They only want to fund an international police force through the United Nations!

Why keeping American local law enforcement is so important!

We need to keep local police because accepting a world police force is surrendering America. Because it would signify that we surrender.

Even further, local means we learn to get along and work out problems. While an international police force signifies full tyranny came to America.

By Team Go Beyondo

Team Go Beyondo has written opinion commentaries specializing in America's conservative political issues for over 6 years. We are fiercely independent journalists who research and write articles. Then, we add our own views just beyond the horizon.