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How a Wobbly Earth Rotation Causes “Climate Change.”


Yes, our planet wobbles as it spins on its axis! And it’s wobbling more than usual! This explains “climate change,” where the sunlight reaches constantly changes according to the severity of the wobble and inclination. So, stop listening to these green energy hacks who only want to sell us carbon credits and track us.

Moreover, a period of intense solar flaring is happening now, also affecting weather patterns. Even though taxpayers paid billions to study the effects, we hear crickets about the results. Why?

It takes planetary events to change planetary weather patterns. Cow farting won’t do it!

I dedicate this post to offering a more logical reason for climate change.

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.”

― Rahm Emanuel, Globalist, ex-Obama Chief of Staff

How the gravity cycle changes the Earth’s climates.

Is “climate change” really happening?

These are comments on Obama’s climate change speech in Glasglow, Scotland.

Climate Change may be happening, but not because of what you’re told—an external gravitational pull that is strong enough to change the tilt of the Earth’s axis is more likely. Because of that would change, the amount of sunlight each area of the planet receives changes, causing weather changes.

Now I’ll reverse the question: Why wouldn’t a change in the Earth’s axis tilt change the weather?

Furthermore, the gravitational changes come along with magnetic ones that change navigational settings. These magnetic pole changes are well documented, proving that something more than pollution is affecting the Earth.

Data about “Global Warming” fails to match my observations.

Living on the beach, I walked it several times every day. And being a beach-front townhome owner, I was always worried about rising sea levels. However, I haven’t seen a rise in sea level for 24 years!

However, I have seen cases where construction companies have illegally removed sand from beaches to make cement.

I am visualizing interrelated planetary orbits and the influences of the Milky Way.

Ask anyone about the Earth’s and Sun’s relative position to the Milky Way, and you’ll likely get a blank stare. Those promoting climate change fear exploit this Hole in the general public’s knowledge.

After asking many about what they know about astrology, I’ve come to realize that most only understand the Earth tilts as it rotates around the Sun. And other planets also rotate around the Sun. That’s it!

When I asked them what our planetary system’s position with the Milky Way was, none knew what I was talking about. Yet, it could be the key to understanding the real cause of “climate change.”

What is the real cause of “Climate Change?”

Once you see the overall visual picture, the gravitational and magnetic forces causing “Climate Change” are easy to understand. However, painting that picture for you in a blog is difficult because there are many moving parts and unseeable forces.

Even if I don’t change your mind about the cause of “Climate Change,” you’ll still be amazed at where you live and the dynamics of your interplanetary world.

Let’s take it step-by-step, starting close to home.

The rotation and tilting of the Earth

Most people already know that the Earth spins on its axis, and the axis is slightly tilted. This tilting is mainly caused by the gravitational pull of the Sun as the Earth rotates around it.

You may not realize that the tilt of the Earth’s axis has been increasing for decades! This tilting causes the North and South poles to move around somewhat randomly.

The world’s airports change their magnetic location regularly.

We know the poles are moving because the world’s airports have needed to change their runway navigation data every year. Not very much, but consistently and the adjustments are getting more significant.

Globalists ignore pole shifting.

The Globalists ignore the pole-shifting that has gone on during the last few decades because it’s impossible to lay blame and figure out how to prorate tax schemes. Yet they go ahead with ideas of carbon taxes and lockdowns.

Even when their publication acknowledges what’s going on and more. Like the flowing molten core at the center of the earth changing directions. Yes, the earth is going through once-in-a-2000-year occurrences, and Globalists are covering it up, even though the information is freely available.

The long-term weather pattern of El Nina shows climate change is not due to pollution.

El Nina is a repeating pattern of unmistakable increases in rainfall for five years. Yes, the pattern was due to repeat in 2022, but nothing like what happened!

For example, in Latin America, where one would expect about 30 storms from North Africa to roll in during El Nina, there were 100! The change happened in one year, so that’s not carbon dioxide levels creeping up that significant planet gravitational change.

Perspective: The Earth orbits the Sun while our solar system “corkscrews” away from the Black Hole.

Eight other planets orbit the Sun. Not so much significant, but I add to complete the picture.

This story is about the Earth and Sun and the entire solar system we live in.

The point is that the entire solar system is on a journey of billions of years. As if part of a gigantic blast, our solar system is escaping away from the center of the Milky Way. It corkscrews its way as the planets continue to orbit the Sun.

The Earth’s relative orbit position to the Black Hole in the middle of the Milkyway drives “Climate Change.”

For a few decades, every 2 thousand years, the Earth’s orbit slips below the flat plain of the Milky Way Galaxy. And this new orbital position reverses the Earth’s polarization.

The Earth’s axis changes, and so does the amount of sunlight in each location and the flow of molten lava inside the Earth. Could this have something to do with climate change?

Globalists don’t care about planet changes; they only want to control us!

If we can figure out the causes of “Climate Change,” you bet they can too! Again, they try to cover up posts like this one as proof!

For example: if you read Fox News, you’ll notice how they cover the magnetic pole readings of airports but keep the story short, so they don’t cover the cause.

In any case, I’ll continue to take you where you’ve never been before. Where you can see and understand the whole picture.

Founders and administrators of the Paris Agreement need a stable, global tax base.

How much money is the Paris Agreement spending removing a floating garbage area the size of Texas in the Pacific Ocean? After all, it absorbs heat and reduces the reflection of light and heat. Therefore, why don’t we see the Paris Accord people making garbage disposal plans and extracting the trash?

Of course, the answer is the Paris Agreement is spending zero on cleaning up the world’s most prominent and most significant ocean garbage patch! Even after receiving billions of dollars in dues!

On the other hand, if billions were offered to capitalistic entrepreneurs by now, an operation would already be underway.

Why does the Biden Regime think it didn’t need the approval of Congress to rejoin the Paris Agreement?

Only Congress has the power to approve a foreign treaty or Agreement. So, the Paris Agreement temporarily changed its name to the Paris Accord, so President Obama and later Biden could sign it.

Interestingly, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the elected legislatures cannot “farm out” their powers to other branches. Therefore, setting up a situation where a MAGA-controlled Congress could cancel U.S. participation.

What is the role of the Democratic Party Marxist climate change policy in the New World Order takeover attempt?

The false fear and chaos of “climate change” comes along to replace or supplement the waning COVID fears. And replace it by insisting the cabal elites know where we are at all times and control everything we do.

Also, their “Green Plan” for “Climate Changes” calls for sucking as much money out of the U.S. as possible. As we see again, this time with 369 billion dollar boondoggles.

The global propaganda engine that drives the “climate change” nonsense?

The same people who believe CNN tells the truth and the gene therapy injections are safe are the ones who believe climate change is folly. You may see them wearing a mask while riding a bicycle or getting their children injected. They are the non-thinkers.

They are the brainwashed ones the Marxists have managed to keep under their control. And they won’t change their minds until a military boot on a Marxist trooper presses against their necks.

If climate change exists, what should we do about it?

Let’s stop kidding ourselves; green technologies are not ready. Coals and natural gas are still the only answers to our needs for continuous power sourcing. That is unless we are willing to accept the risks of nuclear power plants.

My solution is to adapt to the planetary gravitational changes while developing green energy sources and conservation when appropriate without destroying our world economy. And, my favorite, let’s clean up our oceans!

One by one, let’s step through proposed solutions that don’t work and set ourselves up for the eventual only solution. That is to adapt intelligently.

Solar Energy is not yet the solution.

Trash heap of solar panels
Millions of solar panels end up in junk yards, contaminating groundwater.

Solar panels like to operate in the sunshine but not the heat. So dreams of placing them in the sprawling deserts are only a pipe dream. Unless a significant energy breakthrough occurs, we will need coal and gas to power continuous-duty factory and residential requirements.

So, when people tell you electric cars are clean technology, they are misleading because you must consider where the electricity comes from to charge them. Hint: most times, it can’t be solar panels.