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Will MAGA win the US House and Senate at the 2022 midterms?

MAGA-led Republicans will win the House and Senate by forty votes and about three in the Senate. At least, that’s my best estimate, as election 2022 for the midterms has not yet happened.

The data comes from estimates of proven Republican-orientated polling companies but no Democratic ones because they are all biased. Additionally, I am convinced that Republicans will turn out much larger numbers than Democrats. And so, the Republicans will win both Congressional Chambers.

The big unknown in my prediction is: how determined the Democratic party leaders are to win. Are they willing to expose their cheating to everyone to win?

Since almost all of the Marxist Democrats’ corrupt voting machines are still in place, Republicans will be hard-pressed to win the House, much less the Senate, when key counties with machines can flip Congressional elections in their favor.

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What is the consensus on election predictions for the 2022 election?

  • A U.S. House of Representatives pickup of 40 seats, thus control
  • A pickup of 4 Senate seats, thus, control
  • More MAGA-led Republican winners on downballots of will shore up local and state power.

*These results assume a similar Democratic rate of election fraud as in the 2020 elections

Election corruption and the difficulty of accurate predictions

Professional election pollsters must use the results from a past corrupt election to predict the results of the current corrupt election. This is why polls are so often wrong these days!

Nevertheless, honest pollsters try to measure enthusiasm versus corruption, with the latter impossible to quantify. I think there is a lot of “tossing darts on the wall.”

List: Recent unbroken string of stolen elections.

  • The 2020 election
  • The 2021 Georgia Senate run-off elections for two U.S. Senate Seats.
  • In the Brazilian election on October 2, 2022, Bolsenaro had an easy victory stolen by corrupt voting machines. Sadly, the Brazilian election system does not allow paper ballots! Therefore, there will be a run-off election instead of an audit, as Bolsenaro fans cheer his second-place finish.

List: 7 Active ways to help MAGA-led Republicans win the 2022 mid-terms.

  1. Get out to vote yourself, and bring like-minded friends and family.
  2. Become a determined and intelligent poll watcher who knows the many times and places where mail-in ballots lose their change of custody and crowd-sources watcher responsibility to cover what’s going on.
  3. Get poll watchers inside the post office.
  4. Get poll watchers at drop boxes, and make sure cameras work and drop boxes have locks.
  5. Get the number of ballots to be counted immediately after the polls close.
  6. Clean up your state’s voter rolls.
  7. Talk to your state legislator about passing a bill to fund and conduct an automatic full audit immediately following elections.

MAGA must use every means to lose the chain of custody of mail-in ballots because there are several ways for Democrats to insert faked ballots into the vote-counting system. These are undeliverable ballots where Democratic operatives fill out rather than the intended voter.

Note: I hate to advise people to “insist,” “demand,” etc., when they have no power other than being a pain in someone’s “ass.” I only use those words to encourage emotional creativity.

Can MAGA voters over-whelm the vote-counting corruption of the Democrats? Maybe, but I wouldn’t count on it!

I know this overwhelming happened in the Virginia Governors’ race, but in this case, the “momma and papa bear” caught them by surprise.

This surprise factor will not happen again in the 2022 midterms because the Democrats are ready this time. However, the MAGA movement is much larger now, so anything is possible.

Millions of illegal immigrants register for Democratic Party.

We knew this was coming, and now the Democrats silently register them en mass. We can do nothing but make sure their registration is legal in their state Republicans (MAGA) must strive hard to keep these non-citizens off the voter’s rolls. Accomplishing this election integrity won’t be easy as many states have no laws against illegal voting, as long as not for the Presidency.

Troubling is that they are automatically registered to vote when they get a driver’s license. A “back door” to allowing illegals to vote in midterm and local elections will come back one day to bite us.

News! Federal Appeal court blocked DACA immigrants from voting.

In a surprising ruling, the 5th Circuit of Appeals ruled DACA constitutionally illegal. I was surprised because it had been an Obama and Biden political pet project to keep illegal immigrants from being deported. And this court, in particular, has shown biased in their favor.

However, reversing past bias tendencies, the Court told the Democrats to clean up their request if they wished to file again, which they might do.

Nevertheless, for now, this ruling means some 800,000 DACA-protected immigrants will NOT be able to vote in the 2022 midterms, as they cannot get work permits or a driver’s license to vote in some states.

It seems a judge had a change of heart and voted for America. In any case, this court victory is solid but not a decision win for MAGA-led Republicans.

Why DIDN’T Republicans clean up the elections after 2020?

As MAGA-led Republicans gradually figured out what happened, they tried to clean up the voting process. However, state-by-state, RHINOs in power and the judicial system blocked their attempt.

Were they unable to process the reality that cheating occurred? Or were they corrupt? Probably a mixture of both! In any case, MAGA will need several election cycles to restore fair elections.

RHINOs crawl in the darkness.

RHINOs slither in the darkness, trying to keep their political power while not offending the massive MAGA base of voters. However, they soon realize they end their careers by blocking common-sense election integrity safeguards.

As time gets short for the 2022 mid-terms, the RHINOs realize that they will not get re-elected in a fair election because they already made a deal showdown here is not regaining the trust of the people.

The coming face-off between ballot counters and observers

It’s easy to see a showdown between the Marxist vote counters and the MAGA poll watcher,s. Frankly, it should have happened many election cycles before.

MAGA poll watchers have the absolute proper ad duty to oversee the voting process, while the Marxists must shield them from their corruption. The side that wins this battle wins the election.

Progressive mental disorders inevitably sabotage elections.

Does she know something about the 2022 midterm elections that we don’t? Or is she only playing head games with us? Either is possible!

Has House Speaker Pelosi propagandized herself into believing what she says in the video? Is she lying? Or have the Democrats again fixed the upcoming 2022 midterm elections?

Progressive always inadvertently programmed themselves with a form of their propaganda. The constant doubling down and lying causes shaky logic.

Failure of logic is Achillie’s heel of the progressive cyclone of destruction. They get crazier and crazier until their chaos spreads to and destroys their attempted coup victory.

The only logic a progressive knows is that one operation leads to the next, which must always be more radical, “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky.

And so, eventually, their strategies become so detached from reality that their programmed base snaps out of fake reality. We see this happening now as Democrats switch to the Republican party in droves.



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