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Why is the Elon Musk hostile buyout of Twitter so strategically important?


The hostile buyout of Twitter by Elon Musk is strategically essential because it allows Conservative values to be heard. Elon may update Twitter’s technology that can challenge even Google!

Elon is well-aware that social media users are rapidly turning to chatbots or search bots technology. That skim continually provided user experiences, using algorithms to return answers via voice or text based on user input.

Now is Elon’s perfect opportunity to marry Twitter and existing chatbot technology featuring information capture, organization, and reporting via voice or text, a Twitter AI chatbox no doubt named TwitterChat.

Please do not think I am dreaming because many left techies are leaving Twitter for the impressive ChatGPT, which is doing what I described above, except it’s “scrapping” its information from Google Search. And so, I don’t need to describe the results it is putting out.

Therefore, Elon must not only provide the chatbot technology but MAGA and others must supply the database of information for “scrapping” “Conservative results. In other words, an alternative Google! Which is precisely what we need!

Background of Twitter and Elon Musk

Elon Musk seemingly got fed up with the corruption on Twitter and decided to buy it for 44 billion dollars! First, Elon needed to clean the house of the zealous Marxist running the show and break their direct connection with the feds.

Looking back, I and many others don’t think he knew what he was getting into. Changing the culture of a business with thousands of employees is nearly impossible! And the Globalists are trying to make him pay financially by destroying his businesses and sabotaging his wealth.

Why the Elon Musk buyout of Twitter is so strategically important to the MAGA-led Republican movement:

Extends the scope of Conservative social media internationally

The Elon Musk buyout is essential for Conservative media to spread globally because now, everywhere I go internationally, I see nothing by Globalist propaganda on the media, nothing about living as free individuals.

Although without the all-encompassing reach of Big Tech, Twitter is our first attempt to compete with the big guys.

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Denies Marxist, a major social media network

Because of the Elon Musk buyout of Twitter, the Marxist-led Democrats are losing an essential social media network. They no longer have a so-called “open platform” for Operation Mockingbird to spread its propaganda.

Seeing what’s coming, the regular Marxists are now scrambling for an alternate social media platform. And they found one based on artificial intelligence. I’m sure Elon has noticed.

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User base for an upgraded platform

Already, I heard Elon Musk complaining about how such a small IT platform can be expected to do so many calculations. I take it to mean he plans on upgrading or building his own.

Sooner or later, Elon must move and upgrade the platform to match his personality. I’m betting on a new Texas headquarters and an artificial intelligence-based platform, with integration into his electric car and home battery business. What do you think?

Countering Marxist artificial intelligence (AI) political chatbots

Democrat techies already had a Twitter replacement ready; maybe even something better! A platform with an algorithm attached via a chat-enabled partisan database. Moreover, suppose Elon Musk used Twitter to engage in even more one-upmanship. In that case, we might see a new one with a Conservative bias or at least one where the user could toggle between available bias algorithms.

After all, we already switch channels on our TV according to our values or political reality, so why not platforms?

Exiled Democrat techies reach out for new platform

Distraught and techy Democrats needed a new major social media network to conjugate after Elon purchased Twitter. They turned to one in the emerging field of AI chatbots, ChatGPT, which was originally designed to help programmers troubleshoot new code.

In no surprise chat questions now include more political topics thanks to the desire of techy Democrats to once again occupy their own social media platform. However, in my opinion, the Elon Musk plan for Twitter 2.0 will include the capabilities of ChatGPT, and an indexed data base of political and general information.

Did Elon purchase Twitter with upgrading a priority?

Elon Musk has a long history of being a visionary. It’s in his blood and the way his mind works.

Knowing this, he thought he purchased Twitter to upgrade to a breakthrough concept. I do believe he intended a Twitter 2.0 that goes even beyond ChatGPT. And the next step would be a chat/search add-on for Google Search. One that would bring extra value to his other businesses.


What is the AI chatbot phenomenon ChatGPT and could it replace humans? | Artificial intelligence (AI) | The Guardian. The hot ChatbotGPT is attracting Democrats upset about Elon Musk taking away “their” Twitter.

A platform to advertise to Conservative buyers.

Elon Musk knows that MAGA and Republicans are the most consequential base to sell his home batteries and electric cars for home solar installations, not the city-dwelling Marxist republicans. The home market is always much more significant than the industrial ones.

But does MAGA still has the money to buy solar panels, home batteries for the entire house, electric cars, etc.?

In any case, accumulating an international list of hundreds of thousands of probably qualified prospects is worth a lot over the history of a business! Twitter’s list of Republicans and Democrats could be worth more than everything else combined!