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Why did Trump get into the Digital Card NFT business?


Trump getting into the Digital Card NFT business seemingly came out of the blue; nevertheless, I’m sure he has one or more good reasons. But I can’t figure this one out!

I even bought one of his Cards to help me delve into his motives. (Here is how

I ordered my Trump Trading Card.) What I came away with is the following list of possible motives.

Taken one by one or together, his earnings do not come close to financing a presidential campaign like last time. And so, I reflect, ‘What is he up to?”

The possible reason Trump got into the Digital Card NFT business:

What is a Trump NFT Trading Card?

Just understanding the “non-fungible token” is difficult, even for the tech savvy, but that doesn’t keep NFTs from selling for millions of dollars. Their purpose, after all, is to manufacture exclusivity, because owning a one-of-a-kind thing — say, the “Mona Lisa” — is light years from snapping a photo of the painting at a museum. When you buy an NFT, you’re actually buying a line of unalterable software code (the “token”) that records sales; you use digital currency such as Bitcoin to make the purchase on the “blockchain,” a record book everyone can see. That lets you prove you’re the sole owner of some kind of asset, whether it’s a Tweet, a plot of “land” in a video game, an undrinkable beer, a two-minute video of a cat purring or, most commonly, digital artwork. That means that people have been buying and selling all kinds of weird stuff, including photoshopped images of a former president, and sometimes for vast sums of money — a possible new kind of tech bubble.

Story by Lacey Muszynski, Trump’s NFT Trading Cards Drastically Drop in Value After Just One Week (msn.com)

Increase campaign donations

While only a drop in the campaign bucket, Trump did earn at least 4.5 million dollars in sales in the first 12 hours with his Trump Digital Card NTF sale! But that is only a drop in the bucket!

And so, there must be an opportunity to earn even more, or why would a billion bother with Trump Digital Cards NFT? Here are a few thoughts on how he could increase his earnings.

  • Add more Cards by including one for his every life experience, including maybe jail time. Then sell them for $99 each, like before.
  • Continue collecting his 10% Creator Fee on all resale transfers. If values go up along with Ethereum, his Fee will also go up.
  • Use as a vehicle for significant campaign contributors to buy his “artwork,” so he can legally but indirectly receive campaign contributions.

Of course, there are many other ways for even a billionaire like Trump to spend his Digital Trading Card earnings, like for lawyers!

Are Trump Trading Cards The Future Of Campaign Financing? • ProCoinNews.com

Include Card buyers in the “Prospective Donor List.”

One I can think of is everyone who buys and sells must leave their email address. I’d imagine more names would have little effect on anything but a local election.

Or, perhaps he’s chasing dedicated Conservatives to activate. Just guessing.

Troll mainstream media

Already the most excellent social media trolling property is the meme. And he’s generated 45,000 of them! Memes work much better than text messages because the censoring Democrats need humans to read them because the machines can’t.

Get followers ready for hard times by paying with “barter-perfect” crypto tokens.

I’m stretching things here, but every thoughtful Conservative knows Central Bank’s Digital Currency is almost here. And soon after, there will be authoritarian control placed on it.

Therefore, it’s a fair assumption that MAGA will need to learn how to barter or use cryptocurrencies to survive. Interestingly, the currency used in the Trump Digital Trading Cards NFT is Ethereum tokens which are not legally considered a currency.

Hmm… Maybe they are the future currency of barter. Just what we may need to stay off the feds’ radar.


I’ve heard and read a lot of material from the Mainstream Media about how the NFT marketplace is dead and no one makes any money. And, in many ways, they are right!

But Trump’s situation is different. Trump has the world’s most famous name and uploaded an astounding number of cards for sale, 45,000! And so, he could eventually raise 100s of millions of dollars for his 2024 campaign.

Also puzzling is how Trump is zeroing in on the importance of dismantling the false news generated by Operation Mockingbird. How Trump’s Digital Cards can help baffles me!

There are also a few other possibilities, but if I’m right, I would want to alert the general public with a web post. Unfortunately, they are the most likely reasons for Trump’s foray into the Digital Card NFT arena.

Anyway, thanks for indulging me. As you can tell, I still don’t have the reasons for Trump’s bizarre foray into the NTF world. However, we’ll eventually know the reason, or maybe not.

What does an actual Donald Trump Trading Card look like?

Example of Trump Digital Trading Card NFT.
This is an example of a Trump Digital Trading Card NFT. Don’t bother copying or sharing because i own it.