Why My Conservative Website Doesn’t Need Big Tech Traffic?

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Never pursuing viewer traffic for this site from big tech was the best decision I ever made! Because it allowed me to focus like a laser on questions that conservatives were asking on pillar sites.

In doing so, I broke big tech’s chokehold of its website traffic, and now it’s rising! Every time they ban a conservative celebrity, its traffic spikes again! Obviously, their viewers are looking for alternatives away from censorship.

Nevertheless, there is tremendous competition within the small conservative website marketplace. But, I don’t care much. After all, if a few can rise to the top with millions of monthly views, helping win the information war, I’d be satisfied to go back to enjoying my simple, peaceful life.

Is there a search engine ranking penalty for conservative websites?

I am not accusing big tech (Google) of directly singling me out, but rather of adapting ranking rules favoring their cronies. In either case, though, I give them the finger! Because I know their backdoor approach to censorship used.

They changed their overall search ranking rules a few years ago to favor the bigger, more authoritarian Marxist websites — never mind their lies and bias. For example, the top 3 get more than 50 percent. I’m not gripping, but there is no chance for this conservative site, or any other, to gather Google organic keyword traffic.

And so, what follows is my only alternative for earning more traffic. That is ignoring Google and going after the traffic at pillar conservative social media websites — which is more satisfying anyway.

What is the ranking penalty imposed on conservative sites by Google?

Incredibly obvious, there is one! For example, less than 1% of this site’s traffic comes from Google Search! And that’s because the average ranking of all articles is 50th!

Furthermore, I have confirmed with other conservative websites that they also have the same penalty.

Combined traffic at Conservative social media sites overtakes the mainstream media.

A little here, and there in US conservative political traffic can really add up fast! When you lump together other search engines, social media websites, podcasts, and others the numbers are astounding!

As you can see from the top Conservative social media networks, many Conservatives have already picked their favorites. And, from where I sit, I see the traffic continuing to skyrocket, even as Conservative social media becomes even more dispersed.

But, there is much more to come as the “staunching” Conservatives go beyond what the radical left is expecting! The future of America is indeed this new journal for Conservatives.

And so, mainstream media resorts to tyrannical censorship on their own sites

In acknowledgment that Conservative media has overtaken them. Mainstream media uses their info weapon of last resort. That is sophisticated censorship of opposing views on their own flagships.

However, it’s too late! As the horses have already left the barn! And so, no one cares, as the Marxists are left to comment among themselves.

The independent, dispersed universe of Conservative Social Media websites.

And so, in defense of their outright and slick censorship, Conservative Social Media websites set out to establish their own online ecosphere. While the far-left continued thinking that their Cancel Culture strategies actually worked.

Far from it, Conservative social media constantly sets new records, and soon I’ll be presenting graphs based on these lists that further prove what we’re already seeing.

For now, you can drop in on another post here on gobeyondo.com that describes some of the challenges of top Conservative social media platforms, and how they survived and actually grew more resistant to the Marxist Cancel Culture attacks. As they say, “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger!”.

A Marxist lifestyle cannot compete with Americanism

Not, rah! rah! People worldwide are demanding to live free. That is the real revolution going on. And, Conservative social media is leading the way.

What am I talking about?

The new Conservative American Economy

Pardon me! But, I have to laugh when I hear the fascist Marxist who wants to go back to the days of the failed Russian Revolution or the dying Chinese one try to label Conservativism as looking to return to the past.

What I see instead in the future is a second American Revolution which rejects the ugly Marxist future, and flourishes like never before!

How the censorship of a totalitarian media strenghtens Conservative social media.

Moreover, the censorship or showdown banning by big tech is driving forward a powerful, if yet Conservative social media world.

And, so included will be its own separate, high-tech economy that will put to shame what Marxism has to offer. For example, recently introduced is a crypto coin just for Conservatives and new high-security blockchain messaging platforms.

Is Conservative social media challenging big tech?

Only if you single out “political news” in America. Most likely, Conservatives will live in their own universe within their capsule for years, if not decades.

Meanwhile, the Marxist left wing will continue to swear Conservative social media is dead. Even while the numbers, within our niche soon catch up and surpass big tech.

Calling Conservative social media sites right-wing doesn’t make it so!

The sites shown are Conservative social media platforms, not right-wing. They are in the middle of the political compass.

It seems this change of status for the radical left-wing Democrats stole the 2020 election. Conservatives know what happened, and every day more of the country also know the truth.

One only needs to look around.


I write this blog to inform budding conservative journalists that trying to appease big tech is a waste of time. And, I want them to focus their efforts on spreading the word.

Furthermore, while it’s very important to reach the left-wingers and independents, this must be done by commenting on their own sites. Because they will never find ours.

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