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Why Biden Doesn’t Protect Our Southern Border?


Joe Biden never intended to protect our Southern border because his Regime wanted America to be absorbed into a New North America as part of a New World Order. In keeping with a communist tradition of never letting a “good crisis” go to waste, he is piggybacking on an actual global overpopulation problem.

The mind of a criminal is challenging to understand, especially one with dementia. Delving into the minds of the Biden family and asking why is like asking, “Why does a dog chase cars?” The answer is they feel entitled, or they can’t help themselves!

How Globalists are collapsing our Southern border.

Using his power of the presidency, the handlers of Joe Biden are working “hand and glove” with the globalists at the United Nations. To fund small legal entities that organize illegals’ caravans along the route, extending throughout South and Latin America and beyond.

A new, semi-legal way of importing illegal immigrants is to process them in Mexico under a made-up status. The new status avoids the embarrassment of the massive numbers real numbers. So, ignore the false monthly numbers you see after February 2023.

Believe it or not, the entrepreneurial spirit of Capitalism runs through the blood of “coyotes” as they start street “travel agencies” to sell immigration tickets to the border. All neatly and illegally promoted and protected now by the U.S. Senate, which will refuse to remove Joe Biden if impeached by the House.

Motivations why Joe Biden is not protecting our Southern border

The “Big Guy” can’t help it!

Joe Biden can’t help being a criminal. It’s in his blood!

Most likely, the salesman was his “best friend,” Obama, who had selected him as Vice President for no other reason than he was the perfect patsy; a natural criminal and failing mentally.

With MAGA still getting its footing and the globalists already closing on the deal to end America, no criminal in their right mind would pass up such a chance. Not that Joe needed the money, but because he is a natural criminal.

While Obama is an ideologue, Joe Biden is a criminal. I’d throw him in the same class as Hillary Clinton. Those who are professional thieves! Whether they are born that way or not goes beyond my purview.

In any case, I don’t give Joe Biden indirect credit for taking down America using presidential border powers. I only sadly acknowledge that he knows how to profit personally.

Below, I only show the drama of his lack of concern for the Southern border crisis, affecting tens of millions and the entire U.S. population. How can any human allow the destruction of their own country and profit from it?

The only answer is he never was a patriot or the Obama influence as he slipped into dementia. But what about the rest of the corrupt Biden family?

Importation of Democratic party voters

This is true. Importing Democratic voters is a strong possibility considering how the immigrants are isolated under Democrat control and ushered over to the Department of Motor Vehicles for a license and the right to vote in many states.

This means that the Democrats are willing to sacrifice what’s good for America in exchange for retaining power. This is not a good look for Biden or the Marxist-led Democratic party!

Bankrupt America

A common myth is that by importing immigrants, they will eventually find jobs and become part of the U.S. tax base. I’ve even read that they are already paying more taxes than we spend on social services.

That may only be true for those living in America for decades. The trouble is that the U.S. doesn’t have time for such a long-term investment in currently arriving immigrants. There is room for massive social services cost increases right now.

Helping the underdog illegal immigrant (Not!)

I don’t know how much of his old, warm feeling for unions and the middle class is left in his declining mental state. Or, if Joe Biden’s handlers allow him to see the endless caravans of illegal immigrants invading the U.S.

I tend to think he only sees what they want him to see. Why? Because during his only visit to the border in his 48 years as a Washington D.C. politician, the town he visited, El Paso, Texas, was scrubbed of most illegals during his visit.

If you haven’t seen the videos, which are not shown on legacy media, below is one of them.

View of another caravan heads to the Texas border, organized by coyote “travel agencies.”

The Democratic Party “Dependent Voter Replacement Plan”

The open border plan is a “Dependent Voter Replacement Plan.” The Democratic Marxist Party wants to permanently replace the minorities and middle-class voters with a more compliant voter base.

The evil is no longer hiding as Senate leader Schumer announces he wants to naturalize some 35 million illegal immigrants. He says that American citizens are not reproducing fast enough! Even while he pushes injections that sterilize us, while not the immigrants. Are you getting this?

Moreover, it’s happening now! As the illegal immigrants by the millions pour across our Southern Border. And the Marxist Democrats indoctrinate and hide them for now, mostly in swing states.

Why is the logic of the Biden “Replacement Plan” nonsense?

At first, I skipped through the talk about the Joe Biden “Worker Replacement Plan” for illegal immigrants because, on the surface, it sounded logical. But when I take it apart, it doesn’t make sense. See if you agree.

Reasons for “Replacement Plan”The Counter Logic
The U.S. needs more low-skilled workers.Automation is already replacing workers. Besides, there are plenty of unemployed looking for work.
Demographics show the need for more workers.Labor statistics show most available jobs require education and particular skill sets, which the immigrants don’t have.
Tens of millions of new, pliant Democratic party votersThe Democrats are already winning elections with election fraud.
More taxpayers to pay for the social services of the older generation.Immigrants are consuming more social services money than contributing.
An “army” of military-aged men to hold back the “horde” of angry conservatives, maybe confiscate guns.The Democrats already control the military and many local sheriff’s departments.
Replace the dead from the vaccine and those who dare counter their Regime with more pliant immigrants.It sounds too far out there! No one would dare think of evolving or eliminating so many people to retain power.
Take your pick or mix and match reasons.

Considering the questions and answer table above, I am left with the explanation that the Biden Regime is fostering the invasion of America from the Southern border to take down America completely.

Skimming profits of human-trafficking

The Biden family are prolific skimmers of illegal activities that they enable. Open any door, and I find it!

Organizing and pulling off such extensive human trafficking and drug smuggling operation requires the cooperation of high-level help from the U.S. Government. With Joe Biden’s extensive history of running such businesses in Ukraine, I’d naturally start with “The Big Guy.”

It’s strange how the corrupt and wealthy can’t stop themselves from such crimes when holding power. However, there is more to the story than skimming money. Let’s look at the big picture!

Conclusion: The real story about what’s happening on Biden’s Southern border.