Why Biden Doesn’t Protect Our Southern Border?


It’s abundantly clear by now that Biden has no intention of stopping illegal immigration at our Southern border. And, his reasoning why will leave you shaking your head in disgust!

Wouldn’t you love to know how he came to his twisted conclusion? To this end, I offer my insights into how he justifies the incomprehensible to accommodate his true nature.

This post gives you insights into a US President that suffers from a combination of a criminal mind and dementia. And how his Marxist handlers continue to use him to take over America.

As you read this post, keep in mind that the Marxists have a big problem to overcome. That is: How to combat armed Patriots without shedding their own blood!

Does Biden even realize that an open Southern border is an existential threat to America?

I don’t believe he does! Yet, his Marxist handlers continue to import a literal urban army of illegal immigrants? Watch this video to see the future of our Southern border and national future!

In the face of an outright invasion of America, Biden still does nothing!

Why Biden doesn’t protect our Southern border.

  1. Unable to fully comprehend what’s going on. For this reason, Biden can literally only follow the directions of his handlers and read speeches from a teleprompter.
  2. A belief that accepting unlimited illegal immigrants is patriotic. For the most part, the idea rolls around inside his empty skull. That open borders are patriotic.
  3. Protecting Southern border goes against Globalist plans. Because of the Globalists desire for a world without borders, and only one world order.
  4. Our new immigrate workers will pay union dues. Joe plays to his base and friends, especially the labor unions that have supported him for over 40 years.
  5. Participation in Obama’s Globalist takeover of America. As a mentally lost politician of the Globalist, Biden has no concept of the coming tyranny against America.

1. Mentally unable to comprehend the Southern Border immigration crisis.

Because Joe Biden’s mind is somewhere between dementia and a born crook. But, more and more, we see his mental condition leans toward not being present at all.

As for Biden’s medical background, he suffers from dementia and had blood clots in his head removed a few years ago. His condition was so serious that he had the top of his head removed so doctors get to them!

As a side note, given his medical history, anyone who thinks his Globalist handlers would risk jabbing him with real vaccine shots is nuts!

How bad is the situtation on our Southern Border?

To clarify, our Southern border remains open as military-aged men continue to flood in by the millions. And so, after months of watching their determined-looking faces and yet rehearsed and restrained actions, their purpose is now clear to me.

The parade of young men entering America is our future enemy. I say that not out of racism, but rather common sense.

I won’t be surprised however if they officially worked for the Department of Homeland Security in the near future. Which is exactly what Obama would have done!

Actual videos on our wide-open Southern border.

In any case, we probably won’t see them marching in military uniforms, but rather in DHS uniforms or gang clothing. Nevertheless, they’ll be in the streets and your neighborhood.

Once there, they’ll claim your stuff is their stuff whether you resist or not. Moreover, they’ll label you as racists or domestic terrorists in THEIR country.

The biggest liar in America!

‘The border is closed, the border is secure’: Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas | ABC News

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) claims the Southern border closed. Therefore, it canceled all wall-building contracts.

Maybe the DHS plans on stopping the millions of illegals with drones?

Of course, you know that your DHS is lying because of what you already know. The Globalists have a “no border, no USA policy!”

How an immigrant invasion defeats an armed citizenry?

For this purpose, they are going to need about 300,000 rifles, night goggles, and a few cobra helicopters to cover fire and destroy tanks and jeeps.

Wait! Doesn’t that describe the weapons left behind in Afghanistan? What a coincidence!

3. Biden thinks Globalism is about labor unions?

Biden considers himself extortionist first who has hung his political hat with large unions. He thinks taking down America will somehow strengthen Unions and strengthen the middle class. This is incredibly wrong thinking as the Globalists instead clearly want to destroy the middle class.

He still thinks by keeping our Southern border open he’s letting in potential labor union workers and a new subservient voter class. And, why should he? So after all, votes from labor unions kept him in office for more than 40 years!

In any case, Joe Biden’s Marxist handlers keep him from the Southern border in case he has a temporary flash of reality and morality and mucks things up. Like Obama said in his own words, “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to screw things up!”

Besides, he’s also helping out his best buddy, Obama to achieve fundamental change for America. Which is a transformation into a subservient territory ruled by communism.

Will Joe Biden ever realize Globalist mislead him?

Too far gone mentally, Joe Biden will never realize that his Presidency took America over the brink. And, because he’s mentally impaired, he’s unpunishable!

We allow our elections to be stolen by communists. Hopefully, there is time to fix our election integrity safeguards, but there is no guarantee.

Nothing but a joke: VP Kamala Harris given assignment to safeguard our Southern border.

The last thing in the world comrade Kamala wants is stopping illegals at our Southern border! Even though the job was assigned to her!

As a result, the Biden Regime must have had a good laugh while handing her the assignment. Because the last place in the world Harris wants to visit or manage is our Southern border!

What is going on! Our Southern Border is completely open!

There is no Border Patrol or Homeland Security, other than to help the illegal immigrants invade America! Any attempt to stop them is coming from the state and county.

The main force remaining in Texas is the National Guard. And, it is soon going to need to make life or death decisions. What to do when the caravans overrun their positions in the coming weeks?

Local Texas towns take matters into their own hands!

They gave up on federal help long ago, and the Texas National Guard is spread thin. Even so, the “Mother of all Caravans” declares war against America with some 80,000 members.

What does the leader mean by war? (See Video) What if a decision is necessary to either let them in or shoot a caravan of members? If let in how many more are coming?

Is Biden even paying any attention? Or, is this exactly what Obama always dreamed of?

Does Biden even understand Marxists are using COVID to takeover America?

Obviously, Obama is calling the shots! And so, I believe that Biden only believes he’s helping his buddy Obama achieve whatever geopolitical goal he has.

But, importantly, Biden holds his union friends close and still thinks they are responsible for creating the middle class. He considers Globalism and its role in uniting labor unions as a boom to your future.

I am sure he has no idea about how people are constitutionally in charge of America!


The Marxists claim open borders allow immigrates to flow to places with more opportunities. Well enough, but their rhetoric admits that will make everyone equally poor. Remember, “You will own nothing, and be happy.”

Trouble is that the communist system has absolutely proven not to generate wealth for the common people. So, the end game appears something beyond communism.

Could it be their Marxist belief in the unity with large corporate entities that upgrades their economic model? If so, they have completely misunderstood the role of freedom and entrepreneurship in creating wealth.

However, in closing, I don’t believe that’s their end game. Because if I can figure out this logically, so can they.

By Team Go Beyondo

Team Go Beyondo has written opinion commentaries specializing in America's conservative political issues for over 6 years. We are fiercely independent journalists who research and write articles. Then, we add our own views just beyond the horizon.