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Important! Why Biden Doesn’t Protect Our Southern Border?

Joe Biden isn’t protecting our Southern border at all! He’s encouraging illegal immigration because Democrats need their votes to win the 2022 election.

Do you think illegals can’t vote in midterms? We’ll you’d be wrong! Going back to the early days of our Republic, they could. And all they needed to do was sign their “X.”

Citizenship was not even a question as long as they were physically present.

And so, will the Democrat Marxists have a case when they insist their illegal immigrants can vote. So we are not caught off-guard, we should explore this potential Democratic Party landmine now.

What is Biden doing to protect our Southern border?

The answer is nothing! He has left our Southern border wide-open, and millions of illegal immigrants have crossed since Biden took over the presidency.

Our border is now largely abandoned by our Border Patrol. And illegal immigrants are only processed and quickly board buses and airplanes to be tracked and indoctrinated, ready to register as legal Democratic voters in 2022.

Approximately how many illegal immigrants will enter in the first two years.

The number of reported illegal immigrants is somewhere around 2 million. An estimated 8 million more cross illegally without reporting to the border patrol. For a total of approximately 10 million. And that is just in the year 2021!

Double 10 million, and the number will be about 20 million potential new Democratic voters!

Why does Joe Biden leave our Southern Border open?

In the face of an outright invasion of America, Biden still does nothing!
  1. Unable to fully comprehend what’s going on. For this reason, Biden can only follow the directions of his handlers and read speeches from a teleprompter.
  2. A belief that accepting unlimited illegal immigrants is patriotic. For the most part, the idea rolls around inside his empty skull. That open borders are patriotic.
  3. Protecting the Southern border goes against Globalist plans. Because of the Globalists’ desire for a world without borders and only one world order.
  4. Our new immigrant workers will pay union dues. Joe plays to his base and friends, especially the labor unions that have supported him for over 40 years.
  5. Biden has little to do with Obama’s Globalist takeover of America. As a mentally lost politician of the Globalist, Biden has no concept of the coming tyranny against America.

Why does Joe Biden think an open borders policy is patriotic?

Biden justifies his open border policy by believing they will eventually get jobs and increase our tax base. Thus, making America stronger.

He believes this will happen!

Of course, you know the truth! Most will not seek employment once on the government dole, especially for less money.

Mentally unable to comprehend the Southern Border immigration crisis.

Because Joe Biden’s mind is somewhere between dementia and a born crook, but, more and more, we see his mental condition leans toward not being present at all.

As for Biden’s medical background now has dementia from having blood clots in his head removed. It was pretty serious stuff, as doctors even removed the top of his skull to get to them.

Yet, how bad is the situation on our Southern Border?

Our Southern border remains open as military-aged men, and potential voters continue to flood in by the millions! And, it’s entirely logical to assume a portion at least are here to help Democrats fight us in the streets. I reach that shocking and sad conclusion through pure logic, for which I cannot apologize.

For governmental “facts” from our Federal Department of Homeland (DHS) Security (which should not even exist). Here are the monthly statistics of DHS beginning in October 2021 (the beginning of the fiscal year). The number “caught and release” is only a fraction of those not caught!

Jim Holt of The America Pundit tells us about our wide-open Southern border.

We probably won’t see them marching in military uniforms but rather in DHS uniforms or gang clothing. Nevertheless, they’ll soon be in the streets and your neighborhood.

Once there, they’ll claim your stuff as their rights to war property whether you resist. A right bestowed because you are now officially classified as a domestic terrorist!

The Biden Regime frontman for border security

Never trust a man who paints his eyebrows to tell you your Southern border!

‘The border is closed, the border is secure’: Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas | ABC News. You are about to watch a communist lie to you without even flinching!

Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), claims the Southern border is closed. And so, the question becomes: how can he sleep at night after saying such a misleading statement?

After all, everyone, including himself, knows the border is wide-open, even if he insists that it’s officially closed. He is gaslighting to the extreme!

How an immigrant invasion defeats an armed citizenry?

For this purpose, they will need about 300,000 rifles, night goggles, and a few cobra helicopters to cover fire and destroy a few breakaway tanks and jeeps. Wait! Doesn’t that describe the weapons left behind in Afghanistan? What a coincidence!

Biden (Obama) misleads everyone by saying the Regime will “consider” paying them $340,000 per immigrant reparations due to the main illegal immigrant invasion, which completes his assistance to help the illegal immigrants at our Southern border’s wall.

Biden’s dementia-induced dreams include helping middle-class America.

Somewhere lost in his dementia, Biden considers himself a champion for labor unions. He thinks taking down America will somehow strengthen them, strengthening the middle class.

A false reality and dementia power are why Joe believes in anything. There are tens of millions of jobs available for these primarily uneducated people.

Meanwhile, those operating him consider voters to swing the next election or a chaotic force. Or maybe a dual-purpose combo?

Nothing but a joke: VP Kamala Harris was assigned to safeguard our Southern border.

The last thing in the world, comrade Kamala wants to stop illegals from crossing our Southern border! Even though assigned to her was the job!

As a result, the Biden Regime must have laughed while handing her the assignment because the last place Harris wants to visit or manage is our Southern border!

Does Biden know or care that our Southern Border is entirely open?

The unpatriotic leaders in the US Border Patrol or Homeland Security are helping illegal immigrants invade America. As if you didn’t know, it’s under the control of President Joe Biden.

Efforts to stop the illegals coming from the states and their local border county are not enough, even though some red non-border state governors are sending National Guard help.

Local Texas towns take matters into their own hands!

They gave up on federal help long ago, and now, the Texas National Guard is spread too thin. And so, the “Mother of all Caravans” declares war against America, with some 80,000 illegals joining. And the leader shouts that his group means to go to war against the US? (See Video)

Does Biden even understand that the US doesn’t exist without a border?

While Joe Biden didn’t start believing Marxism was a threat to the US, he may know now. And so, Biden only wants to help his buddy Obama achieves his anti-colonial and anti-American dreams.

Positive proof that Joe Biden didn’t want a wall.

Maybe you don’t need further evidence that Joe Biden insists on open borders. However, did you hear the story about sending 12 Federal agents to arrest a war triple amputee?

He raised money to build a mere 4 miles of Souther border wall! The excuse for the raid was that he paid himself and his friends $350,000 for their efforts. That is out of the $25 million that they raised.

If that story doesn’t tell you what we’re dealing with, nothing will do.


In short, Joe Biden was in over his head even as the Vice President. Because he only knew how to extort money from countries and large companies.

And so, now, with Obama whispering instructions in Joe’s ear, it’s time to acknowledge the truth. That is to say that we are fighting against an Obama-led takeover.

Moreover, it’s Obama’s frustration that we’re not giving up our guns, thus blocking a takeover. That is to say; he seems determined to finish a coup during his third, unofficial term as President.