Why Biden Doesn’t Protect Our Southern Border?


It’s abundantly clear by now that Biden is never going to begin protecting our Southern border. Because he somehow equates open borders with patriotism.

With this in mind, you’re going to need to know more about what makes Biden tick. To this end, I offer a profile of how he justifies the incomprehensible to accommodate his true nature.

For this reason, this post gives you astounding, specific insights into Biden’s criminal mind. To the end that his unchecked corruption has led to an unrecognizable definition of patriotism.

What’s happening on our Southern border is way beyond a refugee crisis. It’s the fundamental transformation and destruction of America. And, it’s being carried out by our own President!

5 reasons why Biden doesn’t protect our Southern border.

  1. Unable to fully comprehend what’s going on. For this reason, Biden can literally only follow the directions of his handlers and read speeches from a teleprompter.
  2. A belief that accepting unlimited illegal immigrants is patriotic. For the most part, the idea rolls around inside his empty skull. That open borders are patriotic.
  3. Protecting Southern border goes against Globalist plans. Because of the Globalists desire for a world without borders, and only one world order.
  4. Our new immigrate workers will pay union dues. Joe plays to his base and friends, especially the labor unions that have supported him for over 40 years.
  5. Acceptance of Globalism ideals. As a politician of a global government, there is no end to his extortion posibilities. Besides, it must feel good to him to be around so many other crooks.

1. Mentally unable to comprehend the Southern Border immigration crisis.

Because his mind is somewhere between dementia and the strange world of being a born crook. Getting a read on him is difficult to say the least!

Additionally, he suffered from blood clots in his head a few years ago. And, actually had the top of his head removed so doctors could remove the clots.

There isn’t much more to say other than a cadre of Marxists now tell him what to do. And, we’re not even sure exactly who they are–other than trained Marxists!

What is the reality of our Southern Border immigration problems?

Actual videos on our wide-open Southern border.

To be sure, our Southern border is wide open and out of control! With more than 1 million crossings per month, only counting those who turn themselves in. In light of the many who didn’t turn themselves in, the real number is double!

That will add up to about 12 million by the time of the 2022 election! As a result, there may be enough new Democrat voters to overrun the swing state elections in even a fair election.

Incrediable gaslighting! The Department of Homeland Security claims Southern border closed!

‘The border is closed, the border is secure’: Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas | ABC News

2. Why Biden believes a “no border” policy is patriotic.

Biden’s corrupted and demented mind goes back to America’s early days. Days of unlimited illegal immigration with the rise of labor unions.

He still firmly credits labor unions with creating the middle class. And so, what’s good for labor unions is good for you and me.

What you should realize is that Biden is not a communist. He is only a useful idiot President for them.

I’m not a politican. I’m a crook!

I extort money for myself while helping the middle class. I’m as American as apple pie. It’s Trump who wants to form a dictatorship! I am a patriot.

I deserve the money because I was instrumental in developing America’s middle class. What threatens America is Trump and his “non-vaccinated, domestic terrorists.”

Now the Marxist FBI repeat to solidify the narrative for Biden. As President, Biden is important enough for his private brainwashing. And, it wasn’t difficult at all!

Joe Biden, the “Mr. Magoo” of American politics!

In the first place, a true crook like Biden cannot possibly love his country. Like a thief addicted to stealing, he can only think about his next extortion plan.

Considering his nature combined with his mental decline, selling out to China comes second nature. That he’s destroying America with his open border doesn’t even register!

Globalist only needed to push him another inch more to get him to believe China is no threat. So, he could continue his “Mr. Magoo” style of leaving havoc behind wherever he goes.

Biden and Obama had such a blast together pretending to tear up during speeches!

I am guessing the most fun Biden had together was competing who could appear most sentimental. Their jokes on the media and the public were legendary! And even caught on “hot mikes” while standing in front of the cameras and guests!

Similarly, they both were insincere with their love of America–Obama the communist and Biden the crook.

Do you believe the personal drama and tears of Biden when Obama presented him the Medal of Freedom? No, Biden has always been an actor, not a serious politician. One thing is for sure though, he is the perfect Marxist puppet President.

3. Is Biden a Globalist?

Biden considers himself a Globalist because he imagines global labor unions. That he helps organize, in his mind only, to create a global middle-class.

However, the real Globalists have no intention of being champions of the middle class. Because true to Marxism teachings, they don’t want us to own anything!

To be complete, they want to guarantee universal income instead, with the more compliant receiving more. That is until a social credit score falls, or they don’t need someone anymore.

In other words, Biden and the Globalists are not on the same page. But, no sense in telling Biden because he’s incapable of getting it!

Why does Biden refuse to visit or talk about the Southern border?

Because he’s derelict in his duty as President to protect our borders. Therefore, it only makes sense to stay completely away from the crisis and let his handlers mishandle it.

Because, although a long shot, if Biden found himself impeached, the Marxist want him as isolated as possible from the crisis. So, that he can claim “plausible denial” of what is going on.

VP Kamala Harris given assignment to safeguard our Southern border.

Can’t blame Harris for not liking being taped as a future scapegoat for a Southern border crisis! Not, that anyone expects that she would. My point is that her assignment is just another safety value to make sure Biden stays in power.

I’m guessing the Biden Regime had a good laugh handing her the assignment.

Biden refuses to close the Southern border in order to keep unions afloat.

Biden does believe in unions! Biden often claims that “unions created the middle class.”

He delivers tens of millions of potential union workers who’ll vote for him and pay dues. And, considers himself a hero of the people.

Joe’s consistent promotion of unions closely aligns with Marxist beliefs–like open borders. Too bad neither benefits the middle class.

Biden doesn’t even understand! He’s transforming America into a communist state.

In my biggest stretch, Biden doesn’t even understand that he’s ending America. Instead, he still thinks he’s being patriotic!

What we have here is a crooked Senator with an uncanny ability to always being wrong. And even Obama was quoted as saying, “Never underestimate Biden’s ability to mess things up!”

Now, on top of everything else he’s suffering from dementia!

By Team Go Beyondo

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