Why Biden Doesn’t Protect Our Southern Border?

Joe Biden doesn’t protect our Southern border because he thinks helping save the world from climate change is more important. Therefore, protecting our Southern border really is the furthest thing from what’s left of Joe Biden’s mind!

And, so his demented mind allows handlers to run a takeover by a one-world government. While he joins with other country leaders who have other, larger ambitions. Who uses the cover of climate change to establish a new world order.

Be that as it may, let’s delve even deeper into the remnants of his beliefs. That guides him during those rare moments when he thinks about the invasion at our Southern border.

Why does Joe Biden thinks open borders is patriotic?

In view of the demented mental condition of Joe Biden, it is not surprising that he believes an open border is patriotic. Because he believes many immigrants will eventually re-enforce sagging union memberships. Thus, leading to a stronger, richer middle-class.

Who wouldn’t agree? … if we lived in the early 1900s?

Moreover incredibly, his demented patriotism is somehow entangled in the manifestations of his basic criminal nature. Because, if as President, he and his family continue to sell access to his power.

Joe Biden: Wrong on every issue!

Prominent politics from both sides tell us that, “Joe Biden has been wrong on every issue”. So, his Marxist handlers, including Obama, must be thinking, finally, Joe Biden has a role that he can fulfill.

Another time, Obama said, “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to f##k things up”.

Let Joe champion Climate Change as a distraction while they go for all the marbles. Such as a global reset that converts the world into a one-world government.

No ability to solve complex political problems

While I don’t know when it happened, at some point Joe Biden lost this ability. Not so much a sign of low intelligence, but rather an inability to organize complex plans.

This is why his school grades are so low or average at best. Because getting good grades often depends on the ability to organize ideas. Thus, we see Joe latching on to a super-smart Obama to compensate for his mental disorganization.

Joe’s undying devotion to strengthening unions, and thus the middle-class.

Early on in Joe Biden’s political career, he latches onto the uncomplicated version of the value of labor unions. Easy to understand, bargaining made them pay middle-class workers higher salaries.

And so, they are responsible for creating a prosperous middle class. Using simple logic, Joe Biden’s platform makes sense. But, Joe’s simple mind leaves out the part about making sure America as a whole is prosperous.

Just tax the rich! So simple!

Again, the complexities overtake Joe. As he thinks he can raise taxes and the rich will pay. And, his Marxist handlers confirm this errant economic assumption.

I wonder if Joe even knows the big corporations socked away the most profits during the COVID lockdowns. And, still won’t pay their fair share.

Besides, what his handlers mean (and Joe) is that this tax scheme of higher taxes for the rich is just another lie. What they mean is higher taxes for the middle class!

Joe Biden is the perfect puppet president

Joe’s handlers need not don’t need to do much to handle Joe Biden. Because he depends on them to think for him.

Joe believes in his labor unions, his friendship with Obama, and corrupt family, and so, anything they say goes!

Our first open eugenics president

Don’t think Joe Biden isn’t into eugenics? After this video, you may change your mind. One thing is for sure, he thinks whites are weak and darker tone people are strong. And so, upping the percentage of darker tone people is patriotic?

This sounds like a plagiarized belief from Obama. You have to watch this Tucker Carlson program to judge for yourself.

(Video article and link) https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/tucker-carlson-joe-biden-revealed-why-supports-illegal-immigration-2015-change-the-country

Why does Joe Biden leaves our Southern Border open?

In the face of an outright invasion of America, Biden still does nothing!
  1. Unable to fully comprehend what’s going on. For this reason, Biden can literally only follow the directions of his handlers and read speeches from a teleprompter.
  2. A belief that accepting unlimited illegal immigrants is patriotic. For the most part, the idea rolls around inside his empty skull. That open borders are patriotic.
  3. Protecting Southern border goes against Globalist plans. Because of the Globalists desire for a world without borders, and only one world order.
  4. Our new immigrate workers will pay union dues. Joe plays to his base and friends, especially the labor unions that have supported him for over 40 years.
  5. Participation in Obama’s Globalist takeover of America. As a mentally lost politician of the Globalist, Biden has no concept of the coming tyranny against America.

1. Mentally unable to comprehend the Southern Border immigration crisis.

Because Joe Biden’s mind is somewhere between dementia and a born crook. But, more and more, we see his mental condition leans toward not being present at all.

As for Biden’s medical background, he suffers from dementia and had blood clots in his head removed a few years ago. His condition was so serious that he had the top of his head removed so doctors get to them!

As a side note, given his medical history, anyone who thinks his Globalist handlers would risk jabbing him with real vaccine shots is nuts!

Yet, how bad is the situtation on our Southern Border?

To clarify, our Southern border remains open as military-aged men continue to flood in by the millions. And so, after months of watching their determined-looking faces and yet rehearsed and restrained actions, their purpose is now clear to me.

The parade of young men entering America is our future enemy. I say that not out of racism, but rather common sense.

The Marxist Department of Homeland Security may deputize them shortly. It seems because nothing is too ridiculous for their false reality.

Actual videos on our wide-open Southern border.

In any case, we probably won’t see them marching in military uniforms, but rather in DHS uniforms or gang clothing. Nevertheless, they’ll be in the streets and your neighborhood.

Once there, they’ll claim your stuff is their stuff whether you resist or not. Moreover, they’ll label you as racists or domestic terrorists in THEIR country.

Never trust a man who paints his eyelashes to tell you the truth about your Southern border!

‘The border is closed, the border is secure’: Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas | ABC News. You are about to watch a communist lie to you without even flinching!

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) claims the Southern border is closed. However, by now we know that we know that he is lying because his lips are moving!

Or maybe is he saying the border is closed to enforcement efforts? His video is an example of the bizarre world going on in the Biden Regime in regards to the invasion of America!

How an immigrant invasion defeats an armed citizenry?

For this purpose, they are going to need about 300,000 rifles, night goggles, and a few cobra helicopters to cover fire and destroy a few breakaway tanks and jeeps. Wait! Doesn’t that describe the weapons left behind in Afghanistan? What a coincidence!

In the leadup to the main illegal immigrant invasion, Biden (Obama) misleads everyone by saying the Regime will “consider” paying them $340,000 per immigrant reparations. And, now his final push to break through the linked armed citizens at the border is complete!

3. , Biden dreams of labor unions, not invasions!

Biden considers himself extortionist first who has hung his political hat with large unions. He thinks taking down America will somehow strengthen them, and somehow help the middle class.

This is incredibly wrong thinking as the Globalists instead clearly want to destroy the middle class.

But, instead, he firmly believes the invaders will get union jobs, become middle-class, and therefore vote for socialism. Who keeps reaffirming his non-realistic dreams? Barack Obama!

Will Joe Biden ever realize Obama mislead him?

Too far gone mentally, Joe Biden will never realize that his Presidency took America over the brink. Nevertheless, Joe Biden is now unpunishable because of old age, mental impairment.

Nothing but a joke: VP Kamala Harris given assignment to safeguard our Southern border.

The last thing in the world comrade Kamala wants is stopping illegals at our Southern border! Even though, assigned to her was the job!

As a result, the Biden Regime must have had a good laugh while handing her the assignment. Because the last place in the world Harris wants to visit or manage is our Southern border!

What is going on! Our Southern Border is completely open!

The US Border Patrol or Homeland Security is helping illegal immigrants invade America! Any attempt to stop the illegals is coming from the state and county.

Surprisingly, the only remaining border armed force is the state National Guardsmen and state militia. And, they are soon going to need to make life or death decisions. What to do when the caravans overrun their positions in the coming weeks?

Local Texas towns take matters into their own hands!

They gave up on federal help long ago, and now, spread too thin is the Texas National Guard. Even so, the “Mother of all Caravans” declares war against America with some 80,000 members.

What does the leader mean by war? (See Video) What if a decision is necessary to either let them in or shoot a caravan of members? If let in how many more are coming?

Is Biden even paying any attention? Or, is this exactly what Obama always dreamed of?

Does Biden even understand Marxism is an existential threat?

While Joe Biden didn’t start believing Marxism was a threat to the US, he may have an inkling now. However, it’s far too late!

Now, Obama is calling the shots for Biden! And so, Biden only knows to help his buddy, Obama.


Joe Biden was in over his head as Vice President. He only knew how to extort money from countries and large companies.

And so, now with Obama whispering instructions in Joe’s ear, it’s time to acknowledge the truth. That is to say that we are fighting against an Obama-led takeover.

Moreover, it’s Obama’s frustration. For us not giving up our guns, thus allowing an American takeover. That is to say, a coup which he seems determined to finish during his third, unofficial term as President.

By Team Go Beyondo

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