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Why Biden Doesn’t Protect Our Southern Border?

Why Biden Doesn’t Protect Our Southern Border?

During the 2020 Presidential campaign, Biden mocked the cruelty of Trump’s strict border policy. But he never announced his border policies until he was President; by then, it was too late!

Now we know more about why he continues ignoring the invasion on our Southern Border. And sends out his press people to lie and say illegal immigration is down! Never has America been more gaslight!

Here, I will set the record straight about why he’s gaslighting us, but I won’t go through the numbers because the truth about the massive numbers is well known.

Biden Border News

View of another caravan heads to the Texas border.

The fight to regain our Southern border continues.

On July 27, 2022, Biden Administration National ID Cards made it easier for illegal immigrants by offering benefits and travel rights. Are voting rights next?

On July 22, 2022, The U.S. Supreme Court issued a temporary directive to jail illegal immigrants with U.S. criminal convictions. It remains to be seen whether the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will follow its order.

List of reasons why Biden leaves our Southern Border open.

One of the most important jobs for any President is protecting our borders. Joe Biden and Kamala know this and are careful not to admit our Southern border is open. And his Director of Homeland Security (DHS) backs up their incredibly evil claims with the face of a gaslighter.

Frankly, Joe doesn’t care if we believe him and his Regime or not. Someone whispering in his ear is setting up a “plausible denial” defense in the unlikely case of a Senate removal attempt.

Drugs, Chaos, and Fear: Kids are showing up in body bags because of fentanyl poisoning.

Biden’s Open Border policy aims to sew even more drugs, chaos, and fear into the fabric of American society. To soften us for a Marxist takeover even as he sells off America to cartels.

Do I know that Joe Biden is even aware of what he’s doing? I don’t know.

But Obama does. Interestingly, he’s not allowing it for criminal reasons but for ideological ones.

Transfer of wealth to the criminal class

No doubt that Joe Biden’s open border policy is making a lot of people wealthy, including his family.

They are all part of a global class pledged to create chaos and fear for the political class that wants control over America and the world. RHINOs, Democrats, cartels, and globalists are all “feeding at the throughs” as they use trafficking to become even richer.

Addition of more names to voter rolls.

One glaring weakness of the Marxist election plan to take over America is MAGA’s ability to overwhelm its election fraud system. By winning with such wide margins, they run out of fake voter names to compensate.

Therefore, Democrats registering millions of illegal immigrants and fabricating false ballots in their name is key to winning future elections. There will be challenges after the elections, but the Marxist Democratic party is well-prepared with well-placed, partisan judges to stop the overturning of a certified election as they did in 2020.

The Democratic Party “Dependent Voter Replacement Plan”

The open border plan is a “Dependent Voter Replacement Plan.” The Democratic Marxist Party wants to permanently replace the minorities and middle-class voters with a more compliant voter base.

Moreover, it’s happening now! As the illegal immigrants by the millions pour across our Southern Border. And the Marxist Democrats indoctrinate and hide them for now, mostly in swing states.

Massive illegal mass immigration bankrupts the middle class.

Millions of illegal immigrants are already being given food, shelter, food stamps, and monthly government checks. Our social “safety net” is being stretched at a time when many American families haven’t the money for the basics.

Yet, the Biden Regime is silent on this pressing economic issue. It acts like it doesn’t care one hoot. And it doesn’t!

Does Joe Biden care about America?

I’ve seen enough “tag team” speeches by Joe Biden and Obama to know their claims of patriotism are fake. They even challenged each other and laughed together to see who could come across as the most sincere.

Tremendous friendship with the USPS unions

Biden’s friendly relationship with the United State Postal Union (USPS) and its assistance are Democratic party election fraud is no coincidence.

Connect the dots with the Democratic party’s need to add more legitimate but non-voting names. And, one can easily squeeze out the conclusion that the Democratic party needs Joe’s relationship with USPS to cement the “back-stuffing” of ballots to win any future elections, especially since MAGA is showing signs that it may sweep the 2022 elections.

This need brings us back to why Joe Biden is leaving our Southern border open.

Mentally unable to comprehend the Southern Border immigration crisis.

But does Joe Biden know what’s going on? It’s difficult to tell when dementia can be measured in degrees of sickness. The truth has become even more apparent that Joe is only partially aware of what’s happening.

But, his base morality is forever exposed.

I guess you knew.

As for Biden’s medical background now has dementia from having blood clots in his head removed. It was pretty serious, as doctors even removed the top of his skull to get to them.

Is the flood of military men at our Southern border dangerous for America?

It’s logical to worry they are here to help Democrats fight us in the streets. After all, the Department of Justice has labeled white conservatives as “domestic terrorists,” the most significant threat to America!

Jim Holt of The America Pundit tells us about our wide-open Southern border.

We probably won’t see them marching in military uniforms but in DHS uniforms or gang clothing. Nevertheless, they’ll soon be in the streets and your neighborhood.

Once there, they’ll claim your stuff as their right to war property whether you resist. A right bestowed because you are now officially classified as a domestic terrorist!

The Biden Regime’s corrupt frontman for Southern border security

Never trust a man who paints his eyebrows to tell you your Southern border is secure!

‘The border is closed, the border is secure’: Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas | ABC News. You are about to watch a communist lie to you without even flinching!

Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), claims the Southern border is closed. And so, the question becomes: how can he sleep at night after saying such a misleading statement?

After all, everyone, including himself, knows the border is wide-open, even if he insists it’s officially closed. He is gaslighting us to the extreme!

The Biden Regime makes unions a deal “they couldn’t refuse.”

This sinister strategy is not new; it’s a well-known strategy of establishing small groups and expanding them from within to take over organizations or countries. Then, replacing all dissidents until left only with an elite class, loyalists, and servants.

Biden (Obama) misleads everyone by saying the Regime will “consider” paying them $340,000 per immigrant reparations due to the main illegal immigrant invasion, which completes his assistance to help the illegal immigrants at our Southern border’s wall.

Does Biden know or care that our Southern Border is entirely open?

The Joe Biden Regime knows our Southern border is open, and it’s a criminal and impeachable offense. However, the unofficial Anti-American Obama strategic legal department knows he can do nothing about it right now and doesn’t want to either.

Whether Joe Biden knows or cares is immaterial; however, I guess that he’s not aware. He still thinks he’s expanding the middle class by opening up the Southern border, similar to what happened in the 1920s.

It doesn’t matter much, as the Obama people continue to offer us “Something to believe in!”

Nothing but a joke: VP Kamala Harris was assigned to safeguard our Southern border.

The last thing in the world that comrade Kamala wants is to stop illegals from crossing our Southern border! Even though Joe Biden gave the assignment to her.

As a result, the Biden Regime must have laughed while handing her the job because the last place Harris wants to visit or manage is our Southern border!

Local Texas towns take matters into their own hands!

They gave up on federal help long ago; now, the Texas National Guard is spread too thin. And so, the “Mother of all Caravans” declares war against America, with some 80,000 illegals joining. And the leader shouts that his group means to go to war against the U.S.? (See Video)

Texas Governor Abbott is doing little to help, so he might as well be doing nothing. Maybe he’s a RHINO implant, scared, or bought off?

Does Biden even understand that the U.S. doesn’t exist without a border?

Joe Biden says we had “open borders” in the ’20s and our country survived. They came in droves, and decades later, their children formed the backbone of our military. And, after World War II, our middle class.

This picture is what’s in Joe’s age-ridden mind right now.

Plus, he and his family continue to look for ways to profit from the Biden name as President. Why? Because that’s who he is!

The “Big Picture” Why Biden is leaving the Southern Border open.

Laura Logan explains why the global Marxist Democratic party is leaving our Southern Border open.

Enough about Joe Biden and his Regime! Laura Logan gives us the “big picture” real reason our Southern border is open. If you study this stuff, you know what she’s saying is correct. If not, we need you to awaken!



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