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Why Ban Critical Race Theory (CRT)?

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is an academic framework that seeks to understand how systemic racism operates within society, particularly in the United States. The idea of banning CRT has become a controversial issue in recent years,

Critical Race Theory (CRT) should be banned because it’s based on the false framework that the U.S. is a racist country. This fallacy leads to the belief that America is hopelessly flawed and that a totalitarian government must eliminate and replace America.

While Democrats are too brainwashed to process the truth, I’ll lay it out there in hopes one day they will. Meanwhile, reviewing why we are so against CRT for the MAGA community won’t hurt.


What is Critical Race Theory?

Critical Race Theory is “a collection of critical stances against the existing legal order from a race-based point of view.” – according to Law Professor Roy L Brooks. However, it has evolved into far more, according to Wikipedia. And nowadays, it has further evolved into destroying pillar stone values that built America.

What is a school board?

“The school board represents the community’s voice in public education, providing citizen governance and knowledge of the community’s resources and needs, and board members are the policy-makers closest to the student.” the National School Board Association.

What is a committee member?

A committee member is a member of the community that is elected or nominated. Any resident can apply or run for a position on the board. There are approx. Ninety thousand committee board seats in the U.S., and most go unfilled.

What is a committee chairperson?

A committee chairperson is the most powerful member of the school board. They are elected by the committee, usually by a majority of like-minded committee members.

Common reasons to ban Critical Race Theory (CRT) in schools:

Causes divisiveness and resentment

Arguments for banning CRT include the belief that it promotes divisiveness and resentment, undermines traditional American values such as meritocracy and individualism, and is a form of indoctrination that threatens academic freedom.

CRT says it promotes a “racial essentialist” worldview, in which people are defined primarily by their race, and all social and political issues are viewed through race. They argue that America is responsible for racism.

Now we know what Obama meant when he ran on a platform of “Hope and Change.” In his eyes, CRT attempts to establish social justice by reversing the order of importance by setting up a multi-tier justice system where white people are flipped to the bottom.

Furthermore, CRT causes our kids to believe their parents are an ongoing source of racism. And if they are to have a great future, their parents must be ignored or prosecuted.

While I’m sure this makes sense in the world of a bitter former President black man, it’s only a distorted perception conveniently contrived and supported by consequential people because it suits their interest.

Concerns about indoctrination

MAGA argues that CRT is used to indoctrinate students with a particular political ideology rather than provide a neutral education. One that teaches the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic.

I argue that CRT teaches students to view themselves and others primarily through the lens of race and diversity. This can lead to a divisive and harmful educational environment for parents wanting a traditional education for their kids.

Some say CRT is integrated into a typical education, and learning is unaffected. But official test scores show this is untrue by any stretch of the imagination!

I argue that CRT is a form of indoctrination that threatens academic freedom. It encourages students to view the world through a specific ideological lens and discourages open and honest discussion of alternative viewpoints.

Shocking Examples of CRT teaching material

The teaching of CRT is not about racism or diversity; instead, they are about dividing America and causing chaos. To see what I mean, click here to visit Scribe, where you can read an entire bundle of CRT teaching material from a St. Louis, Missouri, school.

What is shocking is how the CRT curriculum incorporates depraved sexual training and applauds multi-gender roles. The current Obama is trying to normalize his situation to destroy America from within.

Teach kids that the State is more important than the parents.

Many, including Hillary Clinton, say, “It takes a community to raise a kid.” And I would agree, except the community would be an extended family, not a state-run operation!

This teaching further proves the totalitarian Democrats’ push to tear up another American institution, and there can be only one reason for doing so.

Seeing the world through a racial lens

Some critics of CRT argue that it focuses too heavily on race and encourages people to see the world through a racial lens, which they believe promotes racial division rather than unity. They also argue that CRT promotes the idea that all white people are inherently privileged and oppressors, which they view as unfair and divisive.

There is no way that division over religion, family, or country should be taught. I notice the heavy hand of Barrack Obama in these warped racial views.

Sabotage of traditional American values

Others argue that CRT undermines traditional American values such as meritocracy and individualism, as it suggests that certain groups are inherently disadvantaged or oppressed and therefore deserve special treatment. They argue that this undermines the idea that individuals should be judged on their merits and that hard work and determination can lead to success, regardless of race or ethnicity.

Fear of government takeover

MAGA-led Republicans not only fear a government takeover by the totalitarian Democrats, they already know it’s happening, or darn close! That’s mainly because they’ve borne the brunt of totalitarianism, like tolerating battering rams at their doors and unfair distribution of laws.

To expect us to think anything else is another manifestation of brainwashing in today’s America.

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