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Why Ban Critical Race Theory (CRT)?


Critical Race Theory (CRT) should be banned because it’s based on the false premise that the U.S. is a racist country. This leads to beliefs that America must be eliminated and replaced by a totalitarian government.

And so, we cannot let the greatest threat to our Republic continue to spread its false propaganda anywhere!

We let our guard down while CRT crept in beneath the shadows because Americans were “punch-drunk” on freedom. But now we are awake and must quickly act with an emergency ban on CRT!

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How CRT began

CRT brainwashing began in our major legal universities by professors who developed the excuse of American “systemic racism” as a legal defense for hopeless cases. The precedent was set when it worked.

It also claims that racism is codified in law, embedded in our structures, and woven into public policy. CRT rejects claims of meritocracy or “colorblindness”. Furthermore, it recognizes that it is the systemic nature of racism that bears primary responsibility for reproducing racial inequality.

American Bar Association, January 11, 2021, “A Lesson on Critical Race Theory.”

Later, this legalization of excuses became part of the American Marxism (Democratic Party) doctrine. It is used repetitively as a defense for minorities and their supporters in criminal and civil legal cases. Many judges are reluctant to prosecute them because of their perceived mistreatment.

Reference: For a brief history of Critical Race Theory (CRT).

CRT rides in on the “Common Core” federal education program.

“Common Core” is a deceptively named federal education program. It extorts states to follow its Marxist educational curriculum by threatening to withhold grants.

What type of curriculum needs extortion for acceptance? You guessed it! Critical Race Theory (CRT).

At first, “Common Core” seemed harmless, but now there are layers of governmental and non-governmental bureaucracies enforcing and managing this illegal and rotten, so-called “state-led” program.

This video describes the enormous national movement against CRT by moms and dads.

Using the cover of “Common Core,” the Department of Education and Marxist national organizations stole the hearts and minds of kids from their parents. Then, they dumbed them down, so American students now rank toward the bottom of all in the world.

Then, this shocking statement from the Washington Post, “Parents should have no say in their children’s education.” You should click the link to read this ridiculous article about how only the State is qualified to educate your children. And how parents only get in the way!

Another Obama brainchild, along with Obamacare, is designed to skirt state power and prepare American schools for federalization. By misleadingly saying “Common Core” is a “state-led” federal program. When anyone can see, it’s not.

The factual purposes of “Common Core.”

  • Standardize education for a United Nations takeover.
  • Brainwash students to like Marxism.
  • Introduce Critical Racism Theory (CRT).
  • Sabotage the state powers.

Behind “Common Core” are layers of Marxist administration

There are layers of Marxist bureaucrats and teachers to manage “Common Core” and keep it relevant and under federal control. For example, the illegal federal Education Department, the National Teachers Association, state, and local administrators, and teachers round out the bureaucrat sphere.

Its political power has grown so powerful that it’s now challenging to disband. The best place to start is by taking over school boards. But, expect massive resistance from above.

My personal experience battling “Common Core.”

I was already verbally battling a cagy, retired national school administrator before I heard the phrase Critical Race Theory (CRT). At first, she tried to say I didn’t know anything about children’s education. But, when I surprised her with my knowledge of “Common Core,” she settled down and tried to keep me away from her friends and get rid of me.

Their attitudes toward me were snarky—the same as twelve years later with the current Marxists CRT bureaucrats.

What did I expose that made her change so fast?

I revealed that I knew about the constitutional illegality of the fed involvement in education. The retired bureaucrat answered as if she “got me.” “But, It’s a “state-led program,” she countered!

But, when I mentioned that I knew that the feds used federal grants as extortion, she gave me a little respect but quickly tried to end the conversation and our friendship.

What does CRT teach your kids?

It’s shocking what your kid(s) may be learning! Truly shocking!

Shocking Examples of CRT teaching material

While many CRT textbooks have different formats, they all teach the same Marxism concepts; that school-aged children or anyone else should see. To see what I mean, click here to visit Scribe, where you can read an entire bundle of CRT teaching material from a St. Louis, Missouri, school.

What is shocking is how the CRT curriculum incorporates depraved sexual training and applauds multi-gender roles. It’s as if Obama is trying to normalize his situation.

The State is more important to kids than the parents.

First, the grounds for an offense came with an unproven declaration that America was guilty of “systemic racism.” Then, anyone who opposed fixing this imaginary problem is a racist at best and now indeed a “domestic terrorist.”

And so, “terrorists” have no rights, not even parents. Even the hardest to convince among us must acknowledge that this absolute and distinctive philosophy is the same as the Chinese.

The Democratic Marxists do not want an educated child.

The parent speaks at the US House conference about CRT. And the need to get it out of children’s schools. Notice that not a single Democrat bothered to listen in person.

The Democratic Marxists do not want kids thinking for themselves or knowing anything about the outside world. Moreover, they want to destroy the middle class because it’s incompatible with Marxist doctrine.

Some say, kids or people, in general, are inconsistent and that they want to cull the world’s population. They have given their drive to inject babies as young as six months; who can no longer rule this view as a conspiracy theory?

How to stop CRT from being taught to your children?

Stopping CRT from being taught to your children requires taking over your school board. Click here for general information, rationale, and methods to take over your school board.

Why Marxist meltdown over new US Supreme Court justices.

The US Supreme Court is one-third of the power of the US Government. As such, the Democratic Marxists need their judges in control. Because a single case could end their claims of “systemic racism,” thus ruining their planned takeover.

So many of their legal victories on crucial issues stem from this claim, for example, the need for the feds to intervene in education, elections, etc., because whites are too biased and unfair.

A partial list of Marxist-orientated educational organizations

  • Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
  • Association of American Educators
  • National Education Association
  • Association for Middle-Level Education
  • National Association for Gifted Children

Moreover, their websites all say that they are global organizations. And so, what could go wrong?

My personal experience: Losing the mind of a student to CRT

About three years ago, I became a stepdad. And I looked for ways to make a positive difference in the life of a 12-year-old boy.

Being active in American politics for over six years, I began his indoctrination with our American values. He was open and had a lot of questions for the next three years.

But gradually, he began doubting my worldview. It was apparent someone was telling him something different.

The turning point happened in 2020 when I told him that Trump would win. However, his Marxist teachers told him otherwise because there were many political barriers to an authoritarian takeover. And they were right.

At 14 years, his teachers began teaching him Marxist political ideology without his mother’s knowledge.

Then, Joe Biden stole the 2020 election in the night! I tried to explain what had happened. But, my explanation seemed so implausible, especially since he was getting daily indoctrination at school about how Trump was a dictator.

Unfortunately, he hasn’t asked me and doesn’t want to hear about my politics since.

Incredibly! The Democrat Marxists deny that CRT taught!

Marxist teachers and administrators deny teaching CRT to children in a ridiculous attempt at gaslighting. And so, you or your MAGA friends will need to inspect your child’s school materials and lessons.

But, be aware that they play a shell game with the truth. Here is a good explanation of CRT gaslighting from a respected fact-checker who gives us a game card.

Parents against CRT officially become “Domestic Terrorists.”

When you first heard that you were a “domestic terrorist,” you were probably first in a state of disbelief! Then, acceptance that communism in America is all too real.

A determination followed them that significant changes were needed to materialize. And finally, the realization that no one would come to help.

Have you already discovered indoctrination at your children’s school? Have you seen the textbooks and other shocking teachings of a Critical Race Theory (CRT) education? If you have and your child’s school is teaching CRT, you already know you must do something to stop it.

It’s tough to accept that your child was undergoing pre-Marxism training somewhere between the school’s door and your child’s desk. Incredible, you say? Yes, but true!


What is Critical Race Theory?

Critical Race Theory is “a collection of critical stances against the existing legal order from a race-based point of view.” – according to Law Professor Roy L Brooks. However, it has evolved into far more, according to Wikipedia. And nowadays, it has further evolved into destroying pillar stone values that built America.

What is a school board?

“The school board represents the community’s voice in public education, providing citizen governance and knowledge of the community’s resources and needs, and board members are the policy-makers closest to the student.” per the National School Board Association.

What is a committee member?

A committee member is a member of the community that is elected or nominated. Any resident can apply or run for a position on the board. There are approx. Ninety thousand committee board seats in the US, and most go unfilled.

What is a committee chairperson?

A committee chairperson is the most powerful member of the school board. They are elected by the committee, usually by a majority of like-minded committee members.

Here is how to remove CRT from schools

Taking control over your child’s school boards is how you remove CRT.

  • Observe a school board meeting.
  • Apply for a committee assignment.
  • Get elected yourself as a member of the committee.
  • Help like-minded patriots get elected until, jointly, you become the majority.
  • Elect a patriotic chairperson.
  • Pass a regulation to strip out CRT from your school.

If you need help, go to Moms for Liberty to join a parent advocacy group. IStater state doesn’t have a chapter iStater State, get ten like-minded moms together and start your own.

An army of enraged parents seeks control over their local school boards.

Their fury over CRT mobilized parents to get involved, speak up, and take over school boards.

Parents register for election as board members, and in some cases, they have already taken over control. Because there are thousands of school boards in the US with several seats, taking back control is a big job!

Nevertheless, what they’re doing is working spectacularly!

Forget the emotional pleas at school board meetings.

Yes, speak in front of the board, but only to announce that you are interested in joining or forming a voting block. Note: We are unaware of any Marxist school board ever removing CRT because of an emotional plea.

For help confronting or talking to your school, go to the Parent’s Rights in Education website. To copy a parent’s education proclamation that you can read to them to a school board. And links to legal help in case you get in trouble.

Other useful tools to gain control of school boards

Here are often forgotten legal tools to help remove board members and win elections. Sometimes they can provide a quick way to remove seemly well-protected Marxist school board members.

Use them as soon as possible because there is no time to waste! And don’t look back as Marxists would use them against you in a heartbeat. Plus, consider what they are doing to your kid(s).

Freedom of Information Requests

As a school district resident, you can petition a copy of any official correspondence for a stated purpose. This request is called a “Freedom of Information” (FOIA) request. Here is a government video on what they are and the general steps to file one.

Gather petitions to remove some or all members.

Any parent or group can get a petition to remove any board member. And, you don’t even need a reason! The petitions can sometimes remove members; otherwise, a judge or a recall election is necessary.

Loudoun County is an example of an extreme Marxist school board on trial for teaching CRT and even ignoring a school bathroom rape!

The temporary loss of federal grant money

Advanced warning: With the Marxists in control of our federal government with the Department of Education. If you remove CRT, they may cancel your federal school grants. But, no concern as getting the feds out of your schools can reduce school operating expenses.

Election fraud at the school board level is more complicated.

You can succeed at the school board level while MAGA languishes trying to stop election fraud at the state level. Nevertheless, knowing how the public votes for school board members is helpful.

You want the voting and ballot counting done in full public view. This rule is your only avenue for success.

Parents who spoke up to school boards

Because they realized they must replace the Marxist school boards and eventually all of their supporting administrators, here are some stories of their compassionate statements and pleas.

Father and daughter explain why CRT training should end!
Show by a mom who refuses to allow her five kids to receive CRT training.
Steve Bannon outlines the progress of an “army” of citizens overrunning school boards. While the overall goal is taking control over the board, the immediate one is getting rid of CRT and replacing it with Patriotic learning content.

It is incredibly annoying that many teachers are putting the political indoctrination of their students ahead of their education. Our American kids ranked 26th out of 46 worldwide in math scores!

Meet the enemy! An innocent-looking teacher is a Marxist teacher monster!

She fooled many parents! Maybe you’ve had a parent/teacher meeting with a similar teacher. You’d never know she was teaching your child Marxism behind your back!

It shows that all MAGA parents must get more involved with their children’s schools! You must know and witness what’s going on from the top-down and bottom-up.

Progress in getting CRT out of our children’s schools.

MAGA has made significant progress in removing CRT from their children’s schools. Its fans have already removed many Marxists from school boards and taken control. Just one thing, though, we need to do the same in blue states.

We are teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the US Military, shifting the physiological focus of its personnel from protecting us to their doubts.

That is no way to run a military!

Maybe we make a mistake, though. So tell me again, how does teaching CRT in the US Military strengthen it? And, if it doesn’t, why is it being taught?

I think you already know the answer. The article is devoted to achieving clarity.

Democrat Marxist indoctrination is now happening in all US Military branches.

Our US military’s indoctrination of Critical Race Theory (CRT) continues, and those who opposed chucked out of the military.

The Marxist think they’ve already taken over America, and mandatory classes on communist teachings prove they are right!

Moreover, the brainwashing is also happening with the National Guardsmen in all states with Democratic Party Governors.

Teaching American soldiers to hate their country weakens their resolve to protect us.

Teaching our military that Americans are racist is not accurate and destructive to our security. Please don’t buy the argument that they’ll become better soldiers when they realize this false reality. Because, in this revolutionary world of global communism sabotage, it does the opposite.

After all, one day, our military may be called upon to put down a rebellion of patriots! And, having our military personnel on the front lines looking into our eyes thinking we’re racist can’t be good!

What is the Department of Homeland Security

It’s an unconstitutional department that adds a national military component to federal home security with no purpose other than controlling MAGA supporters.

That is the truth and the spirit of its purpose. In other words, it provides security for them, against us! While we pay for it.

False realities of totalitarianism fighting racism

It’s a modern wonder how the Marxists linked racism with those refusing to get the job. Then, they re-labeled Republicans as domestic terrorists while the Marxist Democrats became defenders of freedom.

Think about what happened for a minute.

Only by creating a robust and false reality could anyone buy this! Yet, this false reality is awakening even in our US Military!

Yes, the US Military also teaches CRT!

This misinformation is a boost to the regular CRT training they get. Together, they will transform the minds of our entire military. Therefore, I strongly suggest that Patriots talk to all of them about countering this propaganda is the most crucial battle America faces.

It’s critical to understand that the longer the rank and file receive coordinated false information from their superiors, the more profound the programming. Also, the actions of our FBI and many police forces against Patriots drive this point home. We can already see the programming across the faces of many local police officers.

If things seem grim, I don’t blame you. However, we must enter the US Military.

Not a battle of logic but of repetition

When a subject eats an onion while told it’s an apple, brainwashing over logic is fully displayed.

In the same way, when you confront them with facts, they will not process the information. Instead, they will only get mad at you.

CRT comes to the US Coast Guard.

Now taught in the US military is CRT teachings. But did you know parts of the US Coast Guard and National Guard also have Zoom propaganda meetings?

Yes, through the presidential office of Joe Biden, the Marxists have taken control of the US military. This takeover means that you must counter their misinformation.

It is deprogramming the brainwashed.

There is no easy way to reprogram tens of millions of brainwashed people. Maybe, there is no way at all.

Both Russia and China knew this decades ago. That is why Putin kick out the globalists, and China put such strict controls on propaganda.


Our US Military training programs must return to teaching soldiering. Not social justice based on an interpretation of US history so biased that it turns reality on its head.

America has already suffered enough from the divisions caused by teaching CRT. We don’t need more proof that it’s the very brainwashing threatening America today.

MAGA must understand the nature of our brainwashed fellow citizens to snap them out of their delusions.