Who Won the Presidential Election 2020?

If states can’t demonstrate by Dec. 14 that voting was legitimate and fraud free, state legislatures can act to restore the will of the people.


Who won the presidential election of 2020? Well, Joe Biden did! Even though we know the election was stolen. The truth is the Democrats his communist handlers are now wielding power.

Joe Biden won the 2020 election, even though Trump supporters think the election was stolen. Pretty hard to get our minds wrapped around what happened! Especially when we see that big media thinks they need to censor opposing opinions.

The real winner in this 2020 election was the “swarm” of Democrat lawyers. They followed their lawfare plan to steal just enough votes in the swing states to win and the Georgia Senate runoffs to win both.

Obama’s plan to fundamentally change America is now here!

Turning Point: US Supreme Court Refuses to Hear an Interstate Court of Biden Election Fraud.

This case was brought by the State of Texas and cosigned by several other states.

The US Supreme Court’s decision to hardly look at the excellently presented case was puzzling and disappointing.

Puzzling! For example, as many US Supreme Court past cases about a state taking too much water from a river before it flows through another state were accepted, this case of election fraud disenfranchising other voters is valid.

For Presidential Election History Buffs

What happens if several elections in swing states are not certified by the deadline? And so, neither candidate reaches 270!

A Contingent Election happens!

In case you’re wondering, the incoming Congress would conduct the Contingent Election before the inauguration date on January 20th, as stated in our 20th Amendment.

In the Contingency Election, each state would send one elector to the House of Representatives for a straight vote. Since Republicans have majorities in most state legislatures, Trump wins!

So, the major hurdle is getting 3 states to decertify their elections, or change their electors.

Status of the Swing State Election 2020 Certifications

The right to hold honest elections and certifying them is a constitutional duty of each state. Even though many have delegated this authority within the state apparatus, in the end, the state legislatures have the sole authority to select electors.

To foster a sense of fairness, after an election four state residents canvass (audit) the election and certify the results, two being Republicans and two Democrats. However, remember the elected state legislature has the final say.

And so, even if their state vote tallies indicate Trump lost, they can still declare their entire state election invalid, and send Republican electors.

Here is where it could get interesting. The Electoral Convention to elect the president is held in the House of Representatives where the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, waits for them. And, she has the power to not seat them!

If no majority or consensus is found, then our Vice President, Mike Pence becomes temporary Vice President or the Senator ProTemp becomes President.

The Senator ProTemp is a leader of the majority party in the Senate. So, if Republicans lose the two run-off Senate races in George, Biden could become president. Or, with a Senate and House majority, Congress will impeach Trump in a heartbeat.

Now, you know why the two Senate races in Georgia are for “all the marbles.” Just when you thought the presidency is almost settled, it may not be.


I could believe it! The signatures were not even verified? On the basis of this alone, their 2020 state election is invalid!

Since Republicans have control of the Georgia legislature, under our Federal Constitution, the legislature can declare their entire state election invalid without the approval of the governor or a court. Then, send Republicans to the Electoral College Convention to elect a president.

Equally important, to save Trump from a loss in Georgia is somehow gaining control of safeguarding their election from corruption. Because, if he doesn’t, and Democrats win the two Senate run-off elections, or he’ll be impeached as soon as in the office.

Michigan browbeats Election Canvasers into submission

In the case of Michigan, the state legislatures and board of canvassers have already certified their election. But, that’s not the end of the story.

Two of the four canvassers (Republicans) only certified on the condition an audit of a few especially suspicious counties occurred, even though they knew in their hearts that the meaningful audits promised would never be done.


But understandable, as it appears that state canvassers who refused to sign were threatened! That’s what the canvasser below is saying.

This Michigan Republican canvasser indeed certified the election, but she says she did so because she was lied to and her family was threatened. Without her certification, the election in Michigan and its electoral votes will count for no one. Can her claims of bullying nullify her election certification signature?


In the case of the Pennsylvania election, the state legislatures gave up the power to select electors to their Secretary of State and now want it back. So they can send Trump supporters to the Electoral Convention.

Just rehashing! I am sure you agree!

Is there a chance that the state legislatures in Pennyslvania will ever get back their absolute Constitutional power over state elections?

Unfortunately, I doubt it! Instead, they will (are) get more and more corrupt. At this moment, I see no more chances for America. No more fair elections are going to be allowed, even as our Constitution sits in place.

The Communists have split America and its laws so far apart there is no way of putting it back together.

I’m not being a pessimist, only a realist!

When Know Who is the Rightful President?

As the propaganda and censorship go over the top, we are more convinced than ever that Trump won! So who is this communist imposter sitting in the White House with power of life and death over us?

In spite of the stolen election, the inauguration process continues in Washington D.C.

In this presidential cycle 2020 election of uncertainty, one key date is December 8th, 2020. For that’s the deadline for when the states “safe harboring” their electors. Four days later, a quick state electoral vote occurs.

However, we not done. The electors for each state meet in the House of Representatives to vote. And, the House Speaker could refuse to seat those she feels in question.

And, so you see, my guess is that Trump is wanting the critical swing state legislatures to not certify, and instead go for the Contingency Election. Here her rights to unseat a Contingency Election delegate (not an elector) are unclear.

And there are other safeguards where Vice President Pence remains as a temporary president until things can get sorted out. I’m not a constitutional lawyer, so send me any corrections.

And, now another fake impeachment

Yes, another fake impeachment! While it’s too late, it’s comforting to know that we have a keener sense about propaganda!

While comical at first, it’s risen to a level of “I don’t care anymore.” An attitude surely to condemn all of us to a gulag.

It’s now clear that any positive move, even states secession plans will be countered propaganda-wise. We saw the false flags before, and now we’re sure.

Bombs, kids shot in schools, etc.! Anyone thinking these kind of people, once in power will ever allow a fair election is crazy!

The Supreme Court assigns judges to regions to assure Trump can’t win.

Who is Winning the Election 2020
Conservative judges on Supreme Court ready to blow up the Joe Biden campaign for president. Now sitting at the ready in lower circuit courts. Well, they exerted absolutely no influence to help Trump.

I’ve gotten numerous ecstatic emails about this, but it’s not the big deal you think! A Supreme Court justice does not sit on Circuit Court, and the justices can still rule against the Trump legal team. Just as what recently happened in the 3rd Circuit where three Republican justices practically threw them out for not having evidence (merit).

Another thing to keep in mind as Trump’s legal team makes a dash for the Supreme Court, they cannot change their case without permission. The upper Federal Courts are not trial courts that offer discovery, etc.

The stage was set for a lot of time wasting to run out the clock, and a big “No” from the Supreme Court. And, the Trump reelection bid was over when the Court decided that he was not going to win.

Speaking of the Supreme Court, to save time and prevent a legal filibuster by Democrat lawyers, conservative Supreme Court Justices have been assigned to sit on the benches of the circuit courts handling the key swing states!

The reason appears to be major constitutional hurdles for Democrats to win the presidency. Their first problem is that our Constitution says that election day is the first Tuesday of November, not the day after! And, second, the obvious illegality of counting absentee ballots without verifying signatures.

Because of the COVID scare justices are likely to rule the extension of election day is ok, and the in question swing states are not allowing absentee ballots to be verified for signatures.

And so, the Trump legal team is left trying to overturn an election based on affidavits from Republican “watchers” that they were not allowed to see the ballots, and suspicious things happened.

Time Table of 2020 Presidential Events.

December 8th, 2020“Safe Harbor” State electors Delegated
December 14th, 2020State Electors vote
January 3rd, 2020117th Congress convenes with new members
January 6th, 2021Congress counts the electoral votes in a joint session with VP Mike Pence announcing the winner.
January 20, 2021Inauguration Day for president and vice president
Timetable of major presidential election events

Democrats Soil Themselves, But Don’t Care?

After observing these people, I am sure that what’s right and wrong means nothing to them.

Sydney Powel, an independent lawyer working on the tabulation fraud and General Flynn’s lawyer, has put herself in the middle of another dangerous political case.
Vote tabulation corruption did happen, but be careful when widening the fraud to encompass foreign countries and broader conspiracies. We’ve been “burned” before with the publicity of promoting false flags. Maybe better to first reverse election results before pursuing a case that could take months if not years to prove?

Joe Biden Claims He’s the President-Elect Because Mainstream Media Says So!

Mistakenly Joe Biden pre-maturely called himself the President-Elect simply because mainstream media channels declared him the winner! Only the overall national election certification by the US Joint Congressional Session entitles him as President-Elect.

When Operation Mockingbird mainstream media called the election for Biden, they immediately shut off all dissenting news stores and ridiculed all opposing news.

“The largest, most sophisticated fraud organization in American History,” helped me win, says Joe Biden!

Not making this up! This what he said!

Apparently, a passing thought “slipped out of his mind, and his mouth didn’t catch it!” A dangerous trait for a future President!

His slip says it all about who was aligned against Trump and who helped Biden. And, incredibly, he’s winning!


Like you, I sense the massive size of the election corruption. And, those behind it are the same people who’ve been torturing President Trump for the last 4 years.

I am sickened that it’s occurred but happy that it’s coming out in the open. Then, if Trump doesn’t get reelected, the whole cabal will bury this stinking mess, and America will rot itself out of existence.

Truly we are at a crossroads!


By Wayne

I am an Op-Ed writer and commentaries specializing in America's conservative political issues for over 6 years. I am truly am an independent journalist as I receive no outside funding or commissions. I am driven by the need for everyone to understand the daily news in context.