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Who is Winning the Election 2020?

If states can’t demonstrate by Dec. 14 that voting was legitimate and fraud free, state legislatures can act to restore the will of the people.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden is winning the election of 2020, or so it seems. But, this presidential race is “corrupt to its core,” and so not over.

Because Trump’s legal team already has easily proven cases of election irregularities that will change election results, let’s focus on them. And, put aside any complex, international plots that diminish creditability, and may a disinformation campaign by Democrats anyway.

Even so, Democrats somewhat sweat the swirling rumors behind the scenes by pretending the race is over. While true enough that Joe Biden is indeed winning, the counter-punching President Trump hasn’t yet weighed in.

When Will We Know Who is President?

In this presidential cycle 2020 election of uncertainty, the key date is December 8th, 2020. For that’s the deadline for when the “safe harboring” of electors begin. And only 4 days later, a quick state vote electoral vote occurs. It would take a US Supreme Court decision to reverse the results.

The Supreme Court assigns conservative judges to work directly with the swing states.

Who is Winning the Election 2020
Conservative judges on Supreme Court ready to blow up the Joe Biden campaign for president. Now sitting at the ready in lower circuit courts.

Speaking of the Supreme Court, to save time and prevent a legal filibuster by Democrat lawyers, conservative Supreme Court Justices have been assigned to sit on the benches of the circuit courts handling the key swing states!

The reason appears to be major legal hurdles for Democrats to win the presidency. Their first problem is that our Constitution says that election day is the first Tuesday of November, not the day after! And, second, the obvious illegality of counting absentee ballots without verifying signatures.

Let’s hope these conservative judges are there to uphold the Constitution and not rule from the bench. If so, then Trump wins on the actual vote count at the end of November 3, 2020.

Time Table of 2020 Presidential Events.

December 8th, 2020“Safe Harbor” State electors Delegated
December 14th, 2020State Electors vote
January 3rd, 2020117th Congress convenes with new members
January 6th, 2021Congress counts the electoral votes in a joint session with VP Mike Pence announcing the winner.
January 20, 2021Inauguration Day for president and vice president
Timetable of major presidential election events

Democrats Soil the Election, And Themselves?

Democrats are about to learn the phrase that “cheaters never prosper.” And, in the case of the 2020 election, they are about to lose their reputation as a political party for the people. The real truth is coming out that indeed they ran a communist attempt to destroy America.

After all, their efforts they will lose the presidency, seats in the House of Representatives, all state seats, and many other downvotes. And, most importantly, their reputation for all time!

Going down with them the rest of the way is what’s left of mainstream media, and conservatives are launching competitive sites to big tech.

I call this a real “clean sweep!”

Sydney Powel, an independent lawyer working on the tabulation fraud and General Flynn’s lawyer, has put herself in the middle of another dangerous political case.
Vote tabulation corruption did happen, but be careful when widening the fraud to encompass foreign countries and broader conspiracies. We’ve been “burned” before with the publicity of promoting false flags. Maybe better to first reverse election results before pursuing a case that could take months if not years to prove?

Joe Biden Claims He’s the President-Elect Because Mainstream Media Says So!

Mistakenly Joe Biden is calling himself the President-Elect simply because mainstream media channels declared him the winner. The fact is that only the overall national election certification by the US Congressional House of Representatives entitles him to the privileges and rights of a President-Elect.

Operation Mockingbird Mainstream Media Decides Who is Winning the Election 2020

When Operation Mockingbird mainstream media called the election for Biden, they immediately shut off all dissenting news stores and ridiculed all opposing news.

An arm of the Democratic Party, do we even want to consider cooperating with their “Great Reset” when they show their strong-handed control and bullying techniques. Do you trust them to keep their word?

“The largest, most sophisticated fraud organization in American History,” helped me win, says Joe Biden!

Not making this up! This what he said!

Apparently, a passing thought “slipped out of his mind, and his mouth didn’t catch it!” A dangerous trait for a future President!

His slip says it all about who was aligned against Trump and who helped Biden. And, incredibly, he’s winning!

Is Saying Trump is Winning the 2020 Election Realistic?

Trump does have enough circumstantial proof to win the 2020 election. Now whether there is enough time to put together a case built on circumstantial evidence and personal affidavits is the question.

Complicating the matter is the availability of multiple legal paths and possibly one huge, false flag. Any mistake means he’ll run out of time to win.

So, the answer is conditional. For, if he picks the right legal path and moves case(s) through the courts quickly will determine whether he can win.

While our Constitution provides several checks and remedies for preventing and reversing an election hijacked by corruption, our 20th Amendment shortens the time allowed to prove a case(s).

Two non-exclusive paths for Trump to win the 2020 election:

  • Gaining enough legal votes and the cancelation of illegal ones to deserve outright a state’s electoral votes. Here the Trump team must win cases, and each must represent enough votes to change the election results.
  • Bringing forward enough hard evidence of massive voter fraud in key states or the entire nation to have the election irretrievable through corruption. These extra-ordinary rulings must be made by state legislatures or the US Supreme Court. The election finally decided by Congression Contingency Election.

Time and Procedures Determine Who is Winning the Election 2020

The Democratic Party and company have purposely made the legal and physical act of auditing what they did too time-consuming.

Thank you to the US Supreme Court! Assigning actual court justices to the circuit courts of appeal will speed up the process and make the law fairer.

From the beginning, their plan to steal the election involved was to use the 20th Amendment’s shrinkage of the time for a “lame duck” Congress. The strategy was to use our Constitution against us by adding severe time constraints against putting together cases proving large scale election fraud. You’ll find this strategy listed in their playbook to overthrow the US.

Caution against spending time now with the massive case of ballot tabulation fraud conspiracy

The “big elephant” in the room is the ballot tabulation fraud conspiracy. While it seems obvious that votes were made up and/or transferred between candidates during the tabulation to enable a comfortable, but narrow win for Joe Biden, don’t spend too much time on it right now.

First, it distracts for the more easily proven reasons for Trump to win, and second, the connecting dots to prove a circumstantial case in court always leads to judges discounting evidence as nothing more than conspiracy theories.


I am not a lawyer and do not hold any titles such as. Therefore, this post is about observation, my own thoughts, and personal opinions. In addition to what you read here, I encourage you to do your own research.


Like you, I sense the massive size of the election corruption. And, those behind it are the same people who’ve been torturing President Trump for the last 4 years.

I am sickened that it’s occurred but happy that it’s coming out in the open. Then, if Trump doesn’t get reelected, the whole cabal will bury this stinking mess, and America will rot itself out of existence.

Truly we are at a crossroads!

By Wayne

I write about American political realities just beyond the horizon. Recognized as one of the best opinion writers by the "Conservatives for Journalism" for 2019, my posts represent the age-old values of conservatives. And so, I turn heads by rejecting the mainstream media and big tech takeover as the real media. Conservatives have always been and remain the center of the political spectrum.