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What is CRT for children?

Critical Race Theory (CRT) for children is Marxism embedded in their school curricula. It’s an American adaptation that teaches children that America is fundamentally a racist country and white people are inherently evil.

CRT was an accidental weapon they picked up on the battlefield to pit us against ourselves and the educational system. The Marxists don’t care about your children, or even their own, only their goal of world domination.

Sound insane and severe? There is more.

How CRT began

CRT brainwashing began in our major legal universities by professors who developed the excuse of American “systemic racism” as a legal defense for hopeless cases. And the precedent was set when it worked.

It also claims that racism is codified in law, embedded in our structures, and woven into public policy. CRT rejects claims of meritocracy or “colorblindness”. Furthermore, it recognizes that it is the systemic nature of racism that bears primary responsibility for reproducing racial inequality.

American Bar Association, January 11, 2021, “A Lesson on Critical Race Theory.”

Later, this legalization of excuses became part of the American Marxism (Democratic Party) doctrine. It is now used repetitively as a defense for minorities, and their supporters, in criminal and civil legal cases.

CRT rides in on the “Common Core” federal education program.

“Common Core” is a deceptive federal education program. It extorts states to follow its educational curriculum by threatening to withhold grants. What type of curriculum needs extortion for acceptance? You guessed it! Critical Race Theory (CRT).

At first, “Common Core” seemed harmless, but now there are teachers and layers of administrative Marxist enforcing and managing it. A complete government within a government.

This video describes the enormous national movement against CRT by moms and dads.

Using the cover of “Common Core,” the Department of Education stole kids from their parents. Then, this shocking statement, “Parents should have no say in their children’s education.”

Another Obama brainchild, along with Obamacare, that’s designed to skirt around state power. By saying “Common Core” is a “state-led” federal program. When anyone can see, it’s not.

The factual purposes of “Common Core.”

Behind “Common Core” are layers of Marxist administration

There are layers of Marxist bureaucrats and teachers to manage “Common Core” and keep it relevant and under federal control. For example, the illegal federal Education Department, the National Teachers Association, state and local administrators, and teachers round out the bureaucrat sphere.

Its political power has grown so powerful that it’s now challenging to disband it. The best place to start is by taking over school boards. But, expect massive resistance from above.

My personal experience battling “Common Core.”

I was already battling school teachers and a cagy retired member of the National Teachers Association before CRT talked about it. At first, they tried to say I didn’t know anything about children’s education, and then I surprised them with my knowledge of “Common Core.”

Their attitudes toward me were snarky—the same as twelve years later with the current Marxists CRT bureaucrats.

First, I spoke out about the constitutional illegality of the fed involvement in education in general. The ex-teachers confidently answered as if they got me. “It’s a “state-led” program.

But, when I mentioned that I knew that the feds used federal grants as extortion, they gave me a little respect but immediately shut up.

What does CRT teach your kids?

It’s shocking what your kid(s) may be learning! Truly shocking!

The State is more important to kids than the parents.

First, the grounds for an offense came with an unproven declaration that America was guilty of “systemic racism.” Then, anyone who opposed fixing this imaginary problem is a racist at best and now indeed a “domestic terrorist.”

And so, “terrorists” have no rights, not even parents.

The Democratic Marxists do not want an educated child.

Parent speaks at US House conference about CRT. And the need to get it out of children’s schools. Notice that not a single Democrat bothered to listen in person.

The Democratic Marxists don’t believe in your future or your kids, not even their own. And so, you should ask, “How can this be!” There can be only one answer: Mass psychosis by years of mainstream media and university propaganda.

It is still the only answer to their destructive political policies.

Because Marxism and Americanism can not live in the same house anyway, they only use our laws against us for as long as possible. On the road to declaring America a failed constitutional republic.

How to stop CRT from being taught to your children?

Stopping CRT from being taught to your children requires taking over your school board. For general information, rationale, and methods on how to take over your school board, click here.

Why Marxist meltdown over new US Supreme Court justices.

The US Supreme Court is one-third of the power of the US Government. As such, the Democratic Marxists need their judges in control. Because a single case could end their claims of “systemic racism,” thus ruining their planned takeover.

So many of their legal victories on crucial issues stem from this claim, for example, the need for the feds to intervene in education, elections, etc., because whites are too biased and unfair.

A partial list of Marxist-orientated educational organizations

Moreover, their websites all say that the global organizations. And so, what could go wrong?

My personal experience: Losing the mind of a student to CRT

About three years ago, I became a step-dad. And I looked for ways to make a positive difference in the life of a 12-year-old boy.

Being active in American politics for over six years, I began his indoctrination with our American values. He was open and had a lot of questions for the next three years.

But gradually, he began doubting my worldview. It was apparent someone was telling him something different.

The turning point happened in 2020 when I told him that Trump would win. However, because there were many political barriers to an authoritarian takeover, his Marxist teachers told him otherwise. And they were right.

At 14-years, his teachers began teaching him Marxist political ideology without his mother’s knowledge.

Then, Joe Biden stole the 2020 election in the night! I tried to explain what had happened. But, my explanation seemed so implausible, especially since he was getting daily indoctrination at school about how Trump was a dictator.

Unfortunately, he hasn’t asked me and doesn’t want to hear about my politics since.

Incredibly! The Democrat Marxists deny that CRT taught!

Marxist teachers and administrators deny teaching CRT to children in a ridiculous attempt at gaslighting. And so, you or your MAGA friends will need to inspect your child’s school materials and lessons yourselves.

But, be aware that they play a shell game with the truth. Here is a good explanation of CRT gaslighting from a respected fact-checker who gives us a game card.

Parents against CRT officially become “Domestic Terrorists.”

When you first heard that you were a “domestic terrorist,” you were probably first in a state of disbelief! Then, acceptance that communism in America is all too real.

A determination followed them that significant changes were needed to materialize. And finally, the realization that no one was going to come to help.


Our founders wanted you in charge of your kid’s education. Our US Constitution enumerates no power for the feds over education.

Our founders wanted you in charge of your kid’s education. That’s why our US Constitution does not enumerate federal power over education. Instead, they wanted educational power as close to families as possible.

Don’t let any sneaky constitution lawyer/President take away your parental rights. Get involved.