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What is a 5th Generation Warfare Civilian Attack?


5th-Generation warfare pits its opponent citizenry against themselves by establishing a mass psychosis on one side versus reality on the other. Over time, mass brainwashing worsens as they gradually lose the ability to process any truth. Worse yet, they believe the other side is brainwashed. After an inevitable civil war, the attacker invades their weakened opponent unopposed to save both sides from the havoc they caused.

It’s the way the misinformation sabotages the values of the citizenry of their enemy that’s so savage! Its end game of a 5th Generation Civilian Attack is an elimination of ideas of God, the breakup of families, and the erasure of memories of nationalistic thinking. Then comes the quiet and gradual elimination of dissenters.

Who is the enemy? Don’t believe the misinformation that the enemy is Russian! While they and the Germans may have been the pioneers of 5th Generation Civilian Warfare, the Chinese are the main threat now. In any case, it’s the same plan.

However, I will give you the most satisfying answer when no one else can. It involves a passive attack from within their realm. Keep reading to the end.


What is 5th Generation Political Warfare?

It’s a systematic mind control of nation-state citizens that leaves them fighting among themselves. In the beginning, it slowly and clandestinely attacks without them knowing. And with constant, long-term mass psychosis techniques, the internal conflicts become unsolvable.

What is a parallel economy?

In the context of 5th Generation Political Warfare, it creates an independent economy rising from the ashes of a destroyed nation. Its strategy is one of ignoring and focusing on building a new economy.

What is an Election Fusion Center?

It is a central cloud computer where data from different sources is sorted and analyzed for election integrity attacks against citizens.

The components of a 5th Generation Civil Attack

Bankrupt America’s Economy

Bankrupting the American economy is critical in their drive to weaken America. Anyone paying attention knows that’s what’s happening!

Not that our economy wasn’t in sad shape, but the Marxist Democratic party is sure bent on finishing the job. Look at the wild, non-funded budgets and the billions sent to Ukraine.

Yes, they are selling out America and rolling up the carpet as they leave.

The unproven possibility of the success of a parallel economy

To my knowledge, no attacked country ever survived a 5th Generation Warfare Civil attack by establishing a parallel economy. But what else can we do?

MAGA has the opportunity to use its economic power and majority, and it better learn quickly how to use power when available because the Marxist Democrats block it when it’s recognized.

And so, time is of the essence to move forward on all fronts and do it simultaneously. In this section, I am putting together thoughts about moving forward with the Conservative alternate economy.

Online Conservative Business Directory

A massive job of duplicating the work of Big Tech’s business directory services, a few companies are giving it a go. At least for local businesses, it seems impossible because there are so many.

Online Conservative Shopping Catalogue

The shopping platform of Frank’s Speech is the only one I know devoted solely to products from Conservative producers. It needs to grow much more significantly!

Key Attack Component: Rigged election apparatus

No kidding! Joe Biden brags about having the most extensive voter fraud network in history! We now take him at his word!

Now let’s look at how we fight back!

But, know that the “most extensive voter fraud network in history” is constantly evolving with technology and need. Joe Biden was right in bragging about it.

Making the source code of voting machines inaccessible

Something non and semi-techies need to know are that the location of the machine software is most likely changing because it’s grown too difficult and dangerous to keep on each terminal. Look for the election code from a defensible country like China, not on each terminal. The opportunity to see the election source code by looking at a voting machine will eventually come to a close.

Defensive fusion system election fraud systems

A defensive fusion system against election fraud is simply a collection point of information coupled with software to analyze it. It’s a technology fight by MAGA against the election fraud technology of the Democrats and Chinese partners.

Most likely, the defensive fusion of election information can be valuable. Therefore, it’s most likely the cause of its inventors or promoters being locked up in jail during the 2024 election. No conspiracies. No coincidences.

As VotetheTruth.org learned more about the means and extent of the Marxist election fraud, they realized they must fight back using the same methods.

Marxist-led Democrats were so scared of this MAGA defensive weapon that they had the inventors/operators locked up on bogus charges during the 2022 election.

Specifically, I’m talking about a MAGA Fusion Information Battle Center for Election Integrity. It uses group-centered, high-tech strategies to identify, capture data, report, and hopefully counter the aggressions in real time. For the moment, this advanced election technology is necessary to slow down the election fraud of the Democratic party. Hence, we have even a chance of winning elections and saving America.

For example, TruthtoVote.org may buy the ping information of protesting cell phone users at a Conservative rally to discover the identities of those committing voter fraud. Interestingly, the Democrats just filed a lawsuit against the company selling the pings ahead of the 2022 midterms. We must be over the target!

The enforcement muscle of County Sheriffs complements the MAGA Fusion Centers.

A national network of county sheriffs is banning together. They claim their jurisdiction extends to stopping illegal acts in their counties, including election fraud. This is welcome news, as MAGA Republicans desperately need enforcement muscle.

Sheriff Richard Mark, former Sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, explains what’s a constitutional sheriff.

Not many realize that elected sheriffs are an essential layer of constitutional protection. Ex-Sheriff Richard Mark says people now desperately need protection from blatant election fraud.

Ex-Sheriff Mark agrees with Trump that election fraud was committed against him and the people in the counties.

Better yet, this growing support comes from active county sheriffs, so they can begin to enforce election laws immediately.

I post this because of optimism that someday, the organization of constitutional sheriffs will do something; so far, I haven’t heard anything more about them.

Snuff out grassroots insurgencies by keeping people inside and masked.

Many moms and dads seek control of local boards to avoid the more significant, corrupt elections. And they are succeeding! MAGA now controls some 200 schools and GOP Precincts! Out of about 3,000!

While some may say so what, what they may not realize is that America was built from the local level up. And, because we may need to ditch the country and start anew, knowing we have control of local politics will surely come in handy. So, to all of you “mama and papa bears,” keep up the excellent work.

Promote chaos by promoting “Opposite Speak.”

Creating maximum chaos by constantly claiming the opposite of truth is the heart of the Operation Mockingbird propaganda strategy. As per one of their revolutionary operation bible, “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky, “Keep telling a lie until it breaks through as the truth.” In the case of Democratic propaganda, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. ‘Twist the truth and rinse and repeat.’

In any case, the Marxists are creating tremendous amounts of national division in America. So we’ll relent to their authoritarian government form of government down our throats! And “Opposite Speak” is essential for achieving national psychosis or our acceptance of all the other 5th Generation Civilian Warfare weapons.

The Marxist Google Search bias

As a webmaster who keeps track of search engine ranking strategies, it’s easy to see how Google gradually swung its rules toward the Globalists’ websites and authors. Their partisanship is coordinated with Operation Mockingbird, well-thought-out, with a step-by-step strategy protected by a plausible denial.

The progression of events is too apparent to be coincidental.

  • Operation Mockingbird (CIA) hires the best journalist from major universities.
  • They are well-placed in significant media outlets, including political news websites.
  • Globalist media moguls give them preference, and they earn good money from Google ads and donors.
  • Google Search changes rules, so only authoritative sites and authors get high rankings.

Let the news and story-twisting begin!

I am qualified to separate “Opposite Speak” and the truth.

In 2015 I was in a unique position; while I had previously followed U.S. politics, I hadn’t turned on a TV or read a newspaper in 16 years! I retired at an early age and wanted to fulfill my life’s dream of living on a tropical beach as a dropout.

Anyways, that’s how I know I wasn’t brainwashed. I wasn’t plugged in!

I was horrified when I watched what was happening for the first time! I immediately knew who was twisting the truth and who was telling the truth.


Get CRT out of our schools and take over school boards.

How to help take control of local GOP (Republican) precincts.