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What Do Marxist Want?

Above all, Marxist want to seize power at all costs. There is no alliance they won’t form or lie they won’t tell to achieve their objective of world dominance. Once you let this truth settle, you’ll better understand their actions.

The Neo-Marxists say they want to clean up our environment and reduce the world population to save the planet. Furthermore, they want to save us from viruses and illnesses by editing our genes through injections. But, this is a diversion.

Once you understand all the Marxists want is the creation of chaos and fear in victim countries, you can truly understand what’s going on.

What control does any successful Marxist Revolution need?

The Marxists need to control the media and take away gun rights to stage a successful revolution because no one would follow them if they knew the truth.

Then, they are free to work on other weak points. Again, all are designed to accept Marxism as your choice of government.

Marxist want to isolate you.

Marxism must want to isolate you from God, family, and country because their brainwashing works best with an empty, hopeless mind.

One of their favorite war cries is ‘tear them down, from the inside, and the outside inside out.’ This strategy includes constantly lying and speaking the opposite of what they know is true. I think you see where this fits in their takeover plans.


The Marxists are godless and want us only to live to serve their state. Anyone who doesn’t is labeled a terrorist.

And so, they shut down churches and call them unessential businesses. We’ve already seen as churches are under intense pressure.


For the Marxist, the state is your family. Everybody and everything you have is due to the state. Yes, they teach to worship the state. Like they do in North Korea.

Taught in schools, businesses, the military, etc., is Critical Race Theory (CRT). Where students mistakenly learn that whites are systemically racist, and parents hold back the youth from worshipping the state.

The Marxists want babies aborted and all births controlled in state laboratories.


The Marxists want your country not to exist. They don’t want you to have any shelter from their dystopian social plans.

And so, they tear down statues and re-write history to show everything before they were evil. When in fact, it’s they who are the evil ones!

Marxism wants your property.

Perhaps most disturbing is that Marxism doesn’t allow you to own private property. They feel that their government allowed you to afford it; therefore, it belongs to them.

In a twisted interpretation, for example, your delivery drivers carry goods on a highway built by the state. Therefore, the value you build up within your company belongs to them.

If you disagree, you won’t be long for this world.

Marxist takeovers require darkness, cover, and deception.

Marxist sabotage must operate in the shadows because light permanently destroys their plans: their rebellions are always defeated.

The question we all face now is whether it’s already too late.

The communists want to leave us with no way out of their trap. A trap that is political, economic, cultural, etc. They don’t want us to leave the country or hear any info about other countries.

In their efforts to take control, this is what they want:

  • Media. Fortunately, they are failing in America as Conservative media, or alternate media, is rapidly growing. And it already outperforms mainstream media in many ways.
  • Property. The Marxists are busy bankrupting the world economic system to justify bringing in their own digital money—a system of money where they can track where you go and what you buy. And even prevent you from buying things they disapprove of in real-time.
  • Military.
  • Food.

And a lot more.! All so they can wield control over us.


Marxist want to take away your freedom and more. The battle is raging right now, and there is no telling how long before we know whether the people or the oligarchy wins.


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