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What are the Competing Values in the US Cultural War?


The competing cultural values in the Cultural War are our love of God, family, and country versus their nihilism of the Globalists. That leaves them constantly attacking because they have nothing to defend.

The side will win the winner of the Cultural War or the War for America with the most desirable dream. That’s why MAGA cannot lose, except by cheating. Besides, Marxism can only hold power by imposing tyranny, and after a while, people hate it!

I write this report on Americanism versus Marxists to convince you that these two forms of government cannot co-exist. Look at the table below.

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Cultural War

the contest of different worldviews, significances, and opinions defines society’s moralities and conduct.

Table: Value Comparisons between Americanism and Marxism.

Right to lifeYesNo
Pers. AdvancementYesNo
Property rightsYesNo
Personal statusGod-likeAnimals
Health careMixedState control
Compilation of information from multiple sources.

Free versus state-controlled economies.

People want at least the opportunity to become wealthy because when there is hope, there is motivation. They are rejecting the “You’ll have nothing and be happy” slogan of the World Economic Forum (WEF) forecast in droves.

Undoubtedly, the potential for happiness through success has been somewhat of a mirage in much of U.S. history, mainly because we’ve lived under the thumb of unseen masters. But despite the global corpocracy insurgency inside America, American capitalism’s actual economic power rises, more potent than ever!

Let’s look at some exciting areas where the value of freedom and capitalism are kicking the butts, who think we’ll settle with having nothing.


The drive to restore Americanism in music is growing. The earnings of music artists willing to speak their minds are growing, mainly as MAGA establishes Conservative media outlets with more listeners.

Five Times August Album

Truth-telling in the face of the globalists, even Wikipedia has removed its listing page. Here is a link to their latest album.

Comparing the joys of religion with nihilism.

Humankind wants to believe in something, not nothing. The paganism of the progressive Marxist movement wants you to derive your joy through the alliance with the government. As far as I can tell, that has never worked, except where the population is entirely cut off from the outside world and subjected to mass psychosis.

While I guess that’s ok for some people, I don’t see people trying to break into communist countries.

The sinister nature of communism

The sinister nature of communism is a lack of personal values because all come from the state. They have nothing and are “happy” because they feel privileged to serve their “god-like” leaders.

No matter how it’s dressed up, communism is an oligarchy, not at all about “sharing the means of production.” In layman’s terms, there is a ruling class, an aristocratic class, and the peasants. In other words, a kingdom!

Communism has such a bad history of causing human misery that nothing is promised during their many revolutions. Pundits only complain about the attacked country’s failures (which they cause).

The success of progressivism leads to Marxism.

Progressivism is not a political or economic system. It is an adaptive drive to set up a series of ever-worsening events that move a nation to Marxism. These events are conceived by analyzing the illogic weaknesses or fears within a society, then determining a plan of action that never changes.

Marxism is surrendering your rights and property in exchange for make-believe security. This happens when the progressive nature of progressive wears you down.

Worst of all, Marxism will blame the Patriots for the sins of progressivism. The marriage of progressivism and Marxism is sinister.

Sneaky infiltration and lazy Patriots

Marxism lets the mad twister monster of progressivism destroy America before it steps in to pick up the pieces. All the while, progressivism splatters its rot around as a diversion; the Marxists went about their business of infiltration America.

Progressivism and Marxism came to a head when they stole a critical election together. However, things never should have gotten that critical if there wasn’t a conspiracy against America.

This joint plan of revolution has already been used successfully against many countries. But, now, people worldwide are waking up and fighting back.

Generosity: A seldom discussed American value we gave up.

Our founding fathers designed the United States so citizens cared for their own poor. But, during the Great Depression, a progressive U.S. President decided that the feds could do a better job. And so socialism was introduced to run aside capitalism.

What a mistake! To this day, our economy is a toxic mixture of capitalism and socialism.

To show off Americanism, we need to reduce the size of the government significantly. And take back the right to the personal satisfaction of helping people.

Reducing the size of government, closing a few unnecessary federal institutions, or eliminating Federal personal income taxes should give us back enough money to fund our generosity.


A brief guide to the Cultural War in America.