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What are the Competing Values in the US Cultural War?

What are the Competing Values in the US Cultural War?

Learn why all American values are under attack. And how to counter them.

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A cultural war rages in the U.S., with the Neo Marxists pushing the values of pagan feudalism to create division and chaos. So they can build an authoritarian government that will rape and pillage what remains of America. However, America fights back while on one knee, and the tide is turning.

The U.S. Cultural War is the ongoing battle for cultural value dominance between Conservatives and the Communists.

Where do things stand? Conservatives are now waking up as the Marxist enter the consolidation phase of their coup attempt. Awakened, MAGA is now “eyeball” to “eyeball,” challenging them with its remaining political and legal powers.

Because there are so many fronts, I offer a list to help organize the counter-coup now finally in progress.

Culture War definition: the contest of different worldviews, significances, and opinions defining the moralities and conduct within society.

American society and law are well-equipped to compromise on some worldviews but not fundamental changes in core values. The Marxists among us are well aware of this limitation.

Table: Value Comparisons between Americanism and Marxism.

Right to lifeNoYes
Property rightsYesNo
Personal statusGod-likeAnimals
Health careMixedState

A brief guide.

Look at American values worth fighting for and how the battles unfold.

The U.S. Constitutional rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The validity of the U.S. Constitution is the difference between tyranny and freedom. Take it away or invalidate it, and we revert to the age of feudalism. Where people were only animals or property, and the right of kings to rule over us came from God or the State.

And so, whether we’re involved or not, whenever there is an injustice, all Americans must stand up or perish.

Although all of our values are systematically under attack by the Marxists, I’ll point out the important ones, which is easy as the U.S. Constitution numbers them in order. While others can be a combination of articles.

First Amendment: Right to free speech

This is a biggy because our Republic fails to exist without free speech, as we now find out. This is why censorship is illegal in a public online square, like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Second Amendment: Right to bear arms

This means the right to bear arms against our government when it becomes too corrupt or fails to service the country. That means guns are lethal enough to protect us no matter what.

Although crystal clear in the Constitution, the Marxists are whistling down this right piece-by-piece. Any patriot contributing to its demise must review the Second Amendment.

The Marxists are staging emotional mass killings, especially in schools to gather support for limiting or doing away with this critical Amendment. And some of the shootings are copycat events. We must guard our Second Amendment rights as if our lives depend on it because it does.

Right to protect yourself from defamation

Thank you, Trump! Trump put out a notice that CNN must retract some six years of false reporting while he was President and their 2020 election reporting.

A mountain of election fraud-proof has convinced most Americans that it did indeed happen. And so, Trump has a good chance of winning. Especially since there are video recordings that CNN management knew what they were reporting was false.

Right to fair and honest elections

Speaking of election fraud trials, just when you thought MAGA was getting nowhere with the judicial system, hope springs eternal as the 2022 midterm elections get closer.

Here we have MAGA support Tina Peters defeated in a Colorado primary race for Secretary of State, raising more than $250,000 for a recount. And she raised much of the money from contributions in the Steve Bannon War Room.

While I don’t know what will happen, they are now negotiating over what kind of audit to provide. And I’m not hopeful the Marxists have any intention of a fair audit; the “dust” around it is raising awareness that something must break soon.