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What Are the Best Conservative Social Media Platforms to Earn Money?


Maybe, like me, you were taught that you could accomplish anything if you set your mind to it. But I found this advice too general and often a waste of time because there is a big difference between what is possible and what is likely.

In fact, “what is likely” could take a lifetime! Meanwhile, there is this thing about paying with real money for living.

Here I’ll share practical advice from my own experience. I intend to encourage those likely to succeed in earning money on Conservative media platforms and warn those who aren’t.

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A Conservative Blog Site

I learned from blogging that some were born to succeed, while others must pick up essential skills before even attempting to earn money. It may be the lowest-paying, most challenging job in the world! I know because I lost two wives over it!

However, there is always hope! While there are billions of blogs already written, the ability to earn money by publishing news about Conservative matters seems still possible.

However there are other ways, but you must be able to handle the pressure of personal risks. I do it. However, I question my sanity every day.

The required skills

You must be able to think and write clearly. If you can’t, be prepared for years of learning. If your school grades suffer because of low report writing abilities, I advise avoiding writing blogs for a living.

Also, because I am not a fantastic writer or deep-thinking scholar, I stick to writing about my opinions and experiences. It would be best if you did the same.

Monetizing your site while hampered by a headwind

Middle-class Conservative news hounds are increasingly suffering economically as the global communists pass laws to eliminate their wealth. And so, donations to your site suffer, but some recognize the existential threat of not supporting your site.

Locals – fixed recurring income

Someone’s dream writing or broadcasting Conservative stuff, while top-notch professionals take care of a shared site. A big bonus is the 120 million users per month Rumble video sharing services puts a big fat link on your channel if you decide to build one.

Revenue is generated by charging a fixed and recurring monthly fee shared between the site owners and you. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

But, there is a catch, the biggest of all, traffic! The quality and usefulness of your Locals pages must be there, or you’re wasting your time! And, if potential viewers don’t subscribe, and most want, few will see your stuff.

However, if you are already famous or soon becoming so, Locals.com is a must to earn money for Conservative online bloggers!

For example, ex-Member of the U.S. House from Hawaii, Tulsi Gabbard

This screen capture is a celeb and ex-politician Tulsi Gabbard’s locals home page.

The method of earning with Locals.com is interesting. Local does the marketing to attract traffic, and you load your posts. If viewers like your stuff, they can buy a subscription that Locals share with you.

Recently, Rumble video-sharing bought Locals.com and did a smart thing. They put a big red next to their videos to link there. You and our team can only dream of the traffic this drew.

So, do you think you can market your site yourself?

One catch! If you can’t present a website with excellent, consistent articles, videos, blogs, etc., you waste your time with Locals.com and your website because there is too much competition. If you still want to make a website for Conservative politics.

Rumble video-sharing services

On the other hand, there is the mothership, Rumble video-sharing. While a platform with decent and growing traffic, it’s only a place to earn on your censored and viral video.

While you can get paid to publish their content on your blog or comment, paying for that pizza will take longer. Instead, its commission scheme is for high-volume, regular video content provides.

However, Rumble’s traffic is rapidly rising, so keep an eye on it.

How much you can earn depends on the type of user and your efforts

  • A Publisher embeds videos on their site. You won’t earn much unless you can convince viewers to click and have millions of monthly viewers.
  • A Video Creator that can create viral videos is where the money is because you’ll get paid a small amount per view.

How do you get paid from Rumble?

Accumulate at least $50 in commission, and ask for a payout to your PayPal account; it’s the only option.

My Experience as a Rumble “Publisher” trying to earn pizza money.

First Report on 6.9.2021 I start by signing up for Rumble’s Free Publisher Account to at least earn enough money to buy a monthly pizza. After 120 “plays” of their videos on my site, my actual earnings are still $0!

You’ll need to send a message to Rumble to get a unique Publisher link and use it for each Rumble video. Otherwise, Rumble doesn’t know that you and your site are doing the marketing.

Concerning my goal of earning “pizza money” on Rumble, it’ll need to wait.

The “Earning Page” of Rumble looks ready for business.

Almost immediately, upon request, they gifted me with my “Earning Page.”

Located under my profile picture in the upper right corner. Based on blind faith, I began removing my Youtube videos from my website and replacing them with Rumble videos.

I’ll check in every time to see if the earnings kick in.

My two emails to Rumble Support

My views showed up on my “Earning Page,” but not how much I earned. Patiently, I waited, then thought, maybe they’re waiting for data.

After an email, I found out I wasn’t using the right embed option. Logic would tell us that the third option displaying “Monetized link” is the right one. It’s not!

There are three types of code to embed. The first two work, but not the last one. That’s the one that says “Monetized.” I know a little counter-intuitive!

After my second email inquiry with Rumble, one day later, they advised me by sending me to a customer support link where it read that my actual earnings data would catch up in about a month. Well, ok, at least I know.

Customer support at Rumble tells me they can’t speed up the process because that’s how long they need to wait for the data. That’s ok; I can wait. I only wanted to know if I needed to do anything more.

The Brave Browser and BAT coins

The Brave Browser is brave, forging ahead by paying users in crypto Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) coins to view ads. The idea worked ok when the value of these coins was skyrocketing. But, with BAT coin values more stable, the sparkle is gone.

How much can I earn in USD, and how to transfer it to my bank account?

However, figuring an average of four BATS per day for 300 days per year at today’s current price of about $.50 is about $600 per year. If the price, let’s say, doubled, that would be $1200 per year!

BATS are used to tip Brave content providers and make other online payments. Also, there is a minimum and maximum trading value. To cash out, you first need to use your wallet to transfer them to another alt-coin, like XRP.

So, don’t give up! And use it to open up a crypto account with a wallet to experience the rage; sooner or later, you will be involved with cryptocurrency. Whether a private or government blockchain or both, I don’t know.

Be advised that I do not give financial advice because an intelligent person doesn’t need it, and a fool won’t listen.