What Are the Best Conservative Social Media Platforms to Earn Crypto Tokens?

Places where your efforts are rewarded for being patriotic!


A few conservative social media platforms now pay crypto tokens to those who create or publish content. Maybe it’s time you looked into monetizing your online efforts?

Especially when conservative thought and publishers are censored or pushed to the bottom of the search rankings, earning anything is often difficult. However, you can earn money in both similar and different ways on the new and improved conservative sites.

Traffic on conservative social media platforms is booming, and their IT infrastructure has hardened against the Democrat “counter culture.” And so, buckle up, let’s make some money!

Here, I tell you about my personal research and adventures in learning how to make a living earning crypto tokens. If I fail, I’ll tell you about that too so you won’t repeat my mistakes.

What is a Crypto Token?

The term crypto token refers to specialized cryptocurrencies designed to trade rather than hold. They represent fungible and tradable assets mined on their own blockchains.

Investopedia.com, By JAKE FRANKENFIELD, Crypto Tokens Definition

How a crypto tokens is different than a stock certificate?

  • Crypto tokens are traded as cash where accepted.
  • The value of your token can violently fluctuate.
  • A limited number of coins from blockchain eventually drives up value.

Being paid in crypto tokens, the payee becomes “Stakeholders” in the currency. Even while held, their values can rise and fall accordingly.

While there are many online companies offering commissions in crypto, I will only present the ones who have strong conservative leadership. That way, as you earn, you’ll also be helping them resist the “cancel culture” of the Democrats.

How to Make a Living Earning Crypto Tokens.

Making a living earning crypto tokens can be done, but you must create your own viral media.

Because few potential businesses want to manage their own blockchain, they rely on a token company like Ethereum (the second most popular digital currency traded) to do it for them.

Note: That’s why some consider Erthereum a currency and Bitcoin an investment asset (like gold).

Ethereum is a digital currency, and so you’ll need a digital wallet to store or trade them. If you have no experience with crypto, earning crypto tokens is a great way to gain experience.

Now, the real secret…

Make Commission Arrangements with Source.

An affiliate agreement with the source always yields higher commissions. In other words, you’ll never make what you should when sharing your commission with another middleman.

Increase your site traffic, deliver qualified leads, and only promote products with high commissions is critical. To this end, creating and marketing your own digital informational product is often the best way to earn a living.


Payment in crypto tokens and so becoming a “Stake Holder” is a revolutionary payment system.

A 360 win for everyone! As long as banking or governmental consortiums don’t declare them as Ponzi schemes.

If you do manage to make a living at this, congratulate yourself, you are one of the few! I hope many will follow your lead.


I start my review section of the best Conservatives social media platforms to earn crypto with the Rumble video sharing service. Mainly because of its dedication to free speech.

It’s the best landing platform for those canceled from YouTube who want to still monetize their videos. And, also for those who just want to earn “pizza money.”

Rumble is a special case because I want them to succeed. They payout to PayPal with dollars, not crypto.

Types of User Accounts on Rumble

  • Publisher – For conservative blog owners tired of featuring Youtube videos only to have a blank video show up on their articles after Youtube cancels its video creator video. If that’s your case, it’s better to ask for a free Publisher account from Rumble and embed theirs instead.
  • Video Creator – For those who create their own videos.

Heck, with some work, over a period of a year, you might earn enough just watching videos and commenting to buy a cup of coffee!

However, when you can consistently create your own videos that go viral. Then, you have a chance to make a living with Rumble. And, there are many other options with other companies.

To keep the record straight I start by going off script because Rumbles doesn’t yet pay with crypto tokens. Instead, they transfer your commission to your Paypal account. Hope you don’t mind getting paid that way for now.

After Rumble, next, I’ll review crypto tokens offered by the Brave Browser.

How you get paid from Rumble?

Accumulate at least $50, and ask for a payout to your PayPal account.

Besides, for those looking how to earn serious earnings to live on, I want to help you. Hint: the closer your relationship to those who actually collect money from clients, the higher your commission.

While not sure, I’m betting that only those who create consistent viral video content will earn anything but pizza money at Rumble.

I’ll soon tell you the payment rates and if I’m having success..

My Experience as a Rumble “Publisher” trying to earn pizza money.

First Report on 6.9.2021 I start by signing up for Rumble’s Free Publisher Account to at least earn enough money to buy a monthly pizza. Sad to say, my actual earnings after 50 “plays” of their videos on this site are $0.

Getting obvious, my initial intuition that the only way to earn decent money is by creating viral content. Politically speaking, this is sadly not possible unless the creator is a famous personality.

The intoxicating “Earning Page” of Rumble

Almost immediately, they gifted me with an “Earning Page.” Under my profile picture in the upper right corner. Then, based on faith I began removing Youtube videos and replacing them with Rumble videos.

Later I find out what I don’t now know after I’ve embed several Rumble videos on this site.

My two email to Rumble Support

My views were showing up on my “Earning Page,” but not how much I earned. Patiently, I waited, then thought, maybe they’re waiting for data.

After an email, I found out I wasn’t using the right embed option. Logic would tell us that the third option displaying “Monetized link” the right one. In fact, it’s not!

There are three types of code to embed. The first two work, but not the last one. That’s the one that says “Monetized.” I know a little counter-intuitive!

After my second email inquiry with Rumble, 1 day later they advise me by sending me to a customer support link where it read that my actual earnings data will catch up in about a month. Well, ok, at least I know.

Customer support at Rumble tells me they can’t speed up the process because that’s how long they need to wait for the data. That’s ok, I can wait. I only wanted to know if I needed to do anything more.

Brave Browser and Search Engine

Brave’s crypto token system offers more options than Rumble.

Move is coming….

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