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Six Ways to Help You Restore America?

This Guide introduces how to restore America; it is a starting point for those asking, “How can I help!”

Lady on computer screen using a megaphone to announce her opposition to CRT
Spread the word on how to restore America.

Table of organizations to help you restore America

MAGA orientated organizations

MAGA-orientated organizations to take back America from the global communists are springing up everywhere! This is a list of them.
Name of OrganizationWebsiteType
New Foundinghttps://newfounding.com/Jobs
Voter Registrationhttp://earlyvoteaction.com/Elections
Center for Security Policyhttps://centerforsecuritypolicy.org/Website
Moms for Libertyhttps://www.momsforliberty.org/Education
Center for Renewing Americahttps://americarenewing.com/Policy
Todd Bensonhttps://www.toddbensman.com/Border
Daily Clouthttps://dailyclout.io/COVID
Putin’s Playbookhttps://rebekahkoffler.com/Book
Dead Namehttps://www.deadnamedocumentary.com/Movie
The Nation Will Followhttps://www.thenationwillfollow.com/Book
What We Dohttps://article3project.org/Website
5-Star Planhttps://thefivestarplan.com/Website

Ways to restore America

Participate and lead your local politics.

To get started, it’s best to start with local boards, but don’t neglect national projects. Multi-tasking is a must. Attend a GOP precinct and school board meeting, make MAGA allies, and apply to run to become a board member.

America is structurally built from the ground up, and it needs redoing. So rest assured you’re time is well spent joining the grassroots MAGA movement.

Participating in local politics leads to the critical mission of putting forward great candidates, raising campaign money, and voter turnout. And most important of all, cleaning up our elections.

Share information and donate.

Join the millions of Conservative (MAGA) users sharing critical information and donating. Shadow banning and censorship are still going on, so MAGA needs you to share your lists as a “force multiplier.”

Also, MAGA doesn’t have the vast international donors of the Marxists, so donate what you can.

Get involved in cleaning up elections.

Cleaning up our elections is the most critical yet challenging task because we face the best election fraud organization the world has ever seen! From local school boards to global institutions, corruption is everywhere!

Yet, it is a “house of cards,” so if you can help break its back, it will fail everywhere!

List of essential areas to target for election integrity cleanup.

  • Remove voting machines and their illegal connections to the internet. They calculate how many illegal or phantom votes are needed to win.
  • Stop inaccurate and last-minute changes to online voter rolls. Insist or eliminate unqualified voters and public access, especially before and after an election.
  • Make Mail-in voting and remote drop boxes illegal. Because mail-in voting will always lack a “chain of custody,” it must be eliminated.
  • Make Google and Facebook report their “free” advertising for Democrats. Don’t underestimate the power of these ads or turn-out notices.

What to do while waiting for changes to election laws?

Unfortunately, the MAGA election campaign must play by unfair laws in many states. For example, blue or swing states require you to huddle with your local GOP precinct to figure out how to get the ballots in the boxes rather than only motivating voters to turn out.

Every state will vary, so you’ll need to contact your local GOP precinct for details. While at it, attend a meeting; maybe you are motivated to run for a committee member or chair position. For guidance in any state, go to The Precinct Strategy for more info.

What election offices to contact to restore honest elections?

If you reside in a blue state, you are “screwed and tattooed,” but never give up. Here is the list of government offices that hold the key to election law changes:

  • Governor
  • Secretary of State
  • State Congress Representatives
  • Attorney Generals
  • Justices
  • Election committees

Look for MAGA officeholders because you are wasting time talking to Democrats and RHINOs. Anyway, ask them what you can do to get an honest election.

In any case, you’ll need to broaden your scope from a MAGA platform vendor to a find the ballots and get them in the box activist. Use your creativity, join a MAGA election integrity group chapter in your state, and be a positive force.

Here is a dream list of how to achieve fair elections: Warning! Your efforts will be resisted at every level by everyone except MAGA supporters.

  1. Get out to vote yourself, and bring like-minded friends and family.
  2. Ballot harvest where legal. Get a signature, collect the ballot, and get a ballot in the box. No choice now but to play their game.
  3. Become a poll watcher. Get poll watchers and any third-party people handling ballets inside the post office.
  4. Make sure cameras work and drop boxes have locks and remain locked until a change of ballot custody is signed.
  5. Get the number of ballots to be counted immediately after the polls close. Because if you don’t know this, then you don’t know anything.
  6. Please clean up your state’s voter rolls, and stay clean. Make sure everyone with access has their own password so you know who is making changes.
  7. Talk to your state legislator about passing a bill to fund and conduct an automatic full audit of paper ballots immediately following elections.

Strengthen your mind and spirit to restore America.

Join spirits with like-minded because the burden of the horror of what’s happening in America is overwhelming! No matter how strong you think you are spiritually or mentally, it’s better to prepare yourself more.

Restoring my relationship with God was my first step in preparing for the battle against the totalitarian insurgency plaguing America. This connection gave me the strength to fight my best over the last 6-years.

The online insurgents continually try to put me down personally because their reality can not be defended. When I get angry, I rely on my spiritual strength to calm down and get them to talk about issues.

They are counting on eventually wearing me down, but my faith, not me, won’t let them.

Plugging into the inspiring music of a Christian church sets us free!

Decades later, a friend invited me to a “People’s Church” that played rock Christain music, where I was utterly impressed with the joy and involvement of the congregation. According to Catholic doctrine, the “bad boy” in me came out, and I committed a mortal sin by attending.

You can make a moral judgment about my decision, but I don’t care to be right if I am wrong. Because being inspired by God is more to me than loyalty to a church institution. I did not leave the Catholic Church. It left me.

While you decide how to restore America by strengthening your faith in God, the inspiration and the music of a “People’s Church” and its music was mine.

Watch the video below to see some clips of the crowds. Guaranteed they will inspire you.

Christain music on the road in front of tens of thousands.

Visit Let Us Worship for videos and a concert schedule in your area. It’s incredible how many young people get it!

Become resilient through focus and belief

Realize that nation in history has broken the back of tyranny without a religious component. It’s your religion and focus that it fears the most because the only weapon than can defeat them.

Therefore, everyone devoted to saving America must look deep within themselves to understand what it will take personally to win because no one is coming to save us!

A man who discovered his faith again because of FBI persecution.

A Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, Lee Edwards

“… if we really want to restore our country and we’re very serious about restoration, regeneration, renewal, it’s not going to be rooted in Washington, D.C., and in government. It’s going to be rooted in faith, the family, and personal sacrifice in our communities, in our neighborhoods.”

Authors: Timothy S. Goeglein and Craig Osten, American Restoration: How Faith, Family, and Personal Sacrifice Can Heal Our Nation 

Strengthen your family’s cohesiveness.

Dr. Carol Swain talks about the importance of strong families in restoring America.

I am putting down my smartphone for good!

In many ways, the age of smartphones ushered in the dawn of transhumanism. We got accustomed to losing mental control by transferring our total attention to the machines in our hands.

It started for me when my company bought an IBM XT personal computer long ago, and I took it upon myself to install accounting software. I ignored my employees and missed family dinners because of this stupid program!

I was one of the first transhumanists!

Decades later, my attention-deficient weakness moved to my smartphone! I still struggle to balance my time in a demanding online world with the real world. And so, I speak with knowledge, conviction, and humility.

Smartphone addiction is a personal surrender.

Not to pick on young people, but the addiction is most severe with them. For example, there is the case of my sixteen-year-old stepson, a weekly visitor. He is intelligent and well-spoken, but after a brief hello upon arrival, he only plays on his smartphone.

I sense that a merger between his mind and smartphone screen is happening! And he doesn’t have a clue how strange his devotion is!

Would he accept a brain implant if his genes were already edited with a vaccine? Would thoughts of God, family, and country fads become unimportant in a digital metaverse world? I think you know as well as me the answer.

And so, getting a handle on smartphone usage time, games, and metaverses is critical to restoring America. And it must be done before we lose him or ourselves.

Do I have the right to lecture others on smartphone usage?

Recently, I found myself tempted to lecture a high school student on why he should get off his smartphone while I crawl back to mine.

Expanding my addiction to include the public, my point is that we must all know to prioritize our lives and live within a smartphone time budget. That is to restore the values of God, family, and the country needed to restore America.

Our minds are already one with the computer (smartphone apps).

We have already “mind-melded” with information technology, whether we admit it or not. So don’t wince when I say America is not headed for transhumanism; we are almost there!

Therefore, you need to look backward and inward as you and I discover how to restore America from a realistic perspective.

Steve Bannon at the War Room on Rumble discusses the beginnings and nature of Marxism and Progressivism.

Forming and promoting a vision of a saved America

Our vision for the future is the most significant advantage for those who want to save America over the globalists because it offers what people want, individual freedom. Incredibly, the coming global tyranny continually misleads people by illogically claiming the benefits of their tyranny are the benefits of individual freedom!

In a game of “word salad,” they claim they defend democracy while MAGA represents an old-fashion, fascist Republic. And MAGA is extremism while the truth is we are still a little right of center. My point is always to stubbornly stand up, correct the opposition, and use the right words because they matter.

Teach your children the American vision.

Therefore, our best battle plan for restoring America is using the creative energy of our capitalistic system to out-innovate the totalitarians. And do it early on before they get their military boots on our heads.

Moreover, a significant advantage we have for restoring America is that most people want freedom. And so, we must again show people the dream. But first, we must dream it ourselves and break up the illogical promises of the Marxist Democratic totalitarians.

Have your kids join us

MAGA needs your help winning control over school boards, GOP precincts, etc. Moreover, it’s already having tremendous success, so get aboard when you’re feeling down. Taking over the committees of these local boards puts virtual handcuffs on the plans of progressive Marxists.

They are where the MAGA energy and overwhelming numbers are bound to win. Here is how you can get involved in booting progressive Marxism, CRT, and everything, out of your neighborhood.

Support Conservative media because its growth is critical to saving America.

If you see the whole picture of the attack on America, you’d know that helping the growing Conservative media and the Conservative alternate economy is critical to saving America.

Conservative media must eventually bloom into THE mainstream media or take it over, and the Biden Regime also knows it. This fear even makes them ridiculously label us “domestic terrorists.”

Give them something to worry about. Do citizen journalism, investigative reporting, help a news outlet, donate, etc. What’s important is doing something to help Conservative media expand, consolidate, and take over.

A prime example is Elon Musk’s freeing of Twitter. You should do the same if you have 44 billion lying around!


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