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5 Ways America is Now Resisting the Marxist Democrats.

5 Ways America is Now Resisting the Marxist Democrats.

Resistance to the American takeover by Marxist Democrats is stiffening. Nevertheless, the Marxists continue their unabated march toward totalitarianism—a political and psychological battle is forming.

Let’s examine the list of resistance points to understand how to fight back better.

List of ways America is now successfully resisting the Marxist-led Democrats.

  1. Expanding Political Base – Trump-endorsed candidates are crushing Marxists and RHINOs in mid-term election polling.
  2. Dominating Local Politics – MAGA is taking over local politics, school boards, GOP precincts, etc., due to its activism, especially about parental rights.
  3. Exposing Evil – The MAGA base continues to grow as people can now see all around them the gross failures of the Biden Regime. And understand the true nature of the civil war we are in.
  4. Establishing an Alternate Economy – Conservative media outlets grow to protect First Amendment. At the same time, businesses generally earn less because of the bad Biden economy and MAGA refusing to do business with them.
  5. Increasing Political Lawfare – MAGA is matching the Democratic Marxists in political lawfare. It’s raising money for lawyers mostly from private, small donations.

1. MAGA-led Republicans expand their base

It’s not surprising that the MAGA-led Republicans have expanded their base, especially as so many voters suffer under the Biden Regime. If it weren’t expanding, that would be strange.

The dramatic shift in Latin voting patterns!

… a whopping 73% of conservative Latinos say they prefer Republicans in control of Congress, versus 17% who prefer Democrats — a 56-point advantage for the GOP. 

NBC News, Oct. 5, 2022, By Mark Murray and Alexandra Marquez, “This one demographic has driven much of the GOP’s gains with Latino voters”

2. Dominating Local Politics

MAGA’s People Revolt must organize locally because that’s where our power lies. Fighting the feds after the Democratic Marxist infiltrated and seized power is necessary, but the hard way.

Instead, the people must continue pushing to decertify the 2020 election legally. And do so after the 2022 midterms when MAGA sweeps out the RHINOs and establishes solid majorities for the decertification process.

Besides, removing a sitting President will get extremely dicy as MAGA must control the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would never allow the planned “Contingency Election” to reverse the 2020 results even though mandated within the U.S. Constitution.

Nevertheless, the point is that MAGA must wait until after it secures the U.S. House of Representatives before moving to restore Trump as President. And if MAGA doesn’t win the House because of another crooked election, I shudder to think what will happen.

MAGA-led Alternate Economy gaining the attention of corporate America.

I guess corporate America thought America was finished as a country, and the future looked Chinese. But they are now awakening to a different reality.

Humor: MAGA flexes its buying power.

MAGA consumers finally begin cutting off the businesses that want to end our constitutional republic by the people. And these two comedy actors want to help them fail!

Woke business consultants who help them lose money.

This skit is about the nonsensical economic discussions that must be going on in huge companies like Netflix, Disney, etc., where they are suffering double-digit revenue losses and must now report back to shareholders why sales to MAGA members dropped so steeply.

Then, we’ll see if there are enough MAGA shareholders to change their leadership.

Profound Example: The State of Louisiana ends business with Blackrock Investment.

In an example of things to come, in this case, a MAGA-lead investment organization should be knocking on the door of this state treasurer to manage those funds. As the Treasurer of Louisiana pulled some 800 million dollars from Blackrock Investments. It must be now looking for another investment firm!

I hope this is a harbinger of things to come for the coming MAGA-led alternate economy. All should be contacting state treasurers right now to get them to do the same.



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