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5 Ways America is Now Resisting the Marxist Democrats.

American resistance to its communist takeover has stiffened. Yet, the Marxists continue their march unabated toward global totalitarianism—meanwhile, a political and psychological battle forms, causing a fear that our predictions may be correct. It’s all happening so fast!

But, there is a growing awakening in America, triggering five reasons for optimism.

  1. Lockdown and jab resistance because the truth about the viruses is emerging.
  2. MAGA is taking over local politics.
  3. Woke businesses like Disney, Netflix, etc., are losing MAGA customers, resulting in substantial losses.
  4. MAGA is matching the Democratic Marxists in political lawfare.
  5. Trump-endorsed candidates are crushing Marxists and RHINOs in primary elections.

Will MAGA win the US House and Senate at the 2022 midterms?

The new MAGA-led Republican party will take back the US House and Senate at the 2022 midterms. If the elections are at least somewhat fair and don’t get postponed.

While MAGA is sweeping local primary elections, there is only mixed success in important federal offices. It seems the Marxists are focusing on keeping the power of the US Senate. It is probably a sign they plan to finish America with the passage of New World Order (NWO) treaties and judicial nominations.

In any case, the Marxist is in full attack mode. And they will strive to win every political position they can without regard for morals.

Millions of dependent illegal aliens readied to vote for Democratic Party.

I have seen such denial since Lois Lane couldn’t tell that Clark Kent was Superman. The millions of illegal aliens are not here as a global kindness.

Instead, they are here as a permanent voting class for the Marxists. Anyone who tells you differently is a Lois Lane, Superman denier!

RHINO politicians crawl out of the darkness.

RHINOs are exposing themselves as Marxists by blocking common-sense election integrity safeguard legislation. The best case is that they are only out of touch; they must remove them either way.

In either case, the RHINOs know they will not get re-elected in a fair election because they sided with Marxism and the New World Order authoritarian takeover.

A MAGA “Observer Bull Rush” must happen during midterm ballot counting.

Both MAGA and the Marxists know the “rubber meets the road” when MAGA insists on their right to oversight, especially after the Marxists lost the Virginia governorship when moms and dads turned so quickly into active observers.

Already we see MAGA getting trained for Observer positions. And the Marxists preparing for the rationale for more mail-in voting due to new virus outbreaks.

During the 2022 midterms, there will be a “face-off” between corrupt ballot counters and MAGA observers. MAGA will insist this time around on stopping corruption before results are certified.

The coming face-off between ballot counters and observers

The two sides staring down in back rooms may settle the political war to save America. In the days following the first counting of ballots, whoever stands the firmest will rule America.

And the people will quickly stand behind them this time. So, look for riots and police on the streets.

MAGA begins to flex its power as consumers.

MAGA consumers finally begin cutting off the businesses that want to end our constitutional republic by the people. And these two want to help them fail!

Woke business consultants who help them lose money.

Huge companies like Netflix, Disney, etc., suffer double-digit revenue losses. They must now report back to shareholders; why?

Then, we’ll see if there are enough MAGA shareholders to change their leadership.

The brilliant strategies of Elon Musk

Elon Musk is twiddling with the Marxists because he’s frustrated and seen enough. But who is Elon Musk? Is he a patriot, though, or simply an engineer with the mental illness spectrum of Aspergers (a form of autism)?

Elon Musk is a business strategy genius who mainly enjoys and cares about solving big problems. And he’s seen the light. A Marxist takeover of America is a big problem for us and his businesses.

The following are some of his best moves so far. Only by considering them after him do we realize his genius. We should all be thrilled that his personal and business needs for freedom align with ours. Not only because of his money but because of his autistic mind.

Elon Musk shakes Twitter’s nest.

Elon Musk turns Twitter upside down before spending a dime. To confirm the actual value of this iconic communist platform, his people check the validity of their user base. And find out their public numbers are fraudulent!

Musk advertises for 1,000 tough patriotic lawyers.

Musk realizes a major MAGA weakness in another brilliant move is its lack of lawyers. The Marxists’ massive amounts of money and professional organization are overwhelming us.


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