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Was January 6th an insurrection attempt?


The peaceful protest on January 6th was not an insurrection attempt. It was a large gathering of understandably mad but peaceful Republican protesters that got hoodwinked by government infiltrations and the Capitol Hill police.

Interestingly, the protesters were unarmed, so how could the protest be considered an insurrection attempt? The only ones were government infiltrators. Besides, they were only moms, dads, ex-military, etc., not military people; in other words, Conservatives who form the center-right of the political compass.

Did they want Vice President Pence to give them more time to investigate election corruption? Were they prepared for him to constitutionally insert the backup electors sent by some states? The answers are yes.

But their actions were legal!

But the Marxist-led Democrats wanted something different, a show that would look like an insurrection attempt. Let’s see how they tried to do it.

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Background: The global pattern of Marxist-led totalitarians faking insurrections.

The Marxist-led totalitarian Democrats followed a tradition of deception by converting the January 6th protest into a propaganda ploy. They had their street people, FBI, guns, and Trump-supporter disguises ready and a well-thought-out plan.

This was not the first time these same totalitarian types staged false flag events before a national takeover; it’s done almost every time! The patriots on January 6th knew the pattern and what would come next.

After the stolen 2020 election, the patriots envisioned their homeland turning into a Marxist hellhole. Their vision of a dystopian future for America is further verified as time goes on.

It’s impressive how the patriots have restrained themselves while waiting for the rest of America to wake up to a partial insurgency. Let’s hope we can get our corruptible mail-in voting systems declared illegal, as in the State of New York.

Protestors did not know what to do.

Once those amongst them got the signal to begin the entrance into the Capitol Building, the sheer momentum and size of the protest moved them inside, whether they wanted to go or not.

There wasn’t time to reverse what had been done!

Next, a few found themselves inside after being even let in by the police! Entrapment, plain and simple!

The state of mind of the protesters

Patriots were left helpless, feeling the Marxist-led Democrats stole their country.

Their emotions over the stolen election bubbled over when Trump asked them to protest peacefully. Nancy Pelosi and the company devised a Jan 6th show insurgency to turn their emotions into a “show” insurgency.

Did the protester want to overthrow the government?

How can 100,000 protesters be insurrectionists?

Or, how can the people be insurrectionists in their own country? They can’t!

After the 2020 election, the Marxist Democrats assumed they had taken over the United States; therefore, anyone against them was an insurrectionist when the truth is that they were insurrectionists.

What did the peaceful protesters want on January 6th?

Based on growing evidence of election fraud, they want a few extra weeks for the states to review whether they made the right choice in certifying their elections. If that didn’t work, they wanted the Republican Vice President, Pence, to refuse to acknowledge the electors from the swing states.

Yes, Pence was legally powered to deny Biden’s election!

The U.S. Constitution gives state legislatures “plenary” (absolute) power to send the presidential electors of their choosing if election fraud is suspected, why those trying to exercise this power should be accused as insurrectionist is beyond my understanding.

Lack of Guns: The final Proof of lack of insurgency intent

On that fateful day, only one side had guns: the Capitol Police and a few Marxist infiltrators. The peaceful protestors had none. Besides, any sane mind knows there was no chance an armed or unarmed group of citizens could take over and hold the U.S Capitol.

Therefore, we have angry protestors and Marxist-led Democrats continuing to plot against our democratic republic with a “show” insurgency to power their insurgency further.

What was the purpose of the January 6th “show” Insurgency?

The Marxist-led Democrats purposely staged a “show” insurrection so Nancy Pelosi and company could open up a massive investigation. The purpose was to stay on the offense by diverting patriots’ attention away from their crimes and causing fear.

Jan 6th was a setup!

Nancy Pelosi and the deep state set up the peaceful protesters to warn others of the severe consequences of opposing their new Marxist government. Because they knew there was danger, as the people knew they stole the 2020 election.

Unfortunately, hundreds of patriots are caught in this emotional, political trap. They are the immediate victims who spend years in the District of Columbia jail on a foreign territory controlled by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Moreover, the horrible treatment of the patriots in jail warns us what kind of Insurgency we’re fighting. No quarter will be given when it comes time for Marxists’ trials.