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Was January 6th an Insurrection Attempt?

No, the January 6th riot was not an insurrection attempt because the protester had neither guns nor an insurrection plan. Instead, it was a last-ditch plea to VP Pence to count the constitutionally-allowed alternate electors’ slates sent by state houses appealing for more time to audit possible fraudulent elections.

Labeling the protestors an insurrection was a public relation coup for the Globalists within Congress. They were only moms, dads, ex-military, etc., not military people; in other words, Conservatives who form the center-right of the political compass.

Did they want Vice President Pence to give them more time to investigate election corruption? Were they prepared for him to insert the backup electors sent by some states constitutionally? The answers are yes.

But their actions were legal!

But the Marxist-led Democrats wanted something different, a show that would look like an insurrection attempt. Let’s see how they tried to do it.

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January 6th: A Democratic party trick to not count votes of contested states.

The Marxist-led fedinsurrection followed a pattern of deception by converting the January 6th protest into a large-scale propaganda ploy. The feds had their street people, FBI, guns, and Trump-supporter disguises ready to make the riot seem like an insurrection.

But this is now changing as previously hidden video clearly shows a massive federal plot with many simultaneous federal operations. What was the real point?

The delay caused by the fedinsurrection caused VP Pence to rush through the counting, not even considering the wishes of the swing states for more time to audit their elections.

The frustrated and angry state of mind of the protesters

Patriots were angry and frustrated, feeling the Marxist-led Democrats stole their country. The truth is they didn’t know what to do!

Nancy Pelosi and friends laid a trap for their confused state with a dozen or more federal undercover operations.

They were trying to force Congress to do their constitutional duty to grant the states questioning their elections more time before officially totaling the votes. That´s not an insurrection; that’s a public demand for the VP to do his job!

Yes, Pence was legally powered to deny Biden’s election!

The U.S. Constitution gives state legislatures “plenary” (absolute) power to send the presidential electors of their choosing if election fraud is suspected; why those trying to exercise this power should be accused of insurrectionist is beyond my understanding.

Lack of Guns: The final Proof of lack of insurgency intent

On that fateful day, only one side had guns: the Capitol Police and a few Marxist infiltrators. The peaceful protestors had none. Besides, any sane mind knows there was no chance an armed or unarmed group of citizens could take over and hold the U.S. Capitol.

Therefore, we have angry protestors and Marxist-led Democrats continuing to plot against our democratic republic with a “show” insurgency to power their insurgency further.

A well-planned federal law enforcement setup!

Nancy Pelosi and the deep state set up the peaceful protesters to warn others of the severe consequences of opposing their new Marxist government. Because they knew there was danger, as the people knew they stole the 2020 election.

The turndown of the national guard and the brutality of law enforcement teaches us that these federal agencies need tearing down.

BTW, no law enforcement officers were killed, but two MAGA patriots were, contrary to what you hear on the fake news.

Why the harness of the J6 Gulag?

According to the Marxist playbook, the Democrats needed to capture and torture some prisoners to teach them a lesson that it is futile to resist. And it worked for a while!

But as time goes on, they are considered heroes!

Unfortunately, hundreds of patriots are caught in this emotional, political trap. They are the immediate victims who spend years in the District of Columbia jail on a foreign territory controlled by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Moreover, the horrible treatment of the patriots in jail warns us what kind of Insurgency we’re fighting. No quarter will be given when it comes time for Marxists’ trials.

Another card played that can’t be used again.

Man depositing ballot via harvesting