Violent Riots in America.

One cause three faces, or were there really three causes. Anyways, at least one got hijacked.


Violent riots in America about mostly forgotten racial frustration are planned and carried out daily by local agitators. With covert Democrat support piloting these emotions, they think they have the momentum and power to overthrow America.

To make their plan work, these global communists are relying heavily on subverted mainstream media and power brokers. Fortunately, people are discovering the truth through other media and using their common sense.

As the anarchist (global communists) lose control of the media, the faces of the George Floyd protest fade. Not that his life wasn’t important, but because we know with clarity that anarchists hijacked the racial protest movement.

Here are the three separate faces within the George Floyd protest:

  1. Civil rights activists: protesting mistreatment of blacks.
  2. Looters: those who think stealing is justified as reparations.
  3. Anarchists (Antifa): attempting a US insurrection

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Who would have ever thought that Minneapolis, Minnesota would have so many serious riots?

June 4, 2021 – Things get worse!

George Floyd murdered in Minneapolis

During the daytime, the face of peaceful civil rights protesters marches to express their side of police brutality. Afterwards, in the early evening, the other two faces filter into the area to sage what’s to come later.

Later on, two more faces appear: Looters arrive to rally and wait until later in the evening to steal because they can and anarchists join them to complete and amplify the coming chaos.

On separate street corners until now, they begin to mingle and rally to plunder and destroy a city. Unafraid, they know in advance the police will stand down and would be released anyways the same night by Democrat politicians.

Such is the routine of the three faces of the George Floyd protests in Minneapolis. And is being duplicated in other American cities.

Not really a surprise, except for how the anarchists hide behind the legitimate racial protesters and looters. That was insidious!

A blow-by-blow description of the aftermath of the death of George Floyd.

Spreads to Los Angeles and beyond

And so, on June 2, 2020, I wasn’t surprised that the mass of humanity that was the Los Angeles street protest literally turned on them. A woman fireball leader huddled with the police and to get approval for marching routes, and then it happened!

She gave a rather short but powerful speech that I had been waiting for. She asked the hugh crowd using her own unamplified voice to reject the looters and the anarchists. And to, get back to healing the country.

My optimize about the future of America has been soaring ever since because I realized that the size of the peace movement is far larger than the looters and anarchists. And so, they haven’t a chance against the people.

This kind of movement has always been our nation’s only hope. And so, I see thrilled to see it born right in front of my eyes!

I wonder if President Trump baited this mass response with his threats of military intervention? For part of the reason, it seems to be to cut off Trump! Well, whatever works.

What Are Today’s Black America Assimilation Problems?

Black Americans need to learn how to thrive with the freedom they won during the Civil Rights war. And, we need to help them.

We need to help them get over the traumatization of being thrown into a free world as slaves 150 years ago. An oversight Black Americans never made up for.

Lost in the free world they manipulation white guilt, and the anarchists help magnify it. But, how has the manipulation of white guilt helped black people for the last 40 years – not at all!

And so, the looters and the anarchist (Antifa) are using Black Lives Matter to their benefit, but black Americans will get nothing for themselves. The answer to racism is less confrontation, not more.

Were Black Americans Used by the Democrats and the Global Communists in Minneapolis?

Probably just another coincidence, never mentioned in the news, but the entire state and local political crew of Minneapolis was Democratic (global communists).

What does this mean? Well nothing, I just don’t believe in coincidences!

Looting is not a good look for black americans!

These looters think that’s it’s simply ok to steal, and they only give glancing thoughts about the purpose of the protest. They lack morals and feel helpless, many cannot even afford to live without the help of the government. So they see things in store they need or just want, but can’t afford it, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because of that virus, the quality of their lives has worsened even further, and so looting is part of their everyday hunt to do water is necessary to scrape up a buck. However, looting your own town is going to stop, at least during the protest because the masses aren’t going to allow them to disrespect their goals.

There you go! The higher purpose wins again!

White anarchists use black American causes for their advantage.

Now that the looters days are numbered, where does that leave the white liberal anarchist or Antifa? Thankfully, they are hanging out to dry because they don’t have near the muscle to face the combined forces of the police, National Guard, and the US military.

They dream world of no borders and everyone equally sharing under a global, socialistic order never did sway the mass when pitched. And so, it’s already plain to see they now have no large allies, so they are done before they start!

What is Antifa?

The name Antifa is from the community organizers that protected their neighborhoods from the fascist Mussolini in Italy during World War II. Hence, the US version formed by Obxxx and funded by George Soros started it specifically to name Trump as their Nazi enemy.

Whenever I read the words community organizers, I think of Obama because that is his background.

Designed to not have a visible head, even though you know it has one. But anyway, they are not really that clever as I am sure the Justice Department has the goods on them.

You may wonder why the FBI is not the lead in taking down Antifa. Could it be that its Director, Honorable Christoper Wray, and Antifa are both on there way out?

So, their protest job to create chaos failed. And so, now expect them to somehow be involved in rigging the 2020 election. If they fail that task, their cause and their role in overthrowing the US government, in favor of global communism, is over!

President Trump Talks Big About Ending the Riots!

Tough, necessary talk from President Trump! And so, was this “get tough” speech a setup to trigger the peaceful left to rejecting the looting and insurgency – actions actually based on their hate for him. If this underhanded, full head-shake strategy is successful, he’ll win in 2020.


There is no doubt a conspiracy to overthrow America exists, and I’ll debate anyone who calls it a theory. Too late anyway, as we are already in the throes of an insurgency.

While President Trump has led the way in fighting back, he knows that America must have the massive support of patriots to push them back into their holes.

However, once in their holes, we must address the serious, legitimate frustrations affecting Americans. Otherwise, we’ll be back here again, sooner than you think.


By Wayne

I am an Op-Ed writer and commentaries specializing in America's conservative political issues for over 6 years. I am truly am an independent journalist as I receive no outside funding or commissions. I am driven by the need for everyone to understand the daily news in context.