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Shocking! How USPS Assisted Democrats in Mail-In Ballot Fraud!

The United States Postal Service (USPS) participated in ballot fraud during the 2020 election! Some employees transported millions of fake mail-in votes to distribution and counting centers in their trucks.

And, yes, at least one was caught, but the USPS refuses to release the results of their investigations. It’s unimaginable that some leftist writers and chatbots would dare say the USPS can debunk their crimes!

They even spied on the owners of conservatives’ social media accounts to discover who knew too much and could expose their fraud. Then, their inspectors and the FBI collaborated to break down their front doors in the early mornings to scare them.

Here is a digest of the details, so you can decide if something needs to change to restore America.

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Is the USPS complicit in the election fix?

The United States Postal Service is involved in mail-in ballot election fraud. They’ve been caught, and common sense tells us only a business with trucking assets like the USPS could quickly and securely distribute so many fake ballots.

The union between the Democratic Marxists and the USPS is an unholy alliance between two organizations that cannot exist without each other. After all, the Marxists can’t win an election, and the USPS can’t exist financially without the yearly bailouts from Congress.

The smell of corruption at the USPS is from top to bottom. Am I sure? Let’s look at the reasons for my suspicions.

The 2020 election battle over the US Postal Service

Just before the 2020 election, President Trump tried to end the Federal bailout for the USPS by cutting unprofitable services, like reducing personnel and sporting fewer collection points (mailboxes).

He tried to knee-cap mail-in voting by appointing a new Republican chief of the USPS who promised to help him make the USPS more efficient. But that’s not how things went.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had a different idea. She called Congress back into session in the summer of 2020 to pass the usual stop-gap, multi-billion dollar supplemental bill to keep the USPS afloat. I am guessing in exchange for moving around truckloads of illegal ballots.

Louis Dejoy is a Republican and prominent Republican donor. President Trump selected him to help make the USPS profitable and cripple Nancy Pelosi’s drive to steal the 2020 election via corrupt mail-in voting. The trouble is that Pelosi is a master player and holds the Congressional purse strings.

Below is a quote on what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the master news spinner, put out to the press.

The assault by President Trump & his mega-donor Postmaster General Louis DeJoy on the Postal Service threatens lives, livelihood & life of our American democracy. I am calling on the House to return to vote on Chairwoman Maloney’s “Delivering for America Act.”

Twitter Broadcast, by Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi has a last-minute meeting in her office with USPS chief Louis Dejoy

A few months before the 2020 election House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the President of USPS had a closed-door, one-on-one meeting in the US Capital. When I heard about it, my election fraud alarm bells went off! I would have loved to have listened to this meeting.

Louis probably got numerous phone calls from USPS union bosses, and Nancy twisted his arm until he caved. Because of this meeting, mail-in voting became the dominant way of voting and cheating. Trump never had a chance to win in 2020.

Suspicious! USPS is blocking the Freedom of Information Request for a transportation manifest of over 288,000 fake ballots.

Remember the USPS driver who inspected what he was carrying and found that his truck was hauling 288,000 fake ballots? A MAGA election lawyer filed a legal request for its internal report.

No surprise, the USPS so far refuses to turn over the report. Amazing how they can refuse to comply and get away with it!

Why were USPS employees exempt from the jab?

Is there any reason a postal worker should be exempt from taking a COVID injection? When the rest of the federal workers weren’t!

Can we assume anything other than a political payoff without any other plausible explanation? The USPS union bosses didn’t want their members dead and unable to pay dues.

What are the suspected USPS mail-ballot fraud methods?

The USPS participated in two of the most crucial election fraud areas to play a pivotal role in stealing elections. That is widening the ability to generate fraudulent names and addresses to the voter roles and injecting false ballots into the counting stream.

Note that these two zones of specialized corruption involve mail-in voting.

USPS assist mail-in ballots ballot fraud with the help of Hillary Clinton at the wheel.
She’s involved somehow. She is always at the source of evil.

The Democratic lawyers hired radical members to screen, enter, and merge fake voter names.

Who has the national information on where people live? When did they move? Where did they move to? Well, it’s the USPS!

They match the USPS Moved Records with county voter rolls to do so. Then, select those still listed on the voter rolls but moved. So the Democratic Party can use their names as fraudulent votes.

Hard to believe? Read on.

Interestingly enough, in 2020, they still didn’t have enough in Arizona. And so, they needed to deliver over 7,000 duplicate ballots for Biden.

Why can the USPS not legitimately offer a mail-in voting option?

The USPS mail system does not feature a chain of custody service, which any trusted election system requires. So, the USPS must institute massive upgrades to offer a legitimate mail-in voting election option.

And so, what happens when the USPS comes to the House asking for another bailout from a Republican House in 2023? Things are about to get interesting!

In many cases, RINOs are preventing the cleaning of voting roles and placing even more drop boxes.

USPS personnel caught in the act of dumping voter registration mail.

Watch two USPS truck drivers tell of their experiences moving pre-filled-out ballots for Biden. Yet, the Marxists could pulverize their legal affidavits out of our minds.

These people risk their jobs, benefits, and personal ruin by signing affidavits that they witnessed USPS ballot handling fraud. What is maddening is: that not a single court read one!

Example: The strange case of the disappearing USPS trailer of fraudulent ballots.

Whistleblower, USPS Temporary Employee Jesse Morgan, says he ‘drove the boxes of fraudulent completed ballots’ from Bethpage, New York, and then delivered them to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

But, strangely enough, that’s where the trail ends. The driver’s trailer disappeared from the yard!

Strange things always happen in states when Democrats run elections.

How the USPS enters fraudulent ballots into election systems

While the USPS doesn’t print ballots, they ship truckloads of ballots between states. Local shipments are made by rental trucks. Nevertheless, I suspect local mail carriers throw away many Republican ballots.

Is the USPS generally secure?

I would generally say no. Since the USPS union regularly only donations to Democrats and the mail delivery has no chain of custody safeguards, the USPS is not suited to delivering ballots.

House GOP leader reports USPS stole campaign checks.

How can you trust the USPS with vote ballots when a “growing mail theft crisis is gripping America.”

“Congresswoman Stefanik and her campaign supporters are not the only Americans who have been victimized by mail theft,” Stefanik’s team wrote. “Mail theft is rampant in the United States, and USPS appears unwilling or unable to effectively deter or prevent it. News outlets from Houston to Chicago and from the District of Columbia to Sacramento have reported on the growing mail theft crisis gripping America.”

Epoch Times, December 2, 2022, Jeffrey Ward House GOP Leader Reports That Postal Workers Stole Over $20,000 In Campaign Donations (theepochtimes.com)

USPS Inspector General admits it spied on Trump supporters

If you thought the USPS and its unions were impartial, think again!

“The Internet Covert Operations Program (ICOP) functions within the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, which assesses threats to Postal Service employees and its infrastructure by monitoring publicly available open source information.” 

Using ICOP, their law enforcement arm monitored social media accounts during the 2020 election. Not surprisingly, USPS specifically monitored Trump Supporters to gather what it could to fill out their online profiles.


There is no way to win another election once mail-in voting is approved, especially if MAGA personnel cannot effectively monitor signature matching.

Can cheating be stopped? Maybe! But, it would require several critical election integrity safeguards to get passed. And only a few states have passed them.

My last prediction, the Marxist Democrats, only need about a dozen more states before calling a Constitutional Convention to abolish the US Constitution entirely, then welcome “The Socialist States of America.” If something dramatic doesn’t change, it will happen!

Man depositing ballot via harvesting