How USPS Assists Mail-In Ballot Fraud!


Of course, the mail-in ballot fraud perpetrated by the Marxists required large-scale logistic support. Moreover, no organization was in a better position to provide this service!

For how else could they transport millions of faked ballots nationwide, and undetected. Plus, show up just in time, in the right numbers, and in the right place!

And so, we know they conspired with the Democratic Party. Let’s look at more details to understand better.

Certainly, the Democratic Party and the USPS Employee Union joined at the hip!

Moreover, Joe Biden was the assigned account representative for the Democratic Party. Especially after saying so often, ‘If it wasn’t for the unions there wouldn’t be a middle-class in America.’

Specifically, Joe Biden has promoted USPS “interests” for over 40 years!

For this reason, the union leaders likely turned a blind eye. And provided the Party custom national logistic support of fake Biden ballots.

After all, delivering so many just-in-time fake ballots required a lot of management. And so, the logistical centers of the USPS had to know exactly what was going on!

Also, could there be any connection to their Congressional COVID mandate carve-out? Where their union members were exempted from taking vaccines.

Why a last minute meeting with Nancy Pelosi just before the 2020 election?

Coincidently, the President of the USPS met with Nancy Pelosi a month before the 2020 election. And so, what could go wrong?

First, when the minute mainstream media said he was a Republican, I knew something was up! As, my thoughts immediately turned to memories of FBI Director, James Comey who was also a “so-called Republican.”

Why the USPS supplies Democrats with a list of people who moved.

For the purpose of merging it against registered voters. So, they create fake votes for those who had moved.

Then, after an election, they cover their tracks of voter fraud. By deleting them from state voter rolls via remote access for lefty activists.

The USPS assists large-scale election fraud in 2020

Joe Biden lost the 2020 election so badly! That it took the national delivery logistics of the USPS to bail him out! With their help, Democrats pulled off a massive ballot-stuffing operation to back up his phony vote totals.

To back up what I’m saying, a million or more manufactured ballots for Biden turned up in several USPS trucks. With this in mind, figuring out whether they were involved in fraud is easy!

USPS assist mail-in ballots ballot fraud with the help of Hillary Clinton at the wheel.
She’s involved somehow. She is always at the source of evil.

Postal unions, like their counterparts in the labor movement, favor Democrats in their political contributions.

Open Secrets, Postal Unions

Political ties between Marxists and the USPS

When Fox News described the President of the USPS as a Republican, I sighed with relief. Because soon he was to meet with Nancy Pelosi. Be that as it may, my heart sank when pointed out that he’s a RHINO.

I’m pretty sure that meeting was a last-minute, final check of their readiness to steal the 2020 election.

USPS Employees overwhelming donate to the Marxist Democrats.

In fact, they donated as if their jobs depended on it!

There is no way a MAGA executive could be President of the USPS when such close friends with powerful Marxists. I am talking about Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi.

Suspected methods of mail-ballot fraud

Rumors that make sense swirl around methods of committing mail-in ballot fraud. But there is a wall of fear for many preventing the perpetrators from coming forward. And, for others, mainstream media propaganda convinced them that Trump was a bad person.

In general, anywhere we see a broken chain of custody, common sense leads us to suspect. But, we must be careful because the Democrats will plant false information to try to catch Patriots dispelling “conspiracy theories.”

Where they plant them is usually right in front of the truth. So we must go deeper until the suspicion is disproven. Because the Democrats have already proven that they are not worthy of being given the benefit of the doubt.

Antifa and other activists hired to merge USPS information with voter rolls.

They needed to add every plausible voter to the roles in order to fabricate enough false votes.

Interestingly enough, in Arizona in 2020, they still didn’t have enough. And so, they needed to deliver over 7,000 duplicate ballots for Biden.

To do so, they match the USPS Moved Records with county voter rolls. Then, select those still listed on the voter rolls, but moved. So they can use their names as false votes.

Ballots traveling from China to the USPS distribution centers.

Don’t be surprised if the fake mail-in ballots were printed in China. And somehow entered the USPS mail stream at a major international distribution point.

Because of email communications, shipping notices, and invoices were all discovered. And also, a payment for the invoice by the Democratic Party.

Mail Carriers dispose and add ballots

The chain of custody for ballots breaks during mail carrier delivery. And so, any number of acts of fraud can happen unobserved.

The thinning of the ranks of Antifa during the 2020 election happened for a reason. Many got temporary seasonal jobs at the USPS to assist during a busy Christmas season. And others needed to fill in fake ballots.

The high number of confessions of USPS personal mail-in ballot fraud speaks for itself.

Incredibly, we still get gaslighted that there is no mail-in ballot fraud going on inside the USPS. On its face, with so many employees donating to Democrats and broken chains of ballot custody, you should doubt them.

And so, just because a USPS worker backs down from their confessions of the mail-in ballot fraud when faced with losing their jobs and pensions, don’t think they weren’t initially telling the truth. There are too many similar stories to dismiss all of them!

Even more interesting is the fact that most of the whistleblowers within the USPS are temporary employees with the least to lose. However, even they are not completely off the hook, as Cancel Culture has other ways of getting them to recant.

USPS Mail Truck driver allegedly delivers fraudulent votes to Pennsylvania.

Watch two USPS truck drivers tell of their experiences moving pre-filled out ballots for Biden. Yet, the Marxist were able to pulverize their legal affidavits out of our minds.

To explain ‘Whistleblower,’ USPS Temp, Jesse Morgan says he drove the boxes of fraudulent complete ballots. Specifically, he picked them up in Bethpage, New York, and delivered them to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. But, strangely enough, that’s where the trail ends. As his trailer then simply disappears!

In include

Confessions from professional fraudsters and whistleblowers.

My personal story: USPS letter carrier confides in me what really happens to ballots.

She was an awfully good-looking, well-put-together skinny woman. Sexy enough to stop traffic! OK, we lived together in the 80s!

Besides the point, one day she told me that she wanted to become a USPS letter carrier. I can remember wondering if she could lift and push the heavyweight!

But, sure enough, she got a temporary job that turned full-time.

Because she learned how to play by simple rules. Which were finish your route on time! Even if you need to throw away some bulk mail or vote ballots!

The truth was that she could never finish her route on time. At least not without needing to throw away bulk mail or ballots.

By Team Go Beyondo

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