Using Racism As Cover For Maoist Takeover.

Don’t be left in the dark again about why insurgents call you a racist! There is a reason, although convoluted.


Using racism as cover for a Maoist takeover is so nonsensical, but it’s happening anyway! They have completely redefined the word!

However, let’s not waste time being amazed! Let’s identify and freeze their false vocabulary by spreading words of caution about the false reality they create by hijacking the meaning of words.

If we don’t, today’s Chinese political reality of tyranny will soon be ours!

Identifying Americans as Racists and Freezing Them.

Using senseless accusations of racism to generate chaos, a Maoist takeover attempt cleverly blends into the lies of darkness. After all, America is not even a racist country!

Needing a fake reality, the Biden cabal called on the Democratic Party playbook, the Rules for Radicals. It is a political organizing book from the 60s by author, Saul Alinsky. Noteworthy, the book is extremely popular with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

“The Rules for Radicals” advises communicators to keep pushing fake racist narratives until they come out the other side as reality.

Never a clearer example of the awesome power of partisan propaganda than what old stream media and big tech unleased onto America. The way they identified and froze patriots as racists is amazing!

Racial discrimination is any discrimination against individuals on the basis of their skin color, or racial or ethnic origin

Wikipedia – Racial discrimination

Who is Using Racism to Paralyze American Politics?

Finally! Those who attack America have a name–the “Global Maoist Corporate Oligarchy.” Or we could just call them the “cabal.”

And, it’s not the Russians! They were just yet another Maoist distraction

Taking apart the terms “Global Maoist Corporate Oligarchy” tells you everything you need about who has America in their crosshairs. And each component is extremely rich and powerful!

In any case, don’t get misled.

The American racism nonsense is about identifying and freezing conservatives in place while the cabal seizes powers.

List of What Each Wants

  • Maoist- China wants to be the number one superpower in the world.
  • Corporate – Businesses want a one-world government with one set of business laws
  • Oligarchy – Internation bankers, the very rich, military, celebrities, etc.

Further, the administrative offices are slated to be the headquarters for the European Union or the United Nations.

How Being Identified as Racist Makes Patriots the Enemy!

Five years ago, a friend of mine, called me a Nazi! The label came out of the blue. I didn’t know how to respond. Something was happening around me, and I had no idea what.

Later, he explained that he got a commercial design job making them a logo. But, did my friend call me a Nazi racist for an artistic commission? Didn’t seem likely, as I know him as an intelligent guy.

Something big and sinister happened to seemingly healthy reality. As I later found out, he was designing logos for Antifa.

Let’s look at a bucket of reason people join Antifa. Maybe there is an answer there.

Why people join Antifa:

  • Feel tricked into borrowing money for a college education when there are few jobs waiting for them.
  • America is their target of anger for their hopelessness.
  • Cash for rioters, especially high-profile destructive actions.
  • Great leadership (Obama) and sense of purpose.
  • Brainwashing by Marxist professors and corrupt news sources.
  • Desire to shed Social Security payments for old people.
  • False promises that socialism is more efficient than capitalism.
  • A desire to start civilization over under their terms.
  • Sense of common purpose among members.
  • Parties, music, a good time of membership, constant festival

Video Review – Will The Arrogance of the Left Be Their Downfall!

Video credit: Youtube: The Blaze Channel

Arrogance is not an effective weapon when fighting against those who stand up for their beliefs. For when they do, the sword of morality becomes invincible.

Only armed with arrogance and beliefs from the dark side, there is no doubt that many undecided voters will vote against Biden in 2020. So aware of this problem that Democrats have practically plagiarized Trump’s platform.

The Democratic platform is actually a “global Maoist corporate oligarchy”

The Democratic Party platform sounds so well-intentioned. And, at the same time, an “open door” to a global communist takeover.

That is to say, it’s deceptively written to win an election and offers a blueprint to fundamentally change America into a communist country, read it carefully.

Especially, consider how they will accomplish their goals while stifling the economy.

In any case, the bottom line is the Democrat Party platform document “turns the truth on its head.” And written to help Democrats return to power and never lose it again, while they subjugate the US under the United Nations.


Frankly, I’m frustrated battling an enemy who won’t even tell me what they want and hides behind secret meanings. And, that’s exactly what the Marxist wanted.

Over and over, we hear “Black Matters Manner,” while our heads spin wondering what the heck that means. Of course, black lives matter, but so do others!

One thing for sure, if Biden wins in 2020, discrimination against conservatives won’t matter.


By Wayne

I am an Op-Ed writer and commentaries specializing in America's conservative political issues for over 6 years. I am truly am an independent journalist as I receive no outside funding or commissions. I am driven by the need for everyone to understand the daily news in context.