Urgent! Guide to Building an Alternate Patriotic Economy

Surprising reasons why you can and must!

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It’s time to get this party rolling! Now is the moment to build an alternate Patriotic economy. And, don’t worry later it will become the dominant one.

By now, we all realize the Democrat Marxists are going for broke! They will not ever stop trying to dismantle America and turn it into a communist hellhole. Sorry, but not sorry, they must be destroyed!

But, why a hot, kinetic war? After all, we need to rebuild our economy anyways! And so, are the greatest weapon is our country, its people, and its superior economic system.

Let’s save the civil disobedience stuff in reserve for special situations. Because we’ll be too busy working.

Building “THE” economy, not a parallel or alternate one.

Somehow Patriots have become accustomed to having their media and other businesses label as alternative or parallel. In doing so, we admit defeat when such an admission is not helpful or accurate.

Instead, we are out to re-image, then rebuild on its ashes the best America in the history of the world! At this point in the communist takeover of America, anyone who disagrees should caucus with them.

Meanwhile, there is so much we can do, and so much we can’t. Let’s look at the differences.

How to build an alternate (parallel) Conservative economy.

Building our new economy actually means re-imagining our old economy from top to bottom. However, we keep our Democratic Republic and Capitalism to build around.

In other words, we need to do a constitutional salvage operation. Then, based on what we’ve learned and imagined, make America better than ever!

Let’s start with some easy tasks and attitude changes that we all can do. Remember though, it’s all so cumulative when we all do the same.

Start here: Buy Conservative American products and services!

In fact, there should be no excuse for not buying goods and services from Conservative businesses. And, we all need to do it now before the purchasing power of middle-class MAGA is gone!

Even though sometimes it’ll seem impossible to avoid buying from the communists, you must do without. Or, at least, get creative on how to work around their businesses.

And yes, we’re all sick of Conservative media constantly asking for donations to help platforms grow and survive. However, we are at the center of a globalism takeover of your basic right to live as a free person. And so, ask yourself how much is that worth?

Stop wasting time complaining. Get to work!

One thing is for sure, we have no time to fight Marxism! Except to copy their ability to ignore or quickly adapt to challenges and steamroll opponents.

Same for the MAGA movement, we’ve got to stop rehashing and complaining. A begin in earnest rebuilding America in the image of our founding fathers but adapted to modern times.

Without looking back and without fear!

For example, common sense tells us we need to build a new parallel economy. From which an American version of globalism emerges.

We’re not there, not even close. And so, spending so much time fighting, rather than building makes no sense, and it’s not our nature!

The importance of establishing a MAGA economy

The reward for ignoring Marxist diversion is more time to establish a MAGA economy. One that is based on free markets and entrepreneurship.

The one thing we cannot afford to do is waste time rehashing what the Marxists and RHINOs did to America. We must begin now to build our own parallel economy.

I know people are saying we need to first fix the 2020 election, and that’s important. But, there is no guarantee we can. In fact, I only see ways we can’t!

It’s often said that what the Marxist fear the most is us! I think what they mean is our greatest strength. Our ability to create a big, fat, wealthy world economy!

Our country needs us! No one is coming to save us! And, a little secret…I like it that way!

There is no time to waste. Every meeting, rally, comment needs to focus on our strengths. Not repeating the obvious injustices!

Could we do it living under communist control? Why not, the Marxists overthrew America while under a democratic Republic!

For example, only support Conservative online media.

For this new business, MAGA is well on its way! New Conservative social media platforms are popping up everywhere! And, free-market forces are allowing only the best platforms to survive. Just like it should!

Note: I think there is a “Great Conservative Connection” ready to happen to link together user accounts on these great platforms.

If a business is global, then they are the enemy!

It’s so shocking but unfortunately so true that every business that does business globally is a Globalist business. Furthermore, their lack of interest in preserving and furthering global freedom instead favoring the tenants of communism.

In fact, this alone should make them ineligible to receive any payments from Patriots. In other words, never buy from traitors.

We are fighting a force stronger than you can imagine!

Unfortunately, our enemy is more than a dictator ideology. Because in today’s version, it’s a group or cabal of the richest most powerful people in the world! Even more, their lack of morals would make the dictators of old blush!

Even though MAGA outnumbers and out-votes them, they are highly organized and motivated. And so, they’ll say or do anything to get their way.

In like manner, some want anyone who belittles the “end of human life” prediction on the planet silenced or killed. Others are deathly afraid of a cold virus (when they should be afraid of the injection itself.).

In addition, all of this craziness is brought to you by the psychologically defective “upper technocratic class”. They are directing it all!


If building a MAGA reality sounds too difficult, too much work. Imagine what it would be like to take up arms against an enemy that controls elections and the military! Or, living in a communist country under a “Great Reset.”

Which is easier? Which is more dangerous?

By Team Go Beyondo

Team Go Beyondo has written opinion commentaries specializing in America's conservative political issues for over 6 years. We are fiercely independent journalists who research and write articles. Then, we add our own views just beyond the horizon.