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How Was the Trump Election 2020 Landslide Victory Stolen?

Surprising answers to how the election 2020 was really stolen!

The Democratic Party stole Trump’s landslide victory using a slew of election schemes and maybe even an internet hammer. Let me tell you how it happened.

In the months and years leading up to the 2020 election, an army of Democratic Party lawyers peppered state courts with complaints of Republican voter suppression.

What were they after? Like any good wartime battleplan, they caught Republicans by surprise!

For the fought slow and sure using their political contacts in a seemingly random fashion, never letting on the 2020 election was their goal.

And, so they identified what laws needed to be changed, and in what states.

They filed case after case to enable legal cheating, all in the name of protecting voters from so-called Republican voter suppression.

Trump is trying to get the US Supreme Court involved in throwing out enough corrupt state elections in swing states so neither reaches the magic number of 270 delegates.

Then, Congress becomes constitutionally mandated to hold a Contingency Election to elect the winner, and Trump could win that election!

Trump Election 2020 Landslide Victory Stolen: Biden Voter Fraud

Even while campaigning, Trump knew Democrats would cheat in the 2020 election, but he thought his pending landslide victory would overwhelm their efforts. He even mentioned several times during his last campaign rallies that “Mail-in voting is going to be a mess!”

Huge! Possible Frankfurt Server and Dominion Voting Machine Scandal

I am still cautious about this possible huge fraud and think it could be a false flag. So, be careful who you share this with!

Great overview of an alleged massive voter fraud scheme by Democrats during the 2020 election! Also, advance to about at about the 13:00 minute mark for a good summary of what happens if no president selected and Congress calls for a Contingent Election.
Direct from the mouth of President Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani.

In this video, Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani lays out the election fraud that happened during the 2020 election.

Mail-in Voting Provides Easy Ways to Steal the 2020 Election

We knew trouble was brewing when the left ridiculed us so hard for even mentioning that mail-in voting fraud was possible. And, double-trouble when Democratic states refused to finish counting them by election day.

Just the idea of sending out millions of ballots from a “dirty” or unedited database of registered voters should make you cringe! Showing my point is a California Supreme Court decision to force Los Angeles County to delete 1.5 million out-of-date registered voters! No doubt that Los Angeles County is not the exception, but the rule across America.

So, where did these “extra” printed and mail ballots go? Bear in mind that each one is potentially a legitimate vote.

In the Democratic-controlled swing states, Democrats controlled the printing and distribution. Now, guess where the ballot fraud occurred that swung the election occurred!

The United States Postal Service (USPS) g

The lack of a secure chain of custody for voter ballots should have ended any discussion about using mail for voting. The weakness link is at the mail carrier level.

Status of State Election Certifications

The right to hold and certifying honest federal elections is a constitutional duty of each state. After the election, there are four state residents who canvass (audit) the election, two being Republicans and two Democrats.

In the end, in case an election is certified as valid, the state legislatures select electors who do the actual voting as part of the national electoral college. If certification fails, then they can’t vote.

But, what happens if several elections in swing states are not certified? And so, neither candidate reaches 270!

A Contingent Election happens. And Trump may win!

In case you’re wondering, the incoming Congress would conduct the election before the inauguration date on January 20th, as stated in our 20th Amendment.

If you want a deeper dive into the election skullduggery possible through the 20th amendment, read Section 3, and then use your imagination.

The canvassing certification mess in the Michigan election

This Michigan Republican canvasser indeed certified the election, but she says she did so because she was lied to and her family was threatened. Without her certification, the election in Michigan and its electoral votes will count for no one. Can her claims of bullying nullify her election certification signature?

How the 2020 Election Was Stolen

Mainstream media had programmed lots of people to be highly partisan against Trump. And big tech donated large sums of money and propaganda, especially in swing states.

The result was lots of highly partisan people running and working in the elections in the swing states. And so, they used many dirty tricks to try to swing the election.

But, more than even their efforts were required to steal this election from Trump and give it Joe Biden. Without mail-in voting and ballot tabulation fraud, Trump still would have won.

Mail-In Balloting Makes Democrat Cheating Easy!

The virus and hoax around the COVID-19 virus scare a lot of voters, and this fear allowed electioneers around the country to print tens of millions of ballots. Important to remember that every single one counted the same as voting in person.

Yet, they were mailed to state voters with inaccurate databases, and the total printed was never even audited with the total sent. And so, for all, we know millions could have been shipped to warehouses to be faked!

In addition, there are thousands of reports of people receiving through the mail multiple copies, even some for their dogs and cats. This is no way to run a presidential election!

Even within the United States Postal Service (USPS) itself, there are reports of sloppiness and mail route carriers throwing away or even burning fill out ballots, mostly for Trump.

Dumps of Massive Numbers of Mail-In Votes for Biden in the Early Mornings

I remember going to bed about midnight on November 3rd, 2020, pretty confident that Trump was going to win. At 7 am Central Time, I discovered that Trump would probably lose! What happened?

Apparently, massive dumps of just the right amount of Biden votes for swing states appeared in the early morning on January 4th, 2020, to put him ahead. I couldn’t believe it! Even worse, his vote lead increased a little more each day!

Apparently, there was a conspiracy carried out from a central server that allowed the operator to see how many voters were needed. Then, using the ease of “drag and drop” technology the operator distributed the needed votes between candidates.

Afterward, they backfilled with paper fake ballots their new numbers by contacting an underground ballot delivery service to supply hard copy ballot proof. That’s exactly what they did!

That sounds like a conspiracy theory! Doesn’t it?

Sounds like a perfect 360 system. But they messed up and began to panic when Trump’s lead was larger than they thought. And so, they got sloppy.

Their numbers and percentages were too predictable to be mathematically possible, and they were caught filling out affidavits on the sides of trucks and inside the vote-counting stations.

The Ballot Tabulation Fraud Scheme

If true, this fraud scheme puts the entire election 2020 in jeopardy! After looking over the video reports of even amateurs gaining access in minutes to the Dominion hardware and Smartech software, it’s easy to see that there was no intent to make them secure.

False Flag Caution!

Even more, there is talk about an international vote tabulation fraud conspiracy, but it could be a false flag.

Allegations of servers owned by communist dictators that fraudulently tabulating votes in foreign countries is an intriguing backdrop decision to certify elections, but it may take too much time to get the case ready for presentation.

Machine and software makers

The Dominion Voting Machine Company (DVMC) made the hardware, while Smartmatic wrote and maintained the software. Now, they claim they are not connected or collaborate, but it’s easy to see through their claims. Reports are that Hillary Clinton, George Soros, etc. own part of Smartmatic, but it’s unsubstantiated at this moment.

Interestingly, Dominion Company and some info on Smartmatic is now scrubbed off of Wikipedia. They blame Q “conspirators” for spreading false connections between the companies and politics.

I looked around for information from the less and less reliable and partisan Wikipedia. Wouldn’t you know it? The authors recently updated and revised the dates of their source articles en masse. What are the chances?

Let’s move on, as vote counting fraud is old news. Instead, let’s look at the wide-spread ballot tabulation fraud that reverses the Trump landslide.

Suspicion Starts With Voting Machine Illegal Internet Connection

A certified Microsoft Engineer, Michigan Senator Colbeck claims the Dominion voting machines were illegally connected to the internet.

“Warning this computer is being hacked”

A Dominion voting machine screen displayed this warning message, says a well respected Republican politician, Senator Patrick Colbeck. Especially pertinent as he was a certified Microsoft Networking Expert at one time. His affidavit adds fuel to the claim that illegal internet connectivity existed within the main counting center, which is a serious election security violation.

Why internet routers were everywhre!

No one followed the law about the ban on smartphones at the vote-counting tables. And each one was a potential internet gateway for the Dominion machines.

Anyone with a smartphone user can set up an internet router on their phone. It’s easy to set up, and the transmission speeds nowadays are usually fast! When a voting machine is internet-ready, it can log in and connect to the internet.

Only about 1 minute to set up!

The voting machines tabulation server, wherever it was, doesn’t even need a fast connection because it doesn’t exchange bulk raw data. And, sending the commands to add or subtract ballots doesn’t take much bandwidth.

Could we lose our democracy because someone didn’t know this!

Ballot Tabulation Done in Germany?

The Smartmatic software company owns Dominion Voting Machines! And so, the vote tabulation fraud connection with Hillary Clinton, George Soros, and the country of Venezuela is confirmed, as they are all shareholders of Smartmatic.

The combination of Dominion hardware and Smartmatic software counted and tabulated the votes in the Venezuelan elections of President Hugo.

Democrats say these claims can’t be true because they have such a large market share, but what does that matter?

And besides, the rumors are only from Q conspiracist. If you believe these Democrat claims, you should stop reading here.

Ties 2020 election

A donation to the Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Clinton Foundation was not denied by Dominion spokesperson, nor their hiring of a Pelosi staffer as a lobbyist.

I advanced the video to 5 min to hear about a sworn affidavit from a military man how this same software was designed and previously used to steal a Venezuela election for Chavez.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google Election Interference

Big tech had their heavy hand in influencing the election, but they were careful not to do anything illegal. Although, I think their 400 million dollar contribution to a small Soros organization was an excessive influence in an election.

Anyways, media contributions that went against Trump went unreported. These included censorship, warning labeling, website favoritism, de-platforming, and outright censorship for free.

While bribery couldn’t possibly be the reason behind Facebook’s 400 million dollar donation to a Democratic Party election entity in the swing state of Michigan, I do wonder what the small entity with only a 1 million dollar budget did with all that money!

Oddly, Some Republicans Think Trump Should Concede?

Here it is only a few weeks before the real legal action happens, and some notable Republicans are already calling for Trump to concede? Why do they say his legal team should present their evidence before the general public before the court dates?

Considering a hostile partisan mainstream media dominates the media, revealing the evidence of fraud ahead of time is such a bad idea!

I can only write them off as being victims of watching too much mind control political news or simply having personal character weakness.


The massive amounts of ballot fraud and the determination of the Democrats to overthrow America are not surprising to me. And, neither is the number of Republicans willing to “throw Trump under the bus,” as he readies to mount his case.

Even so, the large number of misinformed Democrats who bought the promise of “The Great Reset” and the Republicans who honestly believe they will be reelected with this corrupt national voting system in place is numbing. Even worse, if Democrats manage to steal two Senators in run-off elections in Georgia on January 3, 2021, they will have almost finished their overthrow.

Our only comeback can come from patriots standing up for America!

On the bright side, there are at least three more constitutional defenses against the Democratic fraud: auditing of results, state legislators standing up and selecting Republican electors, Supreme Court intervention, or a States Convention after the election to pass a federal Amendments to the Constitution (takes 3/4 of states to call the convention).

Until sufficient evidence is entered into a court record, consider Trump’s chances as a long-shot.

By Wayne

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