Today’s Texas Secession Movement

Pros and cons of splitting up America. Immediate relief, perhaps long-term problems or disasters.

State Secession Movement

Today’s Texas secession movement is serious! Texans have never been so upset with the US as right now! They complain Washington D.C. politicians care nothing about them!

Done right, it could be the chance of the century to escape their persecution by Democratic. With the Marxist Democrat’s hard swing to communism, the idea of separating the Republican states from the Democrat ones seems like the humane thing to do.

Let’s explore how today’s Texas secession movement would work and if Texas might lead a national movement. Because if the Republicans lose the next two elections due to cheating, there is no doubt other states will also secede with them.

Is Today’s Texas Secession Movement (Texit) a Good Idea?

The mainstream media has so weaponized reality that Democrats and Republicans can no longer even talk to each other.

This video is a perfect example of how the two sides cannot even talk together, even when each is trying hard.

Maybe, just a temporary separation is necessary, like in a marriage? One thing for sure, a long-term solution to give us time to fix this is necessary!

Are we going to let corporate marxism make us miserable for the rest of our lives?

Could today’s Texas secession movement survive four years of Marxism! Maybe, but not a day more!

The crushing feeling of knowing they’re second-class citizens and watching the conversion of America into an authoritarian state would be too much!

First, Democrats cannot successfully run America, and they have no intention of doing so. Obviously, they want a communist government instead, like Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, or China. And second, big tech and mainstream media continue poisoning Americans with corporate Marxist propaganda.

Already conservative, and some from the left, are fleeing their homes to reside in states run by Republicans. Let’s designate them as the “Safe States of America” until we figure something out.

Will other states follow Texit? become “Safe Zones,” separate, or secede?

Do the terms “safe zones” or “strong cities sound familiar? They should! Democrats used them to protect “their” cities from the Trump administration.

They are a combined strategy used by communist state officials and the deep state. It protects their march toward communism.

Texas should adopt this strategy to protect itself will it still can.

The Texas people are not the type to accept abuse from the feds.

Texans aren’t the type to accept abuse, not at all. That’s why they may be the first to secede if push comes to shove.

And, with this last catastrophe called by the Feds refusing to allow Texas to produce more power during the snowstorm of a generation which forced them to buy power from California at 10 times the normal price, I don’t think it’ll be long before Texas secedes.

There are already proposals being offered in the Texas State Legislature!

Would Texas ever reunite with the US?

Sure would be nice if we marginalized the Marxist and everyone else lived again in a united America! It could happen, but later.

But, national healing can only happen after we break up the big tech monopolies and let conservative media mature. My opinion is we’re looking at, at least, an intergenerational change to occur. I’m thinking 40-60 years!

In the meantime, if we control who moves into our states and keep out Marxist infiltrators, we’d eventually prevail. I think we’ve learned already our lesson about open borders.

Marxism can quickly change drive Texas into the ground!

The Biden administration now has a full set of tools to make Texans miserable! They want the entire state to stop producing carbon energy now and need to teach them a lesson about threatening to secede the US.

I think Texans just felt the power of the Biden administration when they refused to let them produce more during the coldest storm in generations during mid-February 2021. And, instead selling Texas utility electricity from California at 10 times the going price!

Think about it. The last think in the world the Biden administration would allow in their panic about the world ending in 9 years, is a carbon producing Texas. Whether or not, they are part of the US.

And, the Biden administration knows all too well how to wield power. Texas could be in more a bind than acknowledged.

Could Texas survive as an independent country?

Unmolested, there is no doubt Texas could be independent and successful. But, their Marxist neighbors are not about to leave Texas alone. They will subvert and attacked until the state submits!

But, everyone knows. Don’t mess with Texas!


Hard to tell what Texans do when faced with no good options. But, I can tell you that being forced to immediately shut down a booming carbon based energy business while giving up their personal liberty to communism is not in their playbook.


By Wayne

Author, political activist, and tech-geek My best is when I see the end game and deliver no-nonsense viewpoints. My career began 5 years ago when I realized how close America is to being terminally taken over by global Marxists. I now work every day to help conservatives cope and get strong again.