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The MAGA Movement is Politically the Center-Right.


The MAGA movement is conservative, slightly right of center, where it represents the politics of the majority of Americans. And the Democratic party’s progressive Marxists occupy the extreme left wing.

No matter what you hear, that is the layout of the American political compass.

However, the Marxist Democrats are trying to claim they are the Conservatives, and MAGA is the extreme right wing. They believe pushing the lie will break into accepted truth if they keep pushing it, which is one of 13 rules in their political takeover playbook.

Please look at the comparison table below to see the difference where it’s easy to determine that the Democrat Marxists are the radicals.

Table of Contents

Table of policy comparison between Democrats and Republicans.

PoliciesDemocrats (Marxist)Republican (MAGA)
US BordersImmigration completely openImmigration based on merit.
Free Speech EnforcementOutlaw made up rules on “hate speech.”Outlaw within the limits of the First Amendment.
Election ballotsMail-in ballots with no chain of custodyNo mail-in ballots allowed
Voter IDsNo voter IDsVoter IDs mandatory
Voter qualificationsEveryone can vote.Only US citizens can vote.
Yet, the Democratic Marxists say they represent Democracy. Indeed, they need to change their name.

As you can see, the policies of the Democrats do not reflect the will of most Americans.

Election cheating does not represent American values.

Election fraud does not represent the values of the American people because they value honesty.

Instead, MAGA carries forward the morality and common sense of our founding fathers, a combination that always swings Conservatives back to the right-of-center on the political compass.

Incredibly, the Democrats continue arguing that Marxism is a democratic government. Their gaslighting is so ridiculous!

Tearing down America while stealing your wealth

The Democratic Marxists are cannibalizing America by tearing down our institutions and stealing our wealth, which is all part of their well-designed plan to end our country permanently.

Their integrated plan is standard for all communist takeovers, and so are the results. Nothing but human misery for the commoner!

The incredible con job of the communist caught us by surprise.

The American communist con job is a brilliant war plan, as were the Russian Bolshevik Revolution and the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

They read their history and tried to correct errors. And now, their plan is broader and deeper in scope. As they know what their punishment for treason is

The neutralization of the State legislature’s constitutional power was vital.

Our founding fathers gave the state legislatures the “monkey wrench” to overcome tyranny. It gave them the power to send any electors they wanted to any Joint Congressional Session to elect a President. The “wrench” was the absolute (plenary) of state legislatures.

America’s current troubles stem from how the Marxists “stiff-armed” this incredible constitutional power.

How Communist infiltration blocked decertification of corrupt state elections

A majority vote in both state legislative chambers is required. Despite the obvious fact that President Trump and MAGA won a landslide victory in 2020. The Democrats blocked every attempt at election auditing or decertification.

Yet, the far-left brainwashed believe they represent the majority and are center-right. However, the brainwashed are waking up out of the fog. And realize the Democrat Marxists have lied to them. And they are switching to the Republican party membership.

Stolen elections have dramatic consequences.

It’s difficult to claim that MAGA is center-right on a political compass when we lost the 2020 election. And so, the dire-harden communists use propaganda to discredit MAGA as a revolutionary organization.

However, the truth remains no matter how the Marxists try to spin it.


Even if the Marxists throw out our US Constitution, MAGA will always remain slightly right of center on the political compass.