The Peaceful Conservative Counter-Insurgency Begins!

See the many forces lining up against the Marxist insurgency!

Conservative Counter-Insurgency Plan considered by Trump

A peaceful counter-insurgency against the Marxist takeover in Washington and the blue states is now happening in America!

Nevertheless, the Democratic Communist party continues to try to harden their false reality about conservatives and look for new converts. But, their efforts are failing!

And so, the battleground for the peaceful, conservative counter-insurgency moves to imposing election integrity. For the Marxist cannot win an honest election.

The Status of the Peaceful Counter-Insurgency

The peaceful counter-insurgency to recapture America is being fought on many fronts. At this point, its mainly dedicated to protecting our Constitution and inserting a new conservative media.

  • The days of the Rhino Republicans appear to be over, as they are now exposed. Primary challengers are being organized and funded.
  • As constitutionally designed, states’ rights are lining up to block any un-American move the Biden Administration makes.
  • Even the remaining patriotic Republicans in Congress have plans to slow down the Marxist Congress.
  • As far as Former President Trump is concerned, it appears he’s far from done.

Protection of Our Constitution

Even though our Constitution is self-healing. We still want our nation as intact as possible once the Marxists are gone. So here is a list of our Constitutional Amendments and where we stand.

1. First Amendment (Free Speech)

We now have mainstream media and a growing stable of conservative social media platforms. Our right to free speech is now in the balance.

2. Second Amendment (Right to Bear Arms)

The Biden Administration has a piece meal plan for making guns effectively too burdensome.

To peacefully counter, states are fighting back by establishing gun protection counties. And, even more battles to effectively keep the Right are coming.

Handy List of Peaceful, Conservative Counter Insurgency Objectives

The Marxists in America are not going to concede anything! We should be clear about that. Therefore, any peaceful battles we win need to be taken.

Here is a partial list of our immediate objectives for our peaceful, American counter-insurgency:

  • Helping state legislatures restore their constitutional power to manage elections.
  • Fight mainstream media conservative social media platforms and limit yo to replace Marxist mainstream media and big tech
  • Encourage and unite states to resist and delay Marxist tyranny at the federal level by filing lawsuits when actions unconstitutional.
  • Primary Rhino Republicans out of their office at any level.
  • Help find and encourage worthy Republican candidates to run in 2022 and 2024.

What can you do? Start as local as you can, speak out to nullify Marxists.

Activate: Organize people, begin moving your online life and purchasing power to conservative social media platforms, and read the Marxist organizing rules.

The Heart of the Peaceful, Counter-Insurgency is a Constitutional Interpretation

The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of chusing Senators.

Notice the additional Election Clause verbiage somehow added to the constitutionally granted state legislature powers that begins after the word, “but.” The battle for America will eventually be fought over this addition or its interpretation by the US Supreme Court!

For this very battle, that’s why the Biden Administration wants to “pack” the US Supreme Court. You now have the truth!

States Legislatures Fight Back Against Army of Marxist Lawyers and Friends

The main thrust of the peaceful, counter-insurgency of the patriots is the restoration of honest elections. The spearhead of the battle is the Republican state legislators.

While Republicans now have the majority of state legislatures and governors, a US Supreme Court of dubious political leaning is about to decide the extent of their constitutional plenary power.

For this reason, the pulse of the peaceful counter-insurgency must quicken. No one is going to save America, but us. It’s already primary season and the mid-terms are coming soon. There is no time to “lick our wounds.”

Swing-State Legislatures rage with embarrassment!

Especially in the swing states, where they thought they were just a rubber stamp for election laws. Many state representatives are embarrassed how their inattentiveness to their own duties allowed the theft of the 2020 elections in their state.

Arizona State Legislature plainly shows they are frustrated. They are using changing election laws to prevent another election theft. And, using the power of the “Recall” to threaten or remove county officials guilty of covering up voter fraud.

Inwardly, they’re mortified by their previous lack of knowledge of their Constitutional powers. And, they are outraged at the sneaky state election power grab by the Marxist lawyers.

And so, they are actively restoring their absolute US Constitutional right to control their state elections. They are unleashing their fury over Marxist (Democrat) lawyers’ and the Marxist political powers in Washington D.C.

But, even with plenary power given to them by the US Constitution, they still face an uphill battle with corrupt courts, a problem that extends all the way up to the Supreme Court!

Undoing the tenor of partisan judges

Looking ahead, corrupt state supreme court judges are a looming problem for the counter-insurgency. No matter how clear the US Constitution, a corrupt bench can interpret, bend, or carve out partisan exceptions.

And so, this leaves the US Supreme Court to confirm the plenary election power of their state legislatures. The bad news is that the Marxist Democrats are in the process of packing the US Supreme court. As a result, the Marxist Democrats complete their takeover of America!

By adding partisan judges, they can block each state legislature’s absolute constitutional authority to regulate their state legislatures. Sorry to say that the Marxists Democrats are about to be set up to rule America for generations!

Parents tell their kids, “No!” all the time. A popular counter-insurgency like now should do the same with the Marxists. For, the conservatives are the majority and the wealth creators.

Already, there’s more user signup to conservative social media networks and more interest in privacy than in American history!

Is a peaceful, States’ Succession Necessary?

Whether permanent and legal or just digital independence, anything that gives us the time to establish New America is a good idea.

While states do have the right to leave the union, the remembrance of the savagery of the US Civil War should give us pause.

First, let’s label counties and states American First Safe Zones. The Marxists lead the way when they used this power of states while Trump was president.

But, careful in your optimism because they only believe in the Constitution when it fits their purpose. Their real intention is to abandon the Constitution, something they must eventually do.

While we sat and wondered what was going on, Democrats established Safe Cities under the Trump administration. We were in denial of what was really happening. Now, we should copy it.

Will other states join the New America secession movement?

Many have already expressed an interest, and Texas already has it on schedule for a state-wide vote. Others say they will join in if the Biden Administration continues its tyranny.

The daily exposure of the true nature of Marxism may soon close the deal. But, I think the idea of America First Safe Zones needs implementation first.

If this did happen, expect Trump to take the concept one step further and make entire zones American Safe Zones which can elect to return to the United States when a fair, audited election occurs.


I’m excited about the future of America because we’re destined for a much needed thorough political “house-cleaning.”

The Marxist insurgency is forcing conservatives to learn more about US politics! And how to resist them in the future.

Also, the importance of their citizen participation is being drilled into American culture during the attempt to overthrow America. I worry that the brainwashed left will not be able to return to reality for a long time.


By Wayne

Author, political activist, and tech-geek My best is when I see the end game and deliver no-nonsense viewpoints. My career began 5 years ago when I realized how close America is to being terminally taken over by global Marxists. I now work every day to help conservatives cope and get strong again.