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Four Biggest Fallacies About Building an Alternate Economy.

Four Biggest Fallacies About Building an Alternate Economy.

Sooner or later, MAGA must build its alternate economy, and why not? The globalists have already taken control of our economy. And a new economy built from the ground up gives us an unparalleled opportunity to improve our unproven mix of capitalism and socialism.

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Is there clear sailing for MAGA’s new, alternate economy? Don’t get ahead of yourself, as the Marxist cabal will make upgrades to slow it down or stop it. After all, a separate MAGA’s alternate economy is unacceptable as it contradicts their dream of an American Marxist state.

However, causing immediate concern for the Marxists is that MAGA-driven boycotts are succeeding. They are now proving costly for global corporations, and some are trying to play both sides.

At the same time, ordinary people to rock stars are changing their party allegiance to the Republican party.

1. The globalists will NOT fight the building of an alternate economy.

It’s a mistake to think the Marxists won’t sabotage a MAGA alternate economy. Because no critical enemy target ever goes untouched during modern warfare.

For example, MAGA boycotts are now inflicting massive economic losses on Marxist global corporations. And so, they will respond with attacks on our alternate economy.

2. Thinking that MAGA will always be a superior economic power

One of the primary goals of the Neo Marxist takeover is eliminating the middle class in America. And so, it’s essential to use its economic power now to establish an alternate economy because soon it’ll be too late.

How the Marxist plan to eliminate the middle class:

  • Shut down and steal elections using a predominantly non-lethal virus.
  • Disrupt supply lines, including food, power, medicine, etc., using sanctions of the Russian/Ukraine War as an excuse.
  • Use the dubious dangers of “climate change” to justify destroying essential US businesses.
  • Destroy the value of the US dollar as the world currency by overspending.
  • Wipe out middle-class savings and home values by creating a deep recession.

The Neo-Marxism in power wants to leave no way out of the financial mess they create, then blame it on someone else.

3. MAGA can wait to go global

MAGA has no choice but to go global immediately with its message of freedom and nationalism. Otherwise, the movement will remain too small to withstand geopolitical pressures.

While we fight for our domestic existence, the rest of the free world realizes there is no hope for them without us. But, they are falling into hopelessness as they doubt we can survive.

MAGA must immediately begin spreading the good word about the benefits of self-rule and our democratic republic. We don’t want to stand up a fresh new America only to be surrounded by a totalitarian corpocracy.

4. Thinking you can still buy from globalist companies when necessary.

There is no excuse for buying from Marxist global corporations because establishing an alternate economy is critical. Since money is so limited these days, all MAGA members must buy locally to keep the currency circulating within the MAGA community.

The Marxists need to eliminate the purchasing power of MAGA, then digitally control its remaining money supply. So that boycotts cannot occur, today’s political news makes perfect sense after realizing this disturbing fact.

And yes, we’re all sick of Conservative media constantly asking for donations to help platforms grow and survive. However, we are at the center of a global takeover of your fundamental right to freedom. And so, ask yourself, how much is that worth?


This movement to create an alternate economy deserves serious attention, especially since the Marxists are so bent on bankrupting the middle class.

It’s late in the game for taking back America, so we can’t afford to waste time.




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