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Four Biggest Fallacies About Building an Alternate Economy.


The four biggest fallacies about building an alternate economy form a tremendous barrier to success. The odds of our daunting success will be as shocking as our founding fathers freeing themselves from England as the totalitarians or corporalities are already in control.

The road looks rocky, so let’s take apart each fallacy, hoping for insights on how to avoid fights until we are strong enough again as a nation.

What is a totalitarian government?

A totalitarian government means one elite class rules. There is no sharing except with an elite class of corporatists. Since there is no sharing of production (except a fixed, optional government stipend) or property, totalitarianism is a step beyond communism.

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1. The globalists will NOT fight the building of an alternate economy.

Both the globalist and MAGA will sabotage each other’s critical businesses. That’s how war goes!

For example, Elon Musk buys Twitter outright to convert it into a free speech platform. Then, the Marxist Counter Culture contacts its advertisers to cancel their advertisements with Twitter. And MAGA contacts its members, asking them not to do business with them.

The trouble is MAGA businesses are not near ready to do a deadly battle with large, international businesses like CitiCorp, DHL, etc. MAGA entrepreneurs need to step in up and find massive capital sources to fund this battle which is already here!

2. Thinking that MAGA members’ purchasing power will always dominate

The strategy of the Marxist-led totalitarians (communists) is to bankrupt the middle class so it cannot establish an alternate economy. Already much of that money is gone as the elites sucked it up, and the current recession slurps the rest.

Even though food prices skyrocket, many cannot even pay their next housing payment. Eliminating the middle class to leave America defenseless is central to their coup plans.

Here is more information on how the Democrat-led totalitarians are bankrupting Americans on purpose.

Drive to bankrupt the middle class.

Yes, this is all part of a plan. The totalitarian style of government is already here. And they must get rid of the American middle-class otherwise, their takeover will fail.

How the totalitarians plan to eliminate the middle class:

  • Shut down and steal elections using a predominantly non-lethal virus.
  • Disrupt supply lines, including food, power, medicine, etc., using sanctions of the Russian/Ukraine War as an excuse.
  • Use the dubious dangers of “climate change” to justify destroying essential US businesses.
  • Destroy the value of the US dollar as the world currency by overspending.
  • Wipe out middle-class savings and home values by creating a deep recession.

The Neo-Marxism in power wants to leave no way out of the financial mess they create, then blame it on someone else.

3. MAGA can wait to go global

MAGA has no choice but to go global immediately, even as their money sources dry up. Genuine American rich people need to step up to fund MAGA entrepreneurs. Otherwise, the alternate economy will remain too small to withstand.

I think the move toward global should feature smaller, distributed businesses. An attack pattern much like General George Washington used to fight the British. And, like the conservative social media is doing to challenge Operation Mockingbird’s media dominance.

4. Thinking you can still buy from globalist companies when necessary.

Global companies dominate our lives, and this must stop! We have let them grow too big, too dominating, and that’s our fault.

And so, we’re left in an extreme position of not doing business with many of them because we cannot afford to enrich them any further. Sacrifices are now necessary!

Look for and support new MAGA businesses. Encourage them, buy from them. And tell your friends!

And yes, we’re all sick of Conservative media constantly asking for donations to help platforms grow and survive. However, we are at the center of a global takeover of your fundamental right to freedom. And so, ask yourself, how much is that worth?


MAGA-led Conservatives have already successfully boycotted globalist businesses. But it’s time to take things up a notch!

I’m thinking about Elon Mush, who spent 44 billion dollars buying communist-infested Twitter. After the current crop of globalist businesses leaves in protest, MAGA should buy the hell out of the new free speech products!

The Elon Musk purchase of Twitter offers MAGA a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by a patriot for patriots to “control” a billion-dollar, international news platform. Therefore, I cannot think of anything more important than “buying the hell” out of the products offered by his new advertisers.