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4 Biggest Fallacies About Building an Alternate Economy.

So, you see clear sailing for MAGA’s new, alternate economy? But don’t get ahead of yourself, as the Marxist cabal is committed to sabotaging it.

Because both the political and corporate powers strongly feel a MAGA’s alternate economy is unacceptable as it runs counter to their dream of an American Marxist state.

Causing immediate concern for the Marxist is that MAGA-driven boycotts are succeeding. They are now proving costly for global corporations, and some are trying to play both sides. Nice to see that we finally have a counter for the Marxist Counter Culture.

Therefore, let’s look at 4 of the biggest fallacies about building an alternate economy. So, we know what to expect.

List of reasons why MAGA should remain cautious while building an alternate economy.

The mortal enemy of all Marxists is the middle class because they wield economic and political power to challenge them. That is why they must destroy it before they consolidate their control.

Therefore, MAGA must eliminate Marxist fallacies to engage its threat more effectively.

1. The globalists will NOT fight the building of an alternate economy.

It’s a mistake to think the Marxists won’t sabotage an alternate economy. Because no critical enemy target ever goes untouched during modern warfare.

For example, MAGA boycotts are now inflicting massive economic losses on Marxist global corporations. And so, they will respond with attacks on our alternate economy.

2. Thinking that MAGA will always be a superior economic power

There is no guarantee that the Marxist won’t bankrupt MAGA. It is more and more likely to suffer at least a deep recession, and maybe more.

How the Marxist plan to eliminate the middle class:

So far, the Marxist Democrats are bankrupting the American middle class.

3. MAGA can wait to go global

MAGA doesn’t have a choice but to go global now because exchanging well-wishes is not enough.

While we fight for our domestic existence, the rest of the free world realizes there is no hope for them without us. But, they are falling into hopelessness as they doubt we can survive.

We must go global now if we don’t want to awaken victoriously but surrounded by powerful Communist countries.

4. Conservatives can still buy from globalists when necessary.

There is no excuse for buying goods and services from Marxist global corporations. You don’t need an announcement of a MAGA boycott to know this. Because the time we even still have the purchasing power to resist is short.

The Marxists need to eliminate the purchasing power of MAGA, then digitally control its remaining money supply. So that boycotts cannot occur, today’s political news makes perfect sense after realizing this disturbing fact.

And yes, we’re all sick of Conservative media constantly asking for donations to help platforms grow and survive. However, we are at the center of a globalism takeover of your fundamental right to freedom. And so, ask yourself, how much is that worth?


I could not help but write this post to sound like MAGA is at war. A type of hidden war that our country silently spread to other countries without our conscious awareness.

Don’t look to past kinetic world wars for resisting because they are meaningless. Instead, learn what rebel counter-measures concerned the CIA most when unleashed 5th generation warfare against other constitutional republics.

And yet, we continue to buy from the enemy, eroding our economic power, which indicates that MAGA still doesn’t get it.

Again, America has been the victim of a “surprise” attack right before us for over 70 years. It seems “we the people” never learn.