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Summary of Encouraging News for Patriots

Summary of Encouraging News for Patriots

Victories demonstrating that we’re successfully pushing back communism in America.

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The most encouraging news for patriots is that America is still here. And, the longer we drag out the battle, the more exposed and weaker the Marxists become. These successes give MAGA more time to come together while simultaneously awakening even more Patriots.

But make no mistake, the fascist corpocracy and company are a powerful, desperate group. And they are far from defeated.

Nevertheless, the vast majority of Americans are sick of them. And yet, the Marxists are so disconnected that many do not even realize it.

Here is a list of encouraging news summaries:

  • Parents are awakening to the dangers of “wokism” for their children.
  • Florida Governor Ron Desantis is beginning to campaign to replace Trump if necessary.
  • A few election integrity safeguards are passing in red states. Strengthening their election integrity safeguards.
  • Resurging Republican campaigns (MAGA) implement a 50-state election campaign strategy. And Republican voter registration rolls are way up!
  • MAGA takes over local politics by getting elected as committee people on GOP precincts and school boards.
  • MAGA’s resistance to vaccine mandates is increasing.
  • States, especially Florida, are passing laws to counter the fed’s overreach.
  • The Supreme Court seems to have awakened and is putting out favorable decisions for MAGA.
  • Senators Sinema and Manchin nuked some of Biden’s Build Back Broke bill and’ voting rights’ resolution by supporting the filibuster rule.
  • Biden’s approval rating continues to drop dramatically among Independent voters.

Parents are rising to protect their children.

“Mama and Papa Bears” are rising to protect their children against Marxism indoctrination and perversion. They are the most determined segment of the MAGA movement.

First, we saw them storming the school boards complaining, and more importantly, they’ve taken over quite a few. Piece by piece, they are dismantling their children’s Marxism Critical Race Theory (CRT) programming.

The Virginia election uprising for Governor

In the clearest example of how to overwhelm the corrupt Marxist election apparatus, parents got mad and got busy to upended inevitable defeat. What they did was still model how to “bull-rush” the complicated ballot fraud of the communists.

National educational associations are angry!

Imagine! Parents who challenge the authority of national educational associations! The bureaucratic Marxists in these organizations think the parents have no right to reject child brainwashing and sexual perversion.

A cultural war exists when they think your children are theirs! I am not exaggerating!

After only one year, Joe Biden is a “lame-duck” President

Joe Biden rode into the presidency on a ridiculously obvious stolen election in 2020. Yet, he and his handlers are still trying to change the fabric of America. This fact further proves the Democratic Party only cares about power, not the people.

Nevertheless, the Biden regime has smashed through some big spending bills thanks to U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. And so, the regime collapsed our economy while diverting funds for personal accumulation.

Some election integrity safeguards are getting passed!

Some MAGA (Republican) controlled red state legislatures have reestablished election integrity safeguards. Unfortunately, not many, as Democratic Marxists and RHINOs’ election treason is devastating.

However, again, a fleet of Democratic lawyers are countering their victories. Primarily, they are locking down their lawfare gains from the 2020 election by continuing to claim “voter suppression.”

Encouraging election news

The results of the Virginia and New Jersey Special Election races measured MAGA political power. And things are looking great!

Driven by a need to protect their kids and MAGA support, voters sprang forward with an army of angry parents. I mean, they were all over both elections!

They even accomplished the season’s win by taking Virginia’s governorship. Considering all the cheating in the central counties, it was a glorious feat!

And, MAGA won in New Jersey, but last-minute cheating gave the Marxist the win again. But, the race’s closeness was a testament to the power of MAGA.

MAGA is learning to play “Smash-Mouth” in preparation for the 2022 midterms.

This video tells me a reason for optimism. It’s a description of a new Republican-winning election campaign strategy. It’s so powerful that it may soundly defeat the Marxists for decades to come!

As they say, “The gloves are off”! Because we must get tough and only allow the ballots of legal voters. Knowing the Marxist Democrats will cheat and figure out how to get those illegal immigrants to legally vote while allocating them geographically and strategically to win elections.

This upgraded strategy will turn the coming MAGA red wave into another close election.

Local political control of the school and precinct boards

In another bright spot, MAGA is overrunning local politics! Because they are taking control of local committees. For example, GOP precincts, school boards, etc., have far more patriots as committee members.

As a result, a national grassroots political power base is forming to help stop election fraud and support better candidates. Moreover, some say they were instrumental in stopping an election steal attempt in Virginia!

Many Republican state governors stand up against the Feds.

The Republican governors are opposing the unconstitutional mandates of the Biden Regime. Especially the governors in Florida and Texas who are fighting back using the power of their office.

However, the tricky Biden handlers are using the power of Federal Agencies to levy fines rather than pass unconstitutional Congressional laws or issue Executive Orders power. And so, a showdown is heading our way.

Moreover, the Democrats themselves began the defensive trend of states blocking Federal mandates. For example, do you remember this State Sanctuary stuff they pulled when Trump was in power?

Growing resistance to COVID tyranny

People worldwide are rebelling against COVID gene replacement mandates, and the protesting is getting louder! We see patriots who have drawn “red lines in the sand” against vaccine passports and jabs—especially those parents who are busy protecting their young children and military personnel.

Conservative American Culture Values Return!

Americans must view themselves as part of a single country–a national identity with ordinary dreams. Different cultures are more than welcome as long as they agree and want to assimilate into the fabric of America.

Conservatives have a rising appreciation of God, family, and country. Church attendance is up dramatically across the country!

Plus, we’re seeing a move toward repealing abortion in America. Thine of the first time we see MAGA taking the initiative. And the Democrats are in meltdown mode!

Race relations continue to swing toward MAGA.

The Democrat communists’ (Globalist) plan to divide America is in tatters, and more and more of all races are shaking their heads in disbelief about the Marxist nonsense. Even more, they are bound to vote Republican in 2022 and 2024.

“Putting to bed” racial reparations nonsense.

Most everyone already knew the Black Lives Matter (BLM) preaching the need for racial reparation was another way to divide us. Now, many feel the Marxists insulted our intelligence with this ploy.

Yes, George Soros is offering to donate Black Reparations in Los Angeles! Because doing so will stir up racial divisions. But, for the most part, reparations talk is already dead!

Parts of Black Lives Matter join MAGA, Republicans.

Some have seen enough of the communist Biden regime! And now, we begin to see some marching with MAGA!

Not too surprising, though, as many have awakened to realize that the communists took advantage of them. And so, the times are changing!

The U.S. Supreme Court rescues our Republic!

The best news is that our U.S. Constitutional Amendments still somewhat survive. Even though the Marxist try to tear them down in any way possible.

Let’s see how they are doing.

Our First Amendment (Free Speech)!

So far, the free market of conservative social media platforms is doing a great job binding MAGA together. An alternate media with its full range of media platforms is politically powerful.

As an essential bonus, waves of short movies are coming to tell the truth about what’s happening to America. A shout out to the producer of the movie 2000 Mules!

Bias judge puts a damper on Trump’s Massive Class Action Lawsuit against Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

The purpose is to end their censorship and shadowbanning. Expect somewhere around 1000 other conservatives to join the case. Lawyer Alan Dersowich says Trump has a good chance of winning the case. The assigned judge is a Marxist, so the entire case is doomed to fail.


There are plenty of reasons for Conservatives to feel good about their progress. However, there is a long way to go to restore our Republic, with no guarantee of success. Because what took decades to plan and execute against us will surely take the same to reverse.