The Best News Since Trump Left the Presidency

The BLM and the Boogaloo movement find a little common ground.


The best news since Trump left the presidency now happens more frequently, as Patriotism rises again. The strengthening will continue and peak in time for the 2020 elections.

Just like I said in 2020, Trump will win, unless the Democrats cheat. Unfortunately, we don’t know if that’s possible.

Nevertheless, in these times of being gaslighted while we watch our country slip away, let me point out the positives as time sails toward the mid-terms.

Late news though is encouraging as the US Supreme Court has suddenly developed a backbone. Very important and critical news!

Boogaloos Join BLM members to Signals the End of Antifa.

The Boogaloo Movement and Black Lives Matter (BLM) may be uniting based on the knowledge that Antifa members are becoming police officers.

Yes, it appears there is a movement to hire Antifa as police officers. Why not? They are educated and have chased out the old police force.

No wonder Antifa is talking nonsense about defunding the police. They want to take as much control as possible in preparation for a hand-off to the United Nations.

The good news for Trump is that if the Boogaloo joins with the BLM, the cover of the BLM for Antifa ends!

Armed BLM and Boogaloo members walk through Michigan.
What is the Black Lives Matter Movement?

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a front movement started by the Democratic Party and friends. Its stated mission is to protest or protect blacks from police brutality, end racism, and protect their neighborhoods.Black Lives Manner

What is the Boogaloo Movement?

This is an armed home-spun movement to protect everyone from police brutality, end racism, and protect their neighborhoods. They may be uniting on the fringes with the BLM movement.Boogaloo volunteers on the street in Michigan

Election Integrity

A Freight Trains of State Election Audits is Coming!

A majority of Americans believe that the 2020 election was fraudulent. And so, a “freight train” of forensic audits is beginning to roll down the tracks.

But, expect the usual Big Tech censorship and smears, as Big Tech tries to stop the “train,” but it will eventually roll over the Maoists in Washington D.C.

While not likely Trump reinstated as President, the “train” will set up a record-smashing victory for Republicans in any future, fair national election.

The forward rolling of the freight train is part of the best news since Trump left the Presidency.

“Soccer Mom” Storm in Numbers Local Republican Precinct Boards!

The good news is that Patriots are listening and doing! Especially those who care about the future of their kids.

A Chinese proverb says that “Women hold up half the sky.” They appear to be holding up more than half the comeback of America.

Along these lines, a few months ago, my inbox bulged with requests for my advice on how to recapture America. The reason was there was a wide-sweeping awakening that America was in serious problems.

I told all the same. Take control of your local precinct boards and recall anyone against you! From the live streams of citizen journalists in New Hampshire, Michigan, Arizona, etc., it’s plain to see that they got the message.

Restoring America at the local level is also part of The Best News Since Trump Left the Presidency.

Trump Was Right! The COVID Escaped from the Wuhan Labs.

Again, the world finds out Trump was right. The COVID virus really did leak from the Wuhan Lab! And the US taxpayer paid for the lab’s funding. At least we know that much!

But, it’s now part of the list of The Best News Since Trump Left the Presidency. Because people now see that Trump was right again! Right about the origins of the virus and the complicity of lamestream media as enemies of the people.

Was it leaked on purpose? Seems so, there is a lot of circumstantial evidence!

Surprise! The US Supreme Court Declines to Hear All-Male Draft Requirements Case.

All-male military draft stays in case of war in which we’re already in.

Only a moral victory at best, but an important one. As the US Supreme Court did side with us for once versus the Democrat Marxist.

Their decision stopped cold the lack of consideration of gender when recruiting. Thus, calling an end to their success tearing down our military.

On 6.7.2021, Monday, the Court said it won’t hear an appeal challenging the all-male military draft requirement. Seems the National Coalition for Men had a sham challenge that our non-used draft system hurts American males. They saw right through their mislabeled motives.

“Putting to bed” Racial Reparations Nonsense

It’s good news when we have one less source of chaos coming at us. It’s a sign the momentum is shifting in favor of conservatives.

Yes, George Soros is offering to fund Black Reparations in Los Angeles! But, for the most part, reparations talk is dead! Only meant to divide us anyway.


By Wayne

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