The Best News For Conservatives Since Trump Left the Presidency

Victories demonstrating that we’re successfully pushing back communism in America.


The best news since Trump left the presidency is the communists within America are now fully exposed. We now have a chance to make sure Democrats don’t win another election for a long time!

People now know they are Marxists and lie like nobody’s business. Their support base is dropping further, and lamestream media is now ranked 46th out of 46 in the world for news network credibility.

Even better, their election cheating is causing state legislatures to pass hundreds of new election security safeguard laws. And, the forensic audit(s) happening will show surely cause even more.

Heck, even the State of Washington is asking for an election audit tour in Arizona! A state where Republicans haven’t won a national election since they first allowed mail-in voting 20 years ago! Can you even imagine the state decertifying their election?

List of categories of good news since Trump left office in 2021:

  • Election integrity safeguards
  • Local politics
  • COVID Good News
  • US Military
  • Culture
  • Race Relations
  • Border
  • First Amendment protections

Election Integrity Safeguards

Election integrity ensures election results reflect the will of the people. When voters lose confidence, they don’t vote. Then, it’s only a matter of time until tyranny takes over.

This time a resilient America still stands tall among all nations by fighting them off even while identifying them! Knowing who to “primary” in the upcoming 2022 election will be easy this time around!

A “freight train” of state election audits is pulling out of the station! So far Arizona and Pennsylvania have committed.

Local Politics Control

A sure sign that Patriots are regaining control is their increasing involvement and takeover in local government. Outraged over the 2020 election fraud, they’ve discovered how to quickly seize control.

In doing so, the improvement in our daily lives is great as local laws molded to conservative values and communism rejected. Their involvement is the good news for conservatives since Trump left office.

“Soccer Moms,” and others, get tough!

“Soccer Moms” quickly caught on to the importance of taking back control of party precincts, school boards, etc. After the 2020 presidential election robbery, they asked for advice on how they could make a difference. They knew America was in trouble.

And, did they ever go to work once they (re)discovered local politics!

For too long, the communists infiltrated these smaller institutional entities. They are where the anti-American sentiment first took hold–for local politics and the education of children.

The good news is that legends of “Soccer Moms” and many dads are now conscious of what’s happening. They activated themselves to protect their kids from “Critical Race Theory (communism).” Also, they bombard local Republican precincts trying to gain seats.

A Chinese proverb says that “Women hold up half the sky.” They appear to be holding up more than half the comeback of America.

Your assignment is: Take control of your local precinct boards and recall anyone against you!

State Republican governors stand up against the Biden Regime.

Actually, the Democrats started this State Sanctuary stuff. Now several strong Governors are standing up against out-of-control, unconstitutional Federal laws.

Keep a close eye on Pelosi’s expansion of the Capitol Hill Police jurisdiction into Florida and California–supposedly to hunt down “domestic terrorists.” She knows she doesn’t have the military strength with a compromised rank and file military and weak Antifa to fight off conservatives, so she’ll try to form her own internal, national police force. This move must be resisted from the beginning!

COVID Virus Tyranny

Medicines President Trump recommends are proven helpful. Instead, people are getting educated through conservative social media about what works.

But, I do worry about some of the extremely sinister conspiracy theories about COVID. But, there is no way of knowing who’s news to trust, no matter what “evidence” is presented!

Lamestream Media looks foolish again! Trump proven correct. Virus came from Chinese Lab!

Again, the world finds out Trump was right. The COVID virus really did leak from the Wuhan Lab! And the US taxpayer paid for the lab’s funding. At least we know that much!

But, it’s now part of the list of The Best News Since Trump Left the Presidency. Because people now see that Trump was right again! Right about the origins of the virus and the complicity of lamestream media as enemies of the people.

Leaked on purpose? It’s likely because there is a ton of circumstantial evidence!

US Military Loyalty

While the US military is getting weaker, we’re seeing signs of hope. While the ranks of high-level officers infiltrated. Eighty-percent approx. of soldiers are MAGA people.

Both sides stimied at the moment over the military.

Surprise! The US Supreme Court Declines to Hear All-Male Draft Requirements Case.

This means the US Supreme Court woke up to find a way to protect our military. Meaning, the Court said the Military may consider gender when deciding whether to accept a recruit. They recognized that there is indeed a difference between men and women. It’s about time!

Give me a hurrah if you think women are great! But, for the sake of our military effectiveness, some occupations demanding maximum physical strength better left to men.

All-male military draft stays in case of war in which we’re already in.

Only a moral victory at best, but an important one! Our US Supreme Court sided with the conservative movement for a change! Their decision stopped cold the practice of gender-based recruiting. Helping stop the politicization and thus the weakening of our military.

On 6.7.2021, Monday, the Court said it won’t hear an appeal challenging the all-male military draft requirement. Seems the National Coalition for Men had a sham challenge that our non-used draft system hurts American males. They saw right through their mislabeled motives.

Conservative American Culture Values Return

Americans must view themselves as part of a single country–a national identity with common dreams. Different cultures are more than welcome as long as they agree and want to assimilate into the fabric of America.

There is a rising appreciation of God, family, and country among conservatives. In fact, church attendance is up dramatically across the country!

Race Relations

The Democrat communists’ (Globalist) plan to divide America is tattering, even blacks are shaking their heads in disbelief about the nonsense going on. Even more, are bound to vote Republican in 2022 and 2024.

“Putting to bed” Racial Reparations Nonsense

It’s good news when we have one less source of chaos coming at us. It’s a sign the momentum is shifting in favor of conservatives.

Yes, George Soros is offering to fund Black Reparations in Los Angeles! But, for the most part, reparations talk is dead! Only meant to divide us anyway.

Borders Security Improves

‘If we don’t protect our borders, we don’t have a country!’ is a common quote saying. When you see a political party dismantling our border protection, their actions mean they aim to end your country.

States send their National Guard to Southern border

Texas leads the way to restore a strong US Southern border. Texas Governor Abbott has dispatched Texas security people to do a job the Federal communists refuse to do.

This is one of the best things to happen since Trump left office.

First Amendment protection

Trump files Massive Class Action Lawsuit against Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

The purpose is to end their censorship and shadowbanning. And, end their monopoly by breaking them up. Expect somewhere around 1000 other conservatives to join the case. Alan Dersowich says Trump has a good chance of winning the case.


By Wayne

I am an Op-Ed writer and commentaries specializing in America's conservative political issues for over 6 years. I am truly am an independent journalist as I receive no outside funding or commissions. I am driven by the need for everyone to understand the daily news in context.