Summary of Encouraging News for Patriots

Victories demonstrating that we’re successfully pushing back communism in America.

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Best news since Trump left the presidency
Volunteers finish counting, scanning, and double-checking audit accuracy.

It’s the middle of January 2022, and the odds of us living as free people have recently increased. Because patriots are now awake and aware and fighting back against the communists. I’m actually beginning to think America may survive until the next election!

Here is a list of reasons to keep the faith:

  • Parents around the country drew lines against “wokism” in order to protect their children. Furthermore, they are turning into the hardest charging MAGA activists America has ever seen!
  • Joe Biden is already a “lame duck” President because it’s likely many of his major programs will not get funded.
  • Election integrity safeguards are passing in red states. Many red states are successfully strenghtening their election integrity safeguards, while blue states, not so much.
  • Resurging Republican campaigns (MAGA) are implementing a 50 state election compaign strategy. And Republican voter registration rolls are way up!
  • MAGA is taking over local politics by getting elected as committee people on GOP precincts and school boards.
  • MAGA resistance to vaccine mandates is increasing.
  • States, especially Florida, are passing laws to counter the feds overreach.
  • The Supreme Court blocked Biden’s OSHA vax mandate
  • Covid testing shortages are causing chaos
  • Inflation is out of control
  • Sinema and Manchin nuked Biden’s Build Back Broke bill and ‘voting rights’ resolution by supporting the filibuster rule
  • Biden’s approval plummeted to 33% according to a new Quinnipiac poll

Parents insist teachers keep their hands off of their children!

The teachers and their unions have crossed the rubicon! The feds will not regain the trust of parents with kids in school anytime soon. Because their concerns have soured into a full understanding of just what is going on.

Shocked parents now realize the teachers of their kids actually want to turn them against them and America. And, pockets of resistance are strengthening.

Given this change of battlefield realities, the feds and their illegal national school boards modify their strategy. They are pausing further implementation of Critical Race Theory (CRT) while waiting for things to cool down.

After only one-year, Joe Biden is a “lame-duck” President

Joe Bide rode into the presidency riding on the thinnest of voting margins of a stolen election. And so, he and his handlers, are trying to change the fabric of America without a people’s mandate. Ironically, he’s doing the mandating himself.

More and more, we’re learning that his minuscule mandate are designed to create fear and chaos.

Election integrity safeguards are up!

MAGA (Republican) controlled red state legislatures across the country are putting election integrity safeguards back in place. However, if possible, they’d yield better results in the blue states. Where the Democrat’s fleet of election lawyers is already once again deploying to modify laws to their advantage.

Apparently, they have an add-on plan to steal another election. They think they’ve left MAGA to chase an old shiny object while they ensure millions of illegal immigrants can legally vote.

MAGA will win this fight in red states! Especially those without too many embedded Marxists or RHINOs in state legislatures. However, the critical unsolved problem is how to flip blue states to red when Democrats will always cheat enough to win!

MAGA touts contesting all 50 states! But, why not re-districting (gerrymandering)

Unfortunately, MAGA’s talk is overwhelming its actions. But, don’t get me wrong. MAGA is more active than ever! It’s just not yet capable of contesting all 50 states!

For example, it can’t even seem to pick the low-hanging fruit of redistricting or gerrymandering voter districts to its advantage. Meanwhile, the Democrats are busily re-drawing lines that will give them electoral advantages for the next 10 years.

If we accept the stolen New Jersey election, we’re not serious about winning in 2022!

And so, where is the outrage of 40,000 votes showing up in New Jersey in the early morning? In short, the exact number of votes and the perfect time for the incumbent communist governor to win!

Our placid acceptance of another stolen election does not forbode well for keeping our pledge to contest all 50 states. After all, we serious about saving America or not?

Virginia and other big wins on 11.2.2021 show what’s possible.

By the way, who says MAGA even won in Virginia. After all, a judge recently ruled mail-in votes can still be counted for 5 days after the postmark date! So, the election is not officially over until 11.6.2021!

A special thanks to the parents in Virginia who led the way in their governorate upset. Because their patriotism demonstrated that MAGA can win in blue states after all.

MAGA formulates a “Will to Power” “Smash-Mouth” election 2022 victory

Description of a new Republican winning election campaign strategy. It’s so powerful that it may soundly defeat the Marxists for decades to come!

As they say, “The gloves are off”! Anything other than a “Will to power” “Smashmouth” MAGA election strategy will save America from the communists!

They will cheat and figure out how to get those illegal immigrants to legally vote. And, will again do it in swing states. All the while, this time around, paying much more attention to local election races.

This will turn again turn the coming MAGA red wave into another close election.

Local political control of school and precinct boards.

In another bright spot, MAGA is overrunning local politics! Because they are taking control of local committees. For example, GOP precincts, school boards, etc. have far more patriots as committee members.

As a result, a national grassroots political power base is forming to help stop election fraud and support better candidates. Moreover, some say they were even instrumental in stopping an election steal attempt in Virginia!

Many Republican state governors stand up against the Feds.

In fact, the Republican governors are opposing the unconstitutional edicts of the Biden Regime. Especially the governors in Florida and Texas who are fighting back using the power of their office.

However, the tricky Biden handlers are using the power of Federal Agencies to levy fines. Rather, than pass unconstitutional Congressional laws or issue Executive Orders power. And so, a showdown is heading our way.

Moreover, the Democrats themselves began the defensive trend of states blocking Federal mandates. For example, do you remember this State Sanctuary stuff they pulled when Trump was in power?

A growing global resistance to COVID tyranny

In fact, people around the world are rebelling against COVID gene replacement mandates, and the protesting is getting louder! Everywhere we see patriots who have drawn “red lines in the sand” against vaccine passport and the jabs. Especially, those parents who are busy protecting their young children and military personnel.

Rank and File National Guardsmen in Washington D.C. turn their backs on Biden!

To show disrespect for Joe Biden rank it happens whenever the Biden presidential caravan drives by. Furthermore, their actions show the unpopularity of Joe Biden.

Even more, the conclusion is backed up by entire coliseums of soldiers and college students chanting, “Go Brandon!” Whereby, I wonder how he could remain President another 3 years.

College students express anger against Biden at Arkansas football game!

In all my years, I’ve never seen a football game more charged with more excitement. Watch the Twitter video below for proof college students are awakening!

In addition, there were many, many young military men in uniform down on the field. They were jumping up and down for the game to begin, and yelling in unison for Biden to go F: CK himself.

Both US Military members and students shouting. F/ck Joe Biden!

Conservative American Culture Values Return!

Americans must view themselves as part of a single country–a national identity with common dreams. Different cultures are more than welcome as long as they agree and want to assimilate into the fabric of America.

There is a rising appreciation of God, family, and country among conservatives. Church attendance is up dramatically across the country!

Plus, we’re seeing a move toward repealing abortion in America. This is one of the first times we see MAGA taking the initiative. And, the Democrats are in meltdown mode!

Race relations continue swing toward MAGA

The Democrat communists’ (Globalist) plan to divide America is in tatters, more and more of all races are shaking their heads in disbelief about the Marxist nonsense. Even more, are bound to vote Republican in 2022 and 2024.

“Putting to bed” racial reparations nonsense

Most everyone already knew the Black Lives Matter (BLM) preaching the need for racial reparation was just another try at dividing us. Now, many feel the Marxist insulted our intelligence with this ploy.

Yes, George Soros is offering to donate Black Reparations in Los Angeles! Because doing so will stir up racial divisions. But, for the most part, reparations talk is already dead!

Parts of Black Lives Matter join MAGA Repubicans

Some have seen enough of the communist Biden regime! And now, we begin to see some marching with MAGA!

Not too surprising though, as many have awakened to realize, the communists took advantage of them. And so, the times are changing!

Borders Security Improves

‘If we don’t protect our borders, we don’t have a country!’ is a common quote saying. When you see a political party dismantling our border protection, their actions mean they aim to end your country.

States send their National Guard to Southern border

Texas leads the way to restore a strong US Southern border. Texas Governor Abbott has dispatched Texas security people to do a job the Federal communists refuse to do.

This is one of the best things to happen since Trump left office. However, don’t think what Texas is doing to help is near enough!

Good news about the survival of our Consitutional Amendments!

Of critical importance is making sure the US Constitution survives. Because the Marxists have no intention of allowing its survival.

Our First Amendment (Free Speech)!

So far, the free market of conservatives social media platforms is doing a great job allowing only the best to survive. There are plenty of sites out there for patriots to communicate.

Trump files Massive Class Action Lawsuit against Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

The purpose is to end their censorship and shadowbanning. And, end their monopoly by breaking them up. Expect somewhere around 1000 other conservatives to join the case. Alan Dersowich says Trump has a good chance of winning the case.

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