Why “Stop the Steal” Stopped Nothing

As we watch our country slip away, at least we can peacefully show the world that we intend to make America great again. Greater than ever before!

stop the steal

The Stop the Steal movement is late to the heist! The 2020 election was already stolen long before.

Formed between the general and Georgia Senate run-offs, the Stop the Steal movement already knew how the general election was stolen. Yet, did nothing critical to stopping it from happening again in the run-offs!

America lost an important political battle with the fascist corporate technocrats when state legislatures failed to do their constitutional duty to protect the will of the people.

While some of us could see this train-wreck election coming months before, for some reason, we thought everything works itself out.

The Steal Stopped Nothing!

All those caravans, marches, etc. stopped nothing!

We learned how confident and determined the Marxists after they stole another election, this time two Senate seats in the Georgia run-off of 2021.

I think by now every conservative knows that election laws need to revert back and scores of Democrat politicians need to be recalled. For, if this doesn’t happen, we’ll lose again in 2022 and 2024!

There really isn’t any choice but to stop the steal.

Cleaning Up Our Elections

I’ll never understand if we were so sure the Georgia election was stolen why weren’t National Guardsmen sent to supervise. Did we thinking the Marxist would be too scared to cheat again?

The real answer starts by cleaning up what happened in our Republican-controlled state legislatures. Amazingly, it seems many were not even aware of the absolute power they have over elections!

They were more interested in state congressional procedures and obeying the letter of the law. They were easy prey for the high-flying Democratic lawyers sent to usurp their authority.

Times are different, and they now know that they must take back their constitutional election power. From what I’ve seen they’re fighting hard, but the communists are fighting back!

The state legislature may even be considered ground zero for reclaiming America!

How to take back America

  • Join rallies. We still need them.
  • Get to know your state representatives and senators
  • Get active with everything politically local. That’s where you can do the most good. Don’t be bashful about uniting with others and forcing out the radical left, everywhere!
  • Get right with your creator.
  • Read the Democratic playbook used against you and your country. Know your enemy. Not surprisingly, it was dedicated to the devil, really!

Stop it! Democrats aren’t going to agree to anything!

Let’s be honest! There is no way the Democrats (global communists) are going to suddenly turn into moral people. They want everything you’ve got!

How do I know? I read their own papers!

So, it’s put up or shut up time for conservatives. And, we’ve got to be smart about it!

Real power must always be taken. It’s never given. – from the Godfather.

The snarky smiles from Democrats

To stop the steal we’re going to need to get over the smirched smiles of Democrats as they feel sorry for us being conspiracy theorist.

Otherwise, anger will take over our intellect. And, they want that.

Our take-away should be respect for the awesome power of propaganda to brainwash people.

And, if carefully done, turn a city, nation, or the whole world into a “world of opposites.”

Therefore, any stop the steal strategy needs special attention to the use of keyword, targeted propaganda.

Either we need to stop it, adapt it, or both.

In the meantime, their snarky smiles of superiority grate on my nerves like caulk on a caulk board. Ekk!

Incredible! The brainwashed try to turn us!

As Hillary Clinton said, “Never give up. Never stop!”

I see on the news that Democrat politicians now question, “What Steal?”

“Fifty courts… ya ya!” said no election fraud, etc.

Do these people know the fact that no once did one listen to evidence? Or, are the purposely misleading viewers and readers?

True reality points to corrupted state courts, not a Republican conspiracy theory.

What gets me is they spread this misinformation like a Manchurian Candidate.

We’d better quickly get our conservative websites built and perfected before they brainwash all of us!

What’s really going on!

What we’re experiencing is modern urban warfare which can wipe out countries before citizens realize they country is even in trouble. That is the truth about what’s happening!

Note: Throughout this post, I’ll call the enemy who they are: global communists, not Democrats. I no longer make apologies for telling readers their real names.

Elections, and therefore electors mean nothing!

We keep hearing that we should just accept defeat, and get them next time, at the mid-terms.

What leads patriots to think we can win an election?

For, if we couldn’t win a Trump landslide victory in 2020, what makes people think we can ever win again!

We can’t and won’t!

The truth is the global communists will print out and fill in as many votes as they need.

Only next time, they won’t even bother to cover up what their doing.

Let’s climb out of denial, and finally be honest with ourselves!

The days of changing America through elections are over, for now at least.

Our country begins again by demonstrating our numbers and then returning home to resist every globalist move.

Start in your own community by routing out lefties from all positions of local power. Dominate election supervision.

The global communists devised a sinister, powerful plan to overthrow America.

Learn what they did, and copy. At least until there is a better plan.

I had to chuckle today when I heard that the “Proud Boys” are now going to dress like Antifa, so the police will leave them alone. Bravo! And welcome to the American counter-revolution!

The only way back is a complete rebuild from the ground up, and still it’s going to be a war doing it!

“Let’s Work Together,” Democrats say. Why go deeper into their trap?

Even some weak Republicans say, ‘Well, yes we can work together on a job’s bill.”

But what happens!

They take credit, and another corrupt election puts the Democrat in office.

And, once a Democrat (global communists) gains control over a state.

They corrupt the levers of government so Republicans can never get it back.

Except the State Legislatures who are elected on a more local level.

By the way, the biggest mistake the Democrats made in the 2020 election was not filling out the downvotes on their fake ballots. Consequently. Republicans gained even more control in elected state offices. This oversite may serve as a starting point for a counter-revolution.

A word on options:

And so, those wanting to stop the steal should consider if they want to stop the steal now, or wait another two years when our voting systems are even more corrupt.

Or, do something dramatic now.

I see both sides, just pointing out the reality of the options.

Respect for Trump Supporters: Gone!

Gone are the days of being respected as a proud American.

And, they’re not coming back until you’re feared.

That’s the only way power works.

If they take your guns, well, it’s welcome to Venezuela time!

Don’t think for a minute that it can’t happen here.

Welcome to the counter-revolution!

The sooner and stronger you resist now, the easier taking back America becomes in the long-run.

Hope is resistance

Unless we wish on the world another 600 years or so of darkness, we need to act swiftly and forcefully to take back America.

And, other freedom loving people need to see us resisting and at least partially winning sometimes.

Because, the communists now have control, and there is no easy way to get it back on the horizon.

And so, we now fight as counter-revolutionaries.

Knowing the if we fight hard enough and never give up, we will win.

Wait! That’s the slogan from the communist’s playbook!

I hope there is a free world left for our children by the time our counter-revolution succeeds.

Understanding What Stole America?

A cabal of fascist global corporations stole America. The Democrats, not so much!

The weapon used on us is called “Fourth-Generation Warfare.” (Follow the link to Wikipedia for the sinister description.) Followed by a biological virus attack.

Rather than rocket fuel, their warfare was powered by propaganda. Ignited by the take-over of mainstream media and big tech. And guided by someone you know well.

Mobilization of Frustrations

Marxism has no answers, it can only cause chaos. And, to do so they need to mobilize frustrations of a nation.

We can’t even hope to stop the steal until we understand why we were rather suddenly faced with Antifa sincerely naming us Nazis and fascists!

This did not happen on its own. Something turned us into monsters in their minds.

Russia, Russia! And Virus, Virus!

Central tenets of warfare is surprise, distraction, and projection. While some of you are wise to these weapons, others are not.

The Way Back to America

I’m sure you’ve felt it, even through your anger that America is now rotten from the inside.

Yes, outsiders did it, but we let them.

The ideals and our God still wait for us.

Rebuilding a better America

Notice how the new Democratic slogan doesn’t mention America. I guess not such a surprise as their events no longer begin with the American National anthem, but rather a Black Lives Matter tune.

What I’m saying must be there greatest fear, and they trying to beat me to the punch!

I wouldn’t be surprise, but I don’t want to be paranoid either.

But, I digress!

We cannot reclaim our country until we once again have a country we’re proud of and worth spreading out to the world.

Next time America must aggressively promote our values world-wide for our own self-survive in this cut-throat geopolitical world.

This new America must be built on better citizens, or why bother?

We must be better than what we have, and certainly better than the planned Global Marxist world that’s planned.

So, lets begin rebuilding the ideals of America within us! It’s worth it!

Let’s begin with our souls, morals, minds, families, and communities.

The Stop the Steal Movement must face reality and get smarter

A sizable segment of America is brainwashed. There is no easy-going way to admit it. And, they are now in a Marxist reality matrix and so not coming back.

Can We Win in 2022?

People are working hard with their state legislatures to clean up their elections. But, the cabal is fighting back hard. So, we’ll see!

One thing for sure we must get rid of those Dominion voting machines, or nothing else matters.

The global communists (Chinese) are hell-bent on world domination, and they’ll give us about as much space as they did to the Hong Kong people. Maybe less.

The “Silk Road” agenda or “Great Reset” of a powerful cabal continues. And, they are not going to stop on their own!

Unfortunately for freedom-loving people, the election fraud and world bio-attack will go down as the most brilliant strategic geopolitical attack in world history, by far.

Honestly, I don’t have the answer to the “Stop the Steal.” Only personal opinions on what direction we look for answers.

The are MK mind controlled to hate America, and any use of that once sacred word will set them off. That’s how brainwashing works!

The rest is only my logic running its course.

A complete re-branding of the American Dream is needed.

But, not until we do something critical first.

Admit America has been devastated

The devastation of America started decades ago. It was a plan.

We were so tolerant that we even let propaganda devastated our country. Thankfully, internet-based conservative media membership is exploding

And conservatives are rapidly learning how to fight back, clandestinely.

A brainwashed country

Some 35% of America are hopelessly brainwashed into a world of opposites inside a matrix. And, we haven’t even a clue how to bring these fellow countrymen out of there.

One ex-KGB agent from the Cold War Days, advises that they won’t come back until they “feel a military boot on their neck.”

The china virus and the global communist takeover are only the “final straws.”

Because, let’s face it.

Finally, the good news about stop the steal!

We can’t help but win in the long run. As long as we never give up.

But, I sure don’t see a quick fix!

Why am I so sure?

It’s so simple. People all over the world want to live free.

The infiltrators have turned our laws against us. The popularity of our message is more valid than ever.

And so, the world roots for us!

Like a herd of water buffalos watching a lion eat one of their members, wondering how to help.

Because the infiltrators straight-armed us into thinking we always had a valid defense (when we don’t), we are not ready with a counter-attack.

We better get kraken!


The cabal that infiltrated and took over America were certainly thorough. They covered all the angles.

Even after the election, protected their scoring puck with surrounding ones. They knew where Trump’s lawyers need to go for relief from a corrupt election, and packed or brainwashed them.

If this is what the rich and powerful are capable, I certainly now understand why they are so.

Getting back to us. There is a certain peace of mind knowing the truth is now in the open. But, at the moment, others are firmly connected to the matrix.

We are in real trouble! The enforcers will soon be shooting real bullets, and we’re not ready to dodge or ignore them.

The good news! Those who prefer the Venezuelan lifestyle will love the new Marxist America!

And struggling even more for good news, being an actual underdog and rallying together with gusto as counter-revolutionaries, sounds adventurous. More so than being stuck at home mourning forever.

Resisting forced vaccination when we don’t know what they’ll do to us and shedding our personal position under the coming “Great Reset” actually sounds reasonable. (Just kidding!)

For me, I’m a little tired of living in this big house, so large that finding my keys can take 30 minutes. (Again!)

Sitting around a campfire with friends as guerilla fighters talking about tomorrow’s resistance sounds adventurous.

Let’s be safe, and not talk about the past.


By Wayne

Author, political activist, and tech-geek My best is when I see the end game and deliver no-nonsense viewpoints. My career began 5 years ago when I realized how close America is to being terminally taken over by global Marxists. I now work every day to help conservatives cope and get strong again.