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“Stop the Steal Caravan 2020” Georgia

“Stop the Steal” in this extra important state of Georgia.

The Stop the Steal Caravan 2020 is headed for Georgia! Picking up additional patriots as it moves across America, the size of this peaceful patriotic army increases with every mile.

There are two good reasons to protest in-person in Georgia right now!

  • Circuit Courts of Appeal or even the US Supreme Court may order a real audit of Georgia’s votes and declare the election too corrupt. This would nullify their electoral votes, and help Trump win in a Congressional Contingent Election.
  • Two US Senate run-offs happen on January 3rd, 2021 in Georgia which will determine which party is the majority. If Democrats manage to win, there will be no check their radical policies!

It’s essential that the voting procedures in Georgia be cleaned up before the US Senate run-offs. Otherwise, the Democrats will notch another victory and steal the majority in the Senate. All of this is done to us when the majority don’t even want the Democrats even near our governmental levers of power.

With the majority, they can add justices to stack the courts for decades and lock up their hold on the Senate for decades. And, since the Democrats are so good at hanging together, they can pass any radical laws they want.

The Stop the Steal Caravan 2020 in Georgia” will demonstrate what Trump meant when he said, ‘only we the people have the power to take back our country.’

Although there are plenty of great people willing to help, assume you’ll need to bring everything you need for yourself

Latest News!

11.22.2020 US Supreme Court assigns conservative judges to local circuit courts of appeal to speed up claims.

11.13.2020 Roger Stone video compilation videos of Democrat voter fraud. Also, the user accounts of influential online conservatives are disappearing at an alarming rate. I consider my own bans badges of honor. We really need an all hands on deck approach to establishing our own conservative networks. is great, but they are attracting so many users, sometimes their infrastructures slow down or crash. Be patient.

11.12.2020 Who will win the election in 2020? An article with amazing insights never before put together like this!

The caravan arrives in Atlanta, Georgia, in several videos. Link for the latest “Stop the Steal Caravan 2020” at Infowars.

The mayor of Washington DC says that everyone entering the city must show they’ve recently been tested for COVID-19. Obviously, they are very concerned about the caravan! This is modern-day warfare using public health as a weapon.

(Video) Initial Announcement of “Stop the Steal Caravan 2000” in Washington DC:

The “Stop the Steal Caravan 2020” is About Patriotism?

The caravan shows that we know the 2020 election was rigged, and we’re not going to let the Democrats get away with it! Fortunately, we all know that President Trump really did win the election, and so all we need to do is ensure that only legal votes are counted.

It’s a statement of simplicity that we want our country back, and we’re “done with their global communism nonsense!”

The “Stop the Steal” caravan protests mean thousands of participants are focused on saving America!

In my first skype phone conversation with a friend in the caravan, I quickly noticed an attitude shift from only a few days ago. He wasn’t so interested in letting off steam. Instead, he says he was ‘going to Washington D.D. to free American from the Marxists.’

November 5, 2020, is the day I rejected the Marxists.

Even though the anger was building, I didn’t become impossible to live with until Fox News announced that they called the election for Joe Biden.

Probably like you, I’m normally easy-going, but I couldn’t manage my “disappointment.” Even my lovely wife knew it was time for her to pack her bug out bag and visit the kids. She’s back now.

Right now, I feel like Keanu Reeves in the final scene of the film, “The Matrix,” where he’s finally free of the false reality of the Matrix and believes in himself.

Best Conservative Media Websites

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about moving my online world to conservative media websites. Like leaving a comfortable home, it’s hard to do. But, this presidential election lays bare that I never really had a choice.

And so goodbye big tech! I’ve moved out! And, here is the story of my search for the best conservative web sites.

So far, so good! Trading a few features for freedom feels so good that every time I jump, I fly through the skies.

Even though the traffic on this site is rising, it receives zero traffic from Google Search!

Why “Stop the Steal Caravan 2020” Rally in Washington DC?

We need the “Stop the Steal Caravan” to demand a fair election.

And more, the beginning of the return to rational thinking…

Whoopie Goldberg advises Trump supporters to “Suck it up! For, we also suffered after losing to Trump. Now it’s your turn!” AOC in the House of Representatives, says she’s not a socialist (communist), but rather a “racial correctionalist.”

We can’t argue with or let the crazies rule over us!

And so, the caravan has a secondary purpose, to announce we’ve begun taking back our country.

Rampant Censorship

Facebook shut down a Group with over 360,000 members called “Stop the Steal.” It says the Group was deleted because some members were espousing violence.

Meanwhile, Antifa doesn’t get canceled?

And, I’ve been banned or shadow-banned all over the net without ever saying a violent word.

I’m sure we all know what is really going on!

Hey, hey, what’s that sound… everyone knows something is going down. Perfect song for us because Americanism is the radicalism.

Participate in other “Stop the Steal” Activities wherever you are.

Attend rallies wherever you are, so judges know we care and are watching. Otherwise, they tend to shove these election challenges under the table.

Plus, let’s remind these “weak knees” political hosts, especially Chris Wallance, how weak they appear to us.

“Stop the Steal” protest in Austin, Tx.

President Trump and his legal team barnstorm!

Trump’s lawyers lays out case, and says has hundreds of witnesses with sworn testimony of Democrat cheating. He says the legal case gets filed on Monday.

Dead people, people who moved, unsigned ballots, thrown away Trump ballots, fake ballots, ballot counting computer glitches, refusing Republican observers, and pre-dating ballots all happened. But irrefutable and meaningful evidence is necessary.

The coming case is a Civil Rights matter where President Trump was denied his right to a fair election. If Tump’s legal team prevails, there are many possible remedies.

They range from throwing out a few votes to many. Also, if successful, his case could serve as guide remedies in other states.

Critical, high-level, legal battles are raging as I write this post and the only thing I know for sure is that the election outcome is still up in the air.

Refuse to call Joe Biden the winner!

At this point, we honestly don’t know who won! Even so, media networks have called the race, and now call Joe Biden, the president-elect!

Who gave them this power anyway? Can he now officially form a cabinet before the states even certify their election?

Notice how Biden was declared the winner, the weekend before the Trump lawyers begin litigation efforts. The political “railroading” by the networks, including Fox News should be remembered by all Trump supporters.

Keep the attention on only counting legal ballots

Whistle blower overhead posting ballot plans.

Refuse to accept any election without impartial observers.

Chinese woman gives angry, detailed account of the illegal treatment of Black Lives Matters, Democrat supervisors. Bottom line, Democrats blocked observers. Watch until the end where she reports seeing a truck of ballots arriving at 4 am that never got counted, but yet the vote count when up dramatically at 5 am.

Demand an explanation for the software glitch in Michigan, and elsewhere!

A software “glitch” in Michigan that automatically switches Republican votes to Democratic when a sharpie pen is used. Seems their ink bleeds through the paper and causes votes for Trump to switch to Biden.

First, we need to confirm if this allegation is true, and if and when the situation was remedied. Then, we need to know if true this same faulty system was used throughout Michigan, and what other states.

This software glitch alone could be enough to swing the election to Trump!

Enough ballots have allegedly been illegally switched from Biden to Trump to win in Michigan.

Networks continue to call this one nation-wide, software glitch immaterial or conspiracy theories, while Trump supporters know it could flip election results. I wonder if Trump’s legal team will have time to prove their case.

Don’t lose sight of the importance of winning two run-off elections for Senate Seats in Georgia!

Nancy Pelosi and the House of Representatives released a barrage of laws, pre-approved by the House during the last four years. She knew they would never be taken up by the Republican Senate, but she did so anyway. Why?

She knew the fix was in! And, they could quickly ram them through once Democrats took the majority in the Senate. Remember, there are two special election Senate seats up for grabs in Georgia very soon.

Expect the well-funded Democrat Senate candidates to receive more funding than any Senate race in history!

And if they do take the Senate seats, there is nothing stopping Democrats from “packing” the courts. Goodbye, all checks and balances for the Democrats, hello tyranny for us!

In case you missed this “packing” the court means adding enough additional radical left-leaning judges so they have a majority. They can do this with a Senate majority, or just one new Democratic Senator in Georgia.

Then, they have control over all three branches of our government, and we are helpless living under a radical left (global communists) control. That is unless the President’s lawyers can reverse the 2020 election.

Don’t doubt yourself! Major election fraud did occur.

A discussion on why you should disregard the polls because they look inaccurate, just like the 2016 election. Instead, the famous Youtuber, Tim Poole advises us to look at the enthusiasm index polls instead. And how Americans are relying on Trump to end our subversive, two-tier system of justice.

Talk is that the polling industry being finished or useless after this 2020 election debacle, and people are probably right. But, thinking deeper, why would a country with only one political party even need polling.

If the Democrats (global communists) do win, we’re going to be calling people comrades, wearing a mask for the rest of our lives, while kissing our individual freedom goodbye.

… said that the only poll that has to be accurate is the one immediately before an election., “Why Are the Presidential Polls So Inaccurate?”

Get an explanation as to the mystery last-minute appearance of mail-in ballots outnumber Trump votes. A real answer!

Early morning dumps of mystery mail-in ballots outnumber last-minute votes by Trump supporters. They arrived early in the morning at vote-counting stations in the exact numbers to put the vote count above the legal recount difference.

Most of all, I’m thrilled to help “Stop the Steal Caravan 2020” get the word out. And now, in turn, please help me get my word out by sharing this post. That’s how this works when we’re in this fight together.

You Are Not Alone: Other Rallies and Strikes

Truckers plan to strike against Biden’s desire to ban fracking.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Rally.


The radical left Democrats has stepped up their censorship and hostility towards us. They want us to accept the loser position as second class citizens living under a more strict set of rules. Their lies about love of country are exposed, and so there are no more excuses for us.

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