Gamechanger! States Secession Movement Grows!

Secession. Not such a crazy idea anymore! Especially when there may not be another choice.

State Secession Movement

A states’ secession movement grows each day as the people living in red states face the reality that they cannot live under Marxism. The driving question about secession is whether America will still be standing until the 2022 election.

While I don’t know the answer, I can tell people won’t tolerate another stolen election. Secession would occur for sure!

In the meantime, there is a lot of thought, work, and time needed to preparing for the worst case, which is secession.

Is It Legal for a State to Secede

But it does not follow that because a State cannot secede constitutionally, it is obliged under all circumstances to remain in the Union. There is a natural right, which is reserved by all men, and which cannot be given to any Government, and no Government can take it away.

American Historical Association

Sample State Secession Plan Platform

  • Keep the Constitution with its three branches of government.
  • Make Austin, Texas, the new American Capital.
  • Charge big tech-heavy fines for censoring, shadow banning, or stacking website search results in favor of the Marxist.
  • Encourage alt-media to expand and compete in a free market.
  • Reject foreign wars
  • Keep Social Security and Medicare intact
  • Call and end to deficit spending
  • Declare a national bankruptcy if need be
  • Try to keep friendly relations with blue states
  • Enforce strict border controls in new America

Table of States Exploring Secession

StatesLatest Status
TexasPassing bills in the state legislature
FloridaCollecting signatures
Many more states would join the States Succession movement, if there was ever fair elections again. Patriots need to peacefully fight hard to regain control.

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Deciding Whether to Secede

Dividing America to escape a Marxist government takeover is a radical idea. But, when elections are no longer honest, what choice do we have?

To help decide what to do we need to ask ourselves the simple. question.

Could we actually tolerate living under Marxism or a fascist corporate technocracy?

If the answer is no, why torture ourselves thinking about what obviously needs doing.

Could conservatives live peacefully side-by-side with a Marxist who stole our country?

If the answer is no, then there goes the states’ secession movement idea! Besides, their goal is not to conquer a part of America. They want us gone period!

So we’re left with nothing but atoms in endless flux, physical forces violently colliding in a grim world where might makes right and brutal will reigns supreme. If that sounds like the radical autonomous zone in Seattle, it’s no coincidence.

The Federalist, By John Andrews, July 7, 2020, “If we don’t stop it, Marxism…”

Why Democrats would lose another civil war?

Can we imagine attacking our own people in a civil war? If not, there goes that idea! Experts like Kurt Schlichter say that civil wars are “10 times more painful.”

There are two Civil War II scenarios, and the left is poorly positioned to prevail in either one…

Town Hall, 3-12-2018, Kurt Schlichter, “Why Democrats would lose a second civil war…”

The better idea, the only remaining option!

The only logical conclusion is that we must fight for election integrity. And win back control of Congress in 2022. It’s really that simple! Or, is it!

What if conservatives exhaust all legal ways to stop the cheating?

Could conservatives actually stop Democratic Communists from cheating legally? Would physically stopping them trigger a civil war?

I think it would!

Their Marxist goals are far more important to them than any rule of law.

And, it’s already started, and we can already see that battles over the county and state election law and stoppage of cheating are what will decide the next election. The truth is that some Americans have said they won’t even vote this time!

Game Planning Asymmetrical Civil Warfare

The only ones with actual experience is the US intelligence agencies, and they are Democrat Communists or corporate technocrats. In any case, they are obviously in charge of tactics.

What blows my mind is how long they’ve been waging civil war against us! While we still wait for the war to begin!

Folks, it’s already here! And, we are now the dead “boiled frog.”

Now, we need to become an entirely reborn one!

And, it’s being conceived as we speak!

We Already in a Civil War!

No doubt Americans have no experience recognizing an internal Marxist-style attack. All they know is they feel something is wrong.

Like now!

Looking through the “white papers of our own CIA,” once this type of attack is allowed to fester long enough, it cannot be stopped!

How many Americans knew that?

We are beyond the point of no return!

Forget the Old America, Let’s Up Our Game!

While it’s often said that the only thing the Marxist fear is an awakened America. After the crippling loses in 2020, that statement must be updated.

The only thing the Marxist fear is the evolution of America.

For every superiority they have, we must use our ingenuity to formulate superior insurgency strategies as counter-insurgents.

  • Political news sources
  • Technology
  • Online media
  • Education for children of patriots
  • Asymmetrical warfare techniques
  • Elections

I am happy to say that we are proceeding well, like we intuitively knew what we needed to do.

The only item we should worry about it the last one, elections. Cleaning up our elections has to be an unstoppable national priority.

The danger of an attack from the blue states.

One thing for sure, like a game of chess, we cannot only focus on simple checkmate while our opponent is trying just as hard to destroy us.

If red states seceded, the Marxist would use every underhanded trick to mess us up! Toss away any idea that they would let a New America live in peace.

Why am I so sure? One of their fundamental reasons for overthrowing America is to get rid of the “shinny city on the hill.” They don’t want any refuge as the go for world domination.

No, there will be no immediate peace through secession! But, there is a good chance we could eventually expel the Marxist by doing what they fear most.

An evolution of a new America that is better in every way! In other words, we need to shed the current one and present a shiny new one!

Once the remaining people in the blue states see the possibilities of the new, improved America. Then, we’d see their drive to get rid of the Marxists. Trump is the perfect salesperson!

But, I continue to game plan out a peaceful battle strategy!

Taking inventory

A state’s secession is an escape plan from a government that no longer serves the need of a people in a state. The right is in our Constitution.

You should know that the Marxist lawyers are already writing how we lost that right after the Civil War. I don’t think so.

Before a secession we need to determine whether the secessionist have the guts to follow through, no matter what. The winner of the sure to come peaceful battles will be the side with the most dedicated followers.


The destruction of America is their goal. They must make us a horrible example of what happens when opponents resist.

For this reason, a state’s secession guide must include a protection plan that goes into effect immediately after a declaration.

Plus, our Federalist’s Papers say it’s our “duty” to overthrow an unjust government.

Our Founding Fathers said in the Federalist’s Papers that we have a duty to overthrow an unjust government. Then the question becomes: can the government be deemed “unjust” because they stole an election? And, can an election be called corrupt by public opinion.

The Attempted Cleanup of the Arizona is the Test.

The corrupt 2020 elections woke up and angered Americans! I’ve never seen so many of them pitching in to clean up our politics, especially our elections process.

What state secessionists must realize, before having a credible chance of success as an independent nation, or even fixing America, there must be a winning marketing or propaganda message that’s getting out.

The fascist corporate technocrats are already planning how to steal any election promoting seceding from the Union. And so, seceding doesn’t immediately solve the theft.

Arizona is the frontlines and latest hotspot for cleaning up our elections.

There is a smaller scale warfare against the Marxist going on in Arizona. Many of the roadblocks to restoring American can be analyzed by understanding what they are going through to achieve a state of fair elections.

It’s local story will soon be our national one!

Establishing a Conservative Mainstream Media for State Secession Success

Critical to any states’ succession movement is the establishment of a conservative mainstream media and search. From this base, we can control our own media and counter Marxist propaganda.

A big advantage is that patriots know how to use the power of competitive market forces to develop more advanced, better platforms for less money.

See more about the Gab Social and Parler social media platforms, and see how Distributed networking technology is superior to the centralized client hosting IT Infrastructure of big tech.

The lack of a large-scale conservative search engine is our greatest weakness.

For those thinking there really are search engine choices, you should know you really don’t.

Even the praised conservative search engine DuckDuckGo is actually hosted on the corporate technocratic services of Amazon Web Service! So much for having a large-scale conservative-orientated search engine.

That’s why I was so proud and happy to see state Governor Ron Desantis of Florida threatening to fine Google for search engine partisanship. While Google is not likely to pay a dime in fines, it was refreshing to see a state standing up to them. It demonstrates the high-level of courage needed build a competitive search engine.

The importance of Big Tech in creating and maintaining their false reality.

The entirety of the false reality we face is massive! It extends far from the shores of America.

It’s important to realize that mainstream media is not the only source of brainwashing! Hundreds of well-funded smaller organizations have sabotaged the American idea for decades.

Here we’re still stuck because we have to counter to Big Tech!

Besides the global tech giants, there is a jungle of smaller propaganda organizations with such appeals marketing that the uninformed flock to.

My point is that America is under an organized, global attack. And only, one such by us will counter it.

Fake reality reasons why succession illegal.

Mainstream media is known for putting out a constant stream of fake information. So, no sense thinking they would do anything different now.

They say everyone knows (who?) that states can’t secede the Union because it’s illegal. Why? They say because the Confederate loss in the Civil War “cements” the Federal Government’s right to prevent a state from seceding. Is that all they got!

Highlights of States’ Secession Movement

While no state wants to secede, they can’t take the chance they’re caught flat-footed.

Secession is not new to Texas!

Leftist view that Texas would never survive alone. Putting that aside, who says they are alone. Video creator claims the majority of Texans don’t want to leave the union, but doesn’t explain where got his numbers.

State Rep. Kyle Biedermann, R-Fredericksburg, filed a bill Tuesday to create a referendum election on whether Texans should create a joint legislative committee “to develop a plan for achieving Texas independence.”

Kyle went on to say, “It is now time that the People of Texas are allowed the right to decide their own future,” he said in a statement announcing the legislation.”

So many Texas are already fed with the fascist Feds! And, Biden recently put 10,000 Texas out of work with the sudden cancelation of the Keystone pipeline! Making things worse, Biden said he wants the energy workers to get new jobs making solar panels!

More about possible Texas succession plans.

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So, who decides what’s just? As always, the answer should rest with the people and a fair election. If that is even possible anymore!


After a national election theft and the refusal of a runaway communist county in Arizona that refuses to allow an election audit. Then, the turncoat or threaten State Senator’s vote change to allow charges of contempt against a sub-entity. It’s obvious that we’ve now completely lost our country.

Anyone who thinks it’s best to wait until the next election is fooling themselves. The so-called impossible happened!

America is now a communist country!

So, now we’re left deciding if we go down with the ship or perform what’s known in the game of chess as a “castling.” A move where we protect our king as we plan an offensive move.

In truth, maybe there is a way to legally battle back on a state-by-state basis, but there is no guarantee of success. And, I wonder if conservatives have the stomach for it.


By Wayne

Author, political activist, and tech-geek My best is when I see the end game and deliver no-nonsense viewpoints. My career began 5 years ago when I realized how close America is to being terminally taken over by global Marxists. I now work every day to help conservatives cope and get strong again.