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Why do Social Justice Warriors want America Gone?

The social justice warriors must completely tear down and erase America to establish a “so-called” Marxist utopia.”

Boggles my mind that Social Justice Warriors want America gone so they can bring in instead their progressive political agenda. Do they even know what they’re doing?

Social Justice Warriors want America gone because of their irretrievable economic, cultural, and societal grievances against the US. And, besides they need a clean political slate to subjugate the US under global communism.

Social Justice Warriors is the more politically accepted label for the Progressives, which is short for socialism, or more accurately communism. Even more, since they want to subjugate the US under the United Nations, the most accurate label of an SJW is a “global communist.”

Even more troubling, many Social Justice Warriors (SJW) are nihilists, and so, not prone to change their minds. Why should they, after all, they believe in nothing in nothing, not even their own future? Unfortunately for everyone, and so their acceptance of a fake Marxist utopia is based on nothing.

Social Justice Warriors want America gone so they can instead live under global communism
Famous painting about called “Slacker” man relaxing in a Communist utopia.

So, forget their talk of “Democratic Socialism” or “One World Government,” for they are only labels marking the road to the new, final solution, “Global Communism,” which only leads to human misery for the common man.

Social Justice Warrior (SJW) is a pejorative term for an individual who promotes socially progressive views: including, feminism, civil rights, multiculturalism.


The reasons the young SJW members want to tear down America:

  • The weaponization of mainstream media, social media, and search engines creates a false image of America
  • The frustration over political corruption leading to a “Wealth Gap” between the rich and poor
  • How artificial intelligence technology makes their skills and education obsolete
  • The inability to repay their student loans
  • The lack of a high-paying job after graduation from college
  • Their mistaken belief in the utopia of Marxism as taught in our universities

Besides young SJWs, there are also elders often serving as Marxist ideology teachers and leaders.


How do the Social Justice Warriors (SJW) view the opinions of others?

The SJW doesn’t hear the opinions of others, as they are taught by their leaders not to talk to anyone with different views. Presumably, so they won’t lose their mind-control programming.

How do I deal with social justice warriors?

If they watch a lot of CNN, etc., then you know you’re wasting your time talking to them. The problem is you’d be trying to overcome or go around a mind-control technology that blocks them from processing opposing info.

The weaponization of the Media Against America

The weaponization of the media against America by mainstream media, social media, and search engines has created a false anti-American image. Unfortunately, many of our countrymen have fallen for their propaganda. And so, SJWs think the destruction of America is warranted or even necessary.

The global communist supporters gained control over our mainstream media and search engines decades ago. Ever since steadily, they’ve fed us streams of misinformation.

SJWs are prime victims of misinformation, so intensive that they believe Trump and his supporters are the fascists, instead of their communistic leadership! Truly amazing is the power of control of the media.

Indoctrination of SJW to Marxist Ideas

Too many university students and graduates indoctrinated into Marxism nowadays. They call it a natural evolution from a democratic republic to socialism to communism. But, I think we’d be better off if we put a lid on socialism.

A stunning claim from members of the Social Justice Warriors considering history tells us differently.

How does Marxism teach students how to overthrow America?

One of my personal favorites, we approved their loans and supported them with our own money as they studied Marxism and how to overthrow America. Does anyone else find this ironic!

Courses like how to organize and participate in rioting. How obvious does this need to get!

The most sinister faction of the insurrection attempt is the mainstream media and big search propaganda. By reporting a continual stream of organized misinformation, they create a fake reality which mind-controls a large segment of Democrats.

Although many try to blame their hatred of Trump for propaganda, I don’t buy it for a minute. No, it’s to divide us and create chaos in support of the insurrection attempt in the US.

Marxist Theory: False Consciousness Created for Class Conflict

False consciousness is when you support something that is only beneficial for others, like voting for private property ownership when you own none. A Marxist theory that leaves out the possibility of possible future participation in achieving the “American Dream.”

Of course, this dream can never be pursued by nihilists because they do not believe in anything. And so, debating Americanism versus Global Communism is hopeless.

Moreover, explaining that their global Marxist utopia is a fantasy means nothing to them because they cannot process any information that does not agree with their mind-control programming.

“Wealth Gap” Between the Rich and Poor

The Marxist “Wealth Gap” argument is a potent narrative against the merits of capitalism, but there is an answer in our antitrust laws. On the other hand, the global communists’ ideologies offer only guaranteed human misery. So, which ideology would a sane person choose?

Expanding Antitrust laws to include “Power Gaps”

The modifications would involve defining “monopolies” beyond markets and adding political or media power.

After all, the overall purpose of our antitrust laws is to prevent tyranny. When a company or group has a monopoly of power in a market, it can act tyrannically.

Does Artificial Intelligence Technology Makes Education Obsolete?

Artificial intelligence technology only increases the need for education, albeit specialized. And so, professors advise students their education is to teach them how to think, and they’ll need to keep learning their entire lives to keep current.

The warnings come at a time when most are “sick” of school. When the last thing they can afford is more college loans. And so, it’s no wonder so many think they wasted their time in college, and they were tricked into their student loan debt.

Again, young SJWs have good reasons for frustration, and so even more set up for mind-control victimization by our mainstream media, social media, and search engine mind-control.

Drawing from their college courses on Marxism, it’s not surprising why they want America gone.

Does “artificial Intelligence” technology eliminate entrance level jobs for young college-educated workers?

As predicted, in every economic journal of the future of business, artificial intelligence is eliminating entrance-level jobs for young workers. And so, many remaining and new jobs now require specialized courses beyond a college degree.

Hidden Racial Guilt Ignites Radicalization

It’s an insult to my intelligence when Black Lives Matter (BLM) members nonchalantly retreating to their staging area where they change into their rioting clothes at dusk! Who do they think they’re fooling?

The politicians who came up with the idea of loaning 1.5 trillion dollars to college students are masochists. For they must have known the denial, frustrations, and fear they’d generate if the young insurgents could not find a well-paying job. One that enables them to pay off their loan.

And so, many young student insurgents are thinking, ‘You’ve screwed me, and now I’m going to screw you back, America’ Fear and confusion over how they are going to pay off their loans make them perfect insurrection candidates.

The Inability of SJWs to Repay their Student Loans

The inability of SJWs to repay their student loans has radicalized many to turn against America. With many of them in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, it’s no wonder.

The inability of SJWs to repay their student loans after graduation must weigh heavily on their minds, especially when good-paying jobs are scarce. Sure President Trump helped created many news jobs, but the number of graduating students dwarfs the job creation numbers.

Importantly, as Trump ramps up our economy, the global communists do everything possible to sabotage his efforts because their goals are to overthrow using chaos as a tool and diversion.


The more I research and write, the more I realize how we generally let others screw up America. In my darkest moments, I wonder if the Marxists are right, and we don’t deserve another chance at ruling ourselves.

In some ways, I don’t blame our youths for rebelling. However, our American system is still far better than any other, although it needs a cleanup.

By Wayne

I write about American political realities just beyond the horizon. Recognized as one of the best opinion writers by the "Conservatives for Journalism" for 2019, my posts represent the age-old values of conservatives. And so, I turn heads by rejecting the mainstream media and big tech takeover as the real media. Conservatives have always been and remain the center of the political spectrum.