Why Am I Skeptical of Climate Change Solutions?

Before you support the spending of trillions of our tax money, insist all possibilities are studied, including that climate change is natural.

Skeptical of Climate Change

I am skeptical of climate change solutions for good reasons. Imagine you had the information to convince others that we need studies that take all possibilities into account, including climate change, which may not be real at all.

Climate change is a significant, fast change in global temperature, precipitation, wind patterns, and other measures of climate. The inference is that the change caused by mankind alone.

I am skeptical of any solutions by governmental organizations: They always cost more and seldom work. After all, the most effective and long-lasting method of reducing man-made pollution will be market-driven.

Yet, climate change organizations think they should be at the center of some kind of massive cash-flow program. Sorry, but big money doesn’t work that way. Instead provide proof and a spreadsheet.

Agendas of Climate Change Organizations and People

There is no doubt that organizations wanting to reverse climate change have political and economic agendas, and that’s alright as long as they accomplish objectives that exist. However, I really can’t tell and am suspicious of their overall intentions.

Ok, I get it though! The new world order is trying to take over, and a Paris Accords that reverses climate change would be a showcase accomplishment for their world-wide coup attempt.

United Nations as an example: They’ve received billions of dollars every year. And the only thing that’s happened is massive financial fraud and sabotage to tear down the US.

Any significant reduction of man-made pollution to reverse climate change needs to be caused by market-driven forces. Have multiple organizations go public to raise money and produce annual reports. If they don’t perform, capital will move to the one who does.

Money should flow or get invested in results, just like any other business endeavor. If a company can’t prove their results, then don’t invest. It’s up to the company to make its investors happy.

World Organizations Strive for Stable Funding

So far, the United Nations and the European Union mainly rely on donations to fund their new world order.

What they need is recurring money like taxes and a military.

Charging the US monthly dues for “handling” climate change is just the type of recurring the European Union and the United Nations needed. Of course, China pays nothing for 10 years!

No doubt they feel the American people are suckers!

The Paris Accord is the perfect financial excuse for solving this income shortfall. Fortunately, Trump backed out of the agreement, but now Joe Biden and the people behind him reactivated it!

It seems no one told us that the US has unlimited money hidden somewhere!

Skeptical of Climate Change Solutions

Global organizations do not have the entrepreneurship skills to reverse climate change. Yet, they want to manage those who do!

Sorry, I don’t believe in the Paris Accord! It’s nothing more than a political and economic hoax to suck money out of the US.

After all, we already can project that the “so-called” climate change problem will be only solved by market capitalism, not an administration bureau. The power of a greedy capitalist market, with a push from behind by respective country leaders, is the best way.

Instead of sending big money to global organizations, we should get to work by turning loose the forces of an open free market.

The Fraudulent Paris Accords

My model of what NOT to do is join the fraudulent Paris Accords. It’s an organization only dedicated to enlarging the cash flow of the European Union while continuing their money and power grab using the United Nations and the New World Order.

Democrat Solutions Mean Paying Big Government

Radical Democratic House Representatives are demanding expensive, environmental programs costing trillions of dollars. They claim the earth is approaching the point where it will not be able to recover in 12 years. And, so we must “fundamentally” change the way we live, regardless of how uncomfortable.

Climate Change Pitch to Extort a Cash Flow

One energy expert on the Youtube Channel “Redacted Tonight” preached, to generate enough energy from bio, we’d need to plow every inch of ground for crops on 6 planets like earth!

Also, interestingly she said we’re now past the point of no return, and the only solution is massive, forced cuts in consumption. And, we’d need an authoritative government like Communism to accomplish that!

They tell us we’re doomed if we don’t let them rule over us and give them all our money. Pardon me if I’m suspicious – especially when I see giant holes in their argument.

Do you remember President Obama’s trillion-dollar boondoggle? Where DID the money go for the “shovel-ready” jobs? Hundreds of billions went for climate change, but all we got were a few hundred windmills and solar panels.

List of Questions to Ask Before Donating to Any Climate Change Solution:

  • How much is it going to cost over 10 years?
  • Can I make progress payments based on results?
  • What project management skills and systems ensure the money is spent wisely?
  • Am I sure what there doing will really solve Climate Change.
  • What proof other causes are not to blame.

Free Market Solutions Climate Change Solutions are Best.

The free market is the source of creative ideas, so why not invest the funds with those who do the work.

Not saying that world government organizations don’t have a purpose, like can’t help organizing and keeping track. But, as the primary recipient of massive amounts of cash, no!

Trump Uses Free Market to Combat Climate Change and Earns a Buck or Two!

Maybe unintentional, but President Trump has done more to clean up the planet than anyone in history. Ok, a real stunner! But, listen to my logic:

  • Trump removed the Obama era restriction on harnessing natural gas, which is non-polluting and capable of generating mass amounts of energy.
  • For some reason, on their own, globalists decided that China was to be the central place for manufacturing. This decision was an environmental disaster as China has the worst environmental record in the world! So pollution spewed out of Chinese factories like never before. But, now with Trump’s proposed China trade deal, there are thousands of factories moving back to the US where they will be subjected to our more strict anti-pollution requirements.

The stumper for today is why did the environmentalist (globalist) want the manufacturing industry transferred to China where they knew they’d cause more pollution than any other country?

That’s why Trump’s trade policies are slowing down world pollution. And, the globalist organizations won’t give him credit. Disagree? Leave me a comment.

Many people won’t acknowledge that President Trump has reduced global CO2 emissions more than any other person on earth. Keep reading, and I’ll explain.

Democrats Panic Over Climate Change, While Trump Actually Helps Solve the Problem!

Democrats are panicking over climate change! They say the world is going to end if we don’t dedicate tens of trillions of dollars over the next 10 years, most of it due immediately!

You must admit this sounds like a scam on its face!

On the other hand, Republicans seem tone-deaf, like they don’t care if our planet lives or dies. President Trump has told us how he’s already using free-markets to clean up our environment, even as we make money rather than spend money.

Is There Really a Climate Change Problem?

So far, what I’m seeing is a climate change hoax. Much like the COVID 19 virus pandemic hoax, large ones can be pulled off right in front of our noses. And, with experts, afraid to lose their jobs or a bunch of cash, signing off or bending statistical information.

What are Other Possible Reasons for Climate Change?

First, it was Climate Warming and, now it’s Climate Change. Why the change?

Is our planet warming due to humans activities or not? Where I live, it’s getting cooler and rainier. Seems there are respective scientific organizations that agree. (external link)

Changing Axis of Planet: Magnetic Pole Shifts

Here is something we can prove now: The axis of our earth is tilting more and our north and south poles magnetic poles change. Even the liquid core of our earth moves.

Some say the axis of the earth is tilting more because of melting icebergs caused by climate change, while astronomers say it’s because of magnetic attraction changes as our planet travels through the universe.

In any case, even a slight tilting of our planet can cause massive climate changes. How do we know what caused what?

How much has planet earth tilted? Enough that the magnetic readings on airport landing stripped have changed multiple times!

Natural Cooling Spell

Already our government is sending satellites to measure the temperature of the sun, sunspots, the effects of black holes and quasi-stars, etc. Maybe they are not as sure about the source of climate change as you’d think.


If someone could prove that climate change catastrophes were imminent and primarily man-made, of course, I wouldn’t be so skeptical. But, so far, I read only agenda-driven studies with the assumptions already made. In other words, they set out to prove what they already believed is true.

Going even further down the rabbit hole, I see that the globalist are desperate to stop civilization to usher in a one-world government. And so, need global-type disasters.

What I’m looking for to ease my skepticism are politically neutral studies that evaluate all possibilities, including whether or not there is even a problem! Unfortunately, scientists have a big problem correlating all the data.

But, before a country allocates trillions of dollars, don’t you think the real proof is required.


By Wayne

Author, political activist, and tech-geek My best is when I see the end game and deliver no-nonsense viewpoints. My career began 5 years ago when I realized how close America is to being terminally taken over by global Marxists. I now work every day to help conservatives cope and get strong again.