Why Am I Skeptical of Climate Change Solutions?

Before you support the spending of trillions of our tax money, insist all possibilities are studied, including that climate change is natural.

I doubt that humankind is creating dramatic climate change. Because we already know it changed on its own over millions of years. Besides, there are plenty of other problems we’ve caused mother earth. For example, the pollution and garbage in our oceans that need cleaning up.

Even more reason for my skepticism is the fact that Russia and China have stopped going to climate change meetings. Which further confirms my suspicions that the supposed worldwide overproduction of carbon is fake. Rather it’s part of the “Great Reset” strategy of creating chaos.

Is There Really a Climate Change Problem?

Comments on Obama’s climate change speech in Glasglow, Scotland.

So far, what I’m seeing is a hoax! Simply put, the threats from 20 years ago are not happening!

Instead, I see the fears transferred over to a virus pandemic. One where the real danger is not the virus, but a gene replacement therapy injection.

What are Other Possible Reasons for Climate Change?

First, let’s give the “climate change” people the chance to prove their case! Ok, so it’s not there! And, it never was!

Again, let’s focus on cleaning up the ocean!

Where I live, it’s getting cooler and rainier. Seems there are respective scientific organizations that agree. (external link)

Changing Axis of Planet: Magnetic Pole Shifts

Here is something we can prove now: The axis of our earth is tilting more and our north and south poles’ magnetic poles change. Even the liquid core of our earth moves.

Some say the axis of the earth is tilting more because of melting icebergs caused by climate change, while astronomers say it’s because of magnetic attraction changes as our planet travels through the universe.

In any case, even a slight tilting of our planet can cause massive climate changes. How do we know what caused what?

How much has planet earth tilted? Enough that the magnetic readings on airport landing stripped have changed multiple times!

Natural Cooling Spell

Already our government is sending satellites to measure the temperature of the sun, sunspots, the effects of black holes and quasi-stars, etc. Maybe they are not as sure about the source of climate change as you’d think.

More than a Chinese and Russian alliance…

In case you didn’t notice global bankers, technocrats, and corporations are united also with the Chinese and Russians. Together, they are bringing in the New World Order (NWO).

And, soon we’ll be hearing news of a carbon tax imposed on the world. Not surprised though, as the Globalists have needed a massive, recurring cash cow for decades. It appears they have found it.

The trick will be holding together such a broad alliance of powerful people, all willing to share power. In case you’re wondering, I’m betting against them sticking together.

Why pick on the USA?

There once were three great powers, and now there are only two. Why was the USA taken down? Easy! we were not a communist country (but we are now)!

And so, I ask: why would the power brokers impose immediate climate control measures on the US. And yet, wait ten years for China and Russia to kick in. After all, the US has far fewer emissions than either of them.

Not that many of us were fooled, but the many climate changers have been played for suckers! And, their ignorance cost us our country!

Unreasonable fear of the world ending in 10 years?

I finally get it! The world is ending within 10 years because it coincides with the published global depopulation timeline. So, I get it now!

The end of the world was about the “Great Reset,” not an actual climate change planetary crisis. And so, it’s all too true that I was slow on that one!

More evidence of climate change fraud, coldest Antarctica on record!

They changed from “global warming” to “climate change” just in time! The Globalists must have seen this coming and thought we wouldn’t remember their huge error.

The Role of Fear in the Globalist Takeover Attempt

The oldest trick for a communist takeover is to make a population fearful. So fearful that they’ll fall for their propaganda that authoritarianism is the solution.

But, I do not join those who cause the problem in the first place!

They tried “global warming,” then, the more loosely defined “climate change.” How do I trust the “science” of those who first claim “global warming.” When we now have the coldest Antarctic in history! My memory isn’t that bad!

Now, it’s a global pandemic of a virus whose effects are generally mitigated with commonly available medicines. Medicines that they don’t want me to have.

I am beginning to think the real threat is those who espouse trying to save me.

The end of planet earth

It now seems plausible that the “global warming” and “climate change” agenda was to generate fear. How strange? If they would have put out a “clean up the ocean” alert, I would have gone along!

Now though, we are fearful of global virus pandemic. One where the most dangerous aspect is the vaccine itself.

World Organizations Strive for Stable Funding

So far, the United Nations and the European Union mainly rely on donations to fund their new world order. What they need is recurring money like taxes and a military.

Charging the US monthly dues for “handling” climate change work would supply additional funds to complete their world takeover. BTW, China pays nothing for 10 years!

Skeptical of Climate Change Solutions

Global organizations do not have the entrepreneurship skills to reverse climate change. Yet, they want to manage those who do!

Sorry, I don’t believe in the Paris Accord! It’s nothing more than a political and economic hoax to suck money out of the US.

After all, we already can project that the “so-called” climate change problem is only solvable by market capitalism, not an administration bureau. The power of a greedy capitalist market, with a gentle push from behind by respective country leaders, is the best way.

Instead of sending big money to global organizations, we should get to work by turning loose the forces of an open free market.

Climate Change Pitch to Extort a Cash Flow

One energy expert on the Youtube Channel “Redacted Tonight” preached to us to generate enough energy from bio. The trouble is we’d need to plow every inch of ground for crops on 6 planets like earth!

Also, she says the earth is now past the point of no return for a bio solution, and the only solution is massive, forced cuts in consumption. And, we’d need an authoritative government like Communism to accomplish that!

They tell us we’re doomed if they don’t rule over us and give them all our money. Pardon me if I’m suspicious – especially when I see giant holes in their argument.

Do you remember President Obama’s trillion-dollar boondoggle? Where DID the money go for the “shovel-ready” jobs? Hundreds of billions went for climate change, but all we got were a few hundred windmills and solar panels.

The Fraudulent Paris Accords

My model of what NOT to do is join the fraudulent Paris Accords. It’s an organization only dedicated to increasing the cash flow of the European Union while continuing their money and power grab using the United Nations and the New World Order.

Democrat Solutions Mean Paying Big Government

Radical Democratic House Representatives demand expensive, environmental programs costing trillions of dollars. And, they want the money now!

They tell us that the earth is approaching a tipping point in 12 years. That’s when the ever-increasing effects of pollution will kill the planet and us. Therefore, we must “fundamentally” change the way we live.

List of Questions to Ask Before Donating to Any Climate Change Solution:

  • How much is it going to cost over 10 years?
  • Can I make progress payments based on the results?
  • What is the record of success of its project management?
  • Am I sure what there doing will really solve Climate Change.
  • What proof other causes are not to blame.

Why free market solutions to fear are better?

People somehow think more clearly when faced with spending their own money. They do more research on their own and sort through the talk of others.

In other words, I trust more the collective intelligence of the people, especially the rich ones. Then, a bunch of technocrats trying to make trillions and to save the world for themselves.

And, economic history shows us that the free market always offers the most efficient use of resources. Any Marxist claims to the contrary are only dreams of speculation. In fact, there is plenty of empirical proof of what I’m saying.

Trump successfully uses the free market to reduce pollution ahead of any other country.

Former President Trump did more to clean up the planet than anyone in history! Ok, a real stunner! But, listen to my logic:

The stumper for today is why did the environmentalist (globalist) want the manufacturing industry transferred to China where they knew they’d cause more pollution than any other country?

That’s why Trump’s trade policies slowed down world pollution. Industries returned to America where their pollution was more strictly regulated. You didn’t know that?

Recurring taxpayer payments for anti-fear protection

Where we’re quickly headed is paying carbon taxes! These taxes will be calculated through an app that tracks where you go and your lifestyle.

My resistance is: first, I don’t want to give to be spied upon, and second, I know that the government cannot efficiently handle such a program.

But, you say it will be a joint effort with the “so-called” free marketeers comprising Big Tech? Ah! I feel so much better!


If someone could prove that climate change catastrophes were imminent and primarily man-made, of course, I wouldn’t be so skeptical. But, so far, I read only agenda-driven studies with the assumptions already made. In other words, they set out to prove what they already believed is true.

Going even further down the rabbit hole, I see that the globalist are desperate to stop civilization to usher in a one-world government. And so, need global-type disasters.

What I’m looking for to ease my skepticism are politically neutral studies that evaluate all possibilities, including whether or not there is even a problem! Unfortunately, scientists have a big problem correlating all the data.

By Team Go Beyondo

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