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Should I Be Afraid of Getting Dental Work Involving Graphene Oxide?

Should I Be Afraid of Getting Dental Work Involving Graphene Oxide?

Tracking down how Graphene Oxide got in my neck lymph node drainage tube.

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My dentist advises that graphene oxide is not used in fillings, crowns, and root canals. While that is good news, he says it is used in dental implants, a dental operation I’m facing soon.

Graphene Oxide is a new age material or glue making the headlines because it’s found in the gene therapy injections for COVID. However, people would be surprised how long it’s been in use and the many places to find it.

I don’t understand where a streak of the oxide came from that partially blocks a lymph node drainage tube in my neck. While it doesn’t bother me, I still wonder where the chemical came from. It sure looks like it came from my dental work.

And so, the trouble is that I have not lost any crowns on dental implants, so the mystery continues.

A layman’s explanation of Graphene Oxide

I’ve had some weird experiences with Graphene Oxide, which I will get to later. Meanwhile, let’s say it is one of those beautiful discoveries that is improving life on this planet. Or is it?

Some interesting facts: Some Facts About Graphene Oxide – Truth Comes to Light and Graphene Oxide, 5G and Cell Damage.

Although contemplated for decades, scientists only recently discovered Graphene Oxide. Incredibly, it is a material only one atom thick that is stronger than steel! It sounds like maybe it came from the skin of a UFO!

It’s in our gene replacement therapies (injections) and is everywhere in our environment. And that includes our dental work!

In the worst news in the history of humanity, it absorbs electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and, in turn, emits a magnified level of cell-destroying frequencies and electrons.


Deciding what to do about my dental appointments

I am awakened and question all medical procedures, especially graphene oxide as an anti-bacterial and bonding agent. If you are also aware of the dangers of this miracle material, my experiences in my latest dental appointments should be of interest.

As I step through a decision tree of where to find the toxic graphene oxide and where it isn’t, you can put your mind at ease or learn the dangers.

The root canal and crown decision

I have an appointment for a root canal and a crown from a dental specialist in a few days. And the appointment is to operate on a tooth on the same day. And so, I am running out of time to decide if I dare ask him if the procedure will include graphene oxide.

Will he refuse service if I ask him if another type of glue is available? Would all the dentists refuse me services? Is there an alternative glue available?

It’s awful to be so wary of even dentists. I wonder if they know or care about the breakthrough glue they are about to put in my mouth.

Here is a link to a discussion between two scientists with devastating conclusions.

Questioning my root canal specialist if her procedure on my tooth involves the use of graphene oxide

At least for root canal dental surgery, I am satisfied that the procedure doesn’t use graphene oxide. This skilled and educated dentist didn’t even know what it was.

Next is the capping of the tooth by gluing down a crown. I did ask the root canal and crown specialist, who assured me it’s not used in their procedures.

As luck would have it, the implant specialist was in the dental office. And so, I asked him about it.

Bingo! Dental implants use Graphene Oxide.

Although I am surprised neither root canal nor crown procedures use graphene oxide, the dental implant dentist does. I asked him for more information on how and why it’s used. He said he’d look into it, and we’ll talk next week.

After a decade, a dental implant comes alive!

Four years ago, after dental work and the activation of nearby 5G towers, strange things began happening to me. And, they continue. I’ll explain, but first, you should know I have not taken the jab.

A terrifying, unexplained occurrence

On a bright, sunny day, I lost control of my body for a few seconds. And, I turned two full turns in place. After that, I was ok but shaken up emotionally.

Later, I discovered I was standing within about 100 meters of two newly installed 5G towers. A coincidence?

Dental problems arise

Soon after, I had a significant problem as an old dental filling exploded! A giant ball was on my gums in front of an upper, rear tooth. While not her work, my dentist was at a loss about how this happened.

She did a root canal and put on a new crown, but the same happened again. So, I am waiting for a tooth implant.

Meanwhile, another tooth falls apart, and I repeat the process.

Graphene Oxide is everywhere!

Unfortunately, Graphene Oxide is in our foods (except maybe organic), our packaging, construction material, etc. It is impossible to avoid unless I become super strict with my lifestyle. In other words, live like a caveman farmer, which will not happen.

This revelation is a serious thing to say because the sicknesses caused by graphene oxide can be hideous.

What vitamin can I take to cleanse graphene oxide out of my body?

Glutathione, Apple pectin, and vitamin C are the best vitamins to clean your system. Or try nicotine gum for more severe systems, like if you lost your taste for a long time or have trouble with hearing.