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Republicans versus MAGA

Drawn are the battle lines; MAGA will soon be the de facto Republican party. The rest of the politicians are Marxists’ RHINOs and Democrat communists. Who use their power to block the rebuilding of America, using the thinnest of excuses.

We should all know by now that when the Marxist say they want to “Build Back Better,”; they mean the opposite. Instead, the Marxists want to tear down America. Their policies of open borders, election fraud, etc., support my point.

Furthermore, MAGA must fight against and uproot the misled and compromised RHINOs, of which there are many. Because they, too, want to destroy America.

MAGA is the only movement interested in protecting American values. It’s a shame we didn’t come together sooner! The Gateway Pundit reports.

The political compass of the center and right

Contrary to the Marxist garbage about the political compass, most Americans are now Conservatives. This dramatic change means that we are all patriots, from the constitutional conservatives to the far right.

This consolidation of political power by MAGA has exposed that the RHINOs had aligned themselves with the domestic and foreign Marxists long ago.

And so, the political lineup is simple. It features the majority MAGA on the right versus the Marxists, which includes the RHINOs on the left. The games are over.

How goes the political battle?

The Marxists continue to consolidate power while MAGA keeps caulking up victories piecemeal. So, it’s hard to tell who is winning.

The critical time will come with the 2022 midterm elections when we see if honest elections are possible. Or if MAGA can insist on elections taking place if the Marxist Democrats postpone it.

The alternate media versus lamestream media

As incredible as it sounds, both media set up two conflicting or opposite realities. And the winner between MAGA and the Republican Marxist battle will be won by the most robust media.

But frankly, it seems MAGA is winning, but the Marxists continue consolidating power. It’s a strange situation because the Marxists have never tried a final takeover attempt on such a large, complex country as America.

What we know for sure

The only thing for sure is that the people will suffer for a few years. And midterm 2022 MAGA victories would significantly reduce the pain.

Final political relief would only come after the Marxists leave the presidency for good in 2024. Whether America survives that long with or without Congressional control is unknown.


Because so vital, I’ll repeat. Every outcome of the battle between MAGA and the Republicans depends on restoring fair elections.

If they manage to prevent fair elections, America is finished and will soon look like Venezuela.