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Cooperation in handling ballots for the sake of efficiency

Republicans Organize Legal Ballot Harvesting Efforts

Republicans are organizing massive legal ballot-harvesting efforts to win future elections even though they dislike the lack of chain of custody of mail-in balloting.

While the Democrats have more experience harvesting ballots, MAGA-led Republicans can quickly learn the legalities. It will be an exciting and dangerous election for organizers in 2024!

Even more promising!

MAGA experienced successful ballot harvesting during the 2022 election and several Special Elections. For example, Scott Presler struck out on his balloting harvesting ventures in New York and Florida, flipping some brutal House seat elections. Some say Scott and his organization Early Vote Action were responsible for Republicans winning the House!

I’m not a lawyer, so research on your own what’s legal.

List of ways MAGA-led Republicans are organizing for ballot harvesting:

Sample of ballot harvesting laws by the state

As of my knowledge cutoff of September 2021, the laws regarding ballot harvesting (collecting and delivering absentee or mail-in ballots by a third party varied by state. Some allowed it under certain conditions, while others banned it outright.

Here are some examples of states that allow some form of ballot harvesting:

  1. California: Ballot harvesting is legal and allows a third party to collect and deliver a voter’s ballot, but there are limits on how many ballots a person can collect and deliver.
  2. Colorado: Ballot harvesting is legal, but only for family members, caregivers, and those living in the same residence as the voter.
  3. Hawaii: Ballot harvesting is legal, but only for a voter’s family members or caregivers.
  4. Montana: Ballot harvesting is legal, but only for a voter’s family members or caregivers.
  5. North Carolina: Ballot harvesting is legal, but only for a voter’s immediate family member or legal guardian.

It is important to note that the laws regarding ballot harvesting can change over time, so it is always a good idea to check with your state’s election board or local election officials for the most up-to-date information on the regulations in your area.

Here is a more complete and updated list by the states.

MAGA ballot harvesting hero, Scott Presler

Scott Presler reading messages on his smartphone
The creator of Early Vote Action, Scott Presler

Scott Presler is a MAGA organizer dedicated to helping Republicans win elections with smart electioneering. His strategies have caught the attention of even Trump, who endorses Scott’s idea of placing more drop boxes in Republican areas. And more!

Scott Presler is a self-starter and winner who has already delivered political seats by ballot harvesting in swing and blue states. Visit Early Vote Actions and volunteer to help win.

Can a ballot harvesting program overwhelm the number of phantom voters?

Any attempt at winning elections must be massive because the number of Democrat phantom votes is often in the thousands or even millions! The trick is finding the unused ballots, getting them signed, in our possession, and into the mail stream. That way, a possible phantom vote is denied, and any subsequent vote by that person is caught and flagged as a Provisional Vote.

Try to ballot mostly new voters and not bastardize the voting totals of those who reliably vote in person. Maybe they can source info on who to contact who’ll vote for MAGA but may not get off the couch to vote.

It is important to note that competition in elections should be based on the merits of ideas and policies, not on manipulating the electoral process. By promoting fair and transparent elections, Republicans can compete effectively against the Democratic party without resorting to unethical or illegal practices.

Competition against the Democratic party for loose ballots

The Democratic election organizers essentially had a “free hand” rounding up loose ballots. With the new emphasis by Republicans to also ballot harvest, there will be competition. And that can’t be bad!

Born in the days of the false emergency of COVID, driven by the technological advantage of the Democrats, and protected by unlimited legal funding to change laws, Democratic party ballot harvesting and mail-in voting go hand in hand. Stopping and preventing cheating is unattainable because the ballot chain of custody can never be assured.

Yet, the Democrats keep getting better at cheating and skirting laws, which forces MAGA to respond because it has no other workable answer.

Democrats blatantly offer $260 cash in exchange for ballot harvesting service.

Please leave it to the Democrats to pioneer ways to stretch the legal limits of ballot harvesting by offering cash for votes. Before you get pissed, consider, for example, how a free Republican barbeque for voters offers a free meal!

This time they are using an app to facilitate a viral effect begun by filtering friends and family lists into a single voter list of likely Democrat voters. And the Democratic party app makers are tracking the steps of the user right until a vote is cast. All in exchange for $260!

Although this story only mentions Wisconsin elections, I wonder if it will be used for illegal immigrants given the right to vote through their driver’s licenses. I can’t see the clever Democrats doing that on a national scale.

The primary way Democrats cheat in elections.

While it’s evident that election machine and voter roll fraud continue, MAGA has scored victories by overwhelming their system, so they run out of phantom voter names. The excellent news about ballot harvesting is that for every phantom ballot and actual ballot that we intercept, that’s one they can’t harvest.

Democrat operatives also steal voter names from rolls and use the ones who probably won’t vote. In this way, they fabricate 100s of thousands of fake votes.

Sample ideas on how to ballot harvest to win elections.

MAGA must out-hustle the Democrats, and our more significant numbers should seal the deal. That means leaving no state or district within untouched by our massive ballot-harvesting efforts.

Instead of trying to win the hearts and minds of voters, we must focus on ballot access and getting it into the boxes. Here are a few ideas.

Viral, digital ballot harvesting at Trump Rallies

Why not? Warn MAGA that they will be expected to message 75 friends and family members sometime during the events, offering to deliver their ballots or help them in any way to get their vote box. Later, have the audiences of some 30,000 smartphones check on them to get responses and answer questions.

I’m making this up as I go but don’t be surprised if Trump doesn’t offer an innovative strategy, as only he can. My point is that every Trump Rally is another viral opportunity for MAGA ballot harvesting.

Let’s look at other ways to keep the ball rolling.

“Barbeque, Beer and Ballots” Events

California MAGA had essential successes in 2022 and similar ones in New York. MAGA managed to win the U.S. House. Something the Democrats were not planning and greatly regretted.

This following example of ballot harvesting is interesting because it shows MAGA using the liberal ballot harvesting laws of California against Democrats. And shows the bluer the State, the more effective MAGA ballot harvesting can be.

Conservative media teaches ballot harvesting.

Especially after each program, Conservatives should be given ideas on how to grow, campaign, and ballot harvest their smartphone lists.

Every program, every day!

Because that’s how important 2024 is to America; besides, the Democrats will be doing the same, so we must ballot harvest better.

How to temporarily accept the lack of mail-in voting chain of custody.

To temporarily accept the lack of chain of custody in mail-in voting takes some getting used to. Permanently accepting is unforgivable!

For now, MAGA must adopt the Democratic cry against “voter suppression,” using it to justify massive, legal ballot harvesting. One that will win elections and lead them to political power so they can finally ban the unsecured mail-in voting nightmare.

Understandably, many say MAGA cannot win regardless of how many friendly ballots are harvested. And I understand their pessimism. But what other choice do we have other than taking a look shot that we can indeed overwhelm their voting system?

These are my opinions derived from my observations and research. I am not a lawyer.

The paradox between bribery and ballot harvesting

‘Vote for my guy, and I’ll deliver your ballot to the drop box’ is something that must never be said while ballot harvesting, or ‘Vote for my guy, and I’ll pay you.’ However, a campaign can pay you for your honest services, or you can volunteer. Look at your State to see the legal restrictions.

While MAGA soundly rejects the Democratic party campaigns that pay cash to ballot harvesters, what differs from a MAGA member’s offer of a free barbecue? Both are offering something of value!

Man depositing ballot via harvesting