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7 Reasons Being Outdoors is Good for Your Mental Health.

  1. Reduced depression and high blood pressure
  2. Stronger immune system
  3. Sharper mental focus
  4. More energy and a trimmer body
  5. Less anxiety
  6. The sharper short term memory
  7. Better eyesight

All seven reasons contribute to better mental health.

Keeping “lockdown” stress under control

Especially since the virus pandemic, more people realize how much staying indoors contributes to stress. So let’s establish reasons and routines for being outdoors instead. Especially since it seems more lockdowns are coming soon.

However, there is good news because you will feel great if you set up pleasurable routines around good reasons! More significant than ever before!

Your auto-immune system depends on sunshine and vitamin D

Soak up the sunshine and take a vitamin D supplement regularly. Keep your blood levels of vitamin D. By doing so, you minimize virus infection symptoms, and greatly reduce the chances of going to a hospital.

I am old an can speak about the benefits of vitamin D from my personal experience. My vitamin D levels were medium-high when the Omnicrom virus struck me a few months ago. And so, I had no fever or respiratory symptoms. Day 3 was my worse day as I felt lousy. Then, I started taking other drugs for the cure and to feel better. With this regimen, I made it through the 8-day cycle rather easily.

My most frequent outside activity

So you know that I “walk the walk.” Every day, I walk round trip about 5 kilometers to a grocery store. The “kicker” is that I return carrying the groceries back inside my backpack.

While it may not seem like much, I do this 5-times per week. And so, my distance for the week is 25 kilometers or almost 100 per month. In other words, it adds up!

Furthermore, I am outside for about another 10 hours per week for general duties!

Oh, yea! My motivation is that if I don’t do it. I don’t eat!