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Pros and Cons of Secession


Weighing the pros and cons of secessions by States is a grime but necessary exercise because there is no guarantee we can save our American Republic. The Globalist totalitarian cabal has stolen enough elections to ensure they will eventually control the entire Federal Government. That is unless we somehow get fair elections.

Those who believe in “wokism” and live in blue states may not care one way or another about secession because they are waiting for the elimination of all borders, including those of States. At the same time, the “awakened” MAGA Republicans are considering the pros as possibly their only solution against tyranny.

Of course, it’s more likely that more red states would first establish “Sanctuary Zones” as a prelude to secession, and multiple States would band together to form a new country. This could change if elections became fair, but that’s a big “if.”

Table: What are the “pros and cons” of state secession?

Border controlNo federal government to protect borders, which it’s not doing anyways!
Your private property remains yours.Eventually, you lose your right to own property
Presidential powers return to State GovernorYou lose the stability of U.S. currency, which is no longer stable.
Capitalism opens up more economic opportunities.In a totalitarian-driven society, you are told what to do instead of inventing your future.
Kids taught the importance of God, family, and the country is taught.They miss out on learning misgendering, false racists ideology, and the importance of the State over the family.

States considering secession, and I’m sure there are more:

11/18/2022 Illinois27 Counties agree to talk about secession.

11/16/2022 California – Counties continue to organize to secede from California.

11/12/2022 Oregon – Many counties want to merge with Idaho.

10/03/2022 Texas – Some want a complete secession from the Union.

What are the pros and cons of American State secessions under Global totalitarian rule?

Homeschooling eliminates a reason for secession.

Parents looking for an alternative to state secession may consider homeschooling their kids because it’s the surest way to avoid brainwashing by the Marxist-led Democrats. Doing so could tip the scales one way or another.

For those who can afford to send children to private schools, more power to you, but know the communist educational policies will become more strict, and private schools will be shut down except for the elites. Their collectivist dogma will not allow the teaching of diverse thought by non-approved schools. This shows the absurdity of them claiming they favor diversity!

Let’s go on to other options before pulling the trigger on the secession option.

Other advantages of homeschooling

The two goals are One, the takeover of the “woke” school board to eliminate the toxic Critical Race Theory (CRT) teaching framework so your child can attend a non-brainwashing public school. Two, control of GOP precincts by attending meetings and then getting elected as committee persons, and eventually the board chairmanship.

In addition, there is a large and growing list of freedom organizations to keep you informed and in good company.

Sanctuary counties for protection from illegal immigration invasions.

We’ve already politically lost significant cities to communist voting schemes, so work establishing your county as a Sanctuary County. Why this has not already been nationwide, I’ll never know!

After all, the legal concept is already enshrined by the Obama Regime with its Sanctuary Cities or Strong Cities laws.

Separation and merger into another state by a group of counties

Not a state secession, but the more straightforward type of secession. This is when one or more counties within a state agree to merge with an adjacent state. It’s easier because there is no formation of an additional state, but the receiving state picks up more U.S. House districts and funding.

The blueprint is how West Virginia seceded from Virginia. The group has been around for some time, now celebrating its 10th Convention. But power-hungry California governor Gavin Newsome wants no part in making his state smaller.

A significant drawback of this method is the possibility of merging into another state. And that state (Idaho) loses control of its election process, becoming another communist state.

Complete Secession from the Union

I only see one state somewhat serious about a complete secession from the Union, Texas. But I don’t see that happening as we fight an information war, not one over territory.

Conclusion: First, take baby steps to avoid a communist takeover in your state.

If you think your state should secede, take some baby steps first. If nothing else, you can use them as bargaining chips against the left.

Especially since they knew if secession did succeed, they would lose political power locally, state-wide, and nationally. Even more bargaining power if you and your fellow patriots did specified paper ballots voting!

Google and Big Tech partisanship will follow red states into their secession because their online dominance has no physical boundaries. And so, even if a new election apparatus is set up, the online cabal can still influence voter preferences and steal an election without us even realizing it.

Moreover, platforms you never even visited, like Tik Tock and others, are busy creating and reinforcing the globalist. And their power to swing elections is more powerful than most realize.

My point is that even if red states secede, the online cabal can and will still influence newly formed states. This is one way of stealing elections that will not go away.