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Pro-Abortion Militants Forged From Subversion or Bad Parenting

What went wrong with the formation of the values of the pro-abortionists? How can they not even consider a baby’s life? Has Marxism subverted its core values? Or is their cruelty and selfishness the failure of a good family upbringing?

In any case, this severe degradation of the value of human life signifies that we have let something evil take over. We must accept this fact and stop it now before it takes over our country.

Because democracy cannot survive long without moral values. Reports The Gateway Pundit

Marxism changed the core values of pro-abortion militants.

Marxism is a godless political system in which killing the created but yet unborn when convenient is encouraged. Recently, a pro-abortion militant carried a sign, “Abortion equals a good snack.”

Now, I don’t know whether she meant it, but the idea of being pro-abortion tells us something has gone wrong with her values. And her sign was disgusting.

And America cannot stand that extreme lack of respect for human life. Pardon the expression, but it all starts in the beginning.

Having an unwanted baby was always tramatic.

Having an unwanted baby, especially a young person, was always difficult. Some were shunned and sent away as an embarrassment. Some struggled to figure out how to afford a new family when all they had were allowances from their parents.

It’s hard having an unwanted baby. So, let us not mitigate how the parents feel. Being pro-life is heart-wrenching.

Killing a human being is even more difficult.

Often, the best case for unwanted pregnant women is placing faith in God, family, and country. But, what if they shriek their responsibilities. What if nobody comes through for them?

That’s why it’s not enough to be pro-life simply. We all need to step in and help. Step in and do everything but assist in aborting a child.

America was built on neighbors helping neighbors, friends helping friends.

As soon as we “farm out” our duties to the government, things go wrong—deliveries out of wedlock or to the poor call upon us to help if the mother has problems.

After all, what do we expect?

If we do not act as a community to help our neighbors, we do not deserve America. And, Marxism, the government should step in to take over.

Darn, that Marxism!

Sure, Marxism has been sabotaging America for decades. But, that doesn’t change the fact that we have a responsibility to throw them out if we want to keep our values.

The flippant attitudes of the pro-abortion militants are reflections of the dark heart of the Marxists on abortions. And we should let terrified pregnant women bear total responsibility for what together we all let happen to our values.

Marxists and an American rivival.

The only answer, the correct answer, is to throw out Marxism and get back to America’s roots. If we don’t, the devil wins, and we go to hell as we are now seeing.