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Political Search Engine Bias Guide

Political Search Engine Bias Guide

A guide to discover the depths of the bias, and how it affects your life and future.

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Avoiding Marxist political search engine bias is practically impossible. That is unless you stop using the globalist search engines entirely.

Because Google and their unofficial partners stack up Marxist-orientated links on page one like a pile of firewood, you must learn to use the Search Bar of conservative platforms to do your political research. This switching is the only way to avoid the numbing mind-control of the Marxist’s political search bias.

Meanwhile, near and long-term opportunities to ignore Google surface as conservative media grows and challenges Google in court for anti-trust relief.

What is the search ranking monopoly of Google?

Google knew its ad sales would suffer if conservatives knew how biased they were. And so, it did its best to cover up, which it did for decades.

Remarkable is how well it maximized its bottom line while gradually increasing bias against conservatives. All done in silence by buying politicians and just keeping quiet.

As incredible is how they conspired with other search engines as legal plausibility that there was competition in this space. And finally, how they strategically abandoned it as the Marxist revolution in our federal government progressed.

Table: Search engine political bias comparison

Search EngineGlobalist Bias LevelBias Trending
Google Search90%Stable
Bing or Edge70%Up slightly
Brave Search60%Up slightly
Only analyzing political bias

What is a search engine?

Search engines are massive computer apps that regularly send out spider bots to collect, update, and store data from billions of websites. Then, they create a static index ready for quick searches. They are complex and expensive to build and maintain.

Building a search capability that competes with Google would cost hundreds of billions of dollars and take years to validate.

How does a Search Engine get its data?

In a triumph of exponential mathematics, search engines get their listing data by sending out fleets of bots that search blog posts. It’s hard to imagine, but they are like creepy electronic crawlers that go through websites and report back.

Each Search Engine bot is labeled, so web admins know which ones to allow or disallow. If too many web admins block a particular bot, that search engine would not be helpful.

What is a Search Engine Index?

A search engine index file is built and regularly updated from the data stored on its hard drives. In Google’s case, updating the index file is broken down and stored on smaller systems. In a unique naming scheme, it’s called a “Read-mostly Memory.”

Google’s search, storage, and delivery methods are constantly under development. So, competing head-to-head with Google would be costly.

How did the websites of globalists rise to the top of search engine rankings?

The justification for stacking globalist websites like a pile of firewood began decades ago. As part of Operation Mockingbird, they hired the best graduating journalist from the best universities that taught Marxism—coupled with practically unlimited funding for the schools and their employers. Naturally, together they legitimately.

A 2010 graph of the convoluted political compass a few years after Operation Mockingbird (CIA) hired the best Marxist journalists from the best schools. – Image from an article in The Economist,

Some were new; sometimes, the globalists bought out the best conservative websites. A prime example is the Drudge Report, which I refuse to even link to.

Into supposedly neutral political news and opinion websites poured massive amounts of outside money. Until they became the best websites, all of them only featured pure communist propaganda.

Ranking by Authority: The final stab at conservative journalistic websites

Fortunately, now that the time was right, Google fundamentally changed its ranking algorithms to favor political websites with “authority.” And so, with the most funding, the best writers, and decades to link among themselves. They achieved top ranking, leaving conservative political websites to pound sand.

Nowadays, especially with the globalist infiltration of Fox News and buying out key conservative websites, they rule almost all essential political keywords. For a conservative website to rank well, a post or website must include words Marxist wouldn’t dream of competing for.

There is no longer any pretense of neutrality. There is no question that Google is biased. And, it will now even tell you so.

Google is deceptively silent on rankings rigging.

Under FCC rules, Section 270, Google has the right to bias. The trouble is there are a lot of conservative business owners buying ads from them. And so, they remain silent.

Instead, they rely on conservatives, not realizing the stacked sites are all biased toward communism. After all, who keeps track of the bias of hundreds of political sites?

Will the Google monopoly be broken up?

Undoubtedly, Google is guilty of building a monopoly that hinders competition and must be broken up. The question is whether Google respects America to submit or our anti-trust laws, or will they ignore the courts? A one-world government will soon absorb thinking America with no anti-trust laws.

Although small, already there are some, but they are tiny. Remember, a significant investment is needed to compete. So, not many conservative searchers use them.

Instead, they get their news from conservative social media platforms by reading news feeds and using their search bar.

Rumble video sharing sues in District Court against Google for anti-trust violations.

The actual lawsuit is shown, and Viva Frei reads the most critical parts of Rumble’s anti-trust claims against Google.

An interesting case as the District Court in California has accepted the and case and already refused a Google’s motion to dismiss Discovery rights. This is unusual as Google lawyers typically get what they want.

Bear in mind that this Discovery will be limited to anti-trust violations against Rumble. It is not a class-action suit, yet.

What’s also interesting is that Rumble has an essential app in the Google Playstore. And so they may risk getting it canceled for suing Google. A brave move by Rumble!

While there are other search engines, they all run on globalist-friendly hosts and have New World Order (NWO) people on their boards. Moreover, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Brave Search, Facebook, etc., belong to this family. However, let’s refrain from calling them a conspiracy because they are private companies legally allowed to stack search rankings in favor of Marxist websites.

And so, Google and their only slightly hidden cadre-biased website completely dominate political search results. And our tax dollars provided initial grant money through our CIA.

New, smaller Conservative search engines

Of course, I wish them well! But most probably, they were started as an emotional knee-jerk reaction to anger over search engine bias or censorship.

Even though some have already raised millions of dollars, it would take tens of billions to begin competing with Google. Instead, let conservative entrepreneurship in technology and “father time” deserve big investment money and bring Google to the heel.

Why is Google working with the US Intelligence Community?

Google is interested in quickly finding something in a large data set, while the CIS gave it large amounts of early grant money to help them with domestic intelligence.

And, now appears Google and our CIA have a deal with Communist China to assist in bringing down America by rigging website rankings.

The result is Google and the rest of the global conspiracy are trying to control us by surveilling us quickly. Otherwise, America will become too awakened, and their takeover plans will fail.

Solutions to search engine censorship

Easy solutions to search engine censorship do not exist, but we must start somewhere. So, let’s start by focusing on the most outrageous bias and classifying the problem.

Keep in mind that they only pertain to media. However, stopping and reversing globalist propaganda is a necessary weapon to restore American values.

1. Use conservative social media sites for political news and opinions

  • instruct all conservatives to get their news from conservative social media sites.
  • Inform them that all the search engines, including DuckDuckGo and Bing, are compromised.
  • Get their political opinion editorials from the search bar on each site.
  • Let conservatives and everyone else (including illegal immigrants) know what we’re doing and why.

2. Boycott any company that advertises on the big search engines.

  • Get a clue they all do business globally.
  • Let them know why you’re boycotting them by each conservative sending them a message.
  • Raise the ranking order on news feeds by conservative social media profiles that don’t advertise on the big search engines.

3. Meanwhile, continue to build super infostructure for a bigger platform for future service.

  • Build a conservative-based metaverse. This action is a must! Nothing else may matter!
  • For God-sake! Respectively, interconnect profiles between all conservative social-media sites. Convince stockholders to become stakeholders where they move on their loyalties from their pocketbooks to saving America.
  • Build the conservative metaverse and privacy smartphone now!


My top-level viewpoint on political search engine bias is that it occurs. Furthermore, the search engines played games while the politicians got rich because we failed in our stewardship of America.

We must regain control, which seems unlikely, or stop using them altogether. After which, we rebuild an even better America.