Patriotic dissent means defending America

Just talking is not enough! It’s time to fully mobile the Conservative movement before it’s too late! And your silence is your surrender.

Think I’ve overhyped the situation? Are you aware that the people of Australia are now sending out a general SOS? Because they claim a holocaust is forming.

Our situation is now beyond just writing comments and talking to family. It requires all of us to go big with our patriotic dissent.

The Patriotic dissent meaning

Patriotic dissent is defending your country by countering arguments that go against its core beliefs.

More specifically nowadays, it means opposing a coup against America that is now underway by global communists.

To do so, you’ll need to prepare yourself for an ideological battle with globalists. Because they are working around the clock to erase even a hint of the validity of your arguments.

How to prepare yourself for Patriotic dissent

Reaffirm relationship with God

Speaks God to politics. Great advice on how to structure your spiritual life in these trying times.

Because we’ll all need spiritual strength in the battle of good versus evil. Even if a “rock of independent thought,” you’ll need God’s help to win this one!

Eventually, Conservatives will need to lock arms and form one spiritual unity to fight evil forces. And, it won’t be easy!

The devil had decades to brainwash Democrats, and he succeeded! And, it continues to this day in a variety of forms. Just not TV cable news so much! Instead, there is the much more potent big tech.

Are we fighting against the devil himself?

I’ve never seen a devil, but if they were here on earth I’d bet they’d act like Democrat Marxists. Either that or the Marxists are genuinely afraid of the end of the planet due to supposed climate change.

In either case, they are so fearful that a devil of some sort has spiritually captured them. And, that devil is surely fear-driven!

All we can do is keep repeating why their climate change fears may be unjustified. And, pray for them.

The devil and the vaccination of 5-year old children

There is no excuse for the vaccination of 5-year old children! Because the potential damage is far greater than the advantages. However, COVID fears and political power have merged into a devil of sorts.

And so, the best you can do is manifest a spiritual strength so strong that the lightly programmed Marxists notice. Because they may just give up and join you as so many are in spiritual pain, and seek relief.

The family and community! The heart of America

They are the glue that holds America together. And so, to get back America, refuse to comply with anything that weakens them.

To begin reject the entire platform of the Democrat communists party. And reverse it! Because each weakens your commitment to God, family, community, and country.

At the same time, let’s explore ways to strengthen American values like never before!

Limit time on the internet

Most of us spend way too much time on the internet! And, that’s the way the New World Order people like us! Too distracted to notice their takeover, and meanwhile make us even more obsolete.

Take control! See the big picture! Do you and your kids want to live in a non-human future? I say these strong words because that’s where America and the world are headed.

Personal residential and community-based internet access to regain personal privacy.

To begin with, we lost our, personal privacy, and that’s why we are no longer free. All because technology has enabled the Democratic Marxist government to get the goods on us.

Therefore, going forward, new rules! All new technology must increase our privacy, not compromise it even further.

Severe fines and laws are necessary because technology now poses serious risks to our lives.

Smartphones and family

Smartphones are a wonderful invention, but they do not replace family life. Instead, they destroy families when overused. Therefore, eliminate almost all usage that causes less family interaction.

For example, establish and frequently use a “Family Group” to broadcast messages. Spend the majority of your time within your family group. Moreover, if you’re spending more time reading political news than with your family or community. Then, you’re not on board to help save America.

Kids and Smartphones

One of the promises of the New World Order is the ability to live better within a master computer. If you think far-fetched, consider how much time they already spend starring at their screens.

Restoring the roles and love between Moms and Dads

We were happier when families were built on the love between partners. And yes, that includes the gay community! Moreover, kids thrive when there are loving parents.

And, if you’re not cut out to be a good parent, then don’t have kids! However, not abortions! Because allowing the killing of babies within the womb is a spiritual killer that no society can recover.

Special word to dads to come back

It was a big mistake to let the Marxist talk so many out of family participation! Because when families lack a male figure, they suffer. And so, come back as a strong but compassionate leader of your family. Your family and country need you more than you realize.

Reaffirm committment to individual liberties!

You’ll need to reaffirm your commitment to building strength and moral clarity for the next phase! A decision on whether you want to live free, or turn over your God-given rights to authoritarian global communism.

More and more often, from this time forward, you’ll be asked to ignore what you hear. And, do what is right in order of priority!

As you read on, I hope to help you think through critical issues. And, suggest where best to spend precious time and effort.

But first, America needs your help to clean up its elections by eliminating all electronic voting machines. Because, with their continued use, there will be no America to reaffirm.

If unclear, then a review of some of the best Conservative social media websites. And also, bookmark this website.

How to win back America through elections

Florida’s hero MAGA governor announces the establishment of the Office of Election Security for Florida. So, that people can get immediate help when they see ballot fraud.

Again, Florida leads the way to saving America! And, I’ve been hounding readers to stop election fraud as it happens as the only way to stop election fraud. And, presto! The Office of Election Security is established to do just that.

All voting machines must be melted down, and turned into prison bars!

Despite all our rallies, the corrupt voting machines are still in use. And, in fact, many states even extended their contracts! As long as America continues using these machines, we will never be a free people. And, once we lose our freedom, we’ll never get it back!

Venezuelan ex-pats tell us how the communists canceled their free speech and the right to bear arms. Followed by corrupt voting machines to steal their elections.

The new found importance of election observers

MAGA overwhelmed Marxist vote counters with Patriotic observers in the Virginia off-election year elections in 2021. And, in doing so, most likely, spearheaded the MAGA wins.

Take control of local GOP precincts

A takeover of the local GOP grassroots made this possible! What happened is a powerful lesson for all patriots across the country. It’s an immediate way to stem corrupt elections and get better candidates without changing a single law!

Select judges that rule by the spirit and contextual meaning of the US Constitution.

In light of the simplicity of our US Consitution, understanding its principles is easy. Nevertheless, corrupt judges and selfish lawyers have sliced and diced it over time. And so, our laws now barely reflect anymore the intention of our founders.

To this end, we must do a better job of vetting candidates for judgeships and impeach or recall when necessary.

Civil disobedience: Do not comply with any unconstitutional laws.

Using the strength of your political dissent, you must not comply with any federal mandates. Whether you’re a business owner or a customer, you must not comply! Because compliance means they win, and you lose your country!

Because the enforcement of mandates (non-laws) can only be voluntary, Joe Biden uses another means. His admin extorts business by using the power of federal agencies to find discrepancies to shut them down.

Multi-tasking dancing around federal extortion: Learn to piviot

If you are fortunate enough to live in a state with a MAGA State Governor, have the mandate declared illegal. At the same time, find other Conservative-friendly jobs or businesses. Just know, that there will be some pain and a lot of adjustment necessary as we fight back.

Make America even better than before

Election integrity safeguards: Restore common sense

Each citizen has the right to vote, and not get their voting power diluted by illegal ones.

Needless to say, the Democrat Marxists have made a mockery of our elections. A serious and dangerous mess that we must quickly clean up.

How was this done! MAGA activists took over GOP precincts. Here is how they did it. Pay close attention because taking over grassroots politics may be our last best hope to save America.

Election integrity versus open voting

MAGA wants only legitimate votes to count while the Democrats want a “chain of custody” free, mail-in voting system. Because the Marxists can’t win an election without cheating. And, quite frankly, they are far more interested in winning than virtue signaling.

Patriots counter Democrat cheating with overwhelming grassroot politics.

Patriots around the country are organizing and seeking local political power at their local GOP precinct polls. And so, by the time it’s over they will “surround” and overwhelm the Democrat communists. Thus, preventing them from winning elections by cheating.

Education: The shocking pervailance of CRT!

If teachers continue teaching CRT, America will end sooner rather than later. Therefore, we must end it now!

Thankfully, the MAGA movement is now mobilizing to get CRT removed from our schools!

Global corporations, the federal government, and the blue states are requiring CRT. In general, everywhere the Globalists have control. However, the red state governors, parents, and the un-vaccinated are protesting.

Only do business with MAGA Businesses

There is no sense in doing business with the enemy, and they are surely the enemy. After all, the Democrat Communists have already declared economic war against us.

Why would anyone want to help or do business with their enemy!

Conclusion: America is an exceptional place! Let’s keep it!

America is an exceptional place because its people rule over themselves. Moreover, the land of the free has the strongest safeguards against tyranny.

By Team Go Beyondo

Team Go Beyondo has written opinion commentaries specializing in America's conservative political issues for over 6 years. We are fiercely independent journalists who research and write articles. Then, we add our own views just beyond the horizon.