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Orange Man Bad! The Real Reason They Hated Trump.


“Orange Man Bad!” sums up the left’s hatred for Trump. This phrase is understandable as his skin has an orange glow under specific lighting, and he constantly acts to oppose their policies.

Let’s look at the background and skin of former President Donald Trump to see whether there are any valid reasons for the labeling.

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Who is Donald Trump?

Trump is a New York construction guy who inherited its local tendency of no-nonsense, tough talk. While disgusting to some, his aggressiveness only reminds me of the generations of tough New Yorker construction workers who knew how to put people in their place while they went down to business.

From personal experience, a New York construction guy like Trump is your man when you want a big project done quickly and correctly!

The quality and beauty of his buildings are testaments to his ability to deliver quality work. And that’s what we got while he was President!

Attacking Trump’s orange color

The Democrats continue to attack Trump’s orange skin color, even as America falls apart under the Biden Regime.

Does anyone else see their racism while they make fun of their skin color? But, then again, their hypocritical skin color rouse is only a coverup to keep Trump out of office so they can sabotage the country.

The left always attacks Trump personally but never his policies.

The Marxist-led Democrats constantly attacked Trump personally, but hardly ever his policies. That’s the personal attack “Orange Man Bad” is often used.

What is “Trump Derangement Syndrome”?

Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is a behavioral abnormality caused by a communist-controlled media that continually publishes misinformation about Trump to create a false reality.

Once a mass psychosis set in the media is free to spin ordinary news events into highly partisan views that its victim goes along with. Over time, the misinformation is pushed into a new reality causing chaos within society. Reversing the psychosis is challenging.

Trump derangement syndrome is a pejorative term for criticism or negative reactions to United States President Donald Trump that are perceived to be irrational, and have little regard towards Trump’s actual policy positions, or actions undertaken by his administration. 


Trump’s background

Even the contemplation of such large-scale construction pedigree takes a unique background. And Trump got it working under the direction of his multi-millionaire father. Who helped him get started and gave him seed money for his first projects.

Nevertheless, in “Orange Man Bad,” I see a hard-nosed New York-style real estate mogul who can dream big while pinching pennies and driving hard bargains. Sure he started with millions that his father left him, but in the end, he ended up with billions, not millions, and a stable cash flow.

Trump proved the superiority of entrepreneurship over big government early in his career.

Nevertheless, like most successful private business people, he figured out how to get things done! For example, he saved two large public outdoor ice-skating rinks in New York from demolition using his talents, which showed he knew how to get things done!

Unfortunately, the Democratic mayor and governor of New York ran these rinks into the ground and then mounted a disinformation campaign against Trump that misled New Yorkers.

And so, even early on, Trump’s vision and efficiency threatened Deep State. He stood as proof of the inefficiency of Big Government.

Is “Orange Man Bad” a Failure as a Businessman?

Trump is an entrepreneur businessman who makes big construction projects come true and makes money. He is the kind of person the communists need to swing to their side or get rid of him because his type represents a threat to their totalitarian dream of a global oligarchy.

And so we have the central theme for using the phrase, “Orange Man bad!” It’s an attempted smear on Trump, as their plans for America are inferior.

Nevertheless, the leftist media pounds home propaganda to keep them alive and build even more false realities of failure. All part of their offensive political plan to tie up our President to keep him from prosecuting them.

However, they knew enough about Trump that their efforts would fail. The Hillary Clinton campaign did with the Russian Hoax unless they made up something.

Bankruptcy in Atlantic City for the “Orange Man Bad”

The left loves to point to Trump’s casino business disaster in Atlantic Beach! But, poor management, in general, did not cause the losses, but rather bad timing, as the entire US real estate market and the national economy tanked! Which made his highly-leveraged casino projects unworkable for any entrepreneur.

He needed quick profits to pay off bank loans to survive, but with the sudden downturn of the world’s economy, his profits never came fast enough. Therefore the casinos failed.

Trump picks up a few million selling and licensing Trading Cards.

In December 2022, Trump made a “big announcement.” He is offering Digital Collection Cards or non-fungible tokens which feature his life.

At the least, he’s trolling the communist Democratic party while, at best, discovering a new way to fund an election while earning money for his best followers.

Smart, large-scale entrepreneurs never risk their own money.

People don’t realize entrepreneurs develop bold plans and get level-headed bankers to back them. And neither put their own money at risk!

Of course, both have tremendous other consequences if they fail big, more career-orientated than financial.

“Orange Man Bad” is an Entrepreneur, Not a Politician

I still remember fighting off the Marxist while commenting on Youtube, who claimed the upper ground for candidate Hillary Clinton because she was not a businesswoman. And yes, I took it personally and thought the Hillary supporters were dumb or crazy for thinking a successful business person couldn’t be a great president.

As it turned out, former President Trump may be the best we ever had!

How “Orange Man Bad!” labeling backfires against the Democratic.

Because ex-President Trump did such a great job as President, the majority of America now realizes that the phrase “Orange Man Bad” is ridiculous. And the depth and extent of their propaganda have no bounds.

Many of us have run out of words to describe what the left (communists) is doing. More and more, we think a spirit of sickness must have taken them over.