Orange Man Bad! The Real Reason They Hate Trump.

The real reason the left hates Trump.


“Orange Man Bad!” sums up the left’s hatred for Trump, a petty phrase considering his many important accomplishments as president.

Trump is often brash and aggressive, just like all people I’ve ever meet in the New York construction businesses. Their saving grace is they are good people who know how to get things done.

Trump fits the mold! For sure, he’s not like the smooth-talking Barack Obama. But he makes up for it by getting things done and putting “America First.”

My encounters with these tough-talking New Yorkers were similar.

Put off at first! I learned to tune in a notch below their blister. I’d chuckle and learned to appreciate them based on their abilities.

Why don’t people on the left tune in to the Orange Man Bad? Like I do. After all, Trump has redeeming qualities! But, does the left?

Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is a behavioral abnormality caused by an extreme hatred for President Trump. With the afflicted, everything the Orange man does colors their insane prejudice that Orange Man Bad.

Trump derangement syndrome is a pejorative term for criticism or negative reactions to United States President Donald Trump that are perceived to be irrational, and have little regard towards Trump’s actual policy positions, or actions undertaken by his administration. 


Is “Orange Man Bad” a Failure as a Businessman?

The urgent pleas to resist the presidency of Trump by New Yorkers is the result of local politicians and “the connected” panicking to covering up their past crimes. Since he was once one of them, he knows too much!

Besides, he did the impossible done faster and for less money! Ok, and gloated about his accomplishments!

But, like most private businesses, he showed the superior ability of private businesses to get things done, like saving two large outdoor ice-skating rinks in New York.

Unfortunately, the Democratic mayor and governor of New York ran these rinks into the ground, and then mounted a disinformation campaign against Trump that misled New Yorkers.

With “Orange Man Bad,” I see a hard-nose New York-style real estate mogul who knows how to pinch a penny and drive a hard bargain. Sure he started with millions that his father left him, but in the end, he ended up with billions and solid cash flow.

Trump did have some big failures, but what entrepreneurs don’t. For their chosen profession is taking calculated chances, and only sometimes winning.

Bankruptcy in Atlantic City for the Orange Man Bad

Trump’s casino business in Atlantic Beach was a disaster! The US economy tanked during his moment of financial weakness.

He then declared bankruptcy for his business, not him personally. Only a fool entrepreneur would risk their own money. Folk, that’s not how entrepreneurship work.

And so, many did not receive everything all payments due. Such are the bankruptcy laws of America!

One big reason for bankruptcy courts is to encourage entrepreneurship. I wonder how many “Orange Man Bad” Democrats know this?

Could he have used his own money? Well, somewhat! But, he didn’t have near enough to cover the company’s debts anyway.

“Orange Man Bad” is an Entrepreneur, Not a Politician

Successful entrepreneurs often fail at least a few times. I, for one, have had several business failures and many more ventures wasted my time.

That’s the nature of being an entrepreneur. If more Democrats were grounded in the business world, they’d know.

So, are these “Orange Man Bad” people opposing Trump’s agenda to really save the planet? And so, they lie, cheat, and steal because the planet is running out of time?

Is there irrefutable evidence of earth ending while we’re too stupid or irresponsible to figure out or believe the science?

Trump sued plenty of people and was, in turn, sued many times, a common occurrence for multi-billionaire entrepreneurs.

Trump is a hard-driving, New York City real estate tycoon who can be rude at times.

But he’s an excellent businessman, strategic planner, and has an uncanny ability to “think out of the box” when there are no apparent solutions.

What the Left’s Got to Brag About?

Got to be something good to say here! Well, they talk about saving the planet from pollution, something about our earth only supporting life for another 10 years?

By Team Go Beyondo

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