Operation Mockingbird’s Control of Mainstream Media Destroys America!

Why do so many friends live in a political fantasy? How was it created? You’ll find the answers here!

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Operation Mockingbird’s control of mainstream media still floods the internet. And, its programmed messaging has already severely brainwashed a large number of residents in the former United States.

Even today, after the corrupt 2020 election forever changed America into a global communist country, the gaslighting continues. Operation Mockingbird continues to reinforce the lie that our elections are fair.

Meanwhile, a majority knows that they are not, but there is nothing they can do about it! Looking back, we gave up our rights to live free without even firing a single shot! What happened is pretty amazing!

For curiosity, let’s look at how America fell. Who knows maybe someone will map out a plan to upset the dominating corruption, and thus restore America!

The early beginnings of Operation Mockingbird in America

Watch the CIA admit, in public Congressional testimony some 65 years ago, the existence and purpose of Operation Mockingbird.

Operation Mockingbird unofficially began with the importing of German mind scientists in 1946. Called, Operation Paper Clip, they did their research, along with Russia and China on this powerful weapon that we see today.

Mind control is nothing like a salesman trying to sell you something. Rather, it’s a breakthrough approach to programming the mind with a permanent false reality. Where hopeless victims in a controlled environment cannot even process facts to escape it.

Pretty scary really, and Russia and China set up the long-term strategy. And so, by 1996, their mind control programs against the US were far along. So much so, that they had even successfully used them to poison their minds during the Vietnam War. Which led to our military not fighting effectively.

And then things got worse, for there were plenty of graduating seniors at our best university who got 4 years of schooling in Marxism. And so, the “lead” communists in our CIA recruited them. In turn, then they in kind recruited others both in journalism and in business.

Obviously, impossible to stop right now!

Additionally, a major part of Operation Mockingbird is the coordination of false reality keywords among assets. Which come together like brick masonry. So effective are their techniques of brainwashing that our only defense is building our own Conservative social media platforms.

And, supporting them so much that the Operation Mockingbird keyword messaging is not even heard. So then, they just go away.

The CIA and Operation Mockingbird is NOT chartered to operate on US soil.

The FBI and DHS are both chartered to work only within the US, but not the CIA. Their work is solely for battling and spying on our enemies in other countries.

However, all of them have gone lawless. If we are ever to get our country back, we must enforce these limitations. And get each department operating only in their own lanes.

What is the purpose of Operation Mockingbird’s control of mainstream media?

Shocking revelations in this video about the origins and what is happening now. The only difference is that Facebook, Twitter, etc. have now gotten into the act.

Operation Mockingbird’s activities dramatically increased with the passage of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 by Congress and President Bill Clinton. Which indirectly allowed the networks and big tech to build false narratives out of false information without being sued.

Moreover, It enabled the proven CIA tactics for uprooting governments to be used against us. But, why? Let’s look at history.

In 1996 the communists within mostly prestigious universities were brainwashing class after class of students. And so, the best and brightest journalists were enlisted in the “so-called” task of saving America from itself. That’s where the necessity of brainwashing comes in. Of course, it helped when the leaders of Operation Mockingbird promised them elite status, wealth, and maybe even eternal life.

Understanding the tactics of Operation Mockingbird’s control over the people of mainstream media.

As you can see, Operation Mockingbird capitalized on the brainwashing done by our enemies. Is it any wonder that they now join them? But, for the sake of accuracy, the Chinese switch positions with Russia after “bowed out”. After Putin changed his political mind by standing up a semi-democracy and throwing out the Globalist.

Current repercussions of Operation Mockingbird

And now, we see Putin trying to re-annex Ukraine in order to re-constituted Russia after their great collapse. Now you know why the US Military powers controlled by our CIA are so anxious to stop him. And so, they have no problem even starting a war!

Meanwhile, China can simultaneously join in to finish off the high-tech industrial base by re-annexing Taiwan. It’s not so hard to figure out.

How does mind-control work?

Pretty serious stuff! Then, we need to understand more about how Operation Mockingbird and mind-control work. And, if you think that it doesn’t exist or is nothing important, then God help you!

Here is the most easily understood explanation of how brainwashing works.

Brainwashing is the repetition of false narrative keywords until a fake reality takes hold. The second part is keeping the false reality strong enough to survive on its own, even when presented with opposing facts.

The end game is guiding all the brainwashed into a cohesive unit to fight against Patriots. Actually, a brilliant plan but one had to understand and believe it would really work.

For example, claim laws to appropriate taxpayer dollars are done in the name of “Climate Change.” When the truth is they are in fact to pay for bribes.

The recruitment of university students as Operation Mockingbird agents.

Operation Mockingbird recruited many agents upon their graduation, from top major universities. And, since they were busily turning out Marxist students, the Operation evolved into a communist operation.

Many graduates/agents when on to positions of media influence. While they somehow balanced their greed and power with taking down their country.

How Operation Mockingbird cooperates with or seizes control over the levers of public influence.

The first thing to remember is that the Operation’s power comes from controlling the levers of public influence. With this intention in mind, it’s easy to understand why we don’t hear much about this operation.

Even more, even though the big tech was born with the approval of the mothership CIA, they don’t need much guidance other than a general playbook and ongoing keyword guidance.

With this in mind, the real story of its rise to almost supreme control is how they burrowed in and adapt to keep the influencers singularity directed.

Operation Mockingbird, masters of mass formation psychosis

With international practice overthrowing other countries, the sophistication and effectiveness of Operation Mockingbird improved. Even to the point where they could create mass formation psychosis!

With this developed skill, our own people guided by rich and powerful friends developed the power to infect already weaken minds and give their insanity meaning and power.

And so, certain types of people needing relief from personal psychological pain or insecurity banded together and against a common enemy. An enemy, who instead of falling, is able to attain order and purpose in their lives–namely patriotic Christians.

Add legal or illegal mind-altering drugs, and these people become so far gone that they don’t even know they left.

The end goal of Operation Mockingbird is Mass Psychosis

Mass Psychosis is the end game. A video about how Operation Mockingbird knew exactly what they were doing.

The masses have never thirsted after truth. They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to deify error, if error seduce them. Whoever can supply them with illusions is their master; whoever attempts to destroy them is their victim.!

Gustav le Bon

How to defeat to Totalitarianism

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” – Albert Camus

The sinister tricks of Operation Mockingbird are not new! And you’d be surprised how much literature there is that speaks to the heart of how to defeat it.

And, I have recently run across a Youtube channel that makes it easier to understand. If you are wondering how to defeat the Globalist, I have yet to find one better than the “Academy of Ideas“. The common sense and usefulness of their ideas are mind-blowing!

Totalitarianism at its heart is turning reality into fiction, And, that is the job of Operation Mockingbird a project to convert the reality of Americanism into the false realities of totalitarianism.

The COVID Panic!

Operation Mockingbird uses the COVID crisis to manufacture a false road to tyranny.

The advent of the COVID crisis was the kick-off for the official merger of Operation Mockingbird with the NWO. Now, Operation Mockingbird openly censors and spies, knowing they will never be held accountable.

Even internet podcasts by panels of famous viral doctors who tell us about these useful lifesaving medicines are blocked. And, the information about the number of deaths and damage from jabs is suppressed.

How Operation Mockingbird’s influence spans media platforms.

Maybe most remarkable is how Operation Mockingbird can synchronize false realities across multiple platforms. Overall, they have a long-established plan of events and their timing is all figured out in events. Which precedes through a tunnel of misinformation by foremost calling Conservatives the dangerous ones.

Furthermore, to verify make the uncomfortable sacrifice of watching the New World Order (NWO) channels. And, listen to how the same daily phrase is repeated over and over again across all Democrat Marxist media properties.

In this way, Operation Mockingbird protects the false realities. Then leads their brainwashed followers to any false reality, no matter how ridiculous! And, combined with never-ending patience pushing false or misleading stories, With And so, the dream of psychologically sick people who want to control the world is once again in play.

Known list of recipients of FakeNews keywords

  • Cable TV stations
  • Big Tech, Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.
  • Radio
  • Internet properties like the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, etc.
  • Hundreds of powerful internet websites
  • Marxist politicans at all levels

How to stop Operation Mockingbird’s mainstream media brainwashing.

Shine the light

Former President Trump steps in from the sidelines with a class-action suit against Big Tech for censorship.

As expected, Trump drew a partisan Marxist judge for his class-action suit against Big Tech. For this reason, our chances to end their liability protection under Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act are now slim.

Openly living free is our greatest weapon!

The people behind the “Great Reset” know that they can only be defeated by living in freedom. And, that means non-compliance.

In other words, in spite of all their power what they fear is their follower watching us live in freedom. And so, they need to get rid of all traces of us ASAP!

Trump’s words only took us part of the way there!

Trump often said that they were only after him because they wanted to get to us. And, that’s true.

But, what he never plain said was that we needed to become even freer! That is to stand down the totalitarianism.

Why Operation Mockingbird wants a racial civil war in America?

They don’t want their brainwashed base to see that people can live peacefully and free in America. In fact, it’s the greatest fear of totalitarianism.

Because only with fear and chaos in America can they convince a large enough swath to turn to communism. Judging by the extremely low poll numbers they don’t have near enough fear and chaos. And, that’s how we should define winning.

In the meantime, let’s restore and improve America’s values.

While we go about our business showing how free we are and unchaotic, why not begin rebuilding America. Because, for sure, it’s been severely damaged.

And, let’s make America better than ever before! To do my part, I am building an online conservative media directory guide to help MAGA locate its political platforms. Check it out in early December 2021.


While I realize that we continue to look for ways to reverse the global communist takeover. Nevertheless, I worry that our noble intentions cannot win against such a powerful and deeply entrenched evil.

Especially, since the global communists only slowly raise the temperature of the water to a boil. So, there appears no particular point where we frogs feel the overwhelming need to jump out.

I have felt cooked for some time now!

Is there a way to get our country back peacefully? Will we be allowed to restore fair elections?

Only partially, because the global communists have taken control of our federal government and several states. To completely take back America, we must completely defeat them before we get our country back. In other words, something dramatic must happen for this reality to change.

By Team Go Beyondo

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