Operation Mockingbird’s Control of Mainstream Media

Why do so many friends live in a political fantasy? How was it created? You’ll find the answers here!

Operation Mockingbird's control of mainstream media control of the media
Wolf Blocks Lamb for Hearing Truth

Operation Mockingbird may be the least talked about yet most consequential CIA operation in history! And, I guarantee it greatly affects your life for the worse even now!

This operation taught the great cabal we now face on how to brainwash people. And simple methods for creating false realities for mass populations.

Once an American weapon against communism, it’s now used upon us. Karma has come back to bite us in the rear!

Is Operation Mockingbird Real? (Video)

Watch the CIA admit, in public Congressional testimony some 65 years ago, the existence and purpose of Operation Mockingbird.

The “cat was out of the bag” long ago about the existence of Operation Mockingbird! Today’s only question is how whether they still have some operational control? Or, have the corporate internet technocrats completely taken over.

One thing is for sure, Operation Mockingbird still exists in spirit. And, the influence and danger of its legacy are even more consequential in today’s upside-down world!

What is the purpose of Operation Mockingbird?

Operation Mockingbird is a disruptive worldwide propaganda machine. That designs and plants false narratives in public media to create mass false realities.

In the US, the operation uses its awesome combination of big tech and mainstream media propaganda. In order to control about 35% of the US population with spells of false perceptions.

These false realities clash with American values. Thus, creating the chaos so necessary to bring in an authoritarian regime–a new world order.

How Does Operation Mockingbird Work?

Operation Mockingbird once worked to help secure America. But, no longer, its aspirations and scope now include creating and maintaining national and global perceptions about a Marxist, corporate new world order.

Funding for Operation Mockingbird, if it’s still called by that name, comes from US Taxpayers (both on and off-budget). At the same time, I suspect a portfolio of clandestine operations.

Thankfully, their false realities are not held by the majority, even though they’d like you to think so. However, not a problem for this Marxist Operation because again it’s mainly interested in gaining control, not in popularity.

Here is the most easily understood explanation of how brainwashing works.

The first thing to remember in figuring this out is every one of the influencers has its own “buttons to push.” And, listing them is like listing the Democratic Party platform.

For this reason, any seemingly appeal to you and mean is by accident or to just get our votes. It’s no accident that when Biden spoke just before the election, he came right out and said, “I really don’t need your vote!”

Setting up major universities to churn out revolutionaries.

In this case, let’s examine the rise of global Marxism at our major universities. That is to say what prompted them to turn against America?

In this case, I’m thinking of a combination of timing, ego, and money. Here is a list of my reasons why our major universities turned to communism:

  • The transformation of American into a mixed economy of capitalism and socialism made communism a short step away.
  • Artificial intelligence made the value of individuals drop as we increasing turn to social safety net payments for survival. The uneducated seemed worthless.
  • A massive and seemingly unsolvable global overpopulation problem made the universities talk about eugenics as a solution.
  • Generally speaking, they feel an elite class must be stood up for the earth to survive. In other words, they feel they just don’t need us!
  • The Chinese and other Marxist states began sending their students to the major US universities, and they demanded Marxist teachers.
  • Once in place, these teachers rose throught the ranks and began only hiring other Marxist teachers.

Teaching and conviction were then brought together and strengthen by the already ongoing propaganda of Operation Mockingbird’s control of mainstream media. And, graduates when on to positions of media influence. While they somehow balanced their greed and power with taking down their country.

How Operation Mockingbird’s seizes control over the levers of public influence.

The first thing to remember is that the Operation’s power comes from controlling the levers of public influence. With this intention in mind, it’s easy to understand why we don’t hear much about this operation.

Even more, even though the big tech was born with the approval of the mothership CIA, they don’t need much guidance other than a general playbook and ongoing keyword guidance.

With this in mind, the real story of its rise to almost supreme control is how they burrowed in and adapt to keep the influencers singularity directed.

The result of Operation Mockingbird in your everyday life.

The inability of its victims to process contrary information compatible with their false reality is caused by a wall of misinformation. This is why discussing ideas opposing Marxism with your Democrat friends is literally impossible!

Operation Mockingbird is not alone in trying to take down America. The Operation is only one of many that collectively flow through a cabal of others.

An example of the stark reality of the power of Operation Mockingbird

A recent Marist poll in August 2021 asked a simple question to 2,000 respondents. “Do you think Biden is doing a good job?” 85% of Democrats said “Yes” while only 5% of the Republicans agreed.

Recruitment and infiltration Marxist Journalist

By the time graduated and got a job. Operation Mockingbird knew exactly who and where they were. And so, often jobs as agents.

The irony is tax payers funding Operation Mockingbird for their demise.

US taxpayers fund Operation Mockingbird but they spread false information to divide and take down America. Now, that’s ironic!

The fact that even President Trump couldn’t get them under control speaks to the power of the intelligence deep state. And now, without Trump in power, they run freer than ever to control America!

What a difference the 2020 election made! The Joe Biden Regime and the deep state together are now even more dangerous than we thought possible!

As a long-time business owner, my personal experience led me to this common-sense rule. How do you know when someone is stealing your money? The answer is when they control your money and you don’t know what they’re doing!

Operation Mockingbird creates political influence using mass propaganda to create false realities. Nowadays, they are mostly only coordinators giving out talking points for each news cycle. They handled mainstream media, major websites, and Big Tech.

The laws on their use in modern war are not governed by the Queensberry rules.

Operation Mockingbird in Action!

To illustrate let’s just say that Operation Mockingbird is the story of their continual recruitment, infiltration, and coordination efforts to bring about a “new world order.” Naturally, they are not at all interested in our opinions.

In fact, one Marxist commenter told me on Quora.com, “You don’t matter because you’ll be dead soon!”

That’s because their operational focus is on the mission, not how it gets there! And so, please realize that includes tearing down their own country!

Operation Mockingbird makes effective use of the COVID crisis.

To put it another way, the takeover of America was much less likely if not for the virus pandemic. Because it softens us into more compliant people which in turn leads us into even more Marxist control.

Nowadays though, people are beginning to reject Big Tech censorship. Now more people than ever are accepting total control in exchange for safety from the virus.

And so, the new world order plan to dominate the world with collective Marxism gets back on schedule!

Mainstream Media, Big Tech and Operation Mockingbird together conive to build and maintain false narratives.

Say what you will but mainstream media and big tech are now joined at the hip. How do I know? I follow the parroting of daily keywords.

I’m so practiced that I can even predict tomorrow’s words or phrases. And, when they are going to change news cycles.

MAGA tries to weaken Operation Mockingbird.

Everyone should know by now that Big Tech is an adult partner of Operation Mockingbird. So when Former President Trump filed a class-action suit against them for censorship, he’s counting on his Discovery rights as a plaintiff.

Not bragging though because they’ve become so predictable!

With an honest judiciary, this would be a slam dunk criminal case. And, the final straw to canceling the US Communication Decency Act 230 which gives them immunity from lawsuits.

The final proof! Marxists allowed direct access to delete the messages of Conservatives.

The Biden Regime caught working with Facebook to block the free speech of Conservatives. In addition, governments and corporations allowed direct access to deleting Tweets!

August 3rd, 2021, The Gateway Pundit. Dr. Shiva caught the Marxist with direct access to cancel any Tweets on their own.

Fighting back against Operation Mockingbird’s brainwashing?

In case you’re wondering, shining a light on the truth on corruption is how to reverse the effects of Operation Mockingbird brainwashing. But it’s difficult to do while it controls the main influencers.

Still, the Conservatives are the majority but the brainwashed occupy many important positions. The MAGA movement has no time to waste to grab the initiative.

And, don’t think for a moment the Marxists are inactive!

It’s fear of light!

What Operation Mockingbird fears the most is the exposure of what they are doing. At a time when America is awake.

Unfortunately for them, the American people are now awake. And so, the pace of their takeover accelerates!

At the same time, conservatives are quickly adding online platforms to talk among themselves and avoid censorship. They are galvanizing, and the people of Operation Mockingbird are panicking!

Former President Trump steps in from the sidelines with a class-action suit against Big Tech for censorship.

As expected, Trump drew a partisan Marxist judge for his class-action suit against Big Tech. And so, the chances to end their liability protection under Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act are now slim.

How do I keep my personal data away from big tech?

Even if you have nothing to hide, you need to hide it! Big Tech wants all your personal information to use against you.

Unfortunately, hiding your personal profile information is impossible! There are only steps you can take to limit what they know and confuse the AI.

An authoritarian force cheated its way into power, so keeping your personal data as secret as possible is critical. Because the global Maoist corporate oligarchy plan on using it to lock down and even de-person you.

Conservative social media networks push back hard against Operation Mockingbird and Big Tech.

Today’s conservative social media platforms are proving flexible and powerful enough to counter the Marxist brainwashing of Operation Mockingbird.

Great news! False realities divide America! The word is don’t even try to un-brainwash Democrat friends at the moment.

  • Famous Newscasters (Steve Bannon, Mark Levin, etc.)
  • Local Radio stations
  • People who have seen the communist playbook in other countries.
  • A few conservative websites
  • Foxnews
  • YouTube channels


The damage that Operation Mockingbird is doing to our nation is staggering! Fortunately, the importance of mainstream media and big tech is waning, as the MAGA movement technology gains steam.

Plus, the truth has a way of leaking out. And, it’s turning into a river! Conservative online platforms are appearing everywhere, and the viewership is exploding!

By Team Go Beyondo

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