Operation Mockingbird’s Control of Mainstream Media


While not everyone knows of Operation Mockingbird’s control of mainstream media, they know something is up! The amount of spin and lies are off the chart!

Would you be surprised if I told you that the formal operation began decades ago? And, Operation Mockingbird is an alledged rogue CIA operation?

Any unbrainwashed person who understands mind-control 101 knows what’s going on.

How does Operation Mockingbird Control Mainstream Media?

Operation Mockingbird controls mainstream media with funding and special services courtesy of US Taxpayer money filter through allegedly our own Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Operation Mockingbird is an alleged CIA program to use our mainstream media and big search as platforms for creating alternate political realities in the United States.

Recruiting Global Marxist Oligarchy Insurgents for Intelligence Duties

By recruiting like-minded Marxist and using extortion and bribery on the rest, they assemble a pool of journalism talent to dominate TV cable news. Even today they freeze false realities in place for a sizable segment.

The perfect compliment of Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

These big tech monsters should have been broken up long ago. But, now it’s too late with a Biden administration in place.

So how should a conservative counter? Answer: The shouldn’t!

Instead, join the tens of millions of freedom supporters joining freedom-loving conservative social media platforms.

Bias stacking of website ranking promote false reality of Marxist Oligarchy takeover.

The sites on the first page after a keyword search get 90% of the clicks or traffic. Google Search makes sure the liberal socialist Democratic sites dominate them.

Over time, these liberal socialist Democrats sites earn lots of Google search money to hire more and even better journalists.

And since whether or not these mainstream media sites tell the truth becomes irreverent after a while. They are free to contribute to creating and maintaining their false reality.

However, the resistance to their stacking of search results and many forms of censorship to our constitutional republic is growing.

And, conservatives are more aware than ever of their nefarious actions! That is one reason conservatives flock to alt sites.

CIA recruit journalists to mainstream media

It’s well known that the CIA has been recruiting Marxist or Maoists for journalist jobs for decades. There are plenty because of the brainwashing that went on in our universities.

Operation Mockingbird relies on the absolute loyalty of their chosen journalists. To a native Marxist, loyalty must come easy. But in other times, extortion is required.

The rogue CIA underestimated conservatives. During the four-year term of President Trump, their political IQ rose. And the sprouting independent websites and word of mouth broke up much of their mind control plans.

Former President Trump’s constant insistence of staying relevant on Twitter actually feed the propaganda machine of Operation Mockingbird.

Operation Mockingbird’s takeover of mainstream media is a semi-secret CIA operation to build and protect a fake reality. Implemented over the last few decades, this long-running, manufactured reality by the left hopelessly divides Americans.

Why Operation Mockingbird Partially Fails to Power the Overthrow of America.

Operation Mockingbird’s mind control program brainwashes America by creating a unified false reality. But, the operation was only successful with less than half of the Americans!

And, that opened the doors for the great American comeback!

Operation Mockingbird Energizes False Realities with False Flags.

Over the past few years, it’s amazing how many false flags, especially shooting, were staged at opportune political moments. The conspiracy world is full of talk of how MK mind-control shooters were turned loose.

Those who don’t believe in coincidences believe the worst!

Maybe the biggest false flag of all, the COVID-19 virus outbreak. While the manufactured virus is real, the lockdowns are the hoax.

How do I know? Timing and too many coincidences!

Mainstream media lost many viewers by publishing false stories, and so they teamed up with popular and respected political websites to make up losses. All are now disgraced by publishing fake stories.

Where to look for false flag events:

  • Mass shooting incidences.
  • Abortion protests
  • Honeypot setups

List of Steps to Gauge the Probability of a False Flag Event:

  • Is there a motive for an unscrupulous group, like Marxists wanting to outlaw guns for citizens?
  • Are the mass-shooting events following a predictable pattern?
  • Is public information available? If not, why withheld? Like, the coverup of the Las Vegas shootings.
  • Is there deception?
  • Did the mass shooting happen in a state with a Democratic governor, city council, and sheriff? Shocking how often this “coincidence” occurs!
  • Does the shooter seem like a likely candidate for MK brainwashing by our CIA?

Operation Mockingbird brainwashed less than half of America.

But, that’s more than enough! The CIA Mockingbird media knows that, even though less than half of America believes their propaganda, they don’t need a majority to overthrow America.

Except for the hassle from state governments and the deranged Trump movement, they must feel pretty good about well their plan to conquer America and depopulate the planet is going.

But, the takeover plan of Operation Mockingbird is in a desperate phase. They must cover up their crimes long enough to grab a firmer grip over America.

As they gain power, they are dismantling the country. Very soon, America as we know it will no longer exist!


The damage that Operation Mockingbird has done to our nation is staggering, and yet it continues. We are indeed the “boiling frog.”

Yet, there is a lingering question as to why they are doing this to their own country? Power, money, saving the planet? Are they just convinced we cannot rule ourselves?

Is it to transform the country or create world coalitions that protect us. Or, are they just trying to get rid of the one man who wants to bring them to justice?

Unless we accept them at their word and stop looking for other answers, we will constantly complain about their hypocrisy. In case you missed it, they want to depopulate the planet!


By Wayne

Author, political activist, and tech-geek My best is when I see the end game and deliver no-nonsense viewpoints. My career began 5 years ago when I realized how close America is to being terminally taken over by global Marxists. I now work every day to help conservatives cope and get strong again.