Operation Mockingbird’s Control of Mainstream Media

Since when censorship become the national interest?

Operation Mockingbird's control of mainstream media control of the media

While not everyone knows of Operation Mockingbird’s control of mainstream media, they know something is up! The amount of their political spin and lies are off the chart!

Did you know mainstream media is bought and paid for by our CIA and later by big business? Where are the receipts for our tax dollars? Why would they want to do this?

Operation Mockingbird is an alleged CIA program to use our mainstream media as a platform for creating alternate political realities throughout the world.

The Rise of Operation Mockingbird

Little did most of us know, the scope of the US Central Intelligence Agency went far beyond just collecting foreign intelligence. It also steered countries toward enacting democracy.

What a shock! Now they want the US part of an oligarchy!

Let’s explore where this notion began.

Grants for hiring Marxist university teachers

The elite classes in communist countries wanted their kids to have first-world educations. However, they didn’t want their kids to bring back Capitalistic ideas.

So they donated a lot of money to our universities to teach Marxism. In essence, most of our best universities became Marxist schools.

Men are born ignorant, not stupid. They are made stupid by education.

Bertrand Russel

The changeover of our universities into Marxist training grounds didn’t happen overnight. It took generations.

President Trump stopped Federal funding, but the Biden administration restore it. And so, to this day we continue training the insurgents on how to overthrow America.

Maybe you noticed in college, especially a prestigious one, that Marxism was the predominant political system taught. The comparison of Marxism versus Americanism hardly mentioned.

Brainwashing university students

Preparations for the current American communist revolution began some 70 years ago. That’s when our leading universities began accepting donations in exchange for hiring Marxist teachers.

These donations came from Russian intelligence, and later the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Generations of corrupt university administrators pocketed the money without reporting it on tax forms.

Recruiting for an American Takeover

However, our CIA apparently knew for decades. Or, why would they secretly recruit American-breed, communists agents and train them as journalists?

Going back to at least the 50s in America, rouge parts of our CIA switch sides. They prepared to overthrow America!

The infiltration of mainstream media

The operation’s goal is the takeover of TV cable news and the internet. The purpose is to create false realities to divide the general public. To cover up other CIA operations dedicated to taking down America.

New World Order enthusiasts and communists tried to control America for over a century. Numerous US Presidents helped by trying to get us to “the wonderful dream” of a New World Order while speaking in the United Nations.

Obama even publically promised the US was being prepared for a handover. He apologized that it hadn’t happened yet!

Maybe, we thought our country would remain essentially intact. But, now we discover that’s not in the plans.

America is slated for absorption under a global Maoist corporate oligarchy. Not at all what we expected or want.

The Success of Operation Mockingbird

Operation Mockingbird succeeded in creating false realities in the minds of tens of millions of Americans. Realities of a “world of opposites” purposely formulated to cause confusion and chaos.

Never before had most of us explored the power of our own intelligence agencies to brainwash entire populations. Not until, they did it to us.

Google, Facebook, and Twitter amplified their propaganda

Not that mainstream media doesn’t still wield a lot of power, but it’s diminishing. Mainly due to technical innovations happening in conservative social media platforms.

A redrawing of social media is happening faster than they can respond. Their greatest fear is coming true! America’s middle-class is waking up and moving onto their own platforms. Plus, they are storming local politics for the first time in American history!

I’m encouraged.

What Operation Mockingbird feared the most.

Like all propaganda warfare, brainwashing large groups of people is a race against time. By simply looking around, sooner or later they wake up to de-program themselves.

In fact their propaganda is unwinding even before their transformation of America is complete! Their veil is being lifted and people can see who they are and their crimes!

At the same time, conservatives are quickly adding online platforms to talk among themselves and avoid censorship. Their only hope is a total information blackout leading to a total info takeover.

Former President Trump’s constant insistence of staying relevant on Twitter actually feed the propaganda machine of Operation Mockingbird.

How Capitalism and Ingenuity Overwhelm Operation Mockingbird?

Up to recently, overthrowing a country involved first taking control over its media. This is much simpler when it’s centralized. But, in America, now it’s not.

The reach of cable TV stations is waning due to new distributed conservative social media platforms, causing them to fail to indoctrinate enough people. Which caused Google, Facebook, and Twitter to step in.

Why is protecting my personal data so important?

Even if you have nothing to hide, you need to hide it!

An authoritarian force cheated their way into power, so keeping your personal data as secret as possible is critical. Because the global Maoist corporate oligarchy plan on using it to lock down and even de-person you.

More information enables an awakening from fake realities.

Info systems are proving too flexible and powerful to brainwash enough people, long enough for their coup. America will reject this coup in time.

  • Famous Newscasters (Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, etc.)
  • Local Radio stations
  • People who have seen the communist playbook in other countries.
  • A few conservative websites
  • Foxnews
  • YouTube channels

You get the idea! There are too many holes in their web to control the minds of a majority of Americans. Their plan to subjugate America under the United Nations is not going to work!

I see more people on the left comparing what they see in real life with the false reality they’re feed. This will naturally happen as the propaganda weakens and time passes.

But, don’t get too complacent! History tells us that only a small percentage of active insurgents is necessary to overthrow a country. However, I do wonder if that’s still true in this new age of information.

Except for the hassle from state governments and the deranged Trump movement, they must feel pretty good. So well that their plan to conquer America and depopulate the planet is going is now sped up.

But, the takeover plan of Operation Mockingbird is in a desperate phase. There are far too many awakened patriots for them to handle. And so, look for them to get even more tyrannical to speed up the process and consolidate their power.

As they gain power, they are dismantling the country. Very soon, America as we know it will no longer exist! I only hope America survives until the next election.

That’s why the forensic audit in Arizona is so important. It opens the door to audits around the country and de-legitimizes the Biden administration.

If this happens look for a tyrannical Operation Mockingbird and big tech, like you’ve never seen before!

Experts tell us the brainwashed cannot even process the truth.

Non-brainwashed people seem naturally reject too many coincidences. And, too many coincidences eventually un-brainwashes the brainwashed.

However, brainwashing experts tell us that it takes a couple of generations to undue. Because they are honestly unable to process new information! No matter how obvious!

Staging False Flags re-enforces brainwashing

I’m not saying every shooting was a false flag. Of course, I don’t really know if any were.

All I know is that there’s way too many timing coincidences.

Over the past few years, it’s amazing how many false flags happened, especially staged shootings at opportune political moments. While I’m sure some of them were “copycat” shootings, some were not.

Maybe the biggest false flag of all, the COVID-19 virus outbreak. While the manufactured virus is real, the lockdowns are the hoax.

Mainstream media lost many viewers by publishing false stories, and so they teamed up with popular and respected political websites to make up losses. All are now disgraced by publishing fake stories.

Where to look for false flag events:

  • Mass shooting incidences.
  • Chances to label conservatives as white supremacist or insurectionist.
  • Abortion protests
  • Honeypot setups

List of Steps to Gauge the Probability of a False Flag Event:

  • Is there a motive for an unscrupulous group, like Marxists wanting to outlaw guns for citizens?
  • Are the mass-shooting events following a predictable pattern?
  • Is public information available? If not, why withheld? Like, the coverup of the Las Vegas shootings.
  • Is there deception?
  • Did the mass shooting happen in a state with a Democratic governor, city council, and sheriff? Shocking how often this “coincidence” occurs!
  • Does the shooter seem like a likely candidate for MK brainwashing by our CIA?


The damage that Operation Mockingbird has done to our nation was staggering! Fortunately, the importance of mainstream media and big tech is waning.

The truth has a way of leaking out. And, the leak is turning into a river! Conservative online platforms are appearing, and the viewership is exploding!

Yet, there is a lingering question as to why our own CIA did this to our country? Power, money, saving the planet? Are they just convinced we cannot rule ourselves?

Is it to transform the country or create world coalitions that protect us. Or, are they just trying to get rid of the one man who wants to bring them to justice?


By Wayne

Author, political activist, and tech-geek My best is when I see the end game and deliver no-nonsense viewpoints. My career began 5 years ago when I realized how close America is to being terminally taken over by global Marxists. I now work every day to help conservatives cope and get strong again.