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Operation Mockingbird’s Control of Mainstream Media Destroys America!


A depiction of a wolf (Operation Mockingbird - CIA) covering the ears of the American public in order to brainwash them.
Wolf blocks the lamb from hearing the truth.

Mockingbird Media has programmed many American voters so they can no longer process political news accurately. They can’t even realize that the wolf of authoritarianism is blocking their ears, causing them to live in an information bubble of false info. They now live in a rudderless mess of self-serving values and beliefs with no dreams of God, family, and country.

Unfortunately, these pagan beliefs by a mighty minority power the most well-designed, corrupt elections in world history. Which is justified by even more overwhelming propaganda that they are honest, or at least acceptable for a cause. Now with their world, governmental gods in federal power, they are destined to rule for some time. Already, we do not even recognize our country.

Ideally, we will turn this awful situation around by exposing what is happening. But history tells us it’s already too late! That it won’t turn around until a “military boot” is on all of our necks.

Here I choose to continue to expose and hope history is somehow wrong.


What is Mass Psychosis?

Mass psychosis, mind control, or brainwashing controls what many people think through a structured program of repeating key phrases or messages.

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”

Albert Camus.

Table of Contents

  1. The early beginnings of Operation Mockingbird in America
  2. What is Operation Mockingbird, CIA Media Control Program?
  3. How does modern-day Operation Mockingbird operate?
  4. Truly amazing! Look who is programming us to accept authoritarianism!
  5. The new “sliced and diced” America
  6. How does mind-control work?
  7. Operation Mockingbird, masters of mass formation psychosis
  8. How to Stop Operation Mockingbird
  9. The Great Weakness of Operation Mockingbird
  10. What should patriots do?

The early beginnings of Operation Mockingbird in America

The early beginnings of Operation Mockingbird are a perfect example of why no governmental programs should exist without oversight by elected civilians. Because without it any government program can eventually overwhelm a government.

Operation Paper Clip began as a CIA operation in 1946 to recruit talented German behavioral scientists to expand its mass psychosis weapon to help the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) fend off communism.

Operation Mockingbird was an outgrowth of Operation Paper Clip, originally intended to steer the perceptions of foreign people in foreign countries toward democratic ideals.

The result was recruiting talented Marxist journalists and politicians to man American institutions. As puppets, they followed orders for their “higher cause.” Well-developed and tested coup scripts were created to form a mass psychosis among those who couldn’t break away from the Mockingbird Media.

A procession of intelligence agencies with no accountability.

Marxist ideology infiltration began taking over our best universities. It started with our captured German behavioral scientists, followed by Russian intelligence and the Chinese. Seems everyone was running the CIA and spending taxpayer dollars but us!

Below is a video of the power of this mind-control technology, up is down, down is up, and onion tastes like an apple.

What is Operation Mockingbird, CIA Media Control Program?

A mind control program that causes mass psychosis is as dangerous as an atomic weapon or a pandemic. If you think you are immune, how do you know?

Moreover, I’m not talking about mind control and abilities to influence you. But instead, those powerful enough to make you eat an onion and think it’s an apple. One that is powerful enough to enslave you while making you think you live in freedom.

Watch the CIA admit, in public Congressional testimony some 65 years ago, the existence and purpose of Operation Mockingbird.


How does modern-day Operation Mockingbird operate?

Operation Mockingbird operates as a committee with news-cycle directional command coming from above. You’ll find Search engines, big websites and platforms, entertainment, education, etc., all operating from the same well-coordinated script.

Operation Mockingbird’s only job is figuring out how to best repeat and repeat the keywords from above.

However, what is happening is exposed. And their sprint to the finished coup is now in plain sight! Its only hope is complete control before it loses control!

What is the relationship between Operation Mockingbird, Big Tech, and the Democratic party?

There is proof (from Twitter downloads) that they regularly meet to coordinate responses to protect and further their Operation Mockingbird programmed reality, which continually protects and moves forward their false reality, which is the higher purpose of a corporate/government form of an authoritarian government is best.

The truth is that it’s only better for the institutions and their so-called “stakeholders.”

Stakeholders, comrades, and global institutions

They are the chosen ones protected by Operation Mockingbird propaganda, a two-tier judicial system, and corrupt elections. You already know if you’re in the club!

But will the privileged positions last? Or will enough people snap out of the crushing propaganda?

Is the exposure of the Laptop from Hell enough?

Nothing will snap people out of their propaganda trance if not the “Hunter Biden Laptop from Hell.” Many will be implicated in treason or felonies or embarrassed over its content but is it enough of a shock to snap people out of their trance?

Most likely not! Why?

Remember, the victims of mass psychosis cannot correctly process political information. Plus, their personal values systems have already shifted into a strange world not even remotely connected with Americanism.

Truly amazing! Look who is programming us to accept authoritarianism!

  • Cable T.V. stations
  • Big Tech, Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.
  • Radio
  • Internet properties like the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, etc.
  • Hundreds of powerful internet websites
  • Marxist politicians at all levels

Every day these institutions twist and omit pertinent facts to program their audiences with Operation Mockingbird propaganda. Interestingly, they don’t even need to lie to deliver false news.

It seems that only clear shocking news that rattles their false realities will change them. Yet, I am not at all sure if anything is enough! Even a Chinese military boot on their necks!

The Big Tech Integrity Partnership (EIP)

You can see how the Democratic Party Marxists could censor Conservative media quickly and rapidly using an “Intake Queue.” The photo is courtesy of The Gateway Pundit.

4 Stakeholder groups and their members with special access to Big Tech

Courtesy of The Gateway Pundit

Now the censorship makes more sense with this table. Imagine anyone these days saying there was no censorship of Conservatives! This table demonstrates the collusion they face.

If you want more info on these unholy alliances, visit The Gateway Pundit.

For a glimpse of your future, you only need to study the lives of the communist people because that and more are about to happen here!

They are stopping mass psychosis brainwashing.

The new “sliced and diced” America

The new America is now officially “sliced and diced.” Looking at a geographical map no longer defines us. We’ve been turned upside down and inside out, which was the Marxist Operation Mockingbird plan.

Soon red states and counties will declare themselves sanctuary states, and communities will be divided into left radicals versus conservatives. The Feds will have their weapons, and about half the states will say, ‘leave me alone!’ Moreover, no fair election is coming to mend this situation.

None of the many attack vectors of the Marxist totalitarians are possible without Operation Mockingbird. It is the most dangerous weapon, from the erosion of family values to the attempted elimination of all opposing voices.

Trump says things so bad may need to ignore the Constitution for a while to take back our country.

While not an exact quote, that’s what he meant, which is easy for those who follow MAGA news, but it sounds like treason to hard-core Marxist Democrats consuming Operation Mockingbird media. MAGA knows that Trump is a pure-breed American and our horrible situation.

In any case, things are bad when Trump comes out in the open like that, or it’s a sign to begin some counter-insurgency against the American Marxist infiltrators.

When did Operation Mockingbird first display its Marxism tendencies?

The first sign of Marxism within Operation Mockingbird was its hiring top university Marxist students in the 70s. However, there were many build-ups until these students were ripe for the picking.

Operation Mockingbird is a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operation that began soon after World War II, 1947, to be exact. Its original mandate was to stop the infiltration of German Socialists and communists.

One can safely assume the Operation was infiltrated from its beginning or soon after. Th a reasonable assumption because we know the names of the early directors and station chiefs–at least one went on to become President of the United States.

Operation Mockingbird seizes control over the levers of U.S. power.

This video has shocking revelations about the origins and what is happening now. The only difference is that Facebook, Twitter, etc., have gotten into the act.

The Marxist-led Operation Mockingbird media seized control over mainstream media. And, the election fraud masters pulled the plug on American sovereignty while counting votes in the recent elections.

Remarkably, we should have seen it coming, 5th Generation Civilian Warfare, but we didn’t. We thought Marxism was only a nuisance!

Now we only count the dead, locked up, and the number of votes stolen.

Big Tech has powerful capabilities to steer society

Big Tech has far more capabilities to change minds than people realize; the scary part is they can do it without anyone realizing it! So says this social media doctor who spends his life analyzing the influence of Big Tech.

Creating a global COVID crisis

Operation Mockingbird, especially Big Tech, demonstrated the power and usefulness of its mass psychosis capabilities during the COVID crisis when it sold the world the need for gene deletion vaccines.

Now, Big Tech works with the World Health Organization (WHO), which controls the Centers for Disease Control. All under the guidance of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

And now, it wants sovereign control over the U.S. for all pandemics! Can you see a never-ending string of pandemics coming?

Election meddling

Sure, companies have the right to endorse a candidate. But what should happen when they offer free massively, effective advertising or mind-control to one side?

How does mind-control work?

Pretty simple. Just pick a position, constantly re-enforce it, never go outside your fabricated reality, and don’t let your subjects consume any opposing info.

Here is the most easily understood explanation of how brainwashing works.

Brainwashing is the repetition of false narrative keywords until a fake reality takes hold. The second part is keeping the false reality strong enough to survive, even when presented with opposing facts.

The end game guides all the brainwashed into a cohesive unit to fight against the Patriots. It was a brilliant plan, but one had to understand and believe it would work.

For example, appropriate money to fight “Climate Change” and bribe people.

Protection of critical false narratives

There are vital narratives, like election fraud, vaccine damage, and border invasion, that the globalists must be protected at all costs because if they fall, everything falls! As we get closer to the Marxists’ final and irreversible consolidation of power, this protection closes ever tighter.

The protection of these false narratives is where we see the most gaslighting occur. Even when caught “red-handed,” Operation Mockingbird operatives deny the obvious to our faces. There is no sense in wasting time talking to them. Their lies are part of the plan.

Keywords and public secret code signaling are tools for mass psychosis.

They establish and maintain false reality using keywords to trigger mass psychosis. For example, Operation Mockingbird establishes negative keywords like:

  • conspiracy theorists
  • white supremacists
  • racists

Then, their agents set up false narratives to pin the negativity on MAGA.

BTW, the agents have followed the same overthrow plans throughout the world.

So effective are their brainwashing techniques that our only defense is getting away from their brainwashing techniques by establishing our own Conservative social media platforms.

The U.S. Constitution does not give the CIA the right to operate on U.S. soil.

Its charter is solely for spying on our enemies in foreign countries to protect us from foreign threats—instead, it is also spying on American citizens. Sadly, they insult our intelligence by using lame administrative tricks to skirt their charter.

For example, it uses an international “Five Eyes” intelligence program to obtain data from other county’s intelligence agencies who monitor us, then covertly use a sharing program to gain their intelligence info on us.

Operation Mockingbird, masters of mass formation psychosis

Mass psychosis is the end game—a video about how Operation Mockingbird knew what they were doing.

By first overthrowing other countries, Operation Mockingbird gradually improved their no doubt and improved the effectiveness of Operation Mockingbird. Given control over mainstream media and free speech, they can create mass formation psychosis in a percentage of the population at will! And now, we see the results in America! Where many Democrats don’t know which way it up anymore!

While our defense department buys billions of dollars in military equipment, the most effective offensive weapon in the world, mass psychosis, runs amuck. The military manual says that the victim country has no way out after being deeply infiltrated.

That might be where America is now. Let’s get a Damage Report.

Mattias Desmet, one of the most brilliant minds on Mass Psychosis

Click the link below to watch and listen to one of the world’s experts on mass psychosis brainwashing.


The masses have never thirsted after truth. They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to deify error, if error seduce them. Whoever can supply them with illusions is their master; whoever attempts to destroy them is their victim.!

Gustav le Bon

How to Stop Operation Mockingbird

If not, it’s certainly close to becoming an indomitable force for totalitarianism. So much so that only exposure and honest elections can stop its political power. Their main fear is that their customer base splits because of their bias, with half upgrading to better and more fair systems.

On the way to a fairer internet would be the removal of Section 230 protection under the U.S. Telecommunications Act against lawsuits for allowing false information. This simple legislative removal would spell the “beginning of the end” of their media dominance in the U.S.

And, without Google, Facebook, and Twitter, Operation Mockingbird becomes crippled.

Elon Musk cripples Operation Mockingbird by buying Twitter!

When Elon Musk bought Twitter, he took out the number three global propaganda weapon of the communist movement. He took out their international online news source!

Talk about striking at the heart of the enemy!

But his purchase will forever change his life. I wonder if he understood. Or does he have a completely different plan?

There is no middle ground for Musk!

But, some question his loyalty to the populist movement. After all, since he already owns Space X and Tesla, he is perfectly aligned to benefit from a New World Order (NWO).

However, in my mind, Elon had no reason to buy Twitter unless he was serious about turning it into a trustworthy free-speech platform. Besides, his purchase open up enough problems with the globalists to sink his other billion-dollar businesses.

I think I know where he’s going with this!

Maybe Musk is looking forward to being the friend of the global middle class. That is appealing to the mass market instead of the elites. If I’m right, he’s all in on populism and the nation-state overturning against globalism. Besides, it does seem like his heart is in helping regular folks.

Video: Watch this video to understand what Elon is up against to convert Twitter into a free speech platform. Again, with another opinion, sooner or later, Elon will find out that constructing a middle ground is not possible, and he’ll need to take sides. The video below explains what I mean.

Watch this Project Veritas video of a confidential discussion with a Twitter employee.

Conservatives switched from Big Tech to free speech platforms.

Let’s face it. Big Tech is now too big to fear much, except for the natural obsolescence of their platforms and the economic power of a middle class turning on them., both of which are happening!

Twitter is now a free-speech platform under Elon Musk; Facebook has turned its attention to virtual reality, and Conservatives are finding their political information on any site but Google. Of course, Google is so mighty that diluting its influence will take a long time.

For the first time, unless Google succeeds in its New World Order lockdown of our rights to free speech, its time of dominance is passing.

The Great Weakness of Operation Mockingbird

The great weakness of Operation Mockingbird is those brainwashing others become brainwashed themselves. Moreover, the mass psychosis perpetrated on themselves leads to illogical, poor decisions, which is where they are now.

What’s keeping Operation Mockingbird going now? A progressive series of elections built on deceptive but sound logic keeps their self-destructive afloat for now. Meanwhile, the lies among themselves multiply and become more divisive. It’s complicated, but that’s what’s happening.

What should patriots do?

Finding a safe spot and doing your best to enjoy yourself is best. Politically, continue building a robust, national grassroots because your country will need you later and alive.

Focus on strengthening your ties to God, your family, and your country.

Importantly, do not watch or read the propaganda coming from Operation Mockingbird!

Things will turn around because a regime built on lies cannot survive.


Interestingly, the more the propagandists mind-control others, the more illogical they become. This is their Achilles heel in their rush to establish a global totalitarian government, leading to an out-of-control Operation Mockingbird!

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