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Operation Mockingbird’s Control of Mainstream Media Destroys America!

Operation Mockingbird’s Control of Mainstream Media Destroys America!

Why do so many friends live in a political fantasy? How was it created? You’ll find the answers here!

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Operation Mockingbird commandeered mainstream media to create its false realities. That eventually pitted Americans against each other. This psychological warfare tactic created a dangerous, permanent state of chaos, which paved the way for a coup attempt by the New World Order.

What should also be frightening is that the ones creating the false realities show signs that their act of propagandizing is affecting themselves. In other words, the more mind-control programming they do, the deeper they get themselves brainwashed, completely cutting off any attempts to reason with them.

Let’s look more at all this got started.

The early beginnings of Operation Mockingbird in America

The story of Operation Mockingbird, or whatever it’s called these days, is the weaponization of the CIA against America. Furthermore, it’s the tale of mass psychosis in the U.S. against about 30 percent of the population and turning them against the other 70 percent.

Watch the CIA admit, in public Congressional testimony some 65 years ago, the existence and purpose of Operation Mockingbird.

In 1946 Operation Mockingbird unofficially began with Operation Paper Clip. That recruited talented German behavioral scientists to develop a mass psychosis weapon for the U.S. To counter, Russia, China, and Israel beefed up their programs.

Mass psychosis is when a large group unwittingly comes under the mind control of others. First, they create a false reality and follow up with a constant bombardment of supporting fake information and keywords.

By 1996, all four fought to gain respect and dominance, clearly shown by the multitude of hidden intelligence battles. I believe that the Twin Towers’ destruction was a battle over power, respect, and maybe some gold.

The infiltration and plan to take down America

And then things got worse! The bureaucratic state, led by U.S. intelligence agencies, adapted Marxism because it best suited their psychotic dreams of a one-world totalitarian government.

And so, they aided the recruitment of Marxist professors in our best universities. Which gradually became their training ground. Our CIA quickly recruited the top students, especially young Marxist journalists.

Keywords and public secret code signaling are tools for mass psychosis.

They establish and maintain false reality using keywords to trigger mass psychosis. For example, Operation Mockingbird establishes negative keywords like:

  • conspiracy theorists
  • white supremacists
  • racists

Then, their agents set up false narratives to pin the negativity on MAGA.

BTW, the agents have followed the same overthrow plans throughout the world.

So effective are their brainwashing techniques that our only defense is getting away from their brainwashing techniques by establishing our own Conservative social media platforms.

The U.S. Constitution does not give the CIA the right to operate on U.S. soil.

Their work is solely for spying on our enemies in foreign countries—instead, the FBI is in charge of domestic security.

Department of Homeland Security? Shut it down because it’s illegal!

However, all of them have gone lawless. If we ever get our country back, we must enforce these limitations. And get each department operating only in their lanes.

Operation Mockingbird turns against America!

This video has shocking revelations about the origins and what is happening now. The only difference is that Facebook, Twitter, etc., have gotten into the act.

Operation Mockingbird’s subversive activities inside America dramatically increased in 1996, with Congress’s Telecommunications Act of 1996 and signed by President Bill Clinton. Which indirectly allowed the networks and big tech to create false realities

About this timeline, Marxist-programmed American top university students were ready to graduate. And hate their country.

And so, the Marxist-filled CIA saw an opportunity to execute a familiar plan they had used many times to topple governments. However, this time they turned it against us!

Operation Mockingbird’s selective propaganda divides America.

Every day, Mockingbird Media’s political newscaster slap another lie or misrepresentation on top of its false reality. Then, drive it home by repetition. And allow its victim’s instant recall by the widespread repetition of keywords.

Many people, perhaps a majority, don’t believe the political news mainstream media is honest. It is the least trusted institute in America! And that is no small feat!

Brainwashed Democrats think they are the majority.

In a stunning example of how brainwashing feeds on itself, they think they are the majority even though real life tells a different story. Trump will command an audience of tens of thousands of supporters at each rally, while Joe Biden is lucky to get a few dozen to show up.

Yet, Joe Biden received 81 million votes!

How does mind-control work?

Pretty simple. Just pick a position, constantly re-enforce it, never go outside your fabricated reality, and don’t let your subjects consume any opposing info.

Here is the most easily understood explanation of how brainwashing works.

Brainwashing is the repetition of false narrative keywords until a fake reality takes hold. The second part is keeping the false reality strong enough to survive, even when presented with opposing facts.

The end game guides all the brainwashed into a cohesive unit to fight against the Patriots. It was a brilliant plan, but one had to understand and believe it would work.

For example, appropriate money to fight “Climate Change” and bribe people.

The CIA recruits top university students with Marxist leanings.

Operation Mockingbird recruited many agents upon their graduation from top significant universities. And, since they were busily turning out Marxist students, the Operation evolved into a communist operation.

Many graduates/agents when on to positions of media influence. While they somehow balanced their greed and power with taking down their country.

Operation Mockingbird seizes control over the levers of public influence.

The first thing to remember is that the Operation’s power comes from clandestinely controlling the media and levers of public influence. With this in mind, it’s easy to understand why we don’t hear much about this Operation.

Even more, big tech was born with the approval and grant money of Operation Mockingbird. Which thought a private company could do a better job creating and maintaining their false realities.

Besides, they could earn big bucks on their own and give back to the CIA’s many projects. Like Facebook did when they funneled some 400 million in election money in swing states, some 80% of the donation went to help Democrats vote using mail-in ballots.

With this in mind, the real story of its rise to almost supreme control is how it burrowed in and adapted to keep the influencer’s singularity directed.

Operation Mockingbird, masters of mass formation psychosis

BTestingpropaganda techniques for overthrowing other countries improved their effectiveness over time. Even to the point where they could create mass formation psychosis at will!

With the ability to form mass psychosis, our CIA and other Marxist organizations realized they could take over any country they wanted.

And now, we see the results in America! Where some 30% of Americans don’t know which way it up!

The end goal of Operation Mockingbird is Mass Psychosis

Mass psychosis is the end game. A video about how Operation Mockingbird knew what they were doing.

The masses have never thirsted after truth. They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to deify error, if error seduce them. Whoever can supply them with illusions is their master; whoever attempts to destroy them is their victim.!

Gustav le Bon

The only way America defeats totalitarianism

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” – Albert Camus.

And that’s what America is to the Marxist totalitarians. The very existence of America is an act of rebellion. That explains why anyone against Marxism is a “Domestic Terrorist.”

And, I have recently run across a Youtube channel that makes it easier to understand. If you want specifics on defeating the Globalist, I have yet to find one better than the “Academy of Ideas.” The common sense and usefulness of their ideas are mind-blowing!

How did Operation Mockingbird manufacture a COVID crisis?

Operation Mockingbird demonstrated the power and usefulness of its mass psychosis capabilities with the COVID crisis when it sold the world the need for repeating vaccines.

Now, Operation Mockingbird works with the World Health Organization (WHO), which controls the Center for Disease Control. All under the guidance of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

And now, it wants sovereign control over the U.S. for all pandemics! Can you see a never-ending string of pandemics coming?

Operation Mockingbird’s control spans multiple info platforms.

While who knows how much, it does spread the daily keywords that keep their false reality alive. Nowadays, don’t be surprised if the role of Operation Mockingbird is more of a coordinator of info.

A coordinator capable of distributing the daily attack words to Big Tech, cable and internet news, and a broad range of other media. Selecting the words and the general instructions on leveraging these words is the magic our CIA learned and now uses against us.

Known list of recipients of FakeNews keywords

  • Cable T.V. stations
  • Big Tech, Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.
  • Radio
  • Internet properties like the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, etc.
  • Hundreds of powerful internet websites
  • Marxist politicians at all levels

The partnership of Operation Mockingbird and Big Tech

Operation Mockingbird, Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc., are all tied together through the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). At one time, it represented the wishes of the American people. But, this is no longer the case.

Our Central Intelligence Operation has combined Operation Mockingbird, Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc., to ally with the Democratic Party Marxists to create a totalitarian regime. Which then merged with the Marxist United Nations to create an even bigger global one.

While the exact order of events and timetable is classified, we now know this happened. Now that you know what we’re fighting let’s look at its workflow.

The Big Tech Integrity Partnership (EIP)

You can see how the Democratic Party Marxists could censor Conservative media quickly and rapidly using an “Intake Queue.” The photo is courtesy of The Gateway Pundit.

4 Stakeholder groups that have special access to Big Tech

Courtesy of The Gateway Pundit

Now the censorship makes more sense with this table. Imagine anyone these days saying there was no censorship of Conservatives! This table demonstrates what Conservatives are up against. And how radical counteractions are required.

If you want more info on these unholy alliances, visit The Gateway Pundit.

For a glimpse of your future, you only need to study the lives of the communist people because that and more are about to happen here!

They are stopping mass psychosis brainwashing.

Twitter employees plot to destroy America

Marxists overran Twitter; even President Jack Dorsey “ran for the hills” when its dogma got too radical. Twitter’s employees are now exclusively Marxists.

Will Elon Musk ever buy Twitter?

Probably he does but at the right price. I stop short of a definite answer as he’s mainly interested in its global chat monopoly. However, with Truth Social now offering Conservative content creators in the United Kingdom, the writing is on the wall that it plans to challenge Twitter.

If Elon Musk does buy Twitter, his position will be similar to Trump entering the White House in 2017. An evil that hates him would surround him. If he managed to change Twitter’s culture, we should draft him as President of the U.S.

Lawsuits fly in the fight to break up Big Tech and the Democrats!

Big Tech has grown too big! Beyond choking off competition, they are secretly plotting with the Democrats to change our system of government.

Fortunately, talented MAGA lawyers are busy filing lawsuits to break things up. What started as a trickle is now a river of them!

Former President Trump steps in from the sidelines with a class-action suit against Big Tech.

Bad luck followed! In a supposedly random way of assigning judges, Trump’s lawyers get an Obama-appointed judge. And so, I expect no good outcome.

It attempted to end Big Tech’s liability protection under Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act. Nice try!

Communications between Big Tech and the Biden Regime Demanded by Court

It shouldn’t be this way! But, with a change of venue and judges, MAGA may get somewhere because the Biden Regime and Big Tech don’t seem to care much about what the courts say.

But, we continue through the court.

U.S. District Court Judge Terry Doughty, of the Western District of Louisiana, granted the order of discovery sought by Republican Attorneys General Eric Schmitt of Missouri and Jeff Landry of Louisiana.

Conservative Brief, July 27, 2022, Trump-Appointed Judge Orders Biden Admin to Hand Over Communications With Big Tech (conservativebrief.com)