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Operation Mockingbird’s Control of Mainstream Media

Operation Mockingbird’s control of mainstream media is causing sharp political divisiveness between Americans. And that’s because their fabrication of false reality is causing its viewers to collide head-on with the reality of conservatives.

Operation Mockingbird has left America with a cadre of misinformed voters living in unreality. With the biased networks already calling Joe Biden, President-Elect, I’m sickened. I only hope that the courts will straighten out this travesty.

Join me while I languish over the theft of the 2020 election, and look forward to Trump’s lawyers reversing it.

Nevertheless, they continue stepping through their well-defined plan to create a false reality and keep it going even when implausible.

Operation Mockingbird is an ongoing operation by the CIA that took control of the mainstream media. To achieve this sinister goal they have placed operatives inside media companies and bribed or threaten journalists to spy for them. Its mission is mind-controlling us while they overthrow the US.

Operation Mockingbird is an “alleged” large-scale program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to take control of mainstream media. It began in the early years of the Cold War and attempted to manipulate news media for propaganda purposes. It funded student and cultural organizations and magazines as front organizations.


Parts of our CIA and deep state have gone rogue! And, they are now using what they learned about how to overthrown many countries against us.

FAQs – Operation Mockingbird: CIA Control of Mainstream Media

How do I know if someone is brainwashing me?

Mentally remove yourself from what’s happening and ask yourself if you consider your political news source trustworthy and if there is an unusual repetition of keywords backing up a pre-arranged narrative. Then test a few and see if they match the physical reality that you can touch.

The Operation Mockingbird Mainstream Media Takeover

Operation Mockingbird mainstream media takeover is a CIA secret mission to infiltrate our media and use MK mind control against us. Using this tried and constantly improving insurgency plan on foreign countries, they turned their attention and setup America beginning decades ago.

What they didn’t count on was the quick political education of conservatives and the election of Trump that led to their exposure. They cannot exist in the light of truth.

However, mainstream news still exercises mind-control over tens of millions of Democrat voters. And, they use their control to drive a wedge between Americans by fabricating a false reality for Democrat consumption.

Operation Mockingbird is a CIA undercover operation for the takeover of the entire family of mainstream media networks in the world. Under this hidden agenda, they hire managers who recruit journalists to serve as their propaganda arm of the global communists, like the Democrats, theUnited Nations, and the Chinese. How the European Union fits in, I’m not sure.

Breaking it down, their massive propaganda push falls into the following categories (in order, but overlapping): fake realities, surveillance, big data gathering, data processing, rating of communists loyalties, intimidation, and enforcement.

Bent on competing or joining (can’t yet tell) in a global power grab, our rogue CIA fully intends to “run over” or steal the election of President Trump in 2020. It’s only a matter of whether our judicial system can protect him.

Now whether they’re good guys who want to simultaneously reduce the human population and/or saves the planet from pollution or the bad guys, they do the dirty work of the current insurrection attempt against the US and its subjugation under the United Nations.

CIA Only Hired Those at Mainstream Media Who They Could “Ensure Loyalty”

To gain loyalty, the CIA relied on greed or extortion. Not hard, as they’d been listening to the conversations of the politically powerful and/or wealthy for a decade.

At the least, they wanted those with similar political views or had something strong to hold against them in times of trouble, like cheating on your wife, compromising pictures, criminal indictments, or even photos of sex with minors.

Now you may understand why there are over 100,000 sealed indictments in the US, and several of the ones opened were about sex trafficking or sex with minors.

How Operation Mockingbird Helps Achieve Global Governance?

The job of Operation Mockingbird is to control a big chunk of the US population, to cover for an obviously corrupt election. They wanted a peaceful takeover from within.

If not, chaos, so they can step in to save us!

It seems that even with all their power, they still need a virus outbreak to bring their plan home. I wonder if they ever thought about our welfare?

CIA uses mainstream media to help stage false flags

Our CIA uses mainstream media and big tech to push a well-coordinated message in advance of a false flag operation.

Maybe the biggest false flag of all, the COVID-19 virus outbreak.

Especially lately, their mainstream media host has lost viewers, and so they teamed up with powerful political websites to make up their loss. However, while many were well-known and respected, they have disgraced by publishing fake stories.

Since the media on both sides is so bias and information so difficult, I can only point to groups of these events where the high probability that false flag events staged. Simultaneously notice of how the group types closely follow the Democrat platforms.

Where to look for false flag events:

  • that seems to support the Democrat position on eliminating our 2nd Amendment protecting our right to own arms.
  • that demonize any opposing class that opposes abortion.

List of Steps to Gauge the Probability of a False Flag Event:

  • Is there a motive for an unscrupulous group, like socialist (communists) wanting to outlaw guns for citizens.
  • Are the mass-shootings events following a predictable pattern?
  • Is their public information available? If not, why withheld? Like, the coverup of the reasons for the Las Vegas shootings.
  • Is there deception?
  • Did the mass shooting happen in a state with a Democratic governor, city council, and sheriff? Shocking how often this “coincidence” occurs!
  • Does the shooter seem like a likely candidate for MK brainwashing by our CIA?

Why Does the CIA Keep Operation Mockingbird Going?

Surely, the CIA knows that at least half of America knows mainstream media is under their control. So, where do they go from here?

You should know that the role of our corrupted mainstream media is just entering a new phase of spewing bias to covering up and intimidation us to accept big brother.

The role of Operation Mockingbird is far more important than most realize. But it’s days of secrecy are over!

However, there are tens of millions of voters still under mind-control living in a dynamic false reality that is useful for their end game.

And this new phase started with the COVID-19 lockdown hoax. Stay tuned because a lot more “big brother” is coming your way! Especially if Joe Biden wins the 2020 election!

Fox News Becomes More Friendly to the Communism

We see Fox News moving more to the hard-left every day! The movement started when they were bought out by Disney, and they aren’t coming back!

While a few Fox News hosts are good, there seems to be a “back-room” full of global communists.

And so, it’s time to realize that our best hope in preventing mind-control by global communists is by helping new conservative media sites grow quickly, or soon there will be nowhere to find out the truth.


The damage that Operation Mockingbird has done to our nation is staggering, and yet it continues. We are indeed the “boiling frog.”

Yet, there is a lingering question as to why they are doing this to their own country? Power, money, saving the planet? Are they just convinced we cannot rule ourselves?

Is it to transform the country or create world coalitions that protect us. Or, are they just trying to get rid of the one man who wants to bring them to justice?

A highly coordinated global Marxist overthrow is happening, and we’ve got to hold them accountable now!

By Wayne

I write about American political realities just beyond the horizon. Recognized as one of the best opinion writers by the "Conservatives for Journalism" for 2019, my posts represent the age-old values of conservatives. And so, I turn heads by rejecting the mainstream media and big tech takeover as the real media. Conservatives have always been and remain the center of the political spectrum.