News of Forensic Audits of 2020 Elections by State

Keep up to data with all the states doing or considering audits.


No doubt there are whispers of decertification of state elections and the triumphant return of Trump. But, I am not going to feed you those false hopes. No one is going to save the MAGA movement but ourselves!

While it doesn’t hurt that a “freight train of forensic audits” is coming down the track, and the MAGA movement is jumping on, don’t expect too much. Because it’s still such a long shot that the US Supreme Court will declare the entire 2020 election illegal, and reinstate Trump.

The term “Freight Train of Forensic Audits” was coined by Steve Bannon in the War Room on Rumble. It means that once a few states begin auditing many more will quickly follow.

Democrats Ignore State Legislature Subpoenas!

Everywhere MAGA is firing subpoenas across the Marxist’s bows, especially in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, etc. However, the Marxists are ignoring them on flimsy excuses, as if American laws no longer matter!

In short, I wonder what happens if these states, which represent enough votes to swing the 2020 election, decided to de-certify their election? After all, is a thief allowed to keep what he stole?

The anger is rising as people begin to realize their 2020 vote did not count! While the Marxist wonder if their take over of America is complete enough to ignore subpoenas. The same is happening in all the states. Something must give!

Cyber Symposium May Rock the World!

Click and read carefully a preview list of things to look for. Simple logic tells us there is much more at stake here than the Arizona election.

What States Are Pursuing Forensic Audits?

  • Arizona (11 electoral votes) is first out of the gate with its forensic audit. Trouble is the Maricopa Country Election Board is not cooperating, so the audit is moving along but incomplete. Meanwhile, the Biden Regime continues to settle potential illegal immigrant voters in Arizona in large enough numbers to flip even an honest election. More Arizona forensic audit info…
  • Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes) The Pennsylvania Senate now has the power to demand Philiadelphia and two smaller county hand over their ballots and machines. However, the Governor and Secretary of State forbid the counties to do so. This may be the first clear case where the Democrats deny our US Constitution is still in effect. More Pennsylvania forensic audit info…
  • Georgia (16 electoral votes) already sent State Legislature delegates to Arizona, and are now hard at work trying to call for a forensic audit. The problem is the Governor and Secretary of State will not call a Special Session. And so, the process is stalled for a few months until the next regularly scheduled session. More Georgia forensic audit info…

The Long-Shot of Trump Reinstatement as President.

Frɑud officiates or disposes of everything—undoes everything that wrongfully happens as a result of that frɑud.” 

Freedom Headlines, Sidney Powell Reveals How President Trump Reinstated

Sydney Powell thinks Trump re-instated by proving the election in several swing states fraudulent. Thus invoking a common-law rule that a thief cannot keep what he stole.

While Sydney’s logic makes perfect sense, our Constitution spells out clearly the means of removing a president is the Impeachment process. Because Republicans have control of neither Chambers, the question is whether or not it’s the only process.

Removing Democrat US House Representatives and Senators

And so, the only real viable means is voting enough Democrats out of both chambers in the election of 2022 to impeach both Biden and Harris. Then install the Speaker of the House, Donald J. Trump as President again.

While a “back-door” approach to regaining the presidency, I don’t see how there is any choice. Because I join with you in thinking by 2024 the US may no longer exist if Biden remains President. We’ll be lucky if it even survives until 2022!

Getting State Legislature Audit Approval – The Grind

Meanwhile, the MAGA members of the State Legislature are grinding away facing series of court challenges, often in compromised courts–even while going in and out of Session! Because the job of a State Legislature is part-time, like that of a US Congressperson was at one time.

Therefore, in order an audit or pass stricter election laws, they must be in session. Otherwise, the State Governor must call a Special Session.

We now see the Democratic State Legislators illegally fleeing Texas to deny a quorum so MAGA couldn’t pass stricter voting laws. It was the only way since MAGA Governor Abbott called a Special Session. Such is the Democrat’s tricks!


What is a state forensic election audit?

A forensic election audit is manual counting of ballots to compare with voting machine totals. A close look at other physical ballot artifacts that could challenge the legitimacy of a ballot, such as fold creases and US Postal Service mail handling marks.

Boris tells us that forensic audits are popping up in counties across the nation. When the results of the Arizona Audit are made public, they evolve into a “freight train!”

Arizona – Step 2: The battle heats up! (10 electoral votes)

Steve Bannon interviews Mark Finchem, State House Representative in Arizona about Maricopa County deleting the county election databases.

Highly organized, with publically accessible security cameras everywhere, the physical count of the Arizona, Mariposa County ballots forensic audit is complete.

The next step, the forensic examination of ballots, finishes by the end of July. Afterward, hopefully, the canvassing of the ballots begins, followed by the final report due at the end of August 2021.

Latest from Arizona Audit

Cyber Ninjas now under US House investigation.

As if I couldn’t see this coming! I’ve watched the Democratic Party, on-site observer strutting around on the audit’s live cameras for over a month! He’s been taking notes on problems and checking in with superiors.

I even expected an investigation with a twist! However, they caught me off-guard when the House of Representative’s letter sent to the audit’s third-party audit manager, Cyber Ninjas

House Oversight Committee Chairman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) sent a letter to the CEO of the Cyber Ninjas demanding answers on the Arizona Senate Audit.

PDF copy of the letter sent to Cyber Nijas.

There is a public online video meeting to discuss how to respond on 7/15/2021. Held by the Arizona State Senate, here is the direct link.

Why is the US House of Representatives putting a third-party vendor under investigation in the Arizona forensic audit?

The answer is that there are some unsettled constitutional questions, and so probably the Biden Regime doesn’t want to appear too defensive. You’d better click to find out more!

Arizona State Legislature: RHINOs sabotage the passage of new election integrity laws!

The same Arizona 2020 election laws used in 2022?

First, it was Republican State Senator Paul Boyer blocking contempt charges against Maricopa County. Then, confirming again his Marxist leanings, he joins with another traitor.

With fellow Republican State Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita who voted at the last minute with him to reject Senate Bill SB1241. This bill would have greatly tightened up the 2020 election laws concerning the “chain of custody” for ballots and cleaning voter rolls.

Now the passage will need to wait until the next regular State Legislature Session! Leaving implementation too late for the 2022 election!

So, what is the point of this audit? For America may not even exist by the election in 2024. Serious question. I really don’t understand the point!

Remember, only Arizona Republican Governor Ducey can call a Special Session to bring the House Legislature back into session. Unfortunately, he’s another dangerous RHINO!

Pennsylvania Patriots Fight the Marxist! (20 Electoral Votes)

Photo of Pennsylvania delegation reviewing the Arizona auditing procedures. Word is they already decided to do this kind of audit. Let’s see if they can get it approved.

The drama of the forensic audit of the 2020 Pennyslvania election.

6-12-2021 The Governor and Secretary of State ordered their counties to ignore a legal notice from the State Legislature. Unheard of, and illegal. Assuming we still have a US Constitution!

7-13-2021 Adding explosive powder, Joe Biden fell for the oldest political trick in the book. During a last-minute personal visit to Pennsylvanian, Joe confirmed his belief that saying there was corruption in the last election is the “Big Lie.”

7-14-2021 The next day 3-stories broke on proof of election corruption!

The final battleground for America is shaping up to be in Pennsylvania, not Arizona.

Steps in Conducting a Forensic Audit in Pennyslvania

Step 1: The Pennsylvania State Senate Government Committee politely asks Philidelphia for ballots

Senator Doug Mastriano gives the good news that the Pennsylvania State Senate’s “State Government Committee” has asked Philadelphia to hand over its 2020 ballots and machines. If they don’t, subpoenas are issued!

The Pennsylvania State Senate’s “State Government Committee” has taken the first step. They have politely asked Philadelphia and another smaller county for delivery of their ballots and machines.

Leave no doubt they will fight it out in court. Because their elections were as corrupt as Arizona’s, if not more!

Pennsylvania, especially the city of Philadelphia, has been a center of both national and local election corruption for a long time! And so, let’s hope this powerful tradition doesn’t crush a forensic audit.

Useful sites

Georgia: Forensic audit stalls! (16 electoral)

A multi-county forensic audit is coming in Georgia. However, the audit delayed until the State Legislature back in session. Always a delay!

With Republican Governor, Brian Kemp on duty to call a Special Session at any time, one wonders why he doesn’t?My best guess is that either Kemp first wants more info on what went on in Georgia and Arizona elections.

Meanwhile, Jay Raffensperger may need a good criminal lawyer. After all, he certified a corrupt election while tens or hundreds of thousands of “chain of custody” documents were missing! That’s more than enough illegal votes to flip the Georgia election!

Election fraud is everywhere! Yet, those who talk about it are labeled as “white supremacists.” Wow! Those in charge of America are quickly moving us into the fantasy world of Marxism.
6-25-2021 Legal war for an election 2020 continues but the Patriots are winning. Look for the beginning of a Georgia audit sometime around the first of September.

Georgia: Possibility of Fulton County forensic audit looks good!

Latest Big News on July 2nd, 2021! Jay is now leaning toward and forensic audit! He’s even talking about putting Fulton County in “receivership!” It’s an interesting way to avoid counter suites by the County. Let’s see what happens! Or, could it be just another delaying tactic. I’m guessing the latter, unfortunately, because Raffensperger is in too deep!

Georgia already has a serious problem with the lack of “chain of custody” documentation, but they ignore it! And, they plan to ignore it again in 2022!

Cobb County: Corrupt Overflow of 128,000 ballots

Secretary of State Jay Raffensperger knew about this State Election Board Report from November 13, 2020.

Georgia State Legislature prepares for sabotage by RHINOs.

If you thought that Georgia’s Secretary of State Jay Raffensperger was an unknowing victim, you’re wrong! He knew on November 13, 2020, about the Fulton County election irregularities!

That was before the infamous phone call with President Trump! Where he lied and lied!

Wisconsin Fraud

Wisconsin is the easiest to prove!

It’s remarkable that some 200,000 absentee ballot were cast by those who said they were indefinitely confined. Ten times more than in 2018! Amazingly, almost all of them voted for Biden!

While many are tempted to think that COVID was a valid excuse, the Wisconsin Supreme Court doesn’t agree. However, they called claimed “Indefinite Confinement (IC)” status anyway. Therefore, a canvass of these voters alone causes a decertification of the Wisconsin 2020 election.


The election corrupt in Michigan is unrelenting. And so, we can only imagine the roadblocks to a forensic audit in Michigan!

Click to find a detailed sampling of what is going on!

States whose drive for a forensic audit stalled.

  • Wisconsin (10 electoral votes) in the process is the lowest “hanging fruit” with over 200,000 illegal absentee voters. Both RHINOs and Democrats know they are in legal trouble and are locking down their State Legislatures. Big battle brewing for all the marbles!
  • Michigan – (16 electoral votes) RHINOs say audit coming, but are doing nothing so far.
  • New Hampshire – (4 electoral votes) is in the process. Facing too much power from community boards, MAGA as forced to let them finish their farce audits. However, now the communities are energized, and now talking about their own forensic audit.
  • Nevada – Wow! The elections in this state are so corrupt that they give corruption a bad name. Seriously, it would take a miracle for an audit to happen in Nevada! However, bear in mind, that the race was so close. So close indeed that MAGA foresic auditor only needs to prove that enough “dead” people and out-of-state voters voted for Trump to win big!

Even more, we see the “freight train” of forensic audits spreading to other states, even blue ones. Where rush is one to get as many audits done as possible before the next election.

However, the communists dispatch hordes of well-paid, Democrat Party lawyers wherever they pop up.


Without a doubt, America is running out of time! Because Democrats are quickly turning our country into a single-party, communist country. On the other hand, Americans are coming together to resist a re-birth of our nation.

It’s a horse race!


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