Breaking! News of Forensic Audits of 2020 Elections by State

News of forensic audits of the 2020 elections is a list of states doing forensic audits, plus those close. Moreover, included in the latest important news are state-by-state commentaries. Surely, nowhere else will you find more handy and informative analysis!

With the great news that Pennsylvania has identified a company to perform their audit, a sliver of hope returns. Maybe we can get the 2020 election nullified after all!

In the meantime, never has things looked so bright for decertifying the 2020 election. Or, at least cleaning up election integrity safeguards. There are lots of updated information in this post to get you up to date.

Movements to decertify 2020 election

There are several movements to get the 2020 election annulled with each having its own strong points. And, of course, I have my own views on what they are.

Follow along and I’ll cherry-pick the strongest points of each. However, be aware, if any of them succeed it would truly be a miracle!

Wendy Rogers 50 state Movement

Arizona State Senator, Wendy Rodgers is the firebrand behind this movement. She’s approaching the question from a constitutional perspective. Never mind, the rules of Congress which establish a deadline on when electoral voting ends. After all, the power of the state legislatures is absolute or plenary when it comes to certifying electors.

However, the US Constitution is clear on one thing. Only a majority in the State House and Senate can decertify electors. And, this recount would be done in the US House of Representatives where House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lives. I’m pretty sure her response, under any authority, would be, “over my dead body.”

Onward to Mike Lindell who has dropped a “bucket load” of material on the US Supreme Court on November 24, 2021.

Mike Lindell submits a US Supreme Court case against 2020 election fraud.

Mike Lindell of Frank Speech and My Pillow fame finally got a group of state Attorney Generals to file a case. A case to decertify the entire 2020 election. Even if unsuccessful, the case should stir up a lot of dust.

You can go here to read my opinions about what will happen to the case.

My favorite part is where he has all the internet control packets to prove that foreign countries interfered with our election. If they stand up in the US Supreme Court, they should be required to decertify the entire election. Under normal circumstances, his approach should work, but these are not normal times.

States with official forensic audits

  • Arizona has finished its audit! However, decertification of the 2020 election cannot happen because of one Marxist sabateur in the State Senate. And so, the future of decertification relies on finding at least one Democrat Senator to substitute for his vote. Meanwhile, Arizonia’s AG presses forward with his criminal case against Maricopa County Election Board members.
  • Pennyslvania is naming a third-party company to help audit the 2020 election. It looks like Pennyslvania will be looked at after all, however I remain suspicious.
  • Wisconsin is in the midst of election audit turmoil. But, it looks like the citizens and MAGA are turning the tide. While not part of their on-going state audit, the Racine, Wisconsin Police Department files criminal felony charges against 5 of 6 State Election Commission members.


How can a state de-certify a national election?

To do this there must be at least a majority vote in both the state House and Senate.

Can enough elections be decertified to overturn the 2020 national election?

Without Pennsylvania and Georgia, it’s doubtful.

Will Republicans take back the House and Senate in 2020?

Yes, as long as the Democrat Marxist don’t cheat too much!

Arizona: Criminal election fraud investigation begins!

Arizona AG Mark Brnovich has opened a formal criminal investigation into the fraudulent 2020 election. And his office has begun interrogating suspects.

Furthermore, he is still awaiting the court-ordered release of their router and Splunk log analysis. However, he’s “going to hold people accountable for breaking the law. In the meantime,” according to Arizona Senate President Karen Fann.

Hence, MAGA’s goal here is to regain control of counting ballots. And, that also means getting rid of the voting machine and mail-in voting. Otherwise, we cannot win no matter what!

Criminal election fraud news

Chasing the ghost of Arizona election fraud

Democrat Marxist cheating occurred in many ways in different counties. And, in large numbers! I am going to guess around 700k votes! And so, if we can’t catch the fraudsters in Arizona, where can we?

Arizona Election fraud summary and highlights

  • The citizen-led canvass of Maricopa County voters revealed there were hundreds of thousands more “ghost votes and lost votes.
  • The voting machines accessed the internet.
  • A bevy of fraud uncovered during the foresic audit
  • Maricopa County has still not turned over all subpeona election assets.
  • Pima County, Arizona had a more than 100% turnout of voter roles.

A Look Back to the Audit

A look back on how we got to the point of criminal investigations of members of the Maricopa County Election Committee.

Pennsylvania Fake Audit Going Nowhere

10-19-2021 Already, MAGA has given up on Jake Corman’s “so-called” forensic audit.

Because the Pennsylvania state legislature can’t assemble a majority in both chambers to decertification, it’s a lost cause!

The reason I’m so negative is that Pennsylvania’s Senate Protempe, Jake Corman is running a big audit sham scam! I know because he did not demand the securing of the ballots. Or even, an order “to protect all evidence.” Also, we all hear the betrayal in his voice.

Envoy Sage chosen to help with Pennsylvania audit chores

The Pennsylvania State Senate has chosen Envoy Sage to help audit their 2020 election. They are a small group of 6 veterans who organized their business in August 2021. Their roots are in Military Defense and Intelligence gathering, in other words, the CIA.

Therefore, because so many are suspicious of any ties with the CIA, I am suspicious. However, they are more elderly, so maybe they can be trustworthy?

Furthermore, he is a list of other reasons for being suspicious:

  • Not much thought in picking name: Envoy Sage name simularity to Cyber Ninjas
  • Envoy Sage is a new company formed in August, 2020
  • Announcement of their selection happens on a Friday. Typically, it’s the day of the week to announce things to hide.
  • Says they are a “new company” with old faces from the Defense Department (CIA). Envoy Sage owner sold Silverback 7 to Patriot Defense company which is “tightly joined with the most accomplished and experienced officers from the Central Intelligence Agency, U.S. Special Operations Command, the Department of Justice, and the Department of State.” – From Patriot Defense
  • State Senator President, Jake Corman announces his candidacy for Pennsylvania during the same week.
  • The timing of Biden’s visit on Air Force One to talk with Corman about 2 months ago. Could this have been when Envoy Sage was born?

Of course, all of these points could be just my partisan bias. Sorry, I just have a bad feeling about what’s about to not happen! Of course, I hope I’m wrong! But please, MAGA Pennsylvania, keep on them.

Citizen websites for more info

Fed up! Then, go to the Pennsylvania citizens’ website for advice on how you can help. There you can sign the petition to recall State Representatives.

Ge involved? Visit GOP Precinct Strategy for detailed info on how to get more involved on a local level (Important).

Texas calls for a forensic audit in four Democrat counties

Great news! But Texas is already a red state, so this audit is more preventative. What we also need is some forensic audits with prosecutions. Which, unfortunately, I am not seeing!

The Texas Secretary of State Office said a “full and comprehensive forensic audit” had begun. The counties of Dallas, Harris, Tarrant, and Collin are now in process of forensic audits. FYI, all of them voted Democratic in 2020.


The Democrats obviously stole the Wisconsin 2020 election as more evidence comes out every day! There is an audit of sorts happening as the State Assembly has finally decided to investigate.

Racine, Wisconsin Sheriffs Department opens up the election fraud “floodgates”.

1/21/2021 It took a small sheriff’s department in Racine, Wisconsin to file the first felony fraud charges in the US! It has filed felony criminal charges against 5 of 6 States’ Election Committees!

This case has all kinds of Discovery and jurisdiction ramifications or, on the other hand, could get thrown out of a partisan court. I am still trying to get over how quickly they moved, and the fact that they were first.

News! State Assembly opens up official investigation of th 2020 election.

A personal speech from Wisconsin Election Special Council, Michael Gableman on how he will conduct his investigation. He seems determined to get the truth.

Without delay, the Senate Elections Committee will probe the so-called Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) election “audit.” A reversal as it comes on the heels of an October 25, 2021 decision that there was no cause.

Nevertheless, retired Wisconsin Supreme Court Judge Michael Gableman is now the 2020 election “Special Council”. Importantly, he is given the power to power to compel testimony and evidence.

Keep in mind though, his investigation is only preliminary. Therefore, if that means if he finds nothing suspicious he’ll end his investigation quickly.

Three big counts: Granny Harvesting, Outside money from Facebook, ballot harvesting, and more. As told on the War Room on Rumble.

Lots of action going on in Wisconsin!

Nevertheless, their State Assembly did open up an official investigation of the 2020 election. And House Representative, Tim Rathan put forward a motion to decertify the entire 2020 election for Wisconsin! Appears to be a last-minute move to give strength to the Nov. 23 US Supreme Court appeal by Michael Lyndell of My Pillow.

The Walls are closing in on the Greenbay, Wisconsin Mayor.

He gave the keys and passwords to the servers at the counting center to a far-left activist Michael Spitzer Rubenstein.

Odd, because Rubenstein was neither an employee nor an official observer. Yet, he had privileged access and was even directing election personal on how to count the votes. Oh! also, he had also worked for Facebook!

Even so, Green Bay Mayor Genrich is refusing to testify. Even though the State Assembly filed a joint resolution to open a formal investigation into the 2020 election.  That means they can now use subpoenas to force public officials to testify under oath.

Republican majorities in both chambers

Watch the video to feel the Wisconsin voter anger!

Wisconsin County Recorder gets fried by angry voters. Watch the video on Facebook.

Wisconsin Forensic Audit News (descending date order)

How many states are calling for a forensic audit?

There are Conservative voters in all 50 states rising up in favor of forensic audits. But, these are states closer to making it happen!

Nevertheless, the Marxists and RHINOs are fighting hard against MAGA to stop them. In order to protect the use of voting machines and mail-in balloting. Because without these two schemes, they cannot win an election in any state.

And so, the election battles now continue all year round!

Delaware (blue state tired of the communists)

Voter Groups are just getting after it! Patriots for Delaware prefer, for now, to do election canvasses. This way they can quickly bring forward proof, or set the table for a state legislature forensic audit.

Anyways, the result of a Patriots for Delaware. After a canvass audit of only 10% of the votes, they’ve already found 20,000 suspected fraudulent votes. Is anyone now wondering if Biden ever won a fair election in Delaware!

Note: This story online has died. Does anyone have any further information on what is happening?


Determined Georgian Breaks through the corruption.

Joseph Rossi, an independent citizen, broke through the Georgia 2020 election corruption with hard evidence. By proving the Georgia State Election Board’s Risk Limiting Audit and the subsequent Hand Audit were both garbage.

And so, the State of Georgia’s 2020 election remains unaudited.

To double-check, his audit was rechecked by the office of Governor, and confirmed accurate. And so the much-booed Brian Kemp had no choice. But to referred the matter to the Georgia State Election Board for correction. And, a copy of his request also went to Georgia, Secretary of State, Brian Rothenberger.

Link recommendation: Go to Voter Ga for more info.


Michigan is the “low-hanging fruit.” But, not much is happening because Marxist Democrats and RHINOs are slow-rolling a forensic audit.

Citizen Information Links

Angry Michigan voters get no answers from Macomb County Clerk

Citizen Canvass in process

Nevertheless, there is a Michigan Citizen Canvass now going on. However, Marxists mostly ignore them in general.

Because they know any election integrity movement isn’t going anywhere without massive MAGA demonstrations. Even then, I doubt the Marxists would blink.

New Jersey

New Jersey citizens deliver demands for affidavits of a forensic audit! However, their State Legislature is in Democrat’s hands! And so, it would be a miracle if a forensic audit called.

And so, we’ll see if the State Legislatures and elected officials follow their own New Jersey Constitution. Because, the citizens say, with the submitted affidavits, they have a right to “demand” an audit. While the Democrats say it only means they can “ask” for an audit.

Citizens of New Jersey cite reasons for power to demand a forensic audit. And, have duly served 19 officials.

New Hampshire

Are they more angry or fearful! New Hampshire voters know their votes were stolen. And so, only “Rage” against the system!

While New Hampshire voters are angry and sometimes out of hand at meetings, they have good reasons! However, Law Enforcement is so infiltrated they need to exercise self-restraint.

Their release of frustration must come when they take control over board school and precinct boards themselves. So, keep your powder dry!

Professor’s Telegram channel helps organize state audits.

Looks like Professor Clements will be losing his teaching job because he believes the 2020 election was stolen. More tyranny from a university!

As a result, of his efforts to organize state audits, he’s losing his teaching job! You can donate to his cause here.

Nevertheless, he’s continuing to pursue state canvasses nationwide. In fact, his Telegram Messenger channel already has 100s of thousands of active members. Each organizing state canvasses in their respective state. It’s called “Ask the Professor.” Contact your state group within the channel to volunteer.

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