Breaking! News of Forensic Audits of 2020 Elections by State


I help you keep up with states most likely to decertify their 2020 election. Since there are multiple states in evolving different political situations, it can be difficult to keep up.

Unfortunately, the Marxists left behind a rearguard to prevent states from decertifying. And so, the challenge for us becomes how to prove the fraud while navigating the politics.

America is in the fight of its life, and so I offer and organized the information, along with my opinions in the best way I know.

States with official forensic audits underway

The Arizona Audit is over and going nowhere!

Because Maricopa refuses to turn over the remaining subpoenaed assets, the audit sputters to an end. And, the reins are turned over to Arizona’s Attorney’s General’s Office for prosecution.

The lamestream press swooped in at the last minute to misconstrue an election result phrase. Then, declaring the audit proved Biden really did win and moved on. That’s the only information the left released to their base.

Proponents of the audit say we won because the Marxists were forced to expose themselves. But, I don’t think they care, as long as they get to count the votes again.

And, the most devastating exposure was that the State Legislature really doesn’t have a majority in their Senate. During the election process, at least one or two Republican Senators exposed themselves as Marxists.

Unfortunately, this will prevent the Arizona State Legislature from passing meaningful, new election laws or decertifying the last one. As a majority vote is needed in both chambers.

Waiting for persecutions from the Arizona Attorney General

Expecting him to save the day with persecutions is unrealistic. Especially when the Arizona State Senate admitted that the audit was incomplete. Besides, the Marxists always get a free pass in these days of a two-tier justice system.

Note: I say blue because at least one Republican State Senator is a Marxist infiltrator. And, his vote alone can block the passage of any new voting laws. Just in case, there is a bought-off RHINO Governor ready to veto any effective, new voting law.

In any case, the Democratic Marxists are far behind in the 2022 midterms polling. And, they cannot win without cheating. Which they will still do, even though we know exactly what they’re doing.

For much, much more on the Arizona Forensic Audit.

Pennsylvania Fake Audit

10-19-2021 Already, MAGA has given up on Jake Corman’s “so-called” forensic audit.

Pennsylvania’s Senate Protempe, Jake Corman is running a big audit sham scam! By not immediately securing the ballots he tipped us off right away. Plus, he hasn’t even asked for an order to “protect evidence.”

MAGA, Jake Corman, a Republican is laughing right in our faces. Everywhere I hear that he must be primaried, but how when the Marxist count the votes?

And so, forget the Corman audit, and go to the citizens’ website for advice on what to do next. And if you are a registered voter in Pennsylvania, sign the petition for the state legislature’s help.

My only suggestion is to invent ways to immediately catch election fraud so the votes are never counted. I do wish I had more for you.


The first thing to know is a tough former Wisconsin Supreme Court judge at the helm of this audit. Judge Michael Gableman is looking into the 2020 election in Wisconsin.

But, his investigation area is not at all like in Arizona. Instead, he’s investigating five locations where he thinks Facebook may have interfered in the state’s election. In other words, he’s following the money, not the ballots.

Therefore, he’s not subpoenaing ballots for inspection, but rather he issued several subpoenas for financial documents. The question is: can he fight off the lawyers of one of the world’s largest companies. And so, decertify the Michigan election, or will his investigation lead to other investigation avenues.

Anyway, we need to give him some rope and support because he’s about to run into a buzzsaw fighting an army of Democratic Party and Facebook lawyers.

Why Judge Michael Gableman is the most powerful audit manager in the country!

To begin with, he doesn’t appear to be afraid of anything! And secondly, he is designated a Wisconsin State Legislature Special Counsel.

Importantly, because this means he’s deriving his power from the Legislature and their US Constitutional plenary powers. And, he can dispatch the Legislature’s Sargent at Arms to compel. Thus avoiding the States’ judicial system or their Democrat Attorney General.

Together, these two unusual powers, plus the fact he was once a Michigan Supreme Court justice form a towering play to put maxim power in his hands!

Top states attempting a forensic audit


The cabal is just not going to let go of Georgia! And, a recent Georgia judicial decision squashed the possibilities of getting custody of ballots. And so, we’re not at the end of the road for an audit in Georgia, but we’re close!

Not much to say, but that it appears the Marxist got to the judge.

As he appears very nervous in the last days of the case. And, he dramatically turned around a previous decision to grant access to the ballots.

Appeals are underway. But, we are light-years from permission for a forensic audit in Georgia.

Caught on video! – 240 people videoed on November 3rd emptying backpacks of ballots into mail-in ballot drop boxes in Fulton County and others. It is illegal to ballot harvest and put ballots in mail-in drop boxes in Georgia.


Michigan is the “low-hanging fruit.” But, not much is happening because Marxist Democrats and RHINOs are slow-rolling a forensic audit.

Keep up with the latest with Michigan’s Citizens for Election Integrity Website.

Citizen Canvass in process

Nevertheless, there is a Michigan Citizen Canvass now going on. However, it’s mostly ignored by the Marxist.

Because they know any election integrity movement isn’t going anywhere without massive MAGA demonstrations. Even then, I wonder if anything can be done.

Texas calls for a forensic audit in four Democrat counties

Great news! But Texas is already a red state, so this audit is more preventative. What we also need is some forensic audits with prosecutions. Which, unfortunately, I am not seeing!

The Texas Secretary of State Office said a “full and comprehensive forensic audit” had begun. The counties of Dallas, Harris, Tarrant and Collin are now in process of forensic audits. FYI, all of them voted Democratic in 2020.

New Jersey

New Jersey citizens deliver demands for affidavits of a forensic audit! However, their State Legislature is in Democrat’s hands! And so, it would be a miracle if a forensic audit called.

Now we’ll see if the State Legislatures and elected officials follow their own New Jersey Constitution. The citizens say with the affidavits they have a right to “demand” an audit. While the Democrats say they mean they can “ask” for an audit.

Citizens of New Jersey cite reasons for power to demand forensic audit. And, have duly served 19 officials.

Delaware (blue state tired of the communists)

Voter Groups are just getting after it! Patriots for Delaware prefer, for now, to do election canvasses. This way they can quickly bring forward proof, or set the table for a state legislature forensic audit.

Anyways, the result of a Patriots for Delaware canvass audit of only 10% of the votes, they’ve already found 20,000 suspected fraudulent votes. Is anyone now wondering if Biden ever won a fair election in Delaware!

Professor’s Telegram channel helps organize state audits.

Looks like Professor Clements will be losing his teaching job because he believes the 2020 election was stolen. More tyranny from a university!

Instead, he’ll continue to pursue a 50 State Canvass Audit drive. You can support him and his worthy cause on the Telegram app called “Ask the Professor.” The channel has 100s of thousands of active state leaders.

Contact your state group within the channel to volunteer.


The forensic audit is going too slow because the Marxists have too much power to stall or block them. Besides, even if they are conducted, it doesn’t mean a state will decertify its election. Or, even better election integrity safeguard laws will be passed.

The only thing I’m certain of is that the Marxists are only interested in power. And, they plan on tearing America completely apart.

Unless something is done, the Marxist will win again in 2024! Even if Trump runs again!

By Team Go Beyondo

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