News of Forensic Audits of 2020 Elections by State

Keep up to data with all the states doing or considering audits.


News of forensic audits of 2020 elections by the state is exciting to follow! Patriots are turning a 2020 election defeat into a victory by exposing its corruption. Was it worth it? History will be the judge!

While only whispered in the beginning among themselves, many Republican state legislators harbored doubts about the honesty of their own state’s national elections. However, over a period of several months, only Arizona has started begun a full forensic hand audit.

In every state that Republicans asked for a forensic hand audit, Democrats voted as a block against it. They say Republicans insult them by even demanding an audit. However, a “freight train” of real audits is coming anyways!

I hope you’ll join me in keeping track of the march toward audits in each state. I guarantee there will be a political drama.

This is a good time to salute a brave Democrat US Senator who stands in the gap now by voting with Republicans on critical bills affecting America’s survival, Joe Manchin from West Virginia. Without him, America would be much further down the path to communism.


What is a state forensic election audit?

A forensic election audit is manual counting of ballots to compare with voting machine totals. And a close look at other physical ballot artifacts that could challenge the legitimacy of a ballot, such as fold creases and US Postal Service mail handling marks.

Boris tells us that forensic audits are popping up in counties across the nation. When the results of the Arizona Audit are made public, they evolve into a “freight train!”

What States Are Pursuing Forensic Audits?

  • Arizona (11 electoral votes) is first out of the gate with its audit report due at end of July. One Senate seat at stake, but don’t expect a reversal because the Republicans don’t have the required 2/3 majority vote in the US Senate.
  • Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes) delegation of their state legislature already toured Arizona’s ongoing forensic audit. Word is that they’re only a few weeks away from subpoenaing the ballots. If everything goes well they want to audit both Pittsburg and Philadelphia. That would make them much larger than Arizona!
  • Georgia (16 electoral votes) to send a delegation to Arizona soon. Two Senate seats are at stake. If the corrupt Governor continues to refuse to call a Special Session, the election delayed for a few months.
  • Wisconsin (10 electoral votes) in the process.
  • Michigan – (16 electoral votes) in the process.
  • New Hampshire – (4 electoral votes) in the process. The people won an election, but the corrupt people are managing the audit. And so, they need to wait for the results before demanding a real forensic audit. The people are up in arms!
  • Nevada – Wow! Elections in this state are so corrupt that it gives corruption a bad name. Would take a miracle for an audit to happen!

Arizona: First and Biggest Forensic Audit in American History!

Steve Bannon interviews Mark Finchem, State House Representative in Arizona about Maricopa County deleting the county election databases.

Highly organized, with cameras everywhere, the physical count of the Arizona, Mariposa County ballots forensic audit is complete. The next step is the forensic examination of ballots expected to finish by the end of June.

Afterward, the canvassing of the ballots will begin. And then, the final report is due at the end of July.

Georgia: the Fulton County Cesspool of Corruption

Georgia has the worst rhinos in the cesspool!

Republican Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Jay Raffensperger both apparently made deals with the Chinese. They are true Rhinos and traitors!

The Governor needs to call a Special Session for the State Legislature to authorize a full forensic hand audit now, but the smart betting says he won’t. So, the legislative audit approval by the State Legislature will have to wait a few months. I hope I’m wrong!

The Secretary of State needs a good criminal lawyer because he certified an election missing tens of thousands of “chain of custody” documents for ballots gathered at “drop-in mail boxes.” However, the Democrats never get punished for anything, so who knows?

Secretary of State Jay Raffensperger knew about this State Election Board Report from November 13, 2020.

Here is what Georgia’s Secretary of State, Jay Raffensperger knew before he talked to President Trump. Jay lied and lied! Normally, I’d say he should lawyer up. But, reality tell us nothing will happen to him in this two-tier class judicial system.

Wisconsin Fraud

Wisconsin is the easiest to prove!

Stolen by scamming the temporary right to vote absentee hundreds of thousands of voters not entitled to claimed “Indefinite Confinement (IC)” status did anyways. Therefore, a canvass of these voters alone will cause a decertification of the Wisconsin 2020 election.


Photo of Pennsylvania delegation reviewing the Arizona auditing procedures. Word is they already decided to do this kind of audit. Let’s see if they can get it approved at home.

What now could Pennsylvania (PA) do if it wanted to pursue a comprehensive AZ-level audit? Probably, the PA State Senate’s “State Government Committee” soon issues a subpoena on behalf of the PA State Senate.

As a pep talk, our 45th President remarks:

… The people of Pennsylvania and America deserve to know the truth. If the Pennsylvania Senate leadership doesn’t act, they have no path to reelection.

From the Desk of Donald J. Trump, June 4, 2021

However, so far, nothing much heard from the Pennsylvania State Legislature! Of course, people are beginning to wonder why!


Without a doubt, America is running out of time! Because Democrats are quickly turning our country into a single-party, communist country. On the other hand, Americans are coming together to resist a re-birth of our nation.

It’s a horse race!


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