How the Marxist Oligarchy Lose to the Patriots.

Good news about America’s future from GoBeyondo!


The Marxist Oligarchy will lose its takeover attempt in the US because of the genius provisions of the US Constitution against tyranny and the desirability of our way of life.

In fact, America will come out of this artificial turmoil stronger than ever! Because the citizens’ political intelligence and participation level are higher now than even at the time of the American Revolution!

Already America is being re-organized from the bottom up using the common glue of a desire for freedom by its people. The Marxist’s dream strategy of causing so much chaos that we’d flock to tyranny for protection is not going to fly here.

America really is indeed that light shining on the hill. And, now we prove to the world the danger of Marxism and the awesome resilience of the American dream.

Because of the sinister, clandestine takeover attempt by the Marxist, we are in a real mess! Patience as beating back the Marxists will surely take generations.

A warning! Generally speaking, we must beat back the Marxist Oligarchy with our spirit and Constitution, not force. Because using violence is just what the devil wants us to do; it makes him only stronger!


What is Marxist Oligarchy?

A Marxist oligarchy means a country or the world ruled by an upper class.

What is the most accurate label for the cabal we face?

Try using, “Global Maoist Corporate Oligarchy.”

List: 5 Ways to Politically Defeat the Marxist Oligarchy

  • Get involved in local politics.
  • Encourage politicians to pass state Sanctuary laws to block the out-of-control Federal laws.
  • Recall local Marxist politicians.
  • Tighten state election rules.
  • Share information, especially online.
  • Join groups to organize

The Marxist Oligarchy knows they can’t win a fair election. Especially after the American public finds out how they want to change America.

Red States Use Power to Block a Marxist Oligarchy TakeOver.

The true geopolitical danger we face is the uniting of the nation-states of China and Russia. It’s the same danger we’ve faced for 70 years!

It’s a much larger subject that I’m unable to give much expert comment on. Except, Trump was blocking China’s march toward world dominance. And, Russia is about to go to war with our renegade CIA. In both cases, the American Dream is not the cause of either world geopolitical problem.

All I know is that we need to get our economy humming again under Trump, and toss out the Marxist pronto! Before, something terrible happens to the world!

So, Time is of the Essence, as lawyers say. The longer we drag out our internal battles with the Marxists, the more “blood we spill in the water.” And, you’d better believe the sharks are circling!

“The US will never be a socialist country!”

These the exact words former President Trump delivered in a speech to the United Nations, “The US will never be a “communist country!” Nevertheless, I wonder if he realized that the Marxists don’t plan on America existing at all!

Trump speaks in front of the United States and says the future belongs to the nation-states, not the New World Order! His firm statement horrified United Nations members who sat in attendance shocked and embarrassed for him.

While I never thought it would happen, I understand the powerful grip of a Marxist Oligarchy. And the difficulty of a counter-insurgency to regain our country.

The Guide to the American Comeback: 3 Step-by-Step Guide

1. The restoration of election integrity

The election fraud enabled by mail-in voting defeated the patriots last time! But, patriots are taking steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Republican state legislators always had the constitutional power to block the Globalists (Marxist) but didn’t fully realize its extent. But, now they do and are busy reversing the illegal state laws that the army of Democratic Party lawyers and compromised politicians place in the way of the will of the people.

The Democrats don’t stand a chance with these illegal laws reversed, and that’s why we see their Democratic Party lawyers and community organizers fighting so hard to keep their fake “voter suppression” state laws in place.

2. The rise of conservative social media platforms

Mainstream media is beginning to lose their mind-control over America. No one I know watches their cable news programming anymore.

3. Fox News Somewhat Returns to Conservative Roots

Lately, especially during Prime Time, FoxNews seems rejecting the communists messaging.

3. The Great Awakening of Conservatives

Raw patriotism expresses itself with 3,500 patriots at rally in Arizona. A reporter tells us what he saw!

Mainstream media and big tech pushed their media power right in the face of conservatives for decades, and especially recently. But now, the “Great Awakening” is happening as people gradually turn away from their biases and lies.

While the Globalists are losing their attempt to take over America, and therefore the world, no one can doubt they are a geopolitical force to be reckoned with. And, especially in light of their most recent cooperation with Chinese virus attacks and election cheating, they have fought the Patriots to a standstill.

Maybe odd for some, but I see the Globalist exposed, and Trump ready to go back on the offensive. The winning asset in this insurgency attempt is the American people and their love of country, just like trump said.

Just because they put out their nonsense doesn’t mean it’s true! Particularly amused when Trump supporters left the Republican Party in droves. Of course, they were because they want to keep their jobs! Nevertheless, they’re not changing their mind that Globalism sucks.

Death of the Mainstream Media Machine

Patriots Turn Off Legacy Media

Due to constant misleading and outright gaslighting by the lame media, Patriots have already turned them off. Nowadays, the media’s only purpose is to keep the false reality of their existing left intact.

Interestingly, Fox News still doesn’t get it. When one host told by a guest that tens of millions of Patriots now use conservative online platforms, he mistakenly replied, “You mean, maybe a few million.”

He still doesn’t have a grip on the numbers! And, that may explain a lot about the bi-political personality of Fox News and why the Marxists are so brave about pushing through their agenda.

Big Tech Censorship Remains Big Problem

At the first sign of big tech gaining too much influence and the inception of their censorship, Patriots should have begun developing their own platforms and moving their online activities.

Ok, they’re late to the game! But, these new truly free speech sites looking promising, and their popularity is skyrocketing!

Twitter crossed the line when they added a disclaimer to one of Trump’s comments. It was about mail-in voting being open to fraudsters. Severe brainwashing of Twitter moderators is the only possible explanation for their actions.

And so, now President Trump fights back by threatening to cancel liability protection for all social media websites or starting his own social media empire to compete against them.

Just as monumental is his sharing Tweets with “up and coming” conservative-friendly social media sites, like called and No doubt, this Executive Order lite a spark that already set off a firestorm of new users wanting to at least hedge their bets against Twitter!

Stars of Youtube and Other Wanting to Protect themselves from censorship go to New Conservative websites

You bet that Youtube is taking notice that the “Joe Rogan Experience” channel has announced they are moving their podcast to Spotify! After all, they will be losing hundreds of millions of annual views to their podcast rival Spotify.

Even more, Youtube must be asking themselves if this is the beginning of a conservative defection. After all, the Joe Rogan Experience was the biggest conservative channel on their site!

Could this be the beginning of the establishment of rivals for big tech?

Fox News sits on the fence.

We can take some comfort that Fox News remains somewhat conservative, especially in the evenings.

Although I do wonder why they are not now part of the Globalists’ mind-control propaganda. Especially considering how on election night 2020, their election crew was so obviously biased for Joe Biden.


The peaceful fight to take back America is happening now. I hope there is an America still standing at the end.

Expect massive Democrat election cheating just before and during the 2020 election. If they are allowed to get away with it, the election results may end the American Dream.

But, don’t think for a moment that the globalist don’t know this!


By Wayne

I am an Op-Ed writer and commentaries specializing in America's conservative political issues for over 6 years. I am truly am an independent journalist as I receive no outside funding or commissions. I am driven by the need for everyone to understand the daily news in context.