How a Global Marxist Oligarchy Defeat America: Simplified

Marxism goes nowhere without tricking people. And, America is prone to being tricked.

the great reset is global communism

A combined international and domestic global Maoist oligarchy has taken over much of America! Only the States and the people stand in the way of their complete takeover.

While American Capitalism has accepted a good deal of Socialism for some time, the socialists have turned into minions for a global Maoist oligarchy. They want a single-party government subjugated under the United Nations and backed up by large international corporations.

Their election theft of the America presidency, the US House of Representatives, and the US Senate was a dagger to our hearts! Now their minions show contempt that we’d challenge them!

While there is a chance we can restore America, let’s explore what went wrong. And how we reverse this mess.

Table: How Americanism Compares with a Maoist Oligarchy.

AttributeAmericanismMaoist Oligarchy
Rule by the StateNoYes
Private propertyYesNo
Free speechYesNo
Right to bear armsYesNo
Right to privacyYesNo
In a Chinese-style Maoist (Marxist) government we lose our Bill of Rights. We officially become property of the State.

As you can see by the table, a Maoist Oligarchy is the opposite of our democratic republic. It flips upside down every concept of individual rights listed in our US Constitution.

If the Maoist Oligarchy spreads to the remaining red states, America and the rest of the world inevitably will turn into a one-world Maoist Oligarchy. Interestingly, it does have an economic twist of a controlled capitalistic economy. Which on its face is a ridiculous concept.

How a Marxist Oligarchy Beat America Without Firing a Shot.

Notice that all of their weapons against us were to create a giant diversion, so large that half of America wouldn’t believe it. And, what is happening in the US is happening worldwide! The idea is to eliminate all nation-states.

Maoism Defeats America

Mao Zedong is the father of Maoism who eventually became President of the Chinese Communist Party (CCO). They have ruled since the end of World War II.

Early on in his political life, he used his Chinese military for his political ends, but later in life, he became a fan of using silent war techniques. We now see them used against the US.

Mao probably began the campaign against America shortly before he died. His fingerprints are all over it.

What is Maoism?

Maoism has clearly represented a revolutionary method based on a distinct revolutionary outlook not necessarily dependent on a Chinese or Marxist-Leninist context.

Britannica, Maoism, “Definition, Origins, History of Maoism”

An easy read background

America was defeated by Marxism-Leninism revolutionary theory that evolved into a Maoism constant, long-term, silent attack. Its secret is the comprehensive military-style detail.

List: Global Maoist Attack Vectors

No doubt the global Maoist oligarchy knows exactly what they are doing. They have done this before. The latest was Venezuela!

Education: Schools and University

One mystery is why so many of us knew our schools and universities taught Marxism but did nothing about it.

This went on for decades and was informally codified in the Federally-led “Common Core.” In case you’re wondering, the Feds are not given any constitutional power to manage educations systems. In this case, they “led” the States with the understanding, if they don’t comply, the feds will withhold giveaways.

And the acceptance of Chinese donations at our universities led to an overabundance of Marxist professors who demonized Americanism.

Propaganda: A top to bottom, inside out brainwashing.

I’m struggling to figure out how to say this. Somehow this early educational brainwashing merged with the propaganda from mainstream media to make “mind monsters.”

Especially lately, I’m motivated to resist them rather than to submit to their Maoist Oligarchy.

I am especially shocked how so many well-read American Maoist university graduates, acting as minions, don’t know the cruelty Maoists have used to dispose of them after they have no more purpose.

I cannot stress enough how severely brainwashed the entire left (about 30% of the US population). It’s said that it only takes one generation to brainwash, but the Mao teachings went on for 3 generations or more.

In the end, these people are not faking, they are really brainwashed! And, nothing but a Chinese military boot on their neck will cause them to change their minds.

Corporations: Lured by Chinese markets

Under the guise of bringing corporations along to work to improve the lives of people and save the planet, corporations stepped up their support for global Maoist oligarchy. In case you wondering, they are the oligarchy part.

It’s said that they think running their businesses under a global Maoist oligarchy is somehow better than American Capitalism, but that also makes no sense.

For example, when George decided to do away with most mail-in voting, Delta Airlines said they were “horrified” and refused to allow the 2021 baseball game to be played in their stadium! Are they really that clueless about mail-in voting allowing too much cheating?

I don’t think so! Instead, I think the Mao brainwashing program is so complete that they live in another reality.

The Trigger: Pandemic(s) was the final blow to America

No doubt the Maoist Oligarchy wanted to hold healthcare services over our heads. The failure of Obamacare might have been a trigger for the pandemic. Only logical that their silent war requires control over our health.

In any case, the pandemic(s) is the trigger and cover for their world takeover. Because the vaccines bypassed testing and the more deadly virus may be on the way, there is no telling their consequences.

Remarkable as much of the damage caused so far is via a hoax perpetuated by the reporting of false death numbers that force people to submit to the trampling of constitutional rights. Then, submission by covering faces, closing businesses, and keeping people at home, rather than the virus itself.

Where Did America Go Wrong?

Our Constitution was designed to withstand the tyranny of English rule in 1776. We should have updated it!

Self-rule doesn’t mean elect a politician and forget about it! Self-rule means “hands-on” rule. If not in Washington D.C., for sure in local politics back home.

Who Set America Up for the Fall? A Surprise!

By now, many see that what happened to the US was no accident. The single-party takeover by the Democrats was an extremely well-planned coup.

While I’ve known for years who was behind this coup, I am surprised by the depth of corporate involvement. The power of the convergence of Maoist education and modern propaganda has left the best minds of corporate America in disarray.

Worst of all, these corporate leaders have no conscious idea how brainwashed they are! Unfortunately, I have no answers on how to help them return to sanity.

Am I exaggerating? Would living under communism be better for us common people? Is living under communism even an option?

One thing for sure these people (the elites) think they are smarter and better than us. And, their fate under Maoism is as a “stakeholder,” not a peasant. Maybe that promise has been instrumental in their betrayal of America.

Sorry, this is the best sense I can make of it all. Maybe if we look further at their haunts to find out what they believe in and why? No promises! I don’t know where this is headed!

What is the World Economic Forum? (WEF)

Maybe you’ve heard of the annual Davos meeting in Davos, Switzerland? It’s where the world’s most influential people gather. Most likely, they are at the center of planning or coordinating their part of the world takeover.

There they assumed the right to chart the direction of our world — even though their ideas would never win an honest election.

There is no doubt the collective wisdom of the members is great. Nevertheless, they disrespect the collective wisdom of the people.

The “Stakeholder” theory

Professor Schwab helped to develop the stakeholder theory, which is that businesses should serve employees, suppliers and the communities in which they operate as well as customers and shareholders.

ABC News Australia Posted Tuesday 21 January 2020 at 11:15pm, updated Tuesday 21 January 2020 at 11:43pm, What is Davos and why are so many important people talking about it?

I studied the equivalent of Stakeholder Theory decades ago in college. The topic briefly mentioned during a final Business Management class just before graduation.

But I never understood how to serve all the parties of this business social contract. Because I was actually running my own business during college, and the concept made no sense.

And, it still doesn’t!

Companies need to focus on serving customers and creating wealth. With a little government regulation, the rest takes care of itself.

4th Industrial Revolution

… The Fourth Industrial Revolution is about more than just technology-driven change; it is an opportunity to help everyone, including leaders, policy-makers, and people from all income groups and nations, to harness converging technologies in order to create an inclusive, human-centered future.


Notice that “an inclusive, human-centered future” means communism.

This quote from the World Economic Forum sure makes them seem like the good guys! But, if they mean what they say, why not let capitalism do its job and create wealth for everyone.

Capitalism versus Socialism

Or, Americanism versus Global Maoist Oligarchy.

Sure, capitalism, left unregulated, puts too much money in the hands of too few. But, why not fix the inequities? Rather than turn things upside down?

There is nothing inherent about a pandemic, globalization, etc. that dictates we ditch our Constitution and turn to communism instead. Nothing!

Who pays for the Davos conference? Normally, corporations pay for the conference. The tariff is $71,000 for an annual membership and $17,000 for the Davos conference itself.

How is the conference meeting broken down? During the conference, open, closed, private, and impromptu meetings happen. Obviously, the real action happens wherever there is a closed door.

Key players involved? The key players in the geopolitical game called the Davos conference are world leaders and other influential people.

China, not Russia, emerges as a major saboteur.

The political motivations behind China’s President Xi as easily seen. He wants to fill a leadership role in the conference, especially when the US seems so weak.

Why Global Maoist Oligarchy Organized the Great Reset?

Giving the global Maoist oligarchy space, the world we live in has problems. Although, they have made many worse in their effort to sow discourse and chaos.

Maybe, in denial, some blindly join to save the world. Though I wonder if they can really believe this.

Or, most probably, “The Great Reset” refers to the final block being put into place to guarantee the sonification and expansion of their power. In the case of corporation, the elimination of all up and comers and the drawing up of business turfs, not to be trampled.

At its core, The Great Reset is global communism because it’s about installing worldwide control by an elite group. Succinctly put, it’s a power grab, like what happens so often in world history; it’s nothing new.

It’s a renewal of World War II. But this time around, we’re not victims of a sneak attack at Pearl Harbor, but rather an internal political attack.

Yes, I can go along with the idea that “fundamental changes” are needed. And, we need to “Build Back Better.” But, these slogans for liberal socialist Democrats are only a cover for them to switch whose in charge from us to them.

Here I talk about their smokescreen for their true intentions and the breath and gall of their “fundamental changes.” And how they will soon affect your lifestyle.

The truth is we will be far happier keeping our individual freedoms and again throwing communism on the trash heap. Here is why Americanism is better than global communism.

Financial: The impossibility of paying off our debts.

“America must declare bankruptcy or allow confiscation of all our property,” says Peter Schiff, a man whose claimed the end times for the finances of America (and the world) is here.

Start with “The Great Reset” and the communists taking ownership of everything you have, in return for a conditional monthly stipend paid with fiat money!

The Great Reset is global communism, and so demand that we be happy owning nothing personally. After all, communism is about sharing right?

Your Personal Property Confiscation

Of course, the elite will live under a separate set of rules. You may even see you’re house turned over to one of them in exchange for political favor. You might end up making payments from your monthly stipend to a host on CNN on your own house!

Sounds far-fetched? Not really!

Cryptocurrency: Is it out of reach of government?

I don’t know! I’m just asking?

As a favorite subject of mine that’s directly affected by “The Great Reset,” my opinions are as valid as most.

Since cryptocurrency is considered an asset by the soon-to-be communist dictators, it may be confiscated! My guess is that they will cause a crash at some point, and then buy all the bitcoin for less with payment in a world cryptocurrency.

Like I said years ago, “… there is no way any government, much less a world government [global communism] is going to let private citizens take control of the money supply.”

Note: I am not a financial counselor, and I only offer my personal opinions on investments. Please do your own further research before any investing.

The Great Reset is global communism in disguise.

Their claims that the “Great Reset” is essential to save the planet, stave-off a financial collapse, etc., are the pretexts to their total authoritarian takeover — which is close at hand.

No more loyalty to a nation-state, family, or religion. Your only loyalty is to the state.

Societal Changes

Since The Great Reset is global communism, and it cannot withstand competing concepts. Our society must be totally destroyed, including concepts of mother, father, and family.

They must take away our past. No reminders of a better time.

Statues, movies, books, websites, travel, etc. All must all be approved by the communist state.

If you know someone who commits a crime, you’re assumed guilty — unless you’re a Democratic Socialist Member.

Is this starting to sound familiar?

Folks, this is real!

What is the 4th Industrial Revolution?

The 4th Revolution is the blending together of technology and lifestyles. So you know, because so many have differing opinions of what they were and the lack of importance, I leave them out of the discussion.

Great video, but doesn’t take into account jobs lost, mean they are free to invent new businesses.

Is the COVID 19 lockdown hoax so we can publically display submission?

The COVID 19 lockdown hoax was part of the Davos member’s plans to create chaos and fear to speed up the adaptation of global communism by ordinary people.

How will it alter the way you work and live?

The Fourth Generation lifestyle will be more of what we see now under the COVID 19 hoax, submitting to a central controlling government and technocracy.


I am nervous about living under a communist rule, even if it claims to have a splash of Capitalism. Now, that I think about it, how the heck can Capitalism exists under a global Maoist oligarchy!

By definition, it can’t be Capitalism! Makes me wonder what else our rulers soon to me are misleading us about!


By Wayne

Author, political activist, and tech-geek My best is when I see the end game and deliver no-nonsense viewpoints. My career began 5 years ago when I realized how close America is to being terminally taken over by global Marxists. I now work every day to help conservatives cope and get strong again.