Making Money with Your Politically Conservative Website.


No endeavor has ever caused so many to fail! Unless one has the exact formula, creating a conservative political blog that earns money is nearly impossible!

By using these secrets you can make you money with your own political website. And, they really are secrets because you that you won’t find anywhere else on the web!

They are born from both the dawning of a parallel economy for Conservatives and spawned by the censorship of tyranny. However, I will try to streamline my secrets to focus on the positives.

Built on common sense with a sprinkle genius, I let you off the hook from the headaches and heartaches that so many independent journalists suffer. I will let you to the promised land of an income and a job you’re driven to do.

Getting yourself in order.

Just figure that Google will shadowban you, so you don’t waste precious time. You’ll rank anyways just as well, and so you give up nothing by ignoring Google Search. However, pay attention to commons sense rules about their good content Search Optimation Engine (SEO).

Instead pay more attention to Conservative Search for that all-important first 3,000 Page View Month threshold. Because that will tell you when readers think you have a blog worth reading. If it takes a month or three years, doesn’t matter do not proceed until you cross this Rubicon.

Contribute and present your written blogs work to a Conservative social media audience. Genuinely help threads with useful information and upload a link to one of your best on-subject articles. If after a few tries, not much happens go back one step. Keep making your blog better and better. Read the best of the other bloggers to understand what you’re missing.

With something worth reading graduate into podcasting, and videos if you’ve got the talent. Make podcasts from your blogs. Make sure to re-edit and publish your blogs later because you find a lot of mistakes in naturalistic speech.

But, next, you must be seen on popular Conservative social media platforms. That’s so people will get to know you. If you’re good, then they’ll come back. If they don’t, you have no business model.

When you have traffic and a business model that works, it’s time to monetize your blog. Avoid, the Cancel Culture, and only affiliate with Conservative suppliers. Plus, don’t forget to let people donate.

How to Earn Money with a Conservative Blog

Rank high with Conservative Search Engines.

Ranking high on Conservative Search Engines is really a snap. The problem is they don’t have near the traffic as Google. But, all we’re looking for is the first 3,000 Page Views per month.

What works best is making an outline, and connecting your headings with transitional words that make sense. Doing so will immediately make your blog more personal, and much easier to write.

Next, write the first paragraph of your H2 headings. That paragraph must fully explain the heading, nothing more. Then, 3 paragraphs for H2 and 2 for H3 headings.

How to get that personal touch feeling by using a blog outline with transition words.

The first step, make a blog outline with mandatory transition words that logically connect headings. You do it so you have something that’s yours! Something you can charge for!

Now, you are on your way to make your blog personal. Something no one can copy without plagiarizing.

Blog Relevancy

Write the first paragraph for all the H2 headings. Two sentences that describe your heading in the best way possible. Put it in bold, in case a Search Engine (Google) wants to feature it.

Are you beginning to feel the quality of your blog beginning to ooze out?


Each heading and paragraph must stay tightly aligned with the blog’s message. And, the blog’s message must be clear and worthwhile.

While not unlike Google Search, Conservative Search is even more sensitive, especially when fighting for the number one position.

Writing Mechanics

Another thing I notice is that if keyword topics are narrow, the Conservative Search Engines won’t rank your H2 headers with other keyword searches. H3 and H4 headers you can forget about optimizing them.

Going for that first 3,000 Page Views per month!

Now that you’ve got something personally yours and easy to understand. It’s now time to think about sharing your thinking and blog accomplishments.

It’s time to think about getting 100 Page Views per day. Ok, I realize that Google Search Ranking masters scoff at such a low goal. But, bear with me, I do have the “magic sauce” to earn some real money.

Install a Free Grammarly Trial Account

Don’t get the paid one because it’s expensive, and introduces writing complexity that you don’t need right now. But, don’t worry do everything write and the time for your paid membership will come.

Only write pillar, evergreen blogs.

Ignore this part, and you’ll fail! Because getting enough traffic to make money on Conservative blogs leaves no room for error!

In fact, here I turn common SEO logic on its head.

Carefully select keywords (titles) for your blogs, but if you discover you made a mistake. Change the existing blog to something better.

I know. If I were optimizing for Google, I’d be crazy. But, I’m not the smaller Conservative Search Engines will quickly adjust, and still retain the blog age.

Note: usually this will mean a complete rewrite of the blog article. But, that’s ok as you now have some genuine insights. The blog will practically write itself! But, go back to my personal touch/outline method, or you will suffer.

Join the online Conservative world and contribute your knowledge.

Now, you’re ready to test your blog in the real world! Not that 3,000 Page Views is anything to sneeze at!

Here is how I know if I’m going to be successful.

I create a username for my website address. Then, almost never add a link to it in a comment section. If they like what I’m saying, they’ll find their way to my site. Then, I can almost immediately see how interested people are in my stuff.

Graduate your blog to podcasting and maybe video.

Maybe you thought you could never get this far and succeed. But, I’m here to tell you that if you’ve gotten to 3,000 Page Views without any Google traffic, you’ve got something!

Take your latest blog and have Google translate it into Voice. Fix what seems contrived. Lock yourself in a room. And, pretend you’re a podcaster.

By Team Go Beyondo

Team Go Beyondo has written opinion commentaries specializing in America's conservative political issues for over 6 years. We are fiercely independent journalists who research and write articles. Then, we add our own views just beyond the horizon.