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Guide to Stopping Mail-In Ballot Fraud


Stopping mail-in ballot fraud requires a multi-prong attack on the voting machines, drop boxes, and voter rolls. It will not be easy, as the Democrats have built a legal wall around audits.

Because we lost several races in swing states in key election positions, stopping mail-in ballot fraud is more challenging than ever! But it must be done!

However, resistance is happening on the ground, as an awake MAGA movement now understands it all! Brave patriots are challenging the Democrats to stop their mail-in voter fraud. I wish them a good fortune!

What is mail-in ballot fraud?

Mail-in ballot fraud is when fake ballots or copies of ballots are cast at external mailboxes and merged with legal ballots. It may also include purposefully inaccurate time stamps.

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How is a chain of custody lost during mail-in voting?

Preserving a chain of custody during mail-in voting is impossible, so it will never be secure. Therefore, since already been declared legal in many states, the U.S. Supreme Court needs to step in to ban it as unconstitutional.

Ways chain of custody lost during mail-in voting:

  • Mass mailing ballots from inaccurate voter lists.
  • Ineligible voters ordered ballots via phone and mail mail-in ballots.
  • Prospective votes order multiple ballots in different names.
  • Submission of fake mail-in ballots with identical signatures.

How can I minimize mail-in ballot fraud?

The most touted way to minimize mail-in voter fraud is by overwhelming the systems with MAGA votes on the day of the vote. The idea is that the Democratic cheater will fake ballots from those on the voter rolls who don’t vote and having too many actual MAGA votes causes them to run out of fake voters’ names.

Also, “overwhelming the system” will not work because the Democrat voter fraud apparatus can always add one more vote to win. No, the mail-in option and voting machines use must end. Or America will become a communist country.

Nevertheless, MAGA is better prepared to report ballot fraud; let’s see if that matters.

Stuffing or ballot-harvesting of ballot drop boxes.

Maybe the most significant and most intense part of MAGA’s war to get an honest election will occur at the drop boxes themselves. As the movie “2000 Mules” exposed on video, there were enough illegal ballots stuffed in the Arizona drop boxes to swing an election.

Already in the early-voting period, MAGA ballot box watchers witness again, this time in person, scores of ballot stuffers doing their thing again! And, with MAGA watchers, we’ve seen them put ballots under their shirts, stuff the boxes, and make lewd jesters at the watchers. Then, leave by backing their cars backward, so their license plates can’t be seen! Do we need more proof?

I hope MAGA drop box watchers have learned to station three cameras, one center, one in front, and one behind, to catch license plates when exiting backward.

The false claim of signature-matching abilities

Back in 2019, a young Democrat voter asked what was wrong with doing signature matching between the ballot and the attached envelope. He caught me off-guard, and I said nothing.

He was asking a genuine question. Such was the nativity of a young voter back then because we all know that the feature on today’s ballot-counting machines for the signature match doesn’t work or works too slowly.

So, you can scratch off this possibility of making mail-in voting secure!

Poll watchers must be alert to ballot xeroxed ballots.

However, we’ve already seen some ballots xeroxed at the last minute by Democrats. And inserted into the ballot counting stream.

So they declare a quick victory and legally block any challenges. As you see, no victory is inevitable, no matter how far MAGA is ahead.

Who has the power to declare mail-in voting illegal?

The U.S. Constitution gives state legislators plenary (absolute) power to manage their local and state elections. Our founding fathers used this powerful word for three reasons:

  • The state legislators are elected and, therefore, closest to the voters.
  • It’s a body of people rather than a single person, like an elected governor.
  • They knew sooner or later, an oppressive force from the outside would try to steal elections.

However, the power to manage elections for U.S. Presidency is different because of Congress’ role in sharing the responsibility.

Why was mail-in balloting allowed in the first place?

Marxist Democrats legalized mail-in balloting, so they could cheat to win elections. As a result, they flipped many states blue and prevented Republicans from winning them back.

However, the COVID “crisis” supercharged mail-in voting in “swing states” that Joe Biden needed to win in 2020. Luckily, the Marxist Democrats didn’t cheat smart enough because they did not win a majority in many down-ticket races.

And so, MAGA Republicans hope they can repeal the disastrous mail-in voting laws still active in many states with the help of state legislatures or the U.S. Supreme Court.

Rumors of the U.S. Supreme Court stepping in.

I have no information about this except rumors from unreliable sources.

I can only tell you that the Court must have cases brought to it for rulings. And several cases of election fraud have been filed. Nevertheless, the Court is reluctant to interfere in any election matters.

Also, the state legislatures have the mighty “plenary” power to send presidential electors of their choosing in election fraud cases. Our Constitution does not mention what races of other candidates, nor what to do if the election of state legislators is corrupt.

The evidence of a corrupt election must be robust before the U.S. Supreme Court steps in. It would take some hero judges to make it happen!

The lazy and uneducated state legislators

From what I’ve seen, few state legislators in the 2020 election had even read the U.S. Constitution! They were content to trust the Marxists, so they let them run the elections without them.

They had covered up their ignorance from when they knew there was an election integrity problem. Sorry for the bluntness!

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is involved in mail-in ballot fraud.

Yes, the USPS is involved in carrying out mail-in voter fraud. The Marxist Democrats could not pull off the election stings without its help.

Even more, the USPS has its social media monitoring department to crack down on anyone exposing their crimes.