Mail-In Ballot Fraud: Temporary Mail Carriers Toss Ballots

Warning! Democrats are alone on the road with the mail-in ballots!

Mail-in voting fraud

Mail-in ballot fraud by temporary mail carriers is likely because many are so fiercely politically partisan, and they are often alone with the ballots.

If you’re worried that a fleet of temporary USPS mail carriers, hired just for the elections, might throw away mail-in ballots, you’re not alone! What political party does the majority of United States Postal Service mail carriers support? You guessed it, Democrat!

There are two labor unions involved, the National Association of Letter Carriers and the National Rural Letter Carriers Association. The US Postal Service is so large that it has 7 labor unions in total.

Postal unions, like their counterparts in the labor movement, favor Democrats in their political contributions.

Open Secrets, Postal Unions

Democrat-controlled political news fact-checkers say that mail-in voting is safe while President Trump tells us it’s not. Logic tells me that Trump is right!

The USPS was never designed to handle ballots. Biggest problems are chain of custody and signature verification, and they seem like unsurmountable ones.

My Conversations with a Temporary USPS Mail Carrier about Throwing Away Junk Mail

I once lived with a cute USPS mail carrier who confided how she managed to finish her delivery route on time, every day. A record of efficiency shared by all her peers.

While she was strong like wire, she must have weight all of 115 lbs, and so, I wondered how such a small woman could push her heavy cart and hand-delivered mail for 6 hours. Well, one day, she confessed that she couldn’t without “throwing away some mail on the heavy days.”

She went on to say that sometimes the volume of mail allowed her to finish her route on time, but other days there was too much junk mail, and so finishing on time was impossible. So she tossed it to finish her route on time and keep her job.

When I asked if others did the same, she admitted to me that they did. Not all the junk mail, just most of it.

So, I am left wondering what will happen when a fleet of inexperienced temporary mail carriers help out. Will they feel the need to do the same thing?

No doubt, some temporary mail-carriers will throw away ballots!

My only question is how many ballots will be thrown away. And, is this any way to run an election! Some will because they must finish their route on time or get fired.

Also, I wonder about Democrat-leaning permanent mail carriers within the branch buildings and outside on routes. After, I’ve seen temporary mail carriers steal Trump signs in front of homes, and so, I have no doubt they would also “dump” ballots.

For this reason, best if we all check the area dumpster several times a day and return found ballots to the post office.

Postal Inspection Service

Touted by Politico Opinion Section as the reason you can count on the integrity of a mail-in voting system, even the employees would laugh at this claim.

Why is junk mail so often found in trash dumpsters? Reason: When the mail volume is too high, they can’t finish their route on time. A time-honored tradition with mail carriers, and so the Postal Inspectors look the other way.

Temporary Mail Carriers Clandestinely Unseal Completed Ballots

Some temporary mail carriers were caught clandestinely unsealing completed ballots, throwing away Trump ballots, and resealing Biden’s votes to return them to the mail stream. Just another way of cheating with mail-in voting.

Some temporary mail-carriers will throw away mail-in ballots, so check all dumpsters and obscure locations near their mail routes. I think you’ll be shocked at what you find.

Luzerne County Manager C. David Pedri said in a statement issued Friday that a temporary independent contractor who was assigned to sort mail at the elections bureau “incorrectly discarded into the office trash UMOVA ballots,” which is an acronym for ballots from military and overseas voters. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Middle District of Pennsylvania said on Thursday that nine ballots had been found in a dumpster next to the elections building with seven casts for Trump and the other two resealed inside their envelopes.

ABC NEWS, By Alisa Wiersema, 25 September 2020, 19:37, “Temporary contractor threw Trump mail-in ballots in the trash, Pennsylvania county officials say

Temporary mail carriers are being hired right now, and their union has pledged support to candidate Joe Biden. Did you know that?

Already we have seen the rank-in-file protesting upgrades in the USPS. Their protests just before the election are suspicious.

Vote-By-Mail States

state postal voting rules for the 2020 election map

Do temporary Mail Carriers also work inside branch distribution centers?

Temporary mail carriers will work where ever needed during the election season. So, sometimes they work within the postal station, usually to sort mail for their route.

But, because of witnesses, the opportunities are less. However, with a little help, the numbers of ballots tossed could be much greater.

Postmarks and extra days for counting

Ballots only need a postmark by election day, after which some states allow extra days for the completed ballots to arrive at the polling station for inclusion in the vote-counting stream.

I’m thinking that USPS branch distribution centers could be used as mail-in vote warehouses of fake votes where ballots favoring Democrats are released according to need.

Below is a table of the extra days after November 3, 2020 state have to count mail-in votes (specified by respective state courts).

StateExtra Days to Count Mail-In VotesNotes
Pennsylvania3State Court Ruling 9/17/2020
Hopefully, there can be a US Supreme Court decision as to a single guideline. I’ll add more as they are announced.

FAQs – Dangers of Mail-In Voting

Is Mail-In Voting Secure?

Mail-in voting is not secure because there are always ways to fake ballots and there is no chain of custody, and so inaccuracies and fraud can be difficult to prove.

What do you fear the most about the Post Office handling voting ballots?

What I fear the most is mail carriers throwing away ballots when they can’t finish their routes on time and partisan site workers playing tricks with ballots in areas with known Trump supporter.

Problems with Mail-In Voting

Problems with mail-in voting are well-known, yet the Democrat-controlled mainstream media works overtime blocking or censoring all information about the problems.

Here is a list of ways Democrats can cheat during the ballot distribution and counting:

  • An unaudited voter registration database means addresses receive ballots of people who moved or died.
  • Fake ballots filled out and enter the vote-counting stream, often after deadlines.
  • Ballots thrown away by overburdened or dishonest mail carriers.

There is a smorgasbord of methods for Democrats to manipulate mail-in balloting to steal the 2020 election. However, since sending out the ballots already started, we only hope President Trump has a plan to at least mitigate the problem.

Yet, Democrats interview a long-line of “so-called” election experts on cable TV, their large, sister websites, and social media to say mail-in voting is not subject to fraud! Their opinions are some of the most blatant lies of the election.

If you doubt that mail-in voter fraud exists, follow this link to the confessions of a long-term mail-in voting fraudster.

Absentee Ballots are different from the unsolicited mass mailing of ballots as they are requested and signatures verified.

United States Post Office Size and Scope

But, did you know they are the only delivery service that reaches every address in the nation? An incredible 160 million residences, businesses, and post office boxes!

I am sure you know about the United States Post Office (USPO), but just in case you want more information, here is their link.

Why does a monopoly lose money every year?

They make their money mostly on postage, but also on products and services. And yet, every year they lose money and rely on Congress to bail them out!

Trump says the main reason is political, as they give out such “sweetheart deals” to Democrat supporters. One such is the huge delivery price break given to Amazon.

The alleged politicization of the US Postal Service

Like most other unions in the United States, the NALC, and most of its rank and file, is involved politically and has largely supported the Democratic Party.

Wikipedia – Letter Carrier’s Union, Membership and Politics.
Mail Carriers are often independents who do whatever tasks they are told.

This year President Trump help them handle the extra load by allowing them to increase their postal tariffs. Democrats complained loudly that he was trying to bribe them.

Mail Carriers Throw Away Mail

Other Mail-In Ballot Fraud Against Trump

A small batch, but they were all votes for Trump.

Mail carriers sometimes throw away mail on heavy days to finish their route on time, especially junk mail and regular mail that is not tracked.

How do I know this? I once had a skinny girl-friend who walked around delivering mail by hand from a cart. And, she told me.

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds

USPS Creed

In fact, she told me that she often had to throw away junk mail because it was too heavy, and so couldn’t finish her route on time.

She did it to save her job!

And so, I naturally wonder if mail carriers, who support Joe Biden, will selectively throw away ballots in Trump territories.

In any case, safeguarding mail-in voting ballots is impossible because there are unacceptable chain-of-custody problems.

Mailman attaches Democrat brochures to mail-in ballots.

As proof that bias exists, as if I needed any, I’ve included this video directly below that depicts a worker doing a personal favor for her favorite candidate. She attached the candidate’s brochure to each mail-in ballot.

So postmen and women are like anyone else and can act with bias if not watched.

Mail carriers belong to a union that supports Joe Biden. Could this be a reason Joe Biden is the Democrat candidate? I think they war-gamed this and needed Joe to keep the USPO union Democratic because how they handle the ballots could well determine the election.

One Democrat trick is accusing President Trump of wanting to cheat! If you’ve read some of my other posts, maybe you’ll remember their playbook strategy of “accusing opponents of what they are guilty.”

Where do undeliverable ballots go?

Hopefully, they go back to the post office as undeliverable mail, but some will be illegally filled out and sent back as legal votes.

… I currently receive ballots for my son who hasn’t lived here in ten years. I get ballots for my ex-tenants who haven’t lived at my residence for six years. Hell, I can pass initiatives by myself with all the ballots they send me.

From user on –

Yet, partisan mainstream media and their “sister” websites dispute claims of voter fraud, even as reports of double-voting come in. A scary estimate, but based on some facts, 20 million of 80 million ballots will be falsified or unaccounted. And so, enough to swing an election!

Hence these inaccuracy problems are people failing to update their voter profiles, leaving delivery addresses incorrect. Also, expect some fake ballot printing, some coming from other countries.

Regardless, with so many ways to cheat, expect cheating to occur.

Mail-in voting makes a mockery of our Constitutional right to voting privacy.

There is a further problem with vote harvesting because it makes a mockery of our constitutional right to voter privacy. Other reasons Democrats favor mail-in voting, while Republicans don’t.

An Entire Week of Election Terror

I can’t even imagine the terror that goes on the week after Trump wins the non-mail-in vote! Some say 77 days of terror until the inauguration on January 20th, 2021.

Here is a video of CNN preparing its viewers for at least a few days of creative vote gathering immediately following the close of normal polls. In other words, don’t yell and scream when you find out Trump won on November 3, 2020, because we will be calculating how many mail-in votes to beat him, and send them.


Mail-in voting is not secure, for the “chain of custody” is broken when a temporary mail-carrier is left alone with trays or bags of ballots. And, there is no fixing this security weakness.

While there is plenty of other ballots security weakness, the fact that the physical custody by both regular and temporary mail-carriers is left unsupervised should disqualify mail-in voting as a valid system.

State officials who allow mail-in voting don’t care much about our country or accuracy, only winning.


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