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MAGA Fights Against 5th Generation Political Attack With Fusion Center.

MAGA creates a new political weapon to counter the Marxists

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As VotetheTruth.org learned more about the means and extent of the Marxist election fraud, they realized they must fight back using the same methods.

A 5th-Generation political attack against the U.S. has been going on for decades. A deceptive attack; we are just now waking up to what’s happening.

Specifically, I’m talking about a MAGA Fusion Information Battle Center that identifies, captures data, and counters the aggressions against us in real time. To begin, it’s being formed to catch and report election fraud.

It’s an absolute necessity if we are to fight off the Marxists’ takeover attempt. Finally, MAGA is learning how to fight back!

For example, TruthtoVote.org may buy the ping information of protesting cell phone users at a Conservative rally to discover identities. Interestingly, the Democrats just filed a lawsuit against the company selling the pings ahead of the 2022 midterms. We must be over the target!

What is 5th Generation political warfare?

5th Generation political warfare is the systematic mind control of nation-state citizens that leaves them fighting among themselves. In the beginning, it slowly and clandestinely attacks without them knowing. And with constant, long-term mass psychosis techniques the internal conflicts become unsolvable.

Global Marxists have attacked us using the techniques of 5th Generation Warfare! It’s an attack on our civilians and values.

Even scarier, common knowledge is that if a country doesn’t immediately counter, time quickly runs out. However, the global Marxists have never tried it on a country like America, with our solid institutions and values.

The enforcement muscle of County Sheriffs complements the MAGA Fusion Centers.

A national network of county sheriffs is banning together. They claim their jurisdiction extends to stopping illegal acts in their counties, including election fraud. This is welcome news as MAGA Republicans desperately need enforcement muscle.

Sheriff Richard Mark, former Sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, explains what’s a constitutional sheriff.

Not many realize that elected sheriffs are an essential layer of constitutional protection. Ex-Sheriff Richard Mark says people now live in desperate need of protection from obviously election fraud.

Ex-Sheriff Mark agrees with Trump that election fraud was committed against him and the people in the counties.

Better yet, this growing support comes from active county sheriffs, so they can begin to enforce election laws immediately.

New counter-insurgency techniques: A Ground Fusion Election Center

5th Generation political warfare is a sneaky but brilliant strategy where the best defense is to copy and throw a political weapon back in the enemy’s face.

An online election Ground Fusion Center (GFC) for MAGA is now available for sending information and videos for analysis and processing. Ideally, a local sheriff or lawyer will quickly respond. We will see how that goes, but at least responses can be quicker.

The GFC is an idea from TruthtoVote.org where seasoned intelligence people can turn their talents against the aggressor Marxists. Or is it just another military server like this one? Frankly, I don’t care.

Let the craziness begin!

To counter the awakening of MAGA to the need for a fusion center to catch election fraud. The Biden Regime has activated its own U.S. Cyber Election Command government-controlled (your money). In other words, lowly MAGA is so over the target the election fraud units of the Marxists they are coming out in the open.

They say they will counter the Russians, Chinese, Iranians, etc., but we all know what they are doing that is setting up an election challenge for the midterms.

This 5th generation warfare stuff is sic! You can see what’s coming. If MAGA says they cheated, the Biden Regime will accuse us of siding with the enemy (probably Russia).


What is 5th Generation Political Warfare?

This is a manner of warfare where an enemy attacks the values of a nation from within. Truly dangerous, as the end game is destruction.

What is a Political Fusion Center?

It is a central cloud computer where data from different sources is sorted and analyzed for attacks against citizens.



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